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  1. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    MW: Gods play in original chi. So: Different methods.
  2. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    BKF learned that from a teacher that only had two students, which make this really unlikely. MW must mix this up with another form, perhaps primordial qigong which a handful of US teachers had the chance to learn?
  3. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    Likely that pieces was missing. I once spent six full days learning the six symmetrical movements of Gods playing in the sky, and the teacher said that there were much more to learn. Isn't Wild Goose a really long form (128?), with more complex external movements? It is supposed to be straight forward, at least that is what I have heard. Yes, if you are sensitive, working with the basic layer of a complex form might feel like it is lacking. And if it the form actually work with reversals, that in it self might feel unnatural in the beginning. Or, you can't deepen the effect if you don't know the intricacies of the method. The effect is the result, not the doing in it self.
  4. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    Probably Or won't tell. What if Wild Goose did not evolve as a medical qigong, but as a spiritual gong? In that scenario, assymetrical is logical.
  5. Does this imply that instead of harnessing strength and cultivating life force, a cultivator should embrace weakness? And if sexuality is an issue, why not postpone celibacy until your level of practice supports it? Food for thought: If eating meat and being around women will steal the alchemical pill, there might not be an alchemical pill to start with.
  6. My first thought was "bend over", but I guess that is not what you are after? No, not in a way that in any way resembles this description.
  7. Different areas do different things, at different stages of your practice. And this differs between different practices, which have different purposes and lead to different places. Regarding that, the question is hard to answer, because "any kind of cultivation exercise" might use any kind of approach. Most practitioners will follow what they were taught by their teacher. And we can discuss which approach is superior. If a teacher haven't told you the specifics, I would vouch for a soft focus in the lower abdomen. That is actually a great start, laying the foundation for more interesting methods.
  8. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    @sean I would like a PPD please.
  9. Yes, but you changed subjects. And the title on the thread, which means I am out.
  10. Aerobics is good for the elderly to enhance mitochondrial function? Nothing about abdominal breathing, and when it comes to abdominal breathing, increased blood oxygenation is not the main mechanism for increased energy unless you have some sort of disease, for example with the lungs. But nice try.
  11. I know quite a lot about abdominal breathing. My earlier statement still stands.
  12. That is not likely. This is a spiritual forum, and the process has already started to make the OP such a large subject that this will likely end like a big mess. But please go on, you considered the mitochondria.
  13. Both are equally valid 😁
  14. An ungreateful bitch, remorseless and ever changeing.