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  1. Locking threads, discuss it here

    No. Which is at the level of laying the foundations. Again, laying the foundations. At least you are. I can tell you. I practiced a traditional method under supervision, a fair amount of practice under a considerable long time. You are focusing on one level of Nei Dan. Are you aware of the idea that there are other levels? I would say no. From the view of your practice, working with post heavenly substances will lead to the pre heavenly state. And maybe it will. Who knows. From the view of my practice, working with pre heavenly methods will lead to interesting results. And swallowing saliva is not included in that. Working with insubstantial Water is.
  2. Locking threads, discuss it here

    It's not about time. It's not about saliva. You create ling sui. When you have opened shit up, it has only one way to go.
  3. Locking threads, discuss it here

    If you study immortality, You should study celestial immortality: Only the golden elixir Is the highest principle. When the two things meet, Emotions and nature join one another ; Where the five Agents are whole, Dragon and Tiger coil.
  4. Locking threads, discuss it here

    I see that you are really emotionally involved in this subject.
  5. Locking threads, discuss it here

    That is not the point. The point is, were they diplomatic enough. Read Seans rules. 1) Feel free to be weird! 2) Rules of conduct.
  6. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Noooooooo 🙈🙉🙊
  7. Locking threads, discuss it here

    It might be very taoistic, yet when it comes from a member who himself does not follow this, it is easier to see it as a way of saying "shut up". Especially in a context where that crossed my mind as well, but I choose not to be as explicit about it. It's a forum after all, people must be allowed to have ideas even though I disagree with them. I'm not saying anything about