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  1. Brain cleansing in the internal arts

    So you are saying that these people with the real abilities learned to develope those on forums like this, and not in some kind of school? Cool.
  2. Brain cleansing in the internal arts

    Doesn't matter. This is just a forum, nothing here matters. We just chew the fat and/or insult each other. The important things happen in the active schools, where dedicated practitioners keep traditions alive.
  3. Hello from Dalmatia

    I don't want to be a wet blanket in this discussion 😁.
  4. Brain cleansing in the internal arts

    And it needs to be posted often, because the likelyhood that you will stumble upon all important principles on your own is rather small. As for the basic process in my OP, you only need the methods. To truly accomplish a rewiring, you need so much more than just a method, the five pillars summons that rather nicely.
  5. Practice can improve mental and physical functions, rejuvenate and improve longevity. That's what we are taught, and experience shows that it is a possible outcome of proper practice. But why is it so? Years ago, Roger Jahnke wrote an excellent essay on the subject of physiology as it relates to the internal arts. You can find it in one of JAJ's really big and thick books (like that narrows it down ðŸĪŠ). Now, 2020, that essay is outdated. Physiological research have moved on, new mechanisms have been found and understood, and quite a few of these relates to what you do with proper practice. It's all in the basics: Proper alignments Proper breathing Proper attention If done right, you will entrain several systems that normally do not work together, and this will potentially affect your brain in a major way. If done right, some of the functional networks in the brain will reverse their temporal behaviour. Even the creation of ling sui/amrita can be (partially) explained by this entrainment. Including how it drips down from the soft palate. @Earl Grey wrote about the necessity of intent and micro movements in another thread. That aspect, called nei gong principles by Frantzis, becomes really important if your purpose is to develope entrainment to the max (see my NEW video series Entrainment to the Max, now downloadable at sendmeyourmoney. com). One of these days I will write more about this in a PPD near you, including references so you can read the source material. That might be a slightly dry reading, physiology for the initiated tends to go that way, but you can at least see that I am on the subject.
  6. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    Seems like TDB is politically correct, but no longer functioning. I had a plan to recapulate the latest physiological research in brain functioning and how that relates to meditation and neigong (as defined by Frantzis Gods playing in the Clouds and the creation of the small medicine as described by Wang Mu). But that can wait. Let's in the meantime pretend that knowledge about mitochondria separate internal arts from, lets say, low impact aerobics (a hint, it doesn't). I'm sure I have might have me one of those private playing grounds later on. 😁
  7. Hello from Dalmatia

    And if someone is approaching zz from the point of affecting PTSD, these two aspects might become gamechaingers. I would recommend not only a skilled teacher but a teacher with some understanding of the area of interest. @Dalmat Self-study in this area leads to purely random chances at doing what you, as an individual, need.
  8. Xing and Ming cultivation

    I'd be surprised if wuwei is antithetical to reversing from post-to pre-heaven practice (isn't that how reversal is defined?). I'd be even more surprised if someone posted a clear description of this, thus clarifying the issue. I like surprises though, so please... 😁
  9. Xing and Ming cultivation

    So working through Wu Xing qigong is going along, but easing the passage? While working with the five lights would be a reversal (an earlier stage) and this would qualify as working with the Ming?
  10. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    MW: Gods play in original chi. So: Different methods.
  11. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    BKF learned that from a teacher that only had two students, which make this really unlikely. MW must mix this up with another form, perhaps primordial qigong which a handful of US teachers had the chance to learn?
  12. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    Likely that pieces was missing. I once spent six full days learning the six symmetrical movements of Gods playing in the sky, and the teacher said that there were much more to learn. Isn't Wild Goose a really long form (128?), with more complex external movements? It is supposed to be straight forward, at least that is what I have heard. Yes, if you are sensitive, working with the basic layer of a complex form might feel like it is lacking. And if it the form actually work with reversals, that in it self might feel unnatural in the beginning. Or, you can't deepen the effect if you don't know the intricacies of the method. The effect is the result, not the doing in it self.
  13. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    Probably Or won't tell. What if Wild Goose did not evolve as a medical qigong, but as a spiritual gong? In that scenario, assymetrical is logical.
  14. Does this imply that instead of harnessing strength and cultivating life force, a cultivator should embrace weakness? And if sexuality is an issue, why not postpone celibacy until your level of practice supports it? Food for thought: If eating meat and being around women will steal the alchemical pill, there might not be an alchemical pill to start with.
  15. My first thought was "bend over", but I guess that is not what you are after? No, not in a way that in any way resembles this description.