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  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Only in the depth of pure silence can we hear God's voice.” ~ Mata Amritanandamayi In the depths of silence, we hear the whispers of our soul and the wisdom of the universe.” ~ Mata Amritanandamayi “The whispers of intuition guide us towards the path aligned with our soul’s purpose. Trust its gentle guidance and let it lead you to your true calling.”~ Mata Amritanandamayi Once we realize the silence within, our lives will no longer be guided by conflicting thoughts. Rather, we will develop an intuitive mind that will enable us to take the right decisions at the right time with the right understanding.~ Swami Amritaswarupananda
  3. Daoist Meditation

    Search for Primordial Qigong ebook on pdf sites. Copyright wise is ok since the original site is down. It has a description on wuji standing.
  4. You gotta give this guy credit. Agree or not, I challenge you to find a more clear and specific psychic or prophetic prediction Start watching at the 8:00 mark, and tell me he didn't nail it, on a major historic event too
  5. Well, I went out and found Drikung Kagyu teachers in person, and have been doing lots of practice including mahamudra, dzogchen, vajrayogini, and chod. I dont think the drikung kagyu teachings are diluted, apparently they're teaching things openly they would have never taught publically before. I do find Dr. Nida to be very interesting, though I haven't studied with him or practiced his teachings.
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  7. Very unpopular opinions

    "nothing new under the sun"
  8. Here is the weird thing . He got banned for that and it was not very bad . But if you are a psychotic Nazi type of sentiment that has misinterpreted text and puts that up here as some valid interpretation, and also gives out 'advice' and also admits they are psychotic, need help, have done drastic stuff to themselves , then get screamed at to get out by the site owner ( complete with an angry screaming face posted alongside his comment) due to such Nazi like 'sentiments' . They can come back as long as they change ID and name . And do it all over again , and again. WTF ? I pointed this out ages ago and got near modded myself . And when asking for answers on that here THE mod at the time stated , which I was dumbstruck by ( for a while ) , that posters that sneak back in like that will be watched with a closer eye . I posted my take on that ; a minor infraction gets a perma-ban but if you get banned and sneak back in ''' we will have our eye on you !" - but you will be able to get away with that ? Then I got warned for joining in in criticizing this Mod ... then ranks closed quicker than the Catholic Church . That started somewhat of a trend , at least with that poster . And where is that mod now ? I see this at home on the commune ; people made bad and ill informed changes , years back and they still cause problems and those people left years ago . For some weird reason SOME people (or person ) support these ( this ) poster .. who knows what their motive is .... to try and show the esoteric causes craziness ? Errrm, so does organized religion ! - it depends on whether or not the person has a mentally unstable proclivity ! For a while now , in my perception, moderation seems to be more 'Daoist' , letting things 'sort themselves out ' with a gentle 'guidance' when necessary ' and that seems to be working well. So congrats on that , but such 'action by inaction' doesnt address the casualties of the past . So I would say , let Gendao back ... and if he isnt allowed or invited back , just tell him to sneak back in, as that still seems to be condoned action .
  9. Very unpopular opinions

    What ? It is ? Jeeze I am glad I dont know about that . Latest unpopular joke ; For sale on eBay ; bits of Donald Trump's ear . Coby !
  10. Daoist Meditation

