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  2. Biological manipulation towards what?

    Oh my stars guys! Are either of you actually finding this cathartic? Gaining any great insights? Personal healing?
  3. What makes a good day for you?

    If I can genuinely smile at the end of the day, it has been a good day.
  4. Biological manipulation towards what?

    In the spirit of Cyrano de Bergerac: you missed out on far better ways to insult me by emasculating me than this pathetic retort. See how simple it is?
  5. Biological manipulation towards what?

    Sure thing, Rumpelstiltskin. ...Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin. (Well, it worked in the story, so let’s hope it does here too).
  6. Biological manipulation towards what?

    Well that was your last post. Goodnight sleeping beauty.
  7. Biological manipulation towards what?

    An attempt at trying to be witty. In the spirit of Cyrano de Bergerac: you missed out on far better ways to insult me by emasculating me than this pathetic retort. Here are a few ways you could have done so with far more intelligence (and I’m insulting MYSELF so it doesn’t count as an insult against you): Nostaglia: “Of course you refer to a college girl you knew, because you sound ridiculous to people your own age!” Guilt by association: “And I’m sure that girl as your alma matter makes you proud to be a college boy with the same value for how they allowed two dimwits into the same school.” Time efficiency: “You sure spent a lot of time arguing with a lot of idiots in college, so why are you doing it on this forum if you aren’t getting a degree or anything worthwhile out of it?” Try to use more wit with your intuition and knowing before I can take you seriously, young lad.
  8. Biological manipulation towards what?

    Don't you remind yourself of a girl you met in college? You were complaining about how you were treated like one afterall no? Anything else from mr long haired beauty? I've been asked to close the thread.
  9. Biological manipulation towards what?

    You remind me of a girl I knew in college. She would go around getting in everyone else’s face because she had the inability to mind her own business, especially on matters of love and relationships. I asked her once what made her such an authority on the subject matter. She said because she “just knows” and I asked her how many relationships she’s had. She revealed that not only was she a virgin, but she’d never had a relationship and her intuition came from watching a lot of Korean romance dramas. When I pointed this out in front of everyone, she got more and more furious and said I was “being stupid” for “gathering evidence and facts like a lawyer” compared to her “just knowing” and I walked away saying three letters while smirking: QED.
  10. Biological manipulation towards what?

    Nungali, are you aborigine? If not, assuming your background that's almost a slap to their face.
  11. An opinion or observation of madness

    It is an election issue related to all the kerfuffle around mail in voting. As I am failing to recognize any equivalencies regarding registered voters, and your plethora of “wrong number” text and voice messages, I am going to go with perhaps you are just feeling chatty and trying to be humorous. Hope you’re doing well.
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  13. Biological manipulation towards what?

    You are welkin .
  14. What makes a good day for you?

    Hmmm ... maybe I should make a 'check list ' Still alive < tick > good ! Have fun < tick > good ! Give thanks and show appreciation < tick > good . According to Solomon ; " A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil. This too, I see, is from the hand of God, " According to Nungali ; " . I have done all things under the sun ... and the only worth of man is to do a good days work (in the field that he loves , where he can express his individuality and particular calling and skills ) and rest and contemplate it at the end of the day , while drinking wine ... or a pawpaw and passionfruit smoothie .
  15. TDB as an organism

    I recall RON JEREMY (in caps) ... but my earliest memory is reading a post by Drew Hempel which was so tangential to the thread topic that I posted a 'eh?' or 'wtf?' and Yoda answered saying I shouldn't expect Drew to stick to the subject. Some things never change. I recall Stigweard (who became a bit weird), Yoda - the nicest guy in the universe, Mal, Cat and a lot of KAP and Kunlun stuff in those days. I guess even those who are no longer around have added to the Tulpa.
  16. Petrichor, smoke has cleared

    Sounds a bit more organized and easy than hanging them in the vestibule. Although the sketches are not so much a journal in this context; I'm not putting them up in chronological order or as I make them. Also I was hoping to continue to place my translation notes in the threads dedicated to those chapters of the DDJ; I hope they can be seen as a contribution to the general pool. Thank you. Dan
  17. What makes a good day for you?

