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  2. Contradiction ?

    I know what reactivated inside me this feeling of "contradiction" Plenty of feelings. Mostly my grand father died lately. I haven't be sad about it, long life, long path and huge cultural heritage which is both gift and curse. His death actually reactivated that heritage which I can sum up in few words Solidarity, justice, fairness, education and fighting. Where you go with daoism and through its tools is understanding and acceptation -not only, not always- but the spirit is more about letting it go/move than resist to oppression. I you don't see/experiment oppression in your life, good for you either you having a an easier life or being more enlightened or more blinded than I am. I struggle to overcome duality, because I'm attached to the idea that we can build a better humanity and that fairness depend on us, human beings. That there is no fate in the devastating inequalities between that determine our life experience and possibilities. Until a certain point I think the world is what me make of it, everyone, each one, at some degree. But... This is losing the middle path, the big picture, in one word oneness and its fluctuations. That's the core of my contradiction finding the correct position between action and non-action. Mental absolute clarity (I can touch it) and humanist heritage (I come from it). I have been reading you, many good points (I thank you all)... and I have been talking with my teacher this week end. He put me right on track. I can't do everything or be everywhere by my own actions, so as a human entity I have to choose what I do... He said, if he'd came back after his life he'd like someone able to teach him tai chi. Which I understand as, what you do is tai chi, that's already something, so... keep going. One cannot feed 36 fires. One life story.
  3. Experienced views on Wim Hof method

    This has generally been my concern of this practice.
  4. Experienced views on Wim Hof method

    It is actually the opposite. I have a good friend who is a practitioner of this have tried it and tend to agree with freeform. I will also add that it is taking in Prana from the air as an outside source of fuel and likely does bolster the energy reserves of the kidneys and or run the intake of prana / QI throught the Kidney system and as such is probable very unsafe in the long run. Retention of the breath is not something that is done on purpose in yoga, it is something that happens as a side effect of Samadhi and pure life force entering the system from the Crown Chakra. When the mind becomes one pointed enough and the absorption is complete and or very near complete and the zero point has been achieved from this zero point which is in itself like an inter-dimensional lens there is a great influx of raw life force from the other side of the lens. The lens itself is single pointed stillness and silence. The lens is made up of mind stuff that requires no visualization at all only profound stillness and single pointed absorption. When this happens the body does not require breathing for long periods of time and in very deep levels the heart stops beating as well. When you experience this you will know the most profound peace the most satisfying rest you have ever known. The problem is you will not want to come back either. Choose you Mahasamadhi well and have your earthly affairs and will in order.
  5. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Done. You'll start to notice shifts in your life in the coming months.
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  7. Tantra...

    I would agree, If you are truly residing in that energy, it is just like single point meditation. You shouldn't be lost in thoughts of the upset, if you are you are not residing.
  8. Tantra...

    Sign me up for less advanced please.
  9. Tantra...

    This has been my experience with clearing things, too. My perception is - if we're remembering or analyzing, it's not releasing...
  10. Tantra...

    Thanks, where could I easily find the teachings on sung and energy practice you described earlier ?
  11. Contradiction ?

    Hi Creighton, Yes - I don't tell/share internal story to/with myself... I feel. It is now internally processed that I am sleepy... re 1+am at my end. Good night. - Anand
  12. Tantra...

    You mean what lineage? My main influence is from Quanzhen Daoism (Mostly Longmen branch) but also some training from the Shanqing line, Thai Forest Tradition Buddhism and a Burmese Theravada line.
  13. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    I'm on the lookout right now The place where i worked was horrible, she kind of saved me. I was only in for the money and now i can really see that. But you are right, this is a clear boundary violation This sounds great!
  14. Contradiction ?

