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  1. Is this a "mini-satori" ?

    13 years , and a great deal of chaos in between . Sorry for taking so long to respond, but the last 5 months have been 'interesting'. Thank you for this , ".. when we have a spiritual insight or breakthrough, what we are feeling is the release of whatever was blocking us. So we will feel the opposite of whatever the obstacle was". I like this , it seems very sensible to me , and also kind of humbling. Regards , Cloud
  2. Is this a "mini-satori" ?

    An update. This is a diary entry from 2018; " Approx 10:45pm 30/06/2018 A slight shift. Shallow, but strong...if that makes any sense. Sitting in the shower , started looking for " the Victim" , the alleged 'One' who feels threatened enough to produce fear/anger. There is no 'one'. There has never been a 'one'. Life has never required it , doing continues to be done. No One . No one passes through the Gateless Gate. Had to stop myself laughing aloud . Its so fucking funny. All that effort for an impossible 'one' , an unacheivable solid knot. Not there , never has been. Cant die coz it was never alive , at least not by its understanding of life and death. Half an hour later , Im still prone to chuckles and a degree of amused relief. All I have to think is "Look for the Victim" and I start grinning again. Feeling physically wiped out though. " In the light of this , the first experience in the park seems to be more of a mystical expansion of the self , an insight into what 'non-dual living' would be like . The more recent experience seems to be a dropping of the self-strategy all together , if only temporary. Does anyone here appreciate that distinction ? Regards , Cloud
  3. Seminal Retention: What is the best result I can expect from it?

    Would pretty much agree. As the mind calms down , various habits are simply seen through & fade out through lack of interest . A compulsive , automatic pseudo-sexuality is included in that . No moralistic babble about 'detachment' , just a natural maturation in which priorities spontaneously change. However , having said that , a Retention Practice can be engaged as a response to this , a conscious amplification of this , if the individual deeply feels it to be appropriate . Not from any contrived sense of 'moral obligation' , but more of a yogic experiment with ones current disposition. Regards, Cloud
  4. Was Jesus A Taoist?

    Not necessarily
  5. prayers for fire victims in Aust

    The north seems to be getting wetter, & the south hotter . Im glad Im a wanderer down here .That freedom of movement is coming in useful. As Ive just got back positive news of a close freinds safety , I wanna register my appreciation of any prayers sent .
  6. Sluggish Thyroid.

    So, what are the Daoist / Yogic treatments & lifestyle options for this one ?
  7. western magic

    Have succesfully manifested desperately needed cash via Chaos Magick on a number of occasions now . But only the required amounts at the last moment . Doesnt seem to work when I try out of greed though. Not a moral observation, I just havent been able to pull off any big luxurious haul for its own sake I tend to have unusually good luck anyhow in regards to necessities, & the Chaos stuff seems to somehow 'amplify' this when needed . I wouldnt expect practical 'success' with the Kabbalistic-Golden Dawn-Crowley stuff, which seems to be focused towards religio-mystical experience anyhow , not worldly gain . And mystical experience wont get you 'out' of anywhere , be it your parents basement or wherever . Nor should it.
  8. Soy Milk Allergy ?

    After becoming intolerant of dairy products ( they cause acidic reflux & , bloating & flatulence ) , I switched to soy about 10 months ago . All seemed to go pretty groovy . But lately , it seems as though , a few hours after having any , I get some kind of irritation in my nasal passages . Now I say SEEMS at this point , its by no means a verified connection, but its led me to wonder . Are there any typical symptoms of allergic reactions to soymilk ?
  9. how do i escape?

    This assumes "Ego", a convention of speech, is solid. Embrace life, lure attention away from this double-bind , let it fall apart by itself. You cant do it, coz 'you' are 'it'. Check out DESIRE by Daniel Odier, on how to embrace Samara as Nirvana . You can analyse the ego to reveal its self-defeating nature , but you will NEVER dissolve it.
  10. how do i escape?

    Rainbow, the Samsara thats bugging you IS Nirvana. IF it really is bugging you that bad , the Ego must really be smashing up against the Flow. This brings your Ego-project out into the open , its exposed itself , rendered itself open to inspection .
  11. how do i escape?

    Youve set your 'self' up against 'the world' . Now your body is exhausted by illusory fear. Doesnt that get a bit boring ? "You" will NEVER be free, saved . liberated, immune ...whatever goal 'youve' dreamt up. Is that blunt ? Perhaps your 'self' is just one brand of noise in the body. 'Escape' into 'the World'. Penetrate its nature.That should keep 'you' busy
  12. Are you tired of kunlun too?

    BINGO ! Yaaaay Having now squeaked, I will point out I am actually interested in the techniques of Kunlun , but the associated discussions can get a bit much .
  13. Zyflamend

    Anybody here experiened with this product - ginger & tumeric based . Considering using it for my inflamed rotator cuff.
  14. Sailor Bob ?

    Good stuff, keep it coming ( to the extent you can put it in words ) Should be back in Melbourne in May, with time on my hands . Regards, Cloud
  15. Rotator Cuff Inflamation

    All good stuff Karen & Thad. Karen, none of these options were known to me , definetly will do something with your info. Thad, MRI hadnt occured to me . Wonder why quacks didnt recommend it. Will look into this. BIG thankyou, Cloud