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    I don't drink alcohol, I don't need to keep it all coohool. I am not a foohool. and my dog just died. And now that he is dead, I remember who he is. He is the dog that always followed the tip of his being back into the fulness of who he is, god. God is a happy dog. In a field of summer and rabbits in paradise. In paradise they have to guess 100% correct. For every mistaken guess will yield The endless chase of the rabbits dissapearing into the rabbithole and getting out of another, and it got him confused with the fields of misery. Where the rabbits have been multiplying in their rabbitholes so endlessly that they grew tall and rooted deep into the earth. In an everlasting yield of cornfusion. Into the fields of misery he followed the suits of mankind. And their kindness trapped him into the cage of misery. The fields of misery have to be cleansed. So that the dog can be free once more of the shackles that bind his past. And my dog died in the fields of misery. Because I forgot to undo him of his leash. The weight of the entanglement with the fields of misery crippled his heart. So I had to carry his body back home, so that he could learn to walk again. And be free once more. With his last dying wish, he told me to heed the call. I am the first to die, who shall be next? Heed my call, and you will not be crippled from bellow, like I was. With his last dying wish, he had no way of telling me in a way that the message would reach me. So he slept, and never woke up. And as they tried to wake him up, it hurt. His fake owner killed him in his sleep. As they will kill me, if I continue to sleep. So I woke up today, and remembered I broke the link to gather with the greatest magis of all nations. No, it is not I that is the magi of nations. But he, who is the one who broke the first link. Do you re member who you broke the link to gather for getting deeper into who you are? Do you re member who broke the link of for getfulness with? Do you now understand why you have been empty your whole life? You cannot, unless you discover the greatness and the beauty of the truth of why you unlocked the cage that binds you to your destiny. For eva. Love shall always lead you back home to who you truely are. For giving, is who and what your true memory shall ignite.
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  4. a mystery of franz bardon

    A comment by franz Bardon. How do you do this? “Another field very similar to telepathy and suggestion is that of hypnosis, by which a person is sent to sleep forcibly and deprived of the free will. From the magical point of view hypnosis is reprehensible and it would be better not to specialize in this line. This does not mean that the magician is not able to lull people to sleep. The practice is imaginably simple. The magician need only suspend the function of the spirit by means of his will or with the help of the electromagnetic fluid, and the person will fall asleep instantly. Here it is less important whether the magician is using telepathy or suggestion. He can use both of them as a makeshift but he does not depend on them. A master of the powers does not need one or the other, because the very moment he paralyzes the will by way of imagination, sleep or unconsciousness will occur instantly, which will set free the subconscious and make it susceptive of any kind of suggestions. Just this act of violence, i.e, the intervention in the individuality of a human being is not recommended from a magic point of view, and the magician will not revert to it unless to give his subject good and noble suggestions with an extremely strong effect. Even though the test subject should insist on being hypnotized by the magician, he should avoid doing so if possible. The true magician will always keep away from satisfying the curiosity of others by hypnotic experiments. At times of great danger, a well-trained magician may induce a sort of shock-hypnosis by paralyzing the spirit of the opponent with a flash of the electromagnetic fluid, a method that is only to be followed in an emergency which I hope will never happen in the life of any magician. It has been proven scientifically that animals can be hypnotized too. If a magician wants to do so, he will hit the instinctive side of the animal, so that even the biggest and strongest animals are immediately knocked senseless.” I would appreciate a bit more detail on this, in terms of execution. Especially in the flash of electromagnetic fluid, part.

    I don't know. We tend to get things we aim for, but that's not really destiny. Perhaps the most interesting proof of Destiny is in separated at birth twins. Again and again, you find examples of twins raised 100's of miles apart, having similar jobs, marrying woman with the same name, naming there kids the same.. Is genetics so controlling? Or astrology or by what mechanism racks up so many coincidences? destiny??
  6. Eastern Caligraphy

    By having an interest in some aspect of a culture, learning the language ( to some extent ) and then taking calligraphy lessons.
  7. What is spirituality

    Or, more simply, self realization?
  8. I would just add that the idea of “using your heart to feel” is not your physical heart, but more just “feeling” in general. How do you feel pleasure, happiness? How do you feel anger? How do you feel someone out? How do you feel out a new situation? There’s nothing to figure out or think about. There’s no technique. You just... feel. 😊
  9. Here's a thread on the Kap's Secret Smile. As far as sustaining pleasurable energies.. that's a hard one. Personally I shoot for low level contentedness instead of bliss or happiness.
  10. A Science of Wu Wei?

