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  2. Everything is perfect?

    I have simplified the simpler, for the sake of all concerned!
  3. Everything is perfect?

    Plural pronouns also no good!
  4. Broken Tulips

    Every cloud has a silver lining.
  5. Broken Tulips

    Oh, I'm sorry! I was speaking a bit abstractly. By something beautiful always coming from the bad, I mean that every terrible situation also comes with a learning opportunity, hahaha. Like...hidden potential revealed through hardship. Just like a disease exposing a hidden layer in the petals of a flower. Sometimes bad situations that seem impossible can be resolved or at least remedied in unexpected ways. Sometimes you can learn how to appreciate smaller things. Sometimes, you just need to find the energy to get up and do what you know will improve your situation. Even if there's nothing else, learning acceptance or patience is still learning something that can permanently alter your mindset in a positive way. This one is probably the hardest, but the most significant. No matter the situation, there's always opportunity. For example: if you have a cold, instead of lying in bed all day and being miserable, get up and drink some herbal tea that provides nutrients, hydration, and energy. Or, learning how to look inwards in case of something irreversible like disability or death of family. Or, learning awareness of your body to maintain your health and energy as best as possible, to reduce symptoms of chronic illness and make your life more comfortable. You can either lie there powerless, or you can seize whatever opportunity is provided by a terrible situation to improve yourself and your situation, whether it's physically, mentally, or maybe in a more abstract way. That opportunity is the beauty that always comes from the bad.
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  7. Everything is perfect?

    none of that was news to me Michael, Btw the word "you" was overused above as Mark might say...anyway fancy sounding or philosophical excuses that don't cut the mustard in this world or the others are not enough...
  8. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    Yes, very true. This is a pitfall for native speakers. But it doesn’t affect me as I do not use a modern-mandarin dictionary. Anyway, I leave it up to the palaeographers to sort all that, way beyond my scope. I just use their findings as they are presented in the Kroll dictionary.
  9. Everything is perfect?

    Exactly. I’m not going to slag off my old self with my new self. I remember the old self was well-intentioned.
  10. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    Mostly on the meaning of words as many commentators have pointed out some words have evolved and you find in today's mandarin it doesn't mean the same thing
  11. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    I remember you said so before on OD. But why is it of importance? What impact does it have on my reading of the DDJ?
  12. What the purpose of saying that Lǎo zǐ wrote those lines about the Dào? As a reader, what's in it for me whether it was nameless or nothingness? What's the reason to understand those lines and how that can be helpful?
  13. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    What do you mean by 'spirits'? Also, do you believe in chi? Do you believe in dragons?
  14. deleted

    I have no interest in the ‘horizon’, so posting further in my own thread. As a “symbol of the Universe” it’s interesting. If it had no-things in it, it would look like 無極 And the vertical lines in the middle remind me of the 小周天
  15. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    I thought that means I don't believe in spirits. If I say I don't believe in spirits, would that change in meaning?
  16. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    You're welcome. Glad to discuss this further. No, I don't think so. I don't see Plato's God as different from the Dao.
  17. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    There's just one God. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you speak of Dao, Jehovah, Vairochana, Brahman... They are all but different ways to refer to the ultimate source of being. Dao isn't something you would have to believe in. I am interested in knowledge, not belief.
  18. Everything is perfect?

    Well, I hate to break it to you, but humans make mistakes--and we actually tend to make the same mistakes again and again. Why is this? Because our thoughts, feelings, and actions are determined by deeply ingrained patterns. You can attribute these to your upbringing, to your karmic backstory, to the astrological influences you were born under, and so on... Insights gained from each of the different models may be useful and, in some cases, sufficient to effect change, however, none of them is 'true' in an ultimate and exclusive sense. Rather, they pertain to different levels of patterning which all reflect each other. All the while, with some part of yourself, you may be aware that there could be a better, more lightful way of viewing and doing things. And yet you feel trapped in the karmic shell that was created inside and outside yourself. Kudos to you if you manage to kindle that spark of higher understanding within yourself until you manage to break free from your former limitations eventually! In all likelihood, it won't be an easy process, let alone a linear one. But hey... The way is the goal!
  19. Everything is perfect?

    I'd say ideally yes, but not ideally no, as in repeating mistakes without good or reasonable excuses...for instance industrial accidents that never should have happened but someone was careless even though they knew better.
  20. Everything is perfect?

    Yes, in retrospect we may see that we could have dealt with this or that situation more wisely. However, what we tend to forget is that we had to develop that kind of wisdom first -- and that past situation we couldn't handle better may well have been part of that process. While I am not one to deny the reality and power of free will, I feel it's adequate to say that, all in all, we did the best we could back then, given where and what we were. If in the meantime, we became more sophisticated in our insight and understanding, we deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back.
  21. Legit.

    The muscles are at rest when the arms and legs are fully extended. Thus, it has no effect on the muscles. Biologically, the body cells are activated by the slight contraction of the muscles. The contraction of the muscle will cause the cells to produce an "action potential". An action potential is the energy that keeps the muscle to continue to contract. As soon the muscle releases, the action potential will be gone, and puts the muscle back into the resting state again. That is why one will see the Taiji practitioners with their arms and legs bent. Especially, the Yang style Taiji. It is the best style to practice for health. PS Keeping the muscle cells active is part of the cultivation of the body.
  22. What are some of your favorite martial arts YouTubers and Instagram influencers? I favor Wudang channels and influencers. But there is a former Shaolin Disciple I enjoy - though he mainly makes gaming content Here's one of his recent videos,
  23. Legit.

    Why is that? 😊
  24. Legit.

    Thank you all for replying.
  25. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    lurkers should speak up before "the year 2525 if man is still alive..."
  26. Everything is perfect?

    Going by the math of karma everything is perfect or as it should be for a moment, a very short moment being that all things and energies are in constant flux and states of change which does not leave out relative reality or beings in time and I think it safe to say things are constantly improving per evolution or going down per devolution and then probably going back again. If one exercises no relative will along with hard gained degrees of wisdom then they will be thrown about like be a leaf in the wind, but if they do excise whatever degree of will and wisdom they have then they can hopefully anchor and center themselves for the better. So profound sounding sayings like, "nothing else could have been done differently" are full of holes imo. Btw, beyond time and space is a different ball game.
  27. Application of awareness

    Awareness can mean different things in this context. It may mean being very focused and concentrated on a particular activity to the exclusion of all else. It can also refer to maintaining a more fully open connection to whatever is happening in the present moment. Two activities I find are particularly well suited to integration in the latter sense are running and taijiquan. I believe this to be the secret sauce in taijiquan and other internal martial arts. With practice it is possible to integrate awareness with any and all activity, even sleeping, dreaming, and dying. This is the foundation of the practice of dzogchen - recognizing and developing stability in clear and open awareness and then integrating that with every possible aspect of life.
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