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  2. Blacks commit more crimes than whites too
  3. Zhong Yuan Qigong question

    Depends on the system. Mantak Chia =No. More specialised methods =Yes, because you have already materialised your desire. You lose yuan jing. Go to the "Grotto", all sexual threads are there. You might end up more confused 😁
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  5. I dont know. Im a white male living in the middle of the country where there is mostly peaceful Christians so I have no complaints. Im not that sensitive to global warming (or informed enough) to worry about the green new deal, but from what I know about it, it makes sense, and should be a good revenue building industry- though what it would do to the other industries that arent green, IDK (probably why its not happening). I have no complaints about my rights, but I read that the ratio for black people dying at the hands of cops compared to white people is 3 to 1, and that says something, but its not just about racism, its probably got to do with the fact that since blacks have not had the opportunity and history to create wealth like Caucasians, there is more poverty, and with poverty comes crime- not that it HAS to include crime, but those without have to find some means to acquire the goods that they need to live. I was under the impression that we had conquered the school zoning problem but maybe not, maybe poor districts have poorer schools still. It takes more than an opportunity for an education- it requires a safe home environment for learning, and when the house is poor or there is crime, there isnt the chance to learn in peace or be inspired to believe that education is the way out of poverty. Things to address in this light is single parent homes with deadbeat dads not paying child support, so I am all about more welfare for these people, but we all know how the right feels about welfare. Trying to adjust premarital sex or marriage to the father of your children isnt going to work. Maybe if we stopped letting our youth culture promote sex and drugs things would be different. Education is always paramount to adjusting these things, and I am all for contraception education. I came up with a method to teach kids how things work but was told that is already implemented in schools, so Im out of ideas. I just hope the democrats continue with their aiding education and welfare for the less privileged. Its still sad the way the religious right is failing their ideals with their voting measures, mostly because they are against abortion, but also because they believe that the little man needs to take care of their lives and livelihood on their own by adopting the morals of the religion. This is true to some degree but not everyone takes this on, and in the land of the free, we have to take care of everyone from a religious perspective, and not hold to the belief that if we take care of the Man, the Man will take care of us. Its written into our constitution that we should be taxed to aid our people, and there should be enough money to go around to help everyone. As far as health care goes- I dont see a way to stop them from raising the costs so high when it is covered by the government. Unfortunately people with free health care go to the doctor a lot from what I have seen. Who am I to tell them they shoudnt be concerned about their health? Its too bad that the health care association takes advantage, but health care has always been expensive.
  6. I don’t think there will be a Democratic tsunami. Even if there is, it will consist mostly of center-rightists like Biden who will do nothing effectual to address climate change, healthcare, systemic racism, etc. They will prolong pointless wars to enrich their friends in the military industrial complex. It’s true there are a lot more candidates talking about green new deal, m4a, etc. but these are just words without well-organized grassroots pressure- and the left is very weak and fragmented. The oligarchy is vicious and well-organized. Trump is just a symptom. Real change in the US is not going to come from the ballot box.
  7. Hi all, I started practicig Zhong Yuan Qigong (Master Migtang Xu), I live in Hungary, so He is not my master. But thats not the point. I read the first book, and one of the main practices is the microcosmic orbit. In that part of the book He says, that for a professional practice you have to stop having sex for a 100 days, so no hormones and semen is lost. My question is, does practicing semen retention alone and the big draw count as sex, and do I lose energy or hormones? Also when I do the big draw, a tiny bit of transparent fluid comes out, I know that's the fluid of the prostate that helps the semen to move. Do I loose hormones or semen with this fluid? Thanks in advance for the answers.
  8. Blue aura people

