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  1. Close My Account

    To any moderator, Please close my account. I hate this place. Thanks.
  2. Master Clyman's PPT Workshop

    Yup, just attack me, like a child. In 5-10 years, I'll be a master, and you: You will still be exactly where you are. And you know what, that actually makes me sad.
  3. Master Clyman's PPT Workshop

    I majored in philosophy at Northwestern University, and I have a genius I.Q. You think you understand what quality teaching is more than I do? You simply don't want to listen. Fine. You're not my responsibility. Perfectly ironic name, btw.
  4. Find A Master

    Thank you, Dorian. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for stating this. I have class with Gary tonight in 6 hours. I am going to do nothing but condensing breathing until then.
  5. Find A Master

    Says the man who thinks pushing with the ass isn't involved in taking a shit. Go away. You've be proven to be a retard, and anyone of even the slightest intelligence recognizes this. Go away and never come back.
  6. Find A Master

    It's not a "perspective," it's the way it is. And btw, you talk about closing your eyes; you're actually supposed to keep them slightly open to prevent yourself from nodding off.
  7. Find A Master

    Actually, certain hand positions and body movements are necessary for many meditative exercises, so no: YOU CAN'T DO THE SAME THING WHEN WASHING DISHES. Please don't get defensive. This is not an attack on you; this is so other people aren't misinformed.
  8. Master Clyman's PPT Workshop

    The videos are of him performing all the meditation exercises. IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS HIM CONDUCTING THE GUIDED EXERCISES HIMSELF, EXCEPT IT SAVES HIM A LOT OF TIME AND STRESS. When he shows a video, people can't constantly raise their hands and ask unneccessary questions. Gary is ABSOLUTELY GREAT at answering all questions, but he is insistent on not asking questions during the 3.5 hour video because: 1) it's a ton of material 2) he presents the information in a stacking method, so that we start simply and build gradually 3) he repeats all of the important instructions over and over and over. He walked in constantly during the video, and I was able to ask small questions. At lunch, I was able to ask whatever I wanted. Same as after lunch. And on Sunday, he went through the exercises himself, in person, and I asked everything I wanted to ask. Once again, I am not Gary. Like I said before, check my earlier posts if you don't believe me. Gary's style of speech and his website are indicative of his intensity. DO YOU WANT A TEACHER WHO IS INTENSELY PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS STUFF? Or do you want a "mellow" person who really doesn't care whether you get good or not? Gary is as talented as he is because of that intensity; it is a sign of strength: an implacable will. And yes, I AM ABSOLUTELY TRYING TO SELL YOU PEOPLE ON GARY. Why? Because I've been dicked around by posers and phonies before, and I don't want people to have to waste their time like I did. I want to see a spiritual revolution; I want to see a renaissance; I want everyone in this stupid country to drop their cell phones and starbucks and addictions to reality tv and embrace chi kung, nei kung, and tai chi. I want people to discover their internal strength and stop being manipulated by the media, the government, all those liars who don't give a crap about any of us. I want you people to find a great master. It doesn't have to be Gary, but he is the only man I've found so far that actually cares, that actually has something to teach--a lot to teach. Long term path? You think Gary's path isn't long term? Why don't you ask his students of 20+ years about the length of the term. Why don't you email Gary and ask for the Nei Kung Bible Chapter 1? (It's free.) You'll see how long term that is: So many forms and practices it's dizzying. You people have this preconceived notion of the quiet Buddhist monk sitting and speaking like Yoda, and you think that any variation from that is incorrect, cannot possibly be the real deal, must be some sort of scam. Stop being so narrow-minded. Once again, Gary is a great guy, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.
  9. Find A Master

    Okay, let me clear something up. I only came on here to HELP PEOPLE. I shared my meditation notes, which were PRIVATE, which means I never intended to show them to anyone. I believe in the spirit of sharing knowledge to raise the level of a community's consciousness/understanding. THEN, I'm nice enough to come back and say: Yes, I was mistaken, I didn't come up with "push the butt" on my own, and in fact: it has nothing to do with clenching. I then was NICE ENOUGH to warn people not to try it because they might strain themselves, and groin strains are a real pain. Then, this idiot H.urihah (however he spells his dumb name) comes on here claiming that when you take a dump on the toilet, you, in fact, do not push with your butt at all. And do any of you question him? No. It's as if none of you have ever gone to the bathroom before. Talk about a bunch of lemmings. Jeez. I then decide not to argue with him over the mechanics of taking a dump as a means of cultivating my maturity and exercising restraint. Then Dorian comes on, says--or I thought he said--he learned fa jing from a John Chang video, and when he didn't respond, I assumed he was embarrassed by his lying. He then messaged me privately to say he is not capable of fah jing, and that he simply meant he watched the video over and over (same as I did) to try to pick up on the mechanics behind Chang's technique. I apologized to him PRIVATELY for my assumption, which didn't seem to upset him at all, and that was that. Then you superficial myopic lemmings come on and start judging me as if you know me, as if this whole thread--my contribution at least--wasn't intended to help you: I jumped all over H.urhrih and Dorian because I don't want misinformation to spread, and I don't want people to get hurt. Simple as that. So I'm an asshole for that? No, you people are assholes for having the reading comprehension of retards, and then calling me names after all the effort I put forth to keep this thread substantive. I don't have anger: Don't conflate anger with an intolerance for bullshit. You people know nothing about me. You side with some jerk who thinks taking a dump and pushing with your ass are two completely different phenomena. Honestly. If that's your level of perception, if that's as good as it's going to get with any of you, let me save you some time: Abandon meditation. Find a new hobby. This stuff is for the intelligent and dedicated, not the myopic and easily manipulated. P.S. I was practicing 5-6 hours a day of sitting meditation. And then 1-3 hours of tai chi. I have now started condensing breathing. Monday I did 1.5 hours. Yesterday I did 3+ hours, and today I'm going for 4-5 hours. I will continue building up my endurance until I can do this all day, only taking breaks for bathroom and lunch. Like I said before, you don't know me, you have never met anyone like me, so keep your myopia to yourself. Thanks. (And that's it. If you still judge me incorrectly after this post, then fine: I've tried my best and now I'm done.)
  10. Find A Master

    Okay, I've wasted too much time here. I'm off to practice now--for the rest of my life. I'll be back when I can levitate. Figure 20 years. See ya, bums.
  11. Find A Master

    Ya, that's what I thought. Silence. No one learns fah jing from a video. That'd be like learning how to seduce a Victoria's Secret model from the back of a cereal box.
  12. Find A Master

    Are you saying you are capable of fah jing? Simply from watching a video?
  13. Find A Master

    Thanks, but then why did you suggest Liao in the first place?
  14. Find A Master

    LOL. Yes, you must have some special release valve then that no one else has, because the rest of us push with our ass when we take a dump. I shake my head at your stupidity. Honestly: I'm laughing.
  15. Find A Master

    All I need to do is ignore you, because you are a waste of everyone's time.