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  1. deleted

    In this thread you can post and then delete it. Delete it and forget about it.
  2. deleted

    I’m going to take a break from the forum for 3 weeks. Be well.
  3. Everything is perfect?

    Exactly. Sweeping statements attributing them to ‘we’ . Please exclude me from your ‘we’. Wee wee pee pee.
  4. Broken Tulips

    Every cloud has a silver lining.
  5. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    Yes, very true. This is a pitfall for native speakers. But it doesn’t affect me as I do not use a modern-mandarin dictionary. Anyway, I leave it up to the palaeographers to sort all that, way beyond my scope. I just use their findings as they are presented in the Kroll dictionary.
  6. Everything is perfect?

    Exactly. I’m not going to slag off my old self with my new self. I remember the old self was well-intentioned.
  7. "Spirit" in the DDJ

    I remember you said so before on OD. But why is it of importance? What impact does it have on my reading of the DDJ?
  8. deleted

    I have no interest in the ‘horizon’, so posting further in my own thread. As a “symbol of the Universe” it’s interesting. If it had no-things in it, it would look like 無極 And the vertical lines in the middle remind me of the 小周天
  9. Everything is perfect?

    The simplicity of the extremely intelligent.
  10. Broken Tulips

    I do not consider that the same thing at all, as it’s not done with the intent to interfere.
  11. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    @Nungali Yes, that’s what I wondered about too. Why would his uncle strike him directly on the head? Makes no sense.
  12. Let's Talk About Enlightenment(s)

    I agree, it’s one’s “feelings and beliefs”. I agree. Thank you very much for sharing. I haven’t read “All of western philosophy” but as far as I have read, I am inclined to agree.
  13. Everything is perfect?

    So do I , ime it prevents futile arguments
  14. Broken Tulips

    @Unota Huh … why the like? I am being serious, that’s my opinion.
  15. Broken Tulips

    @Unota I knew about it. I’m against all forms of interference in the sex life of plants (and animals too).
  16. You and Wu in Chapter One

    That answers my question. Thanks for elucidating.
  17. You and Wu in Chapter One

    Nice red herring. Now back to my question
  18. deleted

    pls delete and forget about it.