    I wake up . - thats a great start. Seriously - every morning I wake up, and think " I am still here - still alive " and that's great , another day! I lie and look through the window, usually at a brightly shining Venus and some stars and watch the sky start to get light . Then I get up and make a coffee. Go back to bed, propped up and watch the light spread, illuminate the rainforest fog and watch the view outside gradually get illuminated by golden light ; the forest, the tree ferns and palms outside the window . By now the birds are calling , that changes , depends on who is around ; Whippy ( whip bird ) might be cracking and calling, magpie might be singing on the door step for a rosemary cracker (his favourite ) . In summer , the pulse of cicadas might rise . Then usually, as the sun rises and the dew lifts and the fog blows away down the river valley, I go online and do 'computer stuff' . There is a zillion chores to do around here , so I like to do some of them. A good day though, can be simply 'nothing' , a bit of pottering and a lot of just being and observing and 'being in' nature . Mid week days might include a motorcycle ride , a walk in old growth ancient forest, a trip to the deserted beach, a swim in the river . Harvest some food from veg garden or the trees on the property. Maybe have a pawpaw and passionfruit smoothie. If its raining, I spend time indoors, reading and studying . A bit of practice now and again ; kata and weapons , train with others once a week . It varies of course , depends what I am currently into . Lately I have been building an outdoor bathhouse , its mostly glass on the front with a fantastic view through the palms and ferns, to the escarpment and down the valley. Still waiting for the tiler to turn up . Today I am going to the coast to buy fresh prawns , to make 'prawn twists ' ( minced prawn, coriander, lime leaf, chilli rolled up in spring roll wrapper and fried ... with lime juice and sweet chilli sauce dipping sauce ) for the local 'country store ' * - they have a new large rustic verandah they built with great views and are having their first dinner and live music night there . At home we have a large fire circle on 'solstice hill' nearby my place . Sometimes people have a fire there and gather . This time of year has been good as I like a fire , inside or outside , but that time is passing , now at night the fireflys are coming out and thats pretty cool . Then I give thanks for another great day ... even if its been 'bad' and express appreciation for how good I have got it .
  18. An opinion or observation of madness

    he can go no further than the 7th hell of pure malice and murder which is as low as any being can go, and which trump is bordering on or has touched into after reveling in the 1st-6th hells
  19. Biological manipulation towards what?

    Thanks wise one.
  20. Stress due to improper practice

    I was thinking that maybe if I increase my fluoride uptake will help my problem?
  21. Exercises to remove tension in arms

    I've been practicing joint mobility stuff from Steve Maxwell on and off, but actually discovered Intuflow the other day. It seems more fun than the program I was doing before, even if he does keep talking about 'recruiting' your fingers. Also seems like something that can take months of regular practice to pay off. Weird timing to see this, as I've had shoulder clicking, tension and restricted movement. Let me know if you find something!
  22. Vegan or vegetarian in Daoism

    Meat in early age is fine and decrease it as you get older. From what I saw, these kung fu kids in China are genetically so different anyway. Rice and veg gives them more arse-kicking ability than anything, so meat isn't a huge part of the bowl.
  23. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Hmm, well it could be accurate and unadulterated but I doubt this. Sounds like "sect" rules but bear in mind this is a school for training. The no-intoxication is a big clue to that, yet some Daoist priests drink wine, so.... I second the idea of aiming for prevention. If you have to kill, so be it but you should always aim to avoid this in future. Try not to be too overly sensitive to it, it'll drive ya mad (I've been there. Started crying once over ants...that's a bit much)
  24. Biological manipulation towards what?

    Its not because you are younger . Its the obvious content . Some 'old fart ' here can post an interesting and erudite opinion on the architectural function of the Great Pyramid in consideration of Old Kingdom ancient Egyptian religion ( sorry Apech , I did put old fart in ' ..... ' ) But 'the new type of poster ' , or the 'younger one of today ' typically writes . " Because of intuition, I know about Egypt and Tutankhamen and stuff . " - when pinned down to deliver the goods and talk about what they DO actually know , and then compare that with known research that comes from professionals that devoted a life time to study it ... they get all uppity , defensive , rude .... blah blah . I imagine the same applies to other subjects too ... like Buddhism , Vedanta , Daoism ...... ? At least here they have a forum to show off their 'knowledge ' . If only there where no old farts here to 'rain on their parade' . and YOU claiming you dont point out negative things you think you see in others ....... I would be LESS worried about 'biological manipulation' and more worried about internal forces of manipulation by the 'self' against the Self.
  25. Haiku Chain

    me, with feet of clay like Chinese terra cotta brought to light again
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