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  1. Haiku Chain

    The wise find safety In the universal mind, The everywhere wind
  2. Haiku Chain

    There's just less tension when I remember to breathe common sense, I guess
  3. Gospel of Thomas

    I don't know that there is such a thing as "spiritual achievement". As Gautama the Buddha said, "everything changes, work out your own salvation." Is "working out (my) own salvation" a spiritual achievement, or simply the necessity of being truly alive? Can we succeed materially without being truly alive to the world? I would say no. That's where "success" depends on the same thing. One of the ways to be truly alive to the world is as a teacher, teaching others how to wake up to what it means to be truly alive, yet being truly alive to the world doesn't guarantee that one can teach others. Some would say that it's not possible to teach others at all, but only to be there as an example. I'm not sure I believe that, in the age of science, yet I do believe that science can only provide the pieces--the pieces have to fall together of their own accord, when the time is right in someone's life.
  4. Gospel of Thomas

    I'm guessing that it's like the prophet not being recognized by his/her own people. That is to say, there is a certain mastery, that enables a person to succeed at a variety of endeavors, not just in the spiritual realm. That such mastery is innate, and the means to realize it present here and now, is largely ignored. Even those who have some natural success may not realize the source of it, and those who inherit from their success may not realize the source of it. But those who had to pay (in some way) to share in the natural success of others and who then discover their own mastery know the value of it, and they may expect some return in the sharing of it with others. Something like that?
  5. Haiku Chain

    My joints don't hurt gravity's activity the name of the game
  6. Haiku Chain

    the sunlight embarks on a swift journey home, waves 'cross the universe
  7. I believe the pieces are here, in 28 pages (for those who sit cross-legged, the appendix has the anatomy). Nothing but pieces, things have to fall together on their own (as usual). I'd be grateful for any contributions around personal experience. The concluding paragraph: 'I'm never happier than when simple mindfulness of just breathing in or breathing out occurs in me. That I find a natural mindfulness of breathing in or breathing out in the distinction of the senses and the recollection of the elements that constituted Gautama's way of living, gives me hope that his way of living is indeed “a thing perfect in itself”.' ("Post: A Natural Mindfulness", May 14 2016) A Natural Mindfulness
  8. Haiku Chain

    awakened in Tao to the action, not my own the cold, may take me
  9. Haiku Chain

    I beg your pardon I thought I knew you, but now I see I was wrong
  10. Haiku Chain

    A change in the breeze Lifts me up, like a sunrise I am whole again
  11. Gospel of Thomas

    "Jesus said: I am the Light that is above them all, I am the All, the All came forth from Me and the All attained to Me. Cleave a (piece of) wood, I am there; lift up the stone and you will find Me there." (The Gospel According to Thomas, coptic text established and translated by A. Guillaumont, H.-CH. Puech, G. Quispel, W. Till and Yassah ‘Abd Al Masih, pg 43 log. 77, ©1959 E. J. Brill) Here is my post on the last line, from my own blog: My take on the above passages from a few years back, amended: Much of my writing has been about laying hold of one-pointedness of mind, as a consequence of "making self-surrender the object of thought" (as Gautama phrased it). The kind of one-pointedness of mind I'm describing is the kind that koun Franz wrote about recently: How that becomes the weight of the whole body bearing at a point, I hope I have described in my "Four Points of Aikido": If the weight of the entire body bears at a single point in the movement of a whole inhalation, that's a miraculous power of the entire universe, as far as I'm concerned; if the weight of the entire body can bear at a single point in the movement of a whole exhalation, that's a marvelous activity. Regarding the first line of 77--something like this? If we are to find action on a basis other than judgement and the exercise of volition, we have to find a way to extend the mind of compassion beyond the limits of the senses, to think good thoughts toward people on the other side of the wall--then what is beyond the limits of the senses comes into play in the balance of force and counterforce at the location of awareness. Just as with the fingers on a ouija board planchette, it's important that the touch of force and counterforce at the location of awareness be light, that movement be invited, and that goodwill be extended. Then it's possible for action to take place without the exercise of volition. There is another aspect of the action that takes place in such a manner--as I wrote to a friend last night: I respect that there is an ability to act blind (as it were), in accordance with what is best for all and for the future, and that compassion must be exercised in order for that ability to truly manifest. (Zazen Notes, "From Letters to Friends", Nov. 17, 2018)
  12. Gospel of Thomas

    "no place for death to enter in", " father why hast thou foresaken me"-- "As brothers our troubles are Locked in each other's arms And you better pray That they never find you 'Cause your back ain't strong enough To bear a burden double-fold It'll cut you down Down into nothing." "Nothing", by Townes Van Zandt (here)
  13. Haiku Chain

    Quite the one man show Standing at the lake breathing making the ducks quack
  14. Haiku Chain

    Of fruitful harvest, the best is yet to come; still, we have all we need.
  15. Haiku Chain

    Until the fall comes hard with the breath of winter I'll gather the crop