    Not as i experience it lately. Story arises as soon as stimulus triggers the senses. Stimulus arises in senses. Story is interpreted from senses. Story is my personal experience of the stimulus. We see something. We intellectualize it. Our experience of what is seen is no longer what is seen, but our interpretation of it. Our intellectualization of it. The story we tell ourselves about what we just sensed. We don't perceive reality as it is, we interpret reality from the few partial signals that arise from our perceptual sensations. We get only a fraction of what is around us in absolute reality in sensations, and from this fractional input, we generate an interpretation of absolute reality. It is but a slice of what actually is, yet to us, it seems whole. When I look around me, though I see only a fractional percentage of what is there, there are no gaps in my vision. The picture seems whole, but is a fabrication, a projection of partial information into a wider picture, utterly populated with my own unconscious biases, expectations. Stimulus arises in senses. It is only a small part of absolute reality. Yet it is all of absolute reality I can interact with, so for me, it convincingly seems like all of reality. Sort of like how it was, I imagine when folks learned the earth encircles the Sun felt, when going outside and not feeling any sense of motion of the earth. It's counter intuitive to realize we project our version of reality from our Storyteller who interprets all stimuli and creates a story that I associate with absolute reality. Naive Realism: the mistaken notion that we perceive reality as it is. We interpret signals according to our behavioral/social and familial conditioning. This is why we find our breakfast foods normal and those of other cultures seem crazy. Same with hair styles, wardrobe, jewelry, language, songs, passtimes... Unless stripping away awareness to the core... we engage the storyteller, who tells us what the world is. No sharing needed. It's an entirely internal process.
  15. Tantra...

    There is a difference between pleasure oriented and pleasure seeking you have blended and confused this in your reply.
  16. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    I do a little bit of energy work. Let me know if you'd like me to reach out and give your life a blast.
  17. Experienced views on Wim Hof method

    It’s basically a method of quickly tapping the energy reserves of your kidneys to strengthen your Wei Qi... the concern is that you’ll deplete your kidneys - the damages of which will show up in later life. Some constitutions can handle it for longer than others. Sounds like it’s great for mental toughness though.
  18. Tantra...

    Can you specify what training you undertook ?
  19. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Why don't you take you apply for anew job ? You can send your gf to therapy twice a week, or on a retreat. I think it's good to be practical even if you are in a bit of trouble. Letting your career die is certainly not something you owe anyone, I can't see it helping anyone. Somebody has to get real whilst there is still food in the fridge. And, if someone is going down, you have to place your feet firmly on dry ground, only then can you pull people out of the water. Also with regards going to the woods, it is good to just try something, for instance find an intentional community of hippies, there is a map at, and go for a couple of days. Or wooofing, or solitary cabin rental. Such little experiments will unstick things, and clarify what you want and can do.
  20. Contradiction ?

    Hi Creighton, His/her impression of reality... to impress/depress/suppress... Sure... accidents, incidents, or events... are mere words, From the perspective of what is.. what transpires and co-arising shift... don't we feel first? It's mostly story ~ only when shared with others? Otherwise ~ no story? No real substance ~ to those hearing/reading your story? If it is fluidity interweaving/unfolding ~ what/who can be more solid or inherently unreal than the story-teller? I would also like to admit that... "my reality, is not reality"... I am a weaver who multi-task as a story-teller. Table for one + one - be my guest... - Anand
  21. The Cool Picture Thread

