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  1. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    "All perception is based on gamble." ~Husserl We all interpret our reality and we do so by filtering from a partial pool of information from our senses in the first place. We don't perceive the world as it is, conscious awareness deals with partial information, which it then interprets and seldom are we even aware that an interpretation is taking place. Particularly if we are not skeptical or inquisitive by nature and do not endeavor to question aspect of assumptions that usually lie beneath conscious thought. Religious dogma, scientific dogma and common sense are the most prodigious pools of unconcious reality tunnel construction and projection. Common sense is often just what you've heard from others (ueually before the age of critical reasoning) and thus never really questioned for yourself. Just because most folks agree on something does not connote veracity, only consensus. Just because you thought something, doesn't make it real, true or important. They're just thoughts. Just because many people agree with it, also does not connote veracity. It was one time for example, common sense that the sun revolved around the earth. All it took was to walk outside look at the sun's progression across the sky and then assume your perception of data accurately reflected the reality. This partial and interpreted information forged and projected into what seems like a seamless and very convincing complete picture of reality, but is in fact an interpretation of a partial picture, projected outward and accepted often without question as complete reality. This fallacy is the basis of Naive Realism. I see the world accurately with my senses. Robert Anton Wilson puts it far more succinctly than I can in some of his works, here's a short video of his description of Reality Tunnels and evisceration of Naive Realism.
  2. What are you watching on Youtube?

    A nice overview of the materials used and some of the techniques of traditional katana forging.
  3. Day 144 golden flower

    Nice conversation, much appreciated. Wang Li Ping recommended the Golden Flower meditation in a conversation at one of his retreats, specifically the Richard Wilhelm translation. I'm rather saturating in the method of 'no method' lately, but should I return for formal praxis will couple golden flower with the practices outlined in Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu. For now, it's appropriate to proceed without formal rigid practices more according to the premise outlined in John Blofeld's account of his meeting with Tseng Lao-Weng of White Cloud Monestary back in the 1920's. Outlined near the end of chapter six in the book the secret and sublime. It's always heartening to read of other's experiences with these deeply resonating practices though, even when I've no current pull to them myself. Thanks for sharing.
  4. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    on second thought...
  5. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    McMurdo Valley reminds me of the deep need I feel to experience the vibrations of Australia in person some time. With a lengthy stop in NZ on the way home...
  6. Uppaluri Gopala - The 'Other' Krishnamurti

    Student: Teach me! Teacher: I have nothing to offer Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  7. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    yea... there's a definite creepy factor to this notion... I suspect this old sense is one reason I was eventually compelled to cease watching the news regularly... it was all getting far too personal and flavor filled.
  8. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    i often feel like a goofy loose tangent tendencied oscillation of myriad counter acting forces... more akin to some grinning guy mumbling to himself on the streetcorner, than some wise man.
  9. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    I recall my father once demonstrating on a saturday morning while waiting for breakfast, the equations that delineated the likelihood that in any given intake of breath we inhale an atom exhaled by Alexander the Great with his dying breath. This equation accounted for a given the number of atoms inhaled in an average human and then accounted for the eventual dispersion over time of said atoms of an exhale through air currents over a set period of time, until an even distribution over time is likely. For me it caused a reaction somewhat other than the one he intended. My Father was as staunch a Materialist as I have encountered, save maybe for Marblehead. In me, it caused me to immediately feel a deep unified kinship with all things that breath and instilled in my consicous awareness a raw, palpable knowingness, a beingness that we are all breathing each other's breath. We are one fluid process, even though my body is actually a patterned collective of trillions of individual life cells, working in tribal units. We are one flowing unity. Patterns within patterns. Breath is the ultimate recycling and it occurs without any training, effort or skill. How lovingly, all encompassingly, bouyantly, effortlessly this shines with clarity.
  10. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    Robert Anton Wilson is one of my most treasured gurus and a seemingly endless source of wokeness! How I love that man's verbal brain droppings... like pure gold bliss, even when it's painful.
  11. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    My Uncle is a retired detective. Homicide/burglary, Los Angeles. He's also one of the most optimistic people I've ever known. It seems a paradox to me. I've got a variety of career military officers and police in my family, from beat cops to CIA operatives. I asked him once out of a pressing need to understand, how he could remain so optimistic, while throughout his career of marines and homicide investigations, he was daily dealing with the 3% of the population that causes 90% of the trouble. His response resonates to this day regarding polarizing thought, self identification and how what we allow ourselves to think becomes our perception of reality, it tempers how we view reality. It was as surprising to me as it was impacting. While a rookie, my Uncle had a veteran pull him aside and offered him potent advice that my uncle absorbed and used to seemingly great benefit. His advice was simple: "keep your civlian friends", 'don't get lost behind the blue curtain'. "keep your civilian friends. Foster civilian friendships. It will remind you that they're not all perps." he said. "Too often in the force, and you'll see this for yourself, too often, we come to start identifying as police officers first and human second. We start hanging out only with other cops and soon with enough exposure to perps, all civilians become 'potential perps'. This is when you get lost, lose your perspective that most of the trouble is caused by a very small fraction of the overall population." I strive to keep a wide variety of friends and to keep diaologue open to those who share my perspective and don't... Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Antonin Scalia were life long friends, taking family trips together and hanging out barbequing... all the while passionately viewing the world from seemingly opposing viewpoints. Much to be gleaned from this, methinks...
  12. Uppaluri Gopala - The 'Other' Krishnamurti

