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  2. I think the author of the video was specifically suggesting they were passing laws and running governments. As said I can't comment as I simply don't know the historical facts but then again history books are full of BS! If you think women choose who to breed with in a dying civilisation you're deluding yourself right? We're back to the old thing of women choosing the strongest male for protection regardless of anything else. Don't worry I don't want kids never did and I don't even want a women anymore. In fact if a very intelligent beautiful women paid me I wouldn't have sex with her. Apparently fornication is a sin/miss! Hey do what thou wilt for that shall be the whole of the law, didn't someone famous once say that? LOL I sense a degree of sarcasm, correct me if I'm wrong? As for crime rates who knows what's going on? Murders are not high in the modern world but paedophilia is rampant as is prostitution and sex slavery. Of course if you're busy shopping this fact could be missed! Conditioning and mental torture may not seem a big deal but in a small country there's nowhere to run and escape it. Think of the days when religion ruled civilisations and if chose to single you were frowned upon or murdered? These days it's a different form of oppression as now we can't even use the word 'mankind'!!!! We're not sure whether to be fem or butch, masculine or feminine in fact the male identity has been eroded away over decades! Here's some historical facts:
  3. The eye of the moon

    What tradition is this from? Any more info? I have heard of "moon gazing" ... which sounds preferable to "sun gazing"
  4. It would makes sense. Without women are there any civilizations? They are the incubators of life. Banned together in a dying civilization women could decide who breeds with whom, or not at all. I would agree it could be a contributing factor. Could possibly keep folks suppressed without the opportunity to realize their full potential lending to feelings of inadequacy, exacerbating mental illness and imaginable increased crime rates.
  5. Well I don't know much about American politics but it does seem that more women elected is just another way to garner more votes. It's like a game of one-upmanship until they find another way to appeal to a group so as to up their votes. As for being put through the mill emotionally by women, yes been there got the T-shirt, several in fact! One of the reasons I've remained single for the last twenty years is a lack of connect with the women in my past. Of course it could have been all my fault and probably was but I'm happier alone and have found myself so all is good. Also in my fifties but rediscovering that carefree innocent me of my teenage years but without the angst of feeling alone!
  6. The eye of the moon

    Does anyone know about it? It’s supposedly a technique which allows you to influence others with energy from your eyes. It makes your pupils look white, and gievs you the power to see auras.
  7. I don't see it in terms of national anything but I can get some of it on a personal level one on one with some woman. Where there's power plays for sex and emotional games. From my point of view there are times a woman has put me through an emotional wringer, yet from there point of view, I was an inconsiderate and emotionally unavailable.. What I'm getting at is relations are hard on both sexes, even more so without maturity on both ends.. and at 54 years old I'm beginning to think maturity happens at 60. Again, I don't see National implications in it, mostly personal. More woman are in Congress, but they're far from 50%. There are more liberal woman elected then conservative, but both saw a bump. It may bode well because woman tend to be more peaceful and compromising, but then again, high achievers tend to act against there stereotypes so its no sure thing.
  8. The author of the video does bring up one very interesting historical point about how women seem to gain greater control near the end of civilisations. I'm crap at history so don't know if there's any truth to this but perhaps somebody could help me out? So you agree that cheap labour can destabilise society?
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  10. Tantra, daoism and sahaja Origins of Yoga and Tantra - Geoffrey Samuel_djvu.txt There's the book full text archived.
  11. Water above Fire Yoga Alchemy and Immortality Lu K’uan Yü (Charles Luk)_djvu.txt This book proves all the "levels" of "neidan" are interwoven.
  12. But can you accept that a women's femininity could be used as a tool to pervert the direction of society if offered empty promises? You may feel empowered when governments make you feel more comfortable in the short term but in the long term they will take all your powers away! Not saying that will but aren't you suspicious of politicians motives? Or put another way, and excuse the pun, do you feel your vote is being bought?
  13. Tantra, daoism and sahaja See that link for images of how Kriya Yoga and MCO (small universe) have the same origins - also in West Asia - the Pythagorean circulation of energy - tied to Egypt as well.
  14. Tantra, daoism and sahaja

