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  1. Politics and The Dao

    Strange thing happened after I posted this. All the news of election fr@ub came about and I went on Tw!ttt3r to ask about this. Genuine questions. Suddenly my PC detects network intrusions. Files are deleted. No F'n joke. Being a rebellious Taoist I continued asking FULL FORCE. Suddenly, my p0rn collection is being displayed every morning on my monitor full screen. Honest to Tao truth. Conclusion: Truth is being suppressed by dark forces, my friends. Be wary. Be nimble. Be strong. Build your energy and don't take the vaccine.
  2. It's fascinating to me how the providence of Yin and Yang are so prevalent in today's politics. It seems TOO apparent. TOO obvious. Yet this polarization feels like it's edging towards a resolution that may not be so equitable for all parties involved. Maybe I'm watching too much TV. Maybe I should delete Twitter and turn-off the internet. You can say this, and you might be right. But there's more to this than what's churning on the surfaces of not only legacy media but even along the fringes. The lines between the Fringe and the Mainstream have become blurred in the age of COVID. Yet, as a Daoist, I feel compelled to step back and observe. I feel obligated to avoid taking sides and remain centered in that things must happen as they do and I should not interfere in the process. But am I wrong? Are there moments in time where the Sage must also pick a side? (i am not Sage but a follower of Sages and their derivatives). In the bowels of who I am I WANT to pick a side. In the shallow innards of my being I WANT to protest what I believe is wrong. But I also want a threesome and really good Belgian ale. These things, as important as they may seem to me, feel irrelevant at the same time. What say you, Daoists, in this precarious moment in history? The universe is old and this has probably happened billions of times before. What makes this any different? IMHO, nothing makes it different. There is nothing new under the sun.
  3. Oldie but Newbie

    Hi thelerner. I remember you. It's nice to see that you've elevated to the much "desired" position of Concierge.
  4. Fascinating story. Thanks so much for sharing.
  5. Oldie but Newbie

    Hi Everyone. Been a while. Not sure who is still around but I wanted to drop by and say hello as this forum and the people in it helped me in ways I cannot begin to describe. Thank you, Bums.
  6. Inequality

    I did not know Taoism was supposed to provide happy solutions to the problems of the modern world. Are there extensive texts on this "careful thought"? Or was this "careful thought" simply you thinking it?
  7. Wisdom

  8. Wisdom

  9. Wisdom

  10. Ejaculation frequency

    LOL. And you have? You're about as clueless as they come on this site, bud, so maybe you should STFU and take a second before you insult a group of people, ya dis-respectful, power-hungry twerp. (yeah, i know, i'm being harsh. not very Taoist of me. I should be banned.)
  11. Ejaculation frequency

    So basically, don't retain semen. Lux, I think there are two ways to go about semen retention. One is by following the methods provided by the various models taught by Taoist teachers/texts, and the other is the one Sloppy Zhang touched upon where you do what you feel comfortable with. Which is the best way? You know better than anyone else here. Trust yourself. But the retention of semen IS important for the Taoist who chooses to walk the path. Most practicing Taoists I know attempt to go 100 days between ejaculation. It's not easy and as another member has said before, you shouldn't feel guilty about it if you ejaculate more frequently than you'd like to.