    that is pure awesome! get em mate!
  22. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Repeated, daily actions become unconscious habitual behaviors. These behaviors, sustained long enough become personality traits. Any action done long enough, the body and unconscious becomes better at the action than the mind that originally directed it. Think martial arts movements, or bicycle riding skills to exemplify the veracity of this. Eventually actions repeated enough times become hardwired so to speak and operate unconsciously and automatically when triggered by stimuli. My suspicion lately is that when we become consciously aware of feeling stuck in a rut, our localized awareness is saying to us... 'hey, we're out of the loop. I'm not directing much any more.' Life is happening to me, I'm not engaging. And it seems very true from my experience. I'll paraphrase Dr Joe Dispenza... neuro surgeon (who has studied this deeply and utilized it in his own life when he suffered a horrific injury in a motorcycle accident). If you get out of bed on the same side every day. Turn off the alarm clock with the same finger, go to the toilet, make coffee, drive to work the same route, perform the same tasks at work, among the same people... these will trigger the same responses as yesterday with only very fractional, occasional differences. "oh look, bob brought donuts today..." Performing same actions, prompts same thinking and same emotions from same triggers... how can we expect our experience of life to change? Where in that process is there space for new actions to arise that prompt new emotional engagement where new thought and experience may occur? Our mind is filled daily with mostly the same thoughts as yesterday. These thoughts prompt similar emotional responses which reinforce similar reaction and thinking. When our environments are also usually all the same... we experience routine. Neurons that fire together, wire together. The science on this seems very reliable. This is the basis of the sub conscious mind of the body taking over actions from the conscious mind. Once the neurons fire enough times together, the process forms a highway of signals that bypasses conscious direction and actions become personality traits that happen automatically. Not unlike a circuit board that regulates and automates multiple, repeated, robotic factory processes. Now that I've preached all that, I have to contradict myself with this little gem that has followed me the last thirty years or so: I love my routine... until I get bored. Then I crave excitement... until I get overwhelmed. Then I long for routine again. and here's one of the few curses I've ever cast... I find it to be the most intense. May you live in interesting times... I learned it from a Chinese source, but figure it's universally human. If interested, here's a 17 minute interview with Dr Dispenza regarding this process of automation of behavioral neural personality traits and how to reprogram them. Top notch stuff in my experience. Turns out, interrupting the auto process, is really as simple as meditating. Quieting the body and the mind for a time opens up space. Within this space there arises potential for new insight, which can prompt new action which will bring about different emotional states and new neural pathways. As for mind elasticity, learning an entirely new skill will create new neural pathways and change the structure of brain and mind. I picked up an acoustic guitar a few years ago and began teaching myself... now I can fly and shoot green lightning out my bum. It can happen for you tooooooooooo!
  23. Tantra...

    Accordng to this account there are three approaches to dealing with emotions and other stuff that might be eschewed/forbidden in different paths: See if you can map your path/personal approach to this : ) Quote lifted from here:
  24. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    When it all started i had to quit my job. This was bad, because it was fairly high paying, and good because i hated it and i planned to quit 4 months into the future to start studying. I lived on my savings for a while, now i'm completely broke. I started to give piano lessons - this is great but does not pay the bills yet. My Girlfriend say she is now ready for me to work part time. This is heavy stuff, thank you. Thank you, will read it when i have the money
  25. Tantra...

    There is more than one way to approach things — this is wrt ahem...Daoist “Tantra”. While I don’t agree that Daoist path is tantric par se, there are many overlaps between the Daoist alchemical path (specifically nei Dan) and classical Hindu tantric path. I learnt and practiced Tamil Siddhar Yoga for a while, and have had an almost 2 decade long practice in Daoist meditation practices. I found a lot of overlaps. wrt the OP, there is something to be the said about “pleasure-oriented” vs “misery-oriented”. I personally find the pleasure oriented personalities can miss the point, so to speak. Especially when there is an explosion of sexual energies which leads one to spend hours (sometimes better part of a day) in a state which I can only express as orgasmic. Only it is like an orgasm x 1000,000 (or more). It is hard to explain in words A less discriminative practitioner might start seeking that experience. But if transmuted properly, it can fuel the growth by quantum leaps and bounds. Imho, the key is whether the individual is grounded in and as pure awareness (as opposed to personality/mental identities). The “misery” way is an excellent way to enter the spiritual path, but it can’t be a case of crushing, constant misery. There needs to be sufficient suffering for an individual to want to seek its cessation (e.g., the Buddha). Usually, pleasure seekers can’t understand this, unless they are addicts caught in an ever deepening spiral of their habit. in my experience and opinion informed therefrom, most pleasure seekers lack the maturity to really break through to what I consider enlightenment.
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