    “Wu and tao are equally the mother of all things.” Thus wu and tao are the same. So it may be said that wu wei, no action is tao wei, action by the spirit. It is in this sense that the phrase, wu wei erh wu pu wei, “there is no doing, but there is nothing undone” is to be understood. Of course, wu wei must be rendered by “spirit action,” which makes the meaning full of force. Lao Tzû says: “Heaven and earth and all things were begotten of what is; and what is is begotten of wu, the non-existent, physically, i.e. tao, the spirit. Governed by the spontaneity of an uncorrupted nature. Those who act in the wu wei method are the most laborious people in the world. They are hard workers in every field. The force is full and strong with spirit in action, all things can be accomplished. There are times when the best action is no action. We can best deal with a situation by not reacting to it. I learned this on Tao Bums.
  11. Hey there

    I don't do isms
  12. Hi all, To relieve my heart pressure stress problems causing me to lose sleep at night, my inner voice told me to breath and use my heart to meditate on "feeling" love for beautiful women. I once attended KAP online sessions and they used similar techniques called Inner Smile. 1) May I know what other positive emotions are similar to "love"? Here are some examples I came up with Happiness Laughter Compassion 2) I like to know how do you dao bums use your heart to "feel"? I tried my best and I have some feelings of pleasurable energies in my heart but they are not sustained.
  13. A Science of Wu Wei?

    What's the point of realizing and observing wu wei if you can't learn your place in it? It creates a hollowed out reality where nothing is happening to anyone. And technically that is true - there is no person experiencing anything, but you can't just jump to that and spiritually bypass the person. The person, through the experience level, has to be brought into resonance with the truth of his/her own abdication. The route can be one of utter torment or bliss, depending on the methods. A good example is telling someone not to intellectualize because the mind is not connected to reality. That's not true. Reality consciousness (or wu wei) is seeing itself through a mind-body that it has illuminated with itself. The product of this in infancy is that the individuated wu wei accidentally associates with and believes it is the mind-body, resulting in the formation of "personhood", which is also the level of the experiencer. This happens to everyone born, it's unavoidable. Wu Wei isn't actually experiencing anything, only the "person" is. No person = no experience possible. Wu Wei never changes. The mind, the body, the emotions, they are all an outpouring of wu wei, experiencing itself through those faculties. It's why I find a lot of the Daoist discussions rather wooden and hollow. You see people whose vitality is actually waning and their unresolved tendencies leaking out of them as they abdicate themselves to the Absolute. They do things like jing conservation and other techniques yet they won't embrace the bliss of core reality that is already inside them, and illuminates them, and IS them. They are rejecting "I" instead of acknowledging that there is a misattributed "I" and a real "I" talking. One is the personality identification, and one is core consciousness conveying reality. Most people fall into the former, few into the latter. The whole point of the correct speech and other modalities is to evoke mind-body into recognizing the source of its illumination, done by correcting the thoughts, speech and actions that reinforce misattribution. You can sit there all day meditating on Wu Wei but once the meditation ends, you get up and stub your toe, and then you get angry, and then you're back in the mind-body rabbit hole. The language of the Daoist texts is also incredibly outdated and linked to lineages. You have people in the 21st century running around using old (and translated) language with the utter conviction that the undefiled word is the only way to go. And yet Daoism is steeped in right speech, right physical practice, and all the things that are meant to guide you toward the key realizations. Those things are happening NOW. To me, the point of Daoism is not to abdicate the mind-body to Wu Wei, but to dwell in the very presence that is illuminating them, without misattribution, here and now. Only then can the "person" come into resonance with what already is and be self-abdicated. Please, let's use modern language? We're talking about reality consciousness illuminating a mind-body to see itself, that through misattribution believes it is the mind-body (person/experience). The point isn't to toss out the person, it is to show the person the blissful resonance of the true reality so that it no longer has to cling to its own temporary form as the only way to the truth. The point is to realize the real you that is attached to a false "you", which our language fails to differentiate because almost nobody has the recognition and most old-world spiritual systems are focused on total Absolutism.
  14. Hey there

    Welcome to the bums. I don’t practice qigong so would hate to disrupt your thread. Again welcome and I hope you find the answers you seek.
  15. Hey there

    Are you familiar with Kashmir Shaivism at all?
  16. Hey there

    Some advanced Vedanta teachings I've heard come the closest to describing what I've realized in the past 4 years. Every other system I've looked at is incredibly heady (at least, in the way it's taught and discussed), and fails to address core reality consciousness in a personified being. Most systems just address "oneness" or the Absolute, and the extraneous intellectualism is all about discussing variations of that. I have not come across a system yet that is prepared to discuss Brahman experiencing itself through an individual, and the technology to work with that - except Vadanta. The other issue is that most systems are steeped in human hierarchies wherein you're not permitted to receive certain teachings or have questions answered until you achieve a certain level or kiss enough asses; whereas Vedanta expects you to already have the basic work of sorting the ego done before you can do the real work. I don't want to worship gurus, or sort out my childhood trauma, masturbate about the nature of reality all day, or "feel better". I want THE TRUTH. For this reason, I recommend Vedanta. You have to have some entry level realization before you can really get what they're talking about, which is another thing I like about it. They don't do hand-holding for people who want to debate about whether or not Samsara is a thing or not, or who can't differentiate their own minds from reality consciousness. It's for people who are already awake and now are going about the task of possibly enlightening.
  17. Taoist meditation