    actually all modern humans are from the San Bushmen culture - they do the same spiritual training as Daoism or Buddhism. So the SAn Bushmen culture spread around the world and this is documented through the music. In India the oldest philosophy is the "three gunas" and it's from music theory - same with Daoism - it's from music theory.
  15. If you're looking for "teachers" maybe try the "teachers" subforum.
  16. Meh, I do not much care. I disagree with the sentiment of the video and have zero desire to dig for some deeper meaning. Cheap labor drives wages down thereby de-stablizing the economy making it almost impossible to earn a living wage especially for those who do manual labor. Depends on the women. I chose my husband based on his kindness, fluency in sarcasm and how he treated his family and me. I got lucky because he was/is strong and handsome too. Placing all women in the same basket based on their gender is an error. I certainly did. I married my husband for his loving heart and gentle nature, not his financial stability or ability to beat someone's ass if the need arose. Appearance plays a role, sure. I'd have not given him a moment of my time had he been dirty and smelly. If a man can not take care of and nurture himself, he surely would be lacking in the capacity to do the same for other. When I met my husband I did not want children, so I was not interested in breeding to produce offspring, it was purely for pleasure, mine and his. Nah, I will pass. What a person chooses for themselves in a mate is their business, critiquing and questioning based on gender is beyond the scope of how I choose to spend my time. Frankly, it is none of anyone's business and just plain rude.
  17. I always sit in full lotus at the internet typing - or reading.
  18. Well I agree with some of what you say in your reply but I must point out that I'm not liberal and I really don't like politics. As for the 1% well the problem is most people would be happy with more than another and walk off into the sunset. The fact that theses very wealth people continue to acquire greater and greater wealth can only suggest a kind of sickness! This would be true if they had a choice but they often don't. Brexit is a good example as the decision of the people is being ignored as the wealthy and powerful try to keep us in the EU. There is also an strong element of trust given to leaders as working people just don't have the time to understand complex situations. Of course this trust has been badly damaged here in the UK with all the WMD balls of the Gulf war etc. I don't think they're anywhere near as comfortable as they used to be. As for advertisers and corporation most people know that these types are scum but they tolerate them as long as they are checked. Of course these checks are being seen more and more to be bogus and biased. I think we're at a crossroads and the choice is freedom or enslavement! Whatever happens chaos is coming of this I've little doubt. The NWO (New World Order) wants to create a system very much the same as that in "Brave New World" which in turn is akin to the 'caste' system of India. Globalism is how they want to force this new paradigm on us. The elite already have their crowns made of gold encrusted with jewels for that is what they represent, wealth in the form of vanity and greed. Back to this thread: Well using the fears of women is one way to gain electoral support to help create this global empire that essentially will enslave the whole of mankind within the machinery of the 'Beast'. This road to 'Globalism', the NWO, has actually been happening for several decades but as said above we're now at the crossroads because people have woken up to what's going on. So it's true freedom for the fist time in history or an absolute enslavement such as the world have never seen before. Time to choose?
  19. I stereotype..stereotype, because stereotype stereotype think stereotype. I've been reading a book called Insight, and like the Matrix old bearded controller guy, says we make decisions quickly, often emotionally, then fill in the reasons afterwards. Something hurts us and our intellect is off the races digging up reasons for why they're so bad. Smart or dumb we master rationalizers, with intelligence giving us more fire power to fool ourselves. The truth is out there, but when it's self serving, aggrandizing our group while disparaging others it's suspect. Not necessarily wrong, but there may well be a trail of rationalizations to get there, build on our confirmation bias. A cure is slowing down, imagine being the other side. Doing your best to see things through other eyes. Seeing if you can allow the same emotional/ rationalization path to form. Then you can dispassionately compare the two and decide or decide its a bullshit scenario. That the question is a bad one.
  20. What are you listening to?

    really enjoying this band lately
  21. Terry Dunn

    When you have time it would be interesting to read why you chose taiji as the healing medium over others or was it more about the teacher. Welcome to a very interesting place, with many good souls.
  22. Water above Fire

    PS. A lot of the ‘shiny trinkets’ mentioned are actually the result of just having your channels fully open... before Neidan is even of any relevance.
  23. What are you listening to?

    Sunday morning jazz ... The bop styles of Bill Evans and the lyricism of Stan Getz produced some really amazing results ... imho.
  24. Water above Fire

    Michael Winn certainly agrees.
  25. This whole ‘all powerful 1%ers controlling the world thing’... I used to think along those lines... my views have matured a little though. I’ve actually met a couple of people in the ‘1%’... and the reality of the matter is a lot less black and white than Patrick Brown espouses (the standard liberal pigeonhole). The fact is, some people behave like idiots whether they are a man or woman or extremely wealthy or extremely poor. A large number of these 1%ers got there through dedicated hard work, coupled with an extremely high inborn natural intelligence and propensity for doing big things. Incidentally this is exactly the same group that goes on to the highest levels of spiritual practice. This is the infamous Pareto distribution in action - where a smallish advantage (say +40 IQ points and an industrious inner nature) gives hugely disproportionate rewards. Another grouping that seems to be highly represented in the 1% are what could be called sociopaths... they have no regard for others’ feelings. They don’t empathise and in fact they don’t ‘feel’ much at all. This is actually also a group that do very well in some lines of spiritual cultivation (controversial, I know). They get ‘to the top’ by making decisions that simply aren’t naturally ‘available’ to most people. Aka ruthlessness. In both groups there are people that care about power and there are people that don’t. There are ones that care about money and there are ones that don’t. There are ones that care for humanity and society and there are ones that don’t. Do I think rich people should give their share of taxes. Yes - I certainly do! But similarly I see their point of view. If you’re giving 10s of millions in taxes every year and see the government squandering it on ridiculous things. I don’t know that if I was in their position I wouldn’t also want to limit my tax liability and instead create my own philanthropic organisation... (where will Aetherious invest his dividends!? ) Maybe there’s a cabal of them organising how to enslave society for their own good. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some like that. Or maybe a large percentage of people (the 99%) eagerly put themselves in that ‘enslaved’ position. This is what I think is going on more than we realise. Before anyone jumps down my throat - of course I’m not saying people choose to live in extreme poverty or actively want others to take advantage of them. What I’m saying is that many people (most, in fact) prefer that others make decisions for them. The magazines decide what I wear. The packaging on supermarket shelves decide what I eat. My neighbours decide where I go on holiday, what car I drive and how I design my home. They may complain, but in reality they feel comfortable that these things are taken care for them. Of course advertisers and corporations find this irresistable and exploit it as much as possible - otherwise they wouldn’t be doing their ‘jobs’ properly! Do I think the world could be run better? Of course I do! But conversely - do I think we tend to generally be making progress in that direction, and actually doing the best we can as a very flawed and also wonderful race? Yes I do. Do I think homogenising people - cutting down the best and brightest so that they’re rewarded the same as the laziest and least intelligent is the way to make the world better?! Nope. I’ve actually experienced communism - it doesn’t work.
  26. Tantra, daoism and sahaja

    Thanks. Ordered it. I'm a sucker for "academic and dry".
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