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  2. Lust - and what to do about it

    Of course, you're having these desires. You're human and you are feeling desire for other women because your needs aren't being met at home. That doesn't mean you should run out and have sex with other women, or demand that your wife have sex with you when she doesn't want to, but you can't go on suffering alone and trying to suppress your desires while your wife suffers with possible postpartum depression and sexual issues of her own. Sex is not pleasurable when it's painful. It's not your fault, and it's not her fault either, but it sounds like something is wrong with your wife physically. I am pretty sure she's not happy or fulfilled either. Stop feeling guilty, recognize your sexual needs as a normal, healthy man with ordinary, human sexual desires. Understand your wife has medical issues, as well as possible internal injuries, as well as emotional issues, and try to get the practical help from doctors and psychologists or therapists that you need. Spiritual cultivation, (as a way to try and solve these problems), is like trying to put a band aid on skin cancer and hoping it will just go away. That is my two cents. I hope it doesn't sound too harsh or scary, but it's my honest opinion. Saying anything else would just be encouraging you to continue to live in this very depressing, miserable situation, and I would like to see you resolve it and be happy with your wife and your son. Congrats, by the way. I'm sure he's a beautiful boy.
  3. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I'm not looking for superpowers or MoPai. I'm looking for all these "Authorities and masters" to go get scientifically monitored so as to determine whether they're really authorities, as you and your little cult of orthodox quacks like to claim. Why waste your time learning to achieve a state of immortality from somebody who cannot be verified to be one? If Chinese Traditional Medicine or Daoist cultivation can improve longevity, then why is the Chinese life expectancy not the highest? Maybe because they're talking shit. I'm not saying I'll "only listen to masters who levitate", I'm saying there's no use in spending your life blindly following frauds and people who aren't any more advanced than you are. If they are more advanced, the burden of proof falls upon then, until then they're all frauds out to make a fortune off gullible fools. Obviously I'm a spiritual person myself, but that doesn't mean I'm going to fall in with your submissiveness and willingness for blind belief in others. The conceit that you think spiritual wisdom is restricted to only a certain group of cultures from a certain geographical area, clearly stems from a lack of knowledge. It might hurt your feelings to hear that your heroes and idols aren't the only ones with spiritual knowledge, doesn't change the fact that they aren't though. I'm not looking for siddhis, I was looking for those who claim to be "authorities" in a highly subjective subject to come out and prove why exactly anybody should believe them to be authorities. Also, if people could not teach themselves, I guess your Daoist religion would not exist, because guess what, the original masters didn't have authorities, or masters, they taught themselves. The idea that you need to blindly obey people is ridiculous.
  4. 72 hours facts and fiction

    I'm sorry, it appears you have been badly misled by money grubbing amateurs.
  5. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Fair enough. Seeing as they are not able to objectively (scientifically) prove themselves to be immortals, they are thus not objectively immortals, thus not authorities. And since I subjectively don't believe them to be immortals, they are thus both objectively, and subjectively not immortals, and thus not authorities.
  6. Kaivalya Upanishad

    ... in the first sentence above where it advocates "indifference" I have some reservations about that or at least with that word usage and its general meaning. If it means indifference to the temptations of worldly things and being lost in identification with same as later implied then fine...anyway does this upanishad from a long ago time period and culture assume that that is how the reader should or does interpret the first sentence? (for no spiritual or most any kind of practice can succeed through indifference in the general meaning of the word) I also have reservations with the words, "separate from all" near the end of this quote. If "separate from all" means unbound by and thus transcendent to all although also witness of all then fine...adding that per non-duality there can really be no separate from per-se, or no separation between Siva and Shakti and all of Shakti's permutations as mentioned earlier in this upanishad as, "Self residing in all forms". thus words and their meanings are important, more so since every one of us may read something slightly or very different into them. Comments?
  7. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I have have test tubes and chemicals. I could mix up a batch of something and sprinkle it on aspirants and see what color it turns thus producing the evidence you're looking. What kinda powers you looking for? Superman, Wonderwoman.. Aquaman? No.. probably Doctor Strange.. he's got another movie coming out so you can see him. If you'll only listen to Masters who can levitate, well.. good luck with that. I got 3 words for you Western Mo Pai.. Look to the Magus book, that's got high level guys shooting fireballs, destroying villages, a level 35 killing off a level 27. Cool stuff.. dude. <kidding sortof> I think there are lineages and traditions and excellent teachers that, if they connect with you, one should commit and learn from them. The conceit that one doesn't require instruction is often the ego blowing smoke up one's ass. That's not to throw common sense out the window either. There are frauds but they're more often the ones touting powers. Imo the best you can do is find wisdom that'll improve your spirituality, mind and body. You want powers look to an electrician, you want wisdom look to the wise. While siddhi's happen, most traditions seem to think aiming for them rather then letting them happen naturally is a mistake.
  8. Theosis: Becoming Like God