    All I know of Daoism are the things I've read, Lao Tzu and Chuang-Tzu (Zhuangzi). I think in many ways Ch'an is a fusion of Buddhism and Daoism, but I haven't done the research to back that up, or to provide examples. I learned part of a Tai Chi form, because that part was taught for free in a park near me. I still practice that, and I sit zazen and practice kinhin (the walking that goes with the sitting). Some material I've found useful, from the Tai Chi classics (and other places): The classic literature of Tai Chi appears to identify the ligaments of the body as a source of activity. The literature describes three levels in the development of “ch’i”, a word that literally translates as “breath” but in practice is taken to refer to a fundamental energy of the body, and each of the three levels has three stages. The stages of the first level are: “… relaxing the ligaments from the shoulder to the wrist”; “from the hip joint to the heel”; “from the sacrum to the headtop”. (“Three Levels” from “Cheng Tzu’s Thirteen Treatises on Ta’i Chi Chuan”, Cheng Man Ch’ing, trans. Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo and Martin Inn, p 77-78) Unlike the contraction and relaxation of muscles, the stretch and resile of ligaments can’t be voluntarily controlled. The muscles across the joints can, however, be relaxed in such a way as to allow the natural stretch and resile of ligaments–that would seem to be the meaning of the advice to “relax the ligaments”. The stages of the second level are: “sinking ch’i to the tan t’ien” (a point below and behind the navel); “the ch’i reaches the arms and legs”; “the ch’i moves through the sacrum (wei lu) to the top of the head (ni wan)”. (ibid) Tai Ch’i master Cheng Man Ch’ing advised that the ch’i will collect at the tan-t’ien until it overflows into the tailbone and transits to the top of the head, but he warned against any attempt to force the flow. Omori Sogen cautioned similarly: … It may be the least trouble to say as a general precaution that strength should be allowed to come to fullness naturally as one becomes proficient in sitting. We should sit so that our energy increases of itself and brims over instead of putting physical pressure on the lower abdomen by force. (“An Introduction to Zen Training: A Translation of Sanzen Nyumon”, Omori Sogen, tr. Dogen Hosokawa and Roy Yoshimoto, Tuttle Publishing, p 59) I would posit that the patterns in the development of ch’i reflect involuntary activity of the body generated in the stretch of ligaments. There is, in addition, a possible mechanism of support for the spine from the displacement of the fascia behind the spine, a displacement that can be effected by pressure generated in the abdominal cavity and that may quite possibly depend on a push on the fascia behind the sacrum by the bulk of the extensor muscles, as they contract (see my Kinesthesiology of Fascial Support). The final level in the development of ch’i concerns “chin”. According to the classics, “chin comes from the ligaments” (“Three Levels” from “Cheng Tzu’s Thirteen Treatises on Ta’i Chi Chuan”, Cheng Man Ch’ing, trans. Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo and Martin Inn, p 77-78). The three stages of the final level are: “t’ing chin, listening to or feeling strength”; “comprehension of chin”; “omnipotence”. (ibid) Another translator rendered the last stage above as “perfect clarity” (“Master Cheng’s Thirteen Chapters on T’ai-Chi Ch’uan”, Douglas Wile, p 57). In my estimation, “perfect clarity” is “the pureness of (one’s) mind” that Gautama associated with “the cessation of inbreathing and outbreathing” in the fourth concentration. The Tai Chi classics emphasize relaxation. For me, calm is also required with regard to the stretch of ligaments, if “automatic movement” is to be realized. The stretch of a ligament prior to strain is small (6%), and I would say that automatic movement is only initiated at the edge of the range. Cheng Man Ch’ing mentioned a Chinese description of seated meditation, “straighten the chest and sit precariously”–I think that also speaks to the necessity of calm (ibid, p 21). (A Way of Living)
  11. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    your expectations are not my obligations
  12. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    Nothing can happen spontaneously. This is pseudo-esoteric nonsense spread by all kinds of esoteric gurus who are either simply profiting from gullible people or working for certain agencies. The idea that we are all already enlightened refers to the primordial spirit, but it is too yin, so a person cannot feel it at all. It's like a candle - there's wax, flame, and light. Light cannot arise if you don't have wax. Try saying that a flame can burn by itself because everything around is fire. Every flame and light have a source. Even in the northern schools of Taoism, based on 'meditation,' there are methods of working with energy. Without energy, there will be no light of the primordial spirit. De (virtue) is the primary reason why light can appear.
  13. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    I really don’t think “we are all enlightened”, so yes I don’t think so. Not all feelings are worthy of respect, some are worthy of 虛心
  14. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    True for me.
  15. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    “道 生 之; 德 畜 之” dào shēng zhī ; dé chù zhī (start Ch 51) (imo) Dao created you; virtue raised you.
  16. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    thats true. "we are all already enlightened" hehe. we gotta go easy on them because having no destiny for real work, they still admire the result. their feelings are worthy of respect. unfortunately nobody of the discussants can explain how exactly de or any other virtue bears on neidan. because they have no clue how exactly neidan works.
  17. The ultimate goal of Neidan

    It seems to me that De is what spontaneously happens as one comes more into alignment with the Dao. Accordingly, I would expect that it appear during the process of reversal as a confirmation. I hear a lot of discussions about De but very few about (or displaying) the "lower" virtues such as benevolence, etc. which should presumably precede it. It seems people want to jump to effortlessness without having made any sort of initial effort. It reminds me of long, rambling screeds about higher states of concentration.
  18. If I recall correctly he was spamming things about Aliens, and they banned him for that. I don't think he was calling anyone names or anything, but i could be wrong.
  19. Ren acupoints, Daoist Breathing, and Belly-Dancing

    Reminds me somewhat of this: Any thoughts?
  20. Question: Sweeping Leaves Lodge

    Update on the OP question: I thought I checked this a few years ago, but the Saoye Shanfang 扫叶山房 or Sweeping Leaves Lodge 1909 edition of the Zhuangzi -- compiled and annotated by Wang Xianqian 王先谦 (1842-1917) and used by Lin Yutang -- appears still to be a popular reference, and is available in facsimile, and you can probably find originals at auction and quite likely in many libraries. It can also be found by its published title (which Lin did not provide), Zhuangzi Jijie 庄子集解 ("Zhuangzi Collection, Anontated"). Coincidentally, I'm writing from Changsha, where Prof. Wang is supposed to have made this work. In fact, it looks as if there are two OCR's from two scans on, internally labeled ctp:wb5 and ctp:wb929065 (if the following links break, you can just search ctext for 庄子集解). There is also a good scan on Internet Archive, from which one of the ctext OCR's was done. All of this had almost certainly already been cataloged by the time you all were looking into this in 2018, so I think the missing link was the Chinese name of the title, 庄子集解. If you search, also try Traditional 莊子集解. I don't have time right now to clarify how the files are divided in these two repositories and how to make a concordance with Lin: there are 5 IA files (but there should be 8 volumes in the set), and as to the ctext files they are divided into Inner, Outer, and Miscellaneous and subdivided by section name, per the standard organization: Internet Archive, the eight volumes (there appear to be others, search on 庄子集解): 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: the ctext texts: the ctext facsimile scans (technically, you could download and print it . . . ): the ctext edition index:
  21. I continue to find the method that I described in the orig post simple, on-target, effective. and include it in my list of especially effective abd methods.
  22. That's putting the proof before the evidence.
  23. hm... at the time we had a sweep to clean up a lot. I would want to know what the current mods think of it. tbh, i do not remember what misbehaviors got him banned, but i would give him a chance to come back. 4 years is a long time and a lot of growth can happen in such a timespan, if he wants to be part of the bums again i guess we can give him a chance.
  24. I have definitive proof energy work is real

    Try it if you have a soul you should be able to do this stuff in two months
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