    go find them dude. there's a lot of initiates and lovers seeking the body they want out in the world
  9. Jail for those who destroy statues and forbid lgtb
  10. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    No worries. And yes, "addicted" is the issue and I have a very addictive personality. Initially, I thought this stuff was supposed to calm me down to the point where it elimitates the problem entirely, but high expectations like this still lead to overthinking, and obsessing over it and practicing later at night will be stimulating. Try and think the Daoist way and beware of too much of one thing
  11. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    I like that you have a strategy in place. For me, if I read, I often get stimulated too, but listening to music or a podcast tends to work a lot of the time for me. The trouble with meditative practices before bed is because my mind associates it still with "something to do". When on retreat, I could meditate around 8pm and go to sleep around 10/10:30 with some reading before lights out, but any attachment to any sort of responsibility was left at home. Calming down was easier. So how we are naturally wired and our mental habits can also dictate what keeps us up. Whatever distracts me from what's on my mind is what helps switch me off, and I think this is different for most people.
  12. Name change request

    Hello can my name please be changed to beingnature ?
  13. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    I see said past as being instrumental to forming the person I am now, and thus do not lament it too much. I'll probably go see a TCM practitioner once life stops giving curveballs, assuming the symptoms persist. One mistake I have made in my practice was underestimating the importance of the MCO, so I haven't actually worked on opening it until less than a month ago. After beginning on my MCO, a lot of my other symptoms have ceased being an issue, though the purging still seems to be happening. I'll give it a week or two to sort itself out and proceed accordingly. Much thanks for the input on here!
  14. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    Sorry to hear you were pumped full of drugs as a kid - but glad you found your own way out Yes you’re right your detox symptoms sound like standard purging symptoms - but as you say, they should not last so long... usually it will be a few ‘events’ within the first year or so of practice. Not several years and not constant at all - even with all the medication you received. i knew a guy who trained with us - he used to be an ‘airbrush artist’ for an advertising firm in the 80s/90s - this involved 8hrs a day of using spray paints - for many years. When his purging started he would sweat strange bright colours, colour would collect under his nails and drip out from the edge, his eye whites would change tint etc. But this stopped within about three or four months. i think to be on the safe side it might be a good idea to consult a Chinese Medicine practitioner - just to make sure there isn’t some toxic process going on.
  15. Blue aura people

    I've just read about the indigo children and I'm not sure it's about them I'm talking about. Who I'm talking about has more of an 1950's feel. I immediately think of this guy. He's a blue person. In my opinion.
  16. Blue aura people

    Hmmm...could be. It's like the description says. And these people, at least the ones I think have blue elements really love pixar movies, and that kind of thing. You know. With that energy. It's the kind of thing they like. And I haven't met one yet who didn't adore disneyland. I know what you're going to say we all love disneyland. But, with them it's different. They carry that with them. If you know what I mean. It's almost as if they carried that energy on them. That blue, energy. And a sort of toy story vibe. It's the kind of honesty you dream people had in real life. But it seems only they have it. Indigo or not. They're sensitive. But a sensitivity that's true. Not a drama of a tele novela where you want to hang yourself. No. These people are real. But indigo people, if we're talking about the same thing, are often considered childish by others: regular folks. They like to hang out with aspergers a lot, I noticed. Perhaps because of their sensitivity. But I think also to not get hurt. ps: oh. And also another observation. But I don't really have a big sample. They seem to love marijuana. And I was speculating with myself that perhaps marijuana acted differently on blue people and made the soul grow. But in a different way to regular people.
  17. Blue aura people