    No teaching could be more direct than just to sit down. ~Shunryu Suzuki His quotes seem rather everpresent all about me lately. Resonance and sympathetic vibration i suspect.
  13. Uppaluri Gopala - The 'Other' Krishnamurti

    It's been an oddly familiar and recurring revelation to me in the last decade, as I've come to explore various other lineages and paths, incorporate a variety of teachings and experiences, that my default process seems to most closely mirror zazen and the sudden enlightenment school. Its tenets as described in the sources I've encountered describe processes that seem to be a steady undercurrent of my natural approach to life and looking back I perceive it to underly all the other paths I have sought out or fallen into naturally; without ever seeking it out, or for much of my life, even knowing it was a path of study shared by millions with a long history it seems my default..
  14. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    nice, this gives rise to interesting questions. at what level does polarization occur? when/where does it begin and cease? who determines right and wrong? does a polarity represent two separate 'things'? or is this a perception dependent interpretation of the expressions of one unified fluid process? intriguing how differently a sentence, story, painting, environment, concept may be perceived and interpreted. what is the truth of an elephant? Each of these gentlemen could be very certain of their perspective. when I perceive objects with my eyes... is this the truth? certainty seems deeply entwined/necessary in polarizing mind. any more, my eyes may see an elephant, but my experience of it... the ovearching sense of it is more encompassing and less defined...
  15. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    Intriguing how we all see reflections of conversations differently. Where I perceive no arrogance in a reply, some seem to pivot upon it. When I look in the river's waters, what is it I see? the River, or me?... or? It's challenging to offer words for processes whose ken lies beyond the scope of words to encompass. Awareness for me underlies all other processes, ego is no longer perceived as a thing, but a pull or push action. When pulled toward a desire, when scrambling in aversion from what seems dispicable... this is egoing. No ego object have I encountered, only a tendency toward or away usually linked by desire/fear. Awareness is. Raw. Baseline and ascending simultaneously... utterly permeative.
  16. what bird is shreaking?! fools talk while sages listen! whose voice is that now? oh mine... ha@!
  17. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher The Mandala of Being by Richard Moss Martin Buber's Ontology by Robert E Wood and The Biology of Freedom by Krishna Chaitanya
  18. Folks may enjoy this gentleman's take on Ed's work.
  19. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    Very well said mate. Wholly agree and appreciate the expanded perspective.
  20. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    The degree to which siddhi's manifest seems directly proportionate to the level of unity, love and compassion present in the flow of the individual in which they arise.
  21. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I'm rereading Fritjoff Capra's, The Tao of Physics and Robert Saltzman's, The Ten Thousand Things