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  1. Oldie but Newbie

    Hi thelerner. I remember you. It's nice to see that you've elevated to the much "desired" position of Concierge.
  2. Fascinating story. Thanks so much for sharing.
  3. Oldie but Newbie

    Hi Everyone. Been a while. Not sure who is still around but I wanted to drop by and say hello as this forum and the people in it helped me in ways I cannot begin to describe. Thank you, Bums.
  4. Inequality

    I did not know Taoism was supposed to provide happy solutions to the problems of the modern world. Are there extensive texts on this "careful thought"? Or was this "careful thought" simply you thinking it?
  5. Wisdom

  6. Wisdom

  7. Wisdom

  8. Ejaculation frequency

    LOL. And you have? You're about as clueless as they come on this site, bud, so maybe you should STFU and take a second before you insult a group of people, ya dis-respectful, power-hungry twerp. (yeah, i know, i'm being harsh. not very Taoist of me. I should be banned.)
  9. Ejaculation frequency

    So basically, don't retain semen. Lux, I think there are two ways to go about semen retention. One is by following the methods provided by the various models taught by Taoist teachers/texts, and the other is the one Sloppy Zhang touched upon where you do what you feel comfortable with. Which is the best way? You know better than anyone else here. Trust yourself. But the retention of semen IS important for the Taoist who chooses to walk the path. Most practicing Taoists I know attempt to go 100 days between ejaculation. It's not easy and as another member has said before, you shouldn't feel guilty about it if you ejaculate more frequently than you'd like to.
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned already but we might as well discuss it again because, to me, it is the true staple of Taoist meditation. Do the Taoist 100 Days Foundational period as described in the Secret of The Golden Flower as well as TTB member Darin Hamel in past posts. He described what he did in full detail and it worked for him as well as others. Do it right and you may receive the confirmatory sign.
  11. Disinformation campaign

    What I have always loved about the Tao Bums is how, from its inception, this forum has always found its way to become a no non-sense, no bullshit type of forum where truth, be it debated and dissected to a fault -- prevails in its own special way. The knowledge I've gained and the experiences that've followed from the posts made by genuine Taoists and adepts walking the path - indivduals truly seeking straight-up experiences that go against the tides of theory, opinion and Blah-fucking-blah-blah - is what has made the Bums what it has become, at least for me. This being said, I applaud the members who've stepped up and called out the stench because it magnifies the source as it attempts to defend its offenses. And as someone who has posted a lot of stupid shit over the course of my stay on this discussion forum, I really understand when a person expresses themselves with a certain stride, a certain swagger. it's not unusual and something all of us may, have and will experience while we're walking the path, but what's been happening lately has the potential to mislead practitioners to which we, as a Taoist community, should feel some responsibility to hinder any further progression within these grounds.