    To clarify, are you speaking of the indigo children? If I interpret your question correctly, you are referring to the "soul" color, which is something of a scale of someone's spiritual development over their many lives. Indigo is near the most mature, with only crystal being able to contest in terms of sensitivity, but crystals are often rather fragile. I would assume a large amount of people on this forum are either blue or indigo, given that daoism is a method to develop the soul, though I am not aware of any sort of special club for those with these characteristics.
  18. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    Stuff leaving the body through excrement triggered by energy work. If you're asking for specifics, it's hard to exactly describe it, but it's like the sweat is thicker than normal? A massive level of exhaustion, quite a few headaches, B/O problems, allergy-like symptoms. It seems to happen the most after using my cultivation technique, but does sometimes happen after microcosmic orbit or turtle shell breathing. From the research I've done, this should be a pretty standard thing when building a foundation, but I've never heard of it lasting for more than a year before. That said, very few people have been on the level of psych-meds that I've taken throughout my life, so I wonder if the extended length is par for the course? As a small example, at a few times throughout my childhood, they put me on enough experimental medicine to make me forget how to talk. For most of my school years, I was taking enough medicine to stunt my IQ by around 40 points. I had issues with going berserk (blacking out, screaming about killing people, and attacking anything in sight; it took 5 grown men to hold down myself as a fourth grader), and none of the western medicine was really doing much to stop it. They removed me from said medicine around the time I turned 20 due to potential kidney and liver failure. After I started studying magic, I found the "cure" in that it was an issue with the amount of energy I had naturally combined with some negative influences, and after removing those influences, I've was relieved of said issue. In addition, the summer that I begun cultivation proper, I had accidentally overdosed on gout medicine to the point that the doctors said I was lucky I didn't have total organ failure. Funny story there is that I overdosed on Thursday, went to the ER on Friday, left the hospital late Saturday night, and went to the class that taught me the basics on Sunday. Fate's strange like that, I suppose. That was somewhat of a tangent, but I believe it is sufficient to explain the amount of contamination I started this journey with, as well as reasons for said contamination and symptoms of detox. On the bright side, with each day I practice, I can feel my mind becoming more and more agile.
  19. Blue aura people

    This is really interesting, I've never really encountered people with a presence or aura but it seems like you definitely have. Can you describe more of your encounters and also other auras you see in others?
  20. going silent for a time.


    still listening though...

  21. What are you listening to?

    Then there's this...
  22. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know - if anybody knew - where I could find blue aura individuals. I'm not sure why I want that, but I want that. I've come across some people, in my life. And, when I felt there heart I could swear they had something different about them. It was like a calming influence, like soft, and tranquil. Like the ocean. And then I looked it up on the internet. And that's what I was looking for, what I felt with them. I've only met two maybe three people like that. It's a bit like jazmin in the movie aladdin. She's a woman. but the two people I met like that were male. I think i've yet to meet a woman like that. Although I'd liked to. But it was definitely like that. I don't know. Are they rare? I think I've read, read somewhere that blue auras were not common. That they didn't come along very often. But I'm not sure. It's a slight Mary energy, in the movie "there's just something about mary." and ive always loved that movie, and i know what he means: there's just something about her. And, I remember priscilla presley. In the movie naked gun. She's also spectacular. Same energy. A very spectacular woman that you just want to love. There's also the actor in the iconic movie "plains, trains and automobiles." With that white guy with the white hair, and his friend. He must be it. Also. A blue aura person - at least that's how I see it. Must be why he plays those roles. Just like ben stiller. There's no level of acting that gets you there looking like that. I have a hunch that this is who he is: a guy chronically good. And turned it into a comedy. I think what I wanted to know is if someone could relate, and if there was some kind of club I could join to meet these people. Do they hang out in secret clubs? Tell me your thoughts. And if somebody's like that. Please. Short definition of blue aura: Aura colors can mean many things to different people, but a blue aura is generally thought to be connected with sensitivity and intelligence. The presence of blue energy in a person’s aura is also linked to an openness to receiving or perceiving spiritual energy. People with a blue aura may have a strong sense of intuition, but be unaware of where their instincts come from. “True blue” auras are sometimes found in people who are calm and collected and tend to live a very balanced life. In short, the meaning of a blue aura often reflects the meaning of the color in nature—a relaxed, receptive energy that is aware of the bigger picture.
  23. What are you listening to?

    How about a little SantaCruz Ska flavor?
  24. twenty twenty vision

    and now... through me from me <silence>
  25. twenty twenty vision

    penny marshal
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