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  1. Is turning 40 all downhill?

    Yes, but it is also likely it is a dude trying to feel young en route of having sex with a younger woman, which is probably why women state such a thing on an app. Meeting IRL is different (and I am 10 years older than my whife for 16 years and was hopelessly immature in my 20-ties).😁
  2. Is turning 40 all downhill?

    Why should they? Would you have dated a woman over 40 when in your 20-ties?
  3. Talk to me about your heart

    I believe that with power you can relax into benevolence, while without pover one can use it as a mask. So on the surface the same, but it can root in different states. If I recall right, the character "de" in Dao De Jing can be translated as both power and virtue, and if so, that would be somewhere in line with my thought.
  4. Talk to me about your heart

    And then we kill the angels and realise we are true human beings.
  5. Talk to me about your heart

    Maybe you just lack power? It is easy to hide in love and benevolence if one lack power, because one realise that without the power to do, passivity is the only option left. This is testable: Learn a combat effective martial art, and see what happens inside. 😁
  6. Question on the dantians

    Anyone who is a part of such a tradition might be reluctant to name it on a forum. Absolutely not. But sometimes a tradition keep a name although the content is something else. Like a vegetarian meatball. Yes, I agree. And a couple of generations down, it becomes (truth) legend.
  7. Question on the dantians

    I wrote Ming AND Xing practice, so this is a strawman argument. And while golden might be a reference to a gold light/energy body (that is what you are referring to, right), gold as the uncorruptable metal is also probably a reference to the substance (poor choice of word) of the Elixir itself.
  8. Question on the dantians

    So am I. 😁 But I had a quote from a Chan master saying that although the energetic aspect is experienced in Chan practice, it is not seen as important in the end but is just an "expediant mean" (I might have got that expression wrong) and for that reason it is not written about. I don't seem to find the source for that info right now. It can also be that those Chan practitioners interested in the subject crossed over to Daoism, as in the history of Wu liu pai.
  9. Question on the dantians

    I understood that as if you said one needed only one technique, since I understand a tradition being a compilation of methods that (hope fully) work well together and enables you to reach the goal of that tradition. Good that you cleared that one up😊 Sorry, translational issue. That should have been "inferior virtue", referring to adulthood when jing, qi and shen has been (partially) consumed and should be replenished.
  10. Question on the dantians

    So you know a single method that covers clearing the vessels and allow for replenishing, and allows for refining/transmuting jing, and for r/t qi, and for r/t shen? 😎 And it is a method that makes the step from houtian methods to xiantian Ming exercises redundant (the step I thought was missing in your description) so one can move straight into xing? From a Daoist Nei Dan perspective, for an individual with low virtue, is that possible? Or did you intend to include that part in your description, and I just missed it?
  11. Question on the dantians

    Is it so? I thought that when daoists write about Jindan, translated as the golden Elixir, it is still about the Ming and Xing practice.
  12. Question on the dantians

    And yet there are records of for example a commentary to the Cantong Qi written by a Chan buddhist, and quite a few records of people doing cross training and how buddhist practice has been influenced by other methods.
  13. Question on the dantians

    Laying the foundations. If I understand it right, there is a step here that is skipped. Absolutely.
  14. qi cultivation and body refining

    Any xing yi quan near you?
  15. Question on the dantians

    So in this model, the pond can take an increasing amount of water without having to be fortified? While, if I understand it right, in @freeform's model the LDT is a vessel that has to become stronger to be able to hold more? And you have differences in opinion whether the Nei Dan notion of "replenishing" is valid?