    Christian theology has plenty of ambiguity here. What exactly is the character of the resurrected bodies? What does Paul mean when he says "it is sown a psychical body, it is raised a spiritual body" (the theologian David Bentley Hart does a great job talking about the "psychical" and "spiritual" distinction in ancient Christianity here)? While we will live in resurrected bodies they are quite different from the "psychical" bodies we have now. So a dichotomy between "ascending to heaven" and "live eternally in a body" is not so clear in fact. This is both a lazy and ignorant summation of Christian theology. The "how many angels" trope is a modern caricature of scholasticism and has little relation to what Christian theologians actually did. As for theosis itself, it was far from one idle speculation among many, but a central part of the patristic Christian message, as found in Athanasius, the Cappadocian Fathers, Maximus the Confessor, and the whole theology of the incarnation of Christ. In the debates around the dogmas of Christ, the question of the deification of man is central. It is embedded, implicitly or explicitly, in the hymnography of the Byzantine Church and even shows up in popular modern hymns in the West by Charles Wesley and others. The rest of your remarks are so ignorant as to be not even worth responding to. I would even say that a distinct "Abrahamic" category of religion wasn't really relevant in the 1st century; that the Judaism out of which Christianity emerged was pretty Hellenized to begin with and Christianity began as a Hellenistic religion. When Paul talks about hierarchies of angelic rulers (archons) he is expressing a cosmology shared by both Jewish and pagan thinkers of his era. What strikes me about the Protestant Reformers, especially the Calvin-Zwingli axis, is that in their attempt to purify Christianity they leaned very hard on a very dour interpretation of Plato and Aristotle (combined, of course, with the worst aspects of Augustine). Some of their work, like Zwingli's sermon "On Providence", seem hardly Christian at all and more like a carcass of Platonism with all the fun and humor drained from it.
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  10. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    No, I freely admit that I do not know the answer to any of those assertions you made above. Again, my question is how do you know?
  11. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Can you prove some spiritual authority has spiritual abilities? Scientifically that is? If so please provide evidence. Until then spirituality doesn't need gurus or masters telling people what to do when they can't prove their own claims.
  12. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    How do you know?
  13. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I wasn't aware that we had to prove anything to anybody here? Hmmm, I guess you're closer to a cult than you'd like to admit. What is it one would have to "convince" others of? Superpowers? The very real problem of colonialism, hmmm. Does that extend to Chinese, Indian, and Japanese colonization of others? Does it extend to Turkey having been a colonial nation since the 11th century after they committed genocide against the Byzantines? Or reparations from Mongolia, or North Africa for conquests in Europe? How about Bantu tribes displacing the Khoi people in South Africa? When are you telling the Turkish to fuck off back to Central Asia then? Or does nativistic ideology only apply when it's at the expense of the white people you hate?
  14. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    You don't have authority, and even though I have no problem with Walker, neither does he. Nobody is an authority on spiritual matters, not some Celestial Master, not the Dalai Lama, not the Pope, nobody, because it's all subjective. So sorry to burst your superiority bubble. Guess who the real supremacist is, the guy kissing some false authority's ass so he can talk about his supposed authority. You can't get to immortality by holding your masters hand.
  15. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    The funny thing is I'm a colonial, and I still like him more than I do you, so what does that say about how irritating and obnoxious you are? You didn't attack and insult me when I joined this forum and wasn't buying your bullshit? The reality is the vast majority of the people on here, including yourself are no better than people from Abrahamic religions, because what you practice is the Tao of Conformity. You need your hand held and can't think for yourself. If you're such a great master with such a great set of skills, why the fuck are you wasting your time complaining on an internet forum about other people? I thought an aspect of Daoism was accepting nature, I guess that's just another aspect you don't have mastery over. I remember a similar thread where you commended the censorship on this forum since it was in favor of your set of political ideals, you were thanking the owner and kissing his ass because other people were bullying you. I think you need to grow up. Once again, isn't politics somewhat beneath a great Daoist master who is working towards immortality? Everybody doesn't think like you do, you're not Jesus of Borg. There's a lot of alternatives to this forum, I suggest those banned for not conforming to check out OriginalDao. You do the same with your Orthodox Daoist brainwashing. Look at my introduction thread. You irritate people with your agenda, but when others do it to you, you beg for them to get banned? Strange... The average educated adult would say that other worlds and qigong is all bullshit. We're not dealing in average here. Didn't I ask you to stop on my introduction thread?
  16. INFERNO !

    Oh fuck...
  17. I might appreciate the penguin more. Being eaten alive by insects during practice in 35°C heat was quite offputting, but there would be no risk of that in the antarctic
  18. Lust - and what to do about it

    Given you original question: Before you can 'shun' such thoughts you need to know how to deal with them, cause in many ways they are a good thing. This is one of the bigger rabbit holes in sexual alchemy, full of multiple and complicated locks that take months to learn (even find the muscles for), Mingmen work, all sorts of mad stuff however, keeping it mainstream, the simplest guidance you could do today for dealing with this is quoted as below. Stand straight and breathe out completely Bend over forward putting your hands on your knees, forcing out the last trace of air With your lungs empty return to standing straight posture Put your hands on your waist and push your shoulders up by pressing down with your hands. Pull the abdomen in as much as possible and raise your chest - keeping your lungs empty. Hold this position as long as you can, with empty lungs Breathe in slowly through the nose until your lungs are full Exhale through the mouth, relaxing arms to hang free Take several deep breaths before the next repetition Your desire should pass in 1 rep, 2 reps max. You want to go further, then quickly lift you sphincter (basic root lock) and pull in the focal length of you eyes much as you can so they cross (basic Yi use) at the same you stand up. The effective of this will depend on how far down the left hand path you are, but it can be a bit of a head trip, so go easy. If it works for you then try to start using a basic root lock much as you can, particularly when walking around. Good luck.
  19. Zhan Zhuang sensations?

    Check this with your GP, just in case it's a nerve thing. I've developed numbness in my right arm in the past couple of years and am currently having physio. I noticed it when leaning on it, but now it's definitely present during ZZ, so a slight concern!
  20. 72 hours facts and fiction

    Look guys, i will stop trying to do mo pai. I have been doing cultivation practices for nearly 3 years and the video is right only minute power comes of it if the dantien is not activated, also to Zork i know that it's "bad" to tell a random person on the internet how to do this, but all i want to do is heal others and show close friends that they shouldn't be simple minded. So PLEASE if anyone knows how to simply just activate the dantien just tell me. I wont just go around showing off and, telling every Joe, and John how to do it i respect that its a secret knowledge passed down from master to student, but if you have any empathy for all the wasted time most of the ambitious western students give in any day to learn this please respond.
  21. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Mostly Norwegian... but a fair amount of the rest is Scot. The Kilt is not a bad idea... have a buddy who sometimes works our crew, he wears one every Friday. Two years ago I banned pants as a New Year's Resolution. Decided I was only going to wear Pajama Bottoms that year. Nailed it. Second year, it was, only Linen pants with draw strings. This year, pants it seems, are back...
  22. 72 hours facts and fiction

    Beggars and idiots desiring super powers to impress girls and beat up school bullies throwing fireballs at them sounds sad
  23. 72 hours facts and fiction

    I only accept mentally healthy individuals that are 18+, have self-dignity and respect towards arts, and pay money for teaching. Don't think any other capable teacher out there is different.
  24. Obviously I would counsel patience with your partner. I do think this is something you'll have to sort out with her sooner or later - but it needs to be when she is ready. I know from personal experience how life changing having a baby can be - and the work/care involved can be overwhelming. Has she got mom/family nearby who can help out?
  25. Lust - and what to do about it

    Thank you for your input, Nungali. The transition into parenthood is actually something I feel quite ready for, and one that I very much welcome. I have never been a party person and I do not feel like I have to learn to give up anything such as drinking and partying, as I have never found any meaning in that anyway. I love this aspect of your post a lot: I appreciate that perspective of looking at my little boy as a next stage of cultivation. That is just beautiful. Thank you.
  26. Until you are a unified being (which is quite an advanced achievement) different parts of your organism will act/react to the world in different ways. Primal drives which are basically food and sex are indiscriminate - that is our snake or reptile brain/mind just wants to gratify itself and so whatever or whoever attracts it. This is normally inhibited by both social conditioning (civilising process) and more importantly our own heart, as we wish to be compassionate loving beings and also our ethics. So there's a kind of battle between our base energy and our 'higher' mind. Just lifting the lid off the lower mind is not good as it will lead to indiscriminate self indulgence but on the other hand repression will lead to psychological problems. You need to place yourself as the observer of the whole process and see it as an education about the true nature of your being. The lustful energy itself is neutral or more than that essential to life - but it gets locked into objects which it sees as potential gratification i.e. women - but actually what it really wants/needs is a kind of reflexion back onto itself. Hope this makes sense
  27. Lust - and what to do about it

    I appreciate your input and impulse to think about me definitions here. I am not affiliated with a religious institution but rather have explored and built my own metaphysical understanding over the years from varied sources. Lust, to me, is an undue attachment to sensual pleasure or desire for such pleasures that distracts me from the goal of my inner work, which is to work towards purification and ultimately union with divinity. More precisely it is episodes of unruly sexual fantasy about women and the urge to have sex / masturbate / ejaculate. I have actually spend quite a few hours meditation on this whole issue last night, and I was reminded on wisdom drawn from the Bhagavad Gita, that indeed these lustful impulses are "just nature attaching to nature". So that is one way I can look at it and be okay with the impulses themselves, knowing that as long as I experience this physical existence my sense will enjoy and long for objects of the senses. I guess what bothers me is to see how these sexual desires creep into my mind sometimes, trying to steer me away from my spiritual convictions.
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