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  2. Contentment is a poor substitute for bliss… Ruined in the tavern of love we can taste the intoxicating wine of His presence. This is when the bliss begins. At the beginning it may come as a gentle lover’s foreplay, like butterfly wings at the edge of the heart, but in this gentle touch the whole of oneself is saturated with love, a love that runs through the body and soul, in which nothing is excluded. Then one is really reborn, reborn in love, in the deep knowing of one’s true nature and the love that is present in oneself and in everything. Later the states of bliss deepen and intensify, become almost painful and one wonders how the body can bear it, and yet it continues, sometimes for hours. Sweetness, intoxication, drunkenness, these are the words the Sufi uses to describe such states: the ecstasy of love: What is the nature of this bliss? In the moments of intoxication one does not know, one does not care, there is no mind, no self, just the currents of love that have taken one away from everything one knows into a different world, a world without difficulties or conflict, in which everything is alive with love. And in these states the heart can grow and expand, until the heart is everything, the call of every bird, the taste of every tear.
  3. There is no source that defines what ananda means in English, because ananda is an untranslatable word. It is varyingly translated into English as “happiness, joy, bliss” etc. In the vedantic tradition, another term used in place of ananda is purnam (completeness or fullness). We can go by that to understand what is implied - what does one feel when there is “completeness” in their life? Is it bliss? Joy? I think contentment is more apropos.
  4. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I cant say .
  5. Can you quote me a source on that, dwai?
  6. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 1

    Wrong thread. Sorry about all the wrong thread posts, I do the quoting wrong.
  7. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 1

    wrong thread
  8. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    If you can't speak a state, try to sing it.
  9. Are you sure you want to mess with Texas? Oh, I guess your safe, after all Ted Cruz is either enroute to or from Cancun.
  10. I thought California was the unspeakable state ... or was it Florida?
  11. That could be said of any structured path at all
  12. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Is that spelled Y-A-H-W-E-H?
  13. I think this is another misunderstanding - in the dharmic context, “bliss” means cessation of craving/aversion towards pain and pleasure.
  14. Understanding Chinese martial arts

    Can tortoise breathing prolong your life significantly
  15. Haiku Chain

    feels like home to meee out where the buffalo roam just like Disneyland
  16. Understanding Chinese martial arts

    Meditation itself will prolong lifespan if the person happens to be needing that, let say very stressful life. But pure meditation on emptiness has very little effect on lifespan as warned by many Taoist teachings. Only the very well endowed and talented can use pure meditation to achieve alchemical purposes. Taichi masters also don't live particularly long. They probably over trained in their younger years and sustained injuries and wearing down over the years. It is a bit irony. A person hiding at home possibly avoid traffic accident, viruses, breathing in polluted air, robberies, over eating after exercises, and many other direct and indirect life shortening situations. Animals breed and kept indoor always outlive their wild and free counterparts by 30% at least.
  17. How often people assume negatively about another instead of clarifying what one's intentions are during miscommunications is truly disappointing.

  18. Beautifully expressed Bindi. Her never ending yet always new song is so subtle as she touches us while being just out of reach...
  19. Understanding Chinese martial arts

    After 10+ years of personal research in this subject, my conclusion is that meditation can help a little with physical ailments... but probably can't do much to lenghten lifespan. For the purpose of longevity, it's proven that physical exercise has a significant impact.
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