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  2. Questions regarding Damos books

    I'm not kundalini active but almost was before i stopped my sadhana, i was on the literal doorsteps. Will probably mostly stick to damo, luk and jwing ming yang and others mostly.
  3. This world is Sin

    Some are truly-true, some are truly-false. "Nothing" is forbidden.
  4. This world is Sin

    Do you honor Jesus or Jehovah?
  5. This world is Sin

    Man can kill, God cannot.
  6. This world is Sin

    What is your Heaven? What do you believe you deserve to do in defense of your Will and want? What should we allow in defending Virtue and property and reputation, freedom, and health. This is how you develop Mankind's Law.
  7. This world is Sin

    In addition, you can speak your Wisdom according to the Laws of Heaven.
  8. This world is Sin

    When it comes to representing your Truth as advice, all one needs to say is "Does this satisfy your sense of Law and Morality"
  9. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    “Electric qi” would be something I’ve experienced from other systems, which I guess could also be called “lightning qi”. Feels exactly like an electric shock or current, quite small when I’m doing practices myself, very very very strong when a master is emitting it into me. What if feel from FP qi is more of a menthol, cooling and calming energy rather than a hot or electric energy. Curious to see what Sifu Terry and other practitioners feel from FP.
  10. This world is Sin

    The more stations in life that you Master, the higher you will be born on the Earth.
  11. This world is Sin

    My Law is make yourself Perfect.
  12. This world is Sin

    the next life you go to is going to be as perfect as you are.
  13. This world is Sin

    Do What Thou Wilt until you do something you disagree with. Your Heaven is what you believe it is.
  14. This world is Sin

    All is True, Nothing is forbidden.
  15. This world is Sin

    Realize you are Sinning and stop. Know your Sin and Sin no more.
  16. This world is Sin

    Christ is the God of Justice, Christ has the keys to Heaven.
  17. This world is Sin

    Sin is measured by intention. And when you realize that it was wrong, then know your Sin, and Sin no more. You will be placed in a world where you are allowed to indulge in your Sin until you come to realize you are doing it, and then you can rejoin Man. When you reach perfection in moral and Law, you will reach Heaven and the final state of life and be immortally that person. All is allowed, because God want to know how to create a world.
  18. What is Chi (炁 and 氣)?

    I believe Ki is a Japanese pronunciation, and Chi is a Chinese pronunciation.
  19. What is Chi (炁 and 氣)?

    This 氣 is 和氣 (harmony) If one intends to force someone to be harmonious, then, that is an act of bravado. Lines 1 and 2 go together to be within context. Lines 3 and 4 go together to be within context also. Concentrated chi to extreme softness is compared with the infant. The implication was that the breathing was calm and soft, then, the mood would be very peaceful like an infant.
  20. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Peace is complete awareness. In this state of awareness, we cultivate and combine compassion and wisdom. In this state of awareness, we are alive, awake, we take responsibility for our actions. In this state, we are not driven by emotion, we control our emotions and actions. In this state, we are patient, non-violent, we do not judge. In this state, we nurture our Inner Wealth – our innate values – and balance them with outer (material) wealth in a way that benefits all sentient beings. This is peace. ~ Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. The real source of happiness rests right here right now within our consciousness, within our hearts. ~ Thaye Dorje
  21. Questions regarding Damos books

    A few hours with a good book is one of my most treasured passtimes. What's a few hours investment into a process meant for a lifetime of discovery? As to listing possible dangers... that would be a book by itself and an irresponsible one at that. I won't begin to try and guess what may arise for you. Particularly if you're kundalini active. In that case I'd be simplifying, not looking to add more. Peace.
  22. What is Chi (炁 and 氣)?

    Ki, otherwise expressed as Chi
  23. What is Chi (炁 and 氣)?

    Which words are coming from 氣? Are soul and body being compared to concentrated "chi" and extreme softness?
  24. This world is Sin

    Pay back your debts.
  25. This world is Sin

    Ones Religious purpose is to understand ones Sin, and why it was committed, and create a way to remove it from the world.
  26. This world is Sin

    The West is governed by the Law of Morality. The absolute moral Truth is to not harm anyone, including yourself, and not to masturbate. Your soul will be measured by morality and Mercy. Harming is immoral, anything that harms someone's intellectual, emotional or physical health, or harms their wealth, or liberty is immoral. You will be measured by causing any harm for any reason. You can earn forgiveness by apologizing, making amends, and translating the cause of your Sin into Wisdom. You can earn forgiveness by forgiving and showing Mercy. Your Sins will be counted, and you will find yourself here, again, in a place that is worthy of how much Mercy you performed, and how much you reconciled of your Sin.
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