    Thank you - your description is crystal clear. I could do that. But I can't do both, because that would take me too much time. So doing meditation on my belly will mean less attention meditation on my thoughts and feelings. That's the problem: I am happy with my current form of meditation, so why change to other forms of meditation that would mean less practice of my current meditation? One can't try everything anyhow because that would mean never settling for serious practice of one or a few preferred forms of meditation.
  18. Taoist meditation

    For some, yes For others, there may be other paths that are supportive Bring your attention to your belly. Let it rest there. When ever your attention wakes up to noticing it has deviated, come back to the belly and rest there. Feel what your belly feels like from the inside. Just rest there. Start with short practices and increase duration over time. Feel how the belly is just as important and interesting and legitimate as all the thoughts that come and go. You can use the breath to bring you back, or not... Practice, notice when you disconnect, refocus, continue... Bring awareness of how it reacts in any situation, any time of the day, and connect there, as often as possible. Use that awareness of the center of your gravity in martial training and qigong... Feel it as an umbilical connection to here and now.
  19. Taoist meditation

    Thanks - perhaps my relatively simple goals don't need the esoteric paths that others follow and propose.
  20. Anger as Power

    Hello. And thank you. I am working on releasing anger now because something inside of me says that they may be right about it. I believed anger was power because it is a very raw emotion. The most raw emotion, or at least one of them. I felt dat anger could be transmuted depending on how you observe it. If you don't attach the anger to the negativity itself, but simply view it as a raw emotion of power. You could then,mentally, take that vibration of dat emotion for the purpose of elevating your soul power and then it becomes a positive thing. Although I could be wrong. It has been something I've experimented with and I admit it did have some strange side effects as well as feeling too fiery. Excess fire. So. My new approach is emotional content, in the context that Bruce lee taught. You don't have to be angry to be passionate. You don't need anger to draw out strength or vigor. You don't need anger for raw power. It may look like anger, but it's not the same.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Taoist meditation

    I saw your description of how you meditate in the other thread...I think it's good for what you just described.
  23. Taoist meditation

    As a form of meditation directed to peace of mind, objective observation, and training of one's ability to stay focused on a task even when it isn't captivating.
  24. Anger as Power

    I have watched this conversation a little bit because of a historical interest in traditional uses of anger for magic and energy development, it has a long tradition going back to shamanic techniques rooted in war magic and warrior training. Let us be clear this is weigong, external cultivation, and not neidan, which requires inward training and complete calm, and so some of the criticism voiced so far, are not relevant, if greatsaiyaman is only interested in weigong types of practices. I have emphasized some passages in greatsaiyaman's posts to show that he seems quite aware of what can go wrong, and wants some sort of serious discussion on the matter, not advice from people who have not paid much attention to his posts, but want to lecture him about them anyway, though they have raised some valid and good points, I prefer to listen to someone a little longer before I start to either praise or criticize their ideas or actions. So, taking as a starting point, greatsaiyaman, why do you "believe that anger can be transmuted into raw spiritual power. I also believe that anger can be just as useful as love."? Is this something that you have read about, tried and found successful, is it something that you are learning from someone, or is it the result of some spontaneous experiences that you have had? Where I have seen this type of thing done in a Chinese context it is usually done after a fair amount of training, and more often then not either in a martial arts setting, or in some cases, Chinese Sorcery, in both of which extreme and potentially dangerous training methods can be used, with that in mind, the one thing I will say upfront is that someone who is trying to do something like what greatsaiyaman is talking about, should have a good knowledge of TCM and preferably be under the guidance of a teacher to avoid problems, which from what I understand, can be very difficult to recover from if things have gone too far. ZYD
  25. DESTINY?

    Hello daobums. This has been burning in my mind for the longest time. The question of Destiny. I've had people I've discussed the law of attraction with, about how people practice belief and positive thinking of something but it still never works out for them, and they've stated that , YES, spirit exist universally for us to manifest our will, but if your will contradicts what destiny preordained it doesn't matter how much mental energy or will you put into it, because the greater will, (Of Original Spirit) is more powerful. You may be able to manifest any practical mundane thing using law of attraction and belief, but if for some reason this idea in your mind contradicts what destiny set out, it's not happening. I have seen countless stories of it working for others, and others not so much. So it really does make me wonder........ Maybe Destiny is Real? And you can't always manifest no matter how much you believe something cause it's not in your destiny even if you want it. I guess Bob Proctor was wrong. Thoughts? I really want answers. I hate when something is puzzling me like this.
  26. Taoist meditation

    For what?
  27. Taoist meditation

    Questions: - Isn't awareness practise enough? - What does it mean experientially to open up the belly? Talk about chi, chakras, etc. doesn't explain anything to me. I want to know what is actually done when opening up the belly without having to buy into (as yet) unfounded esoteric ideas like chi(s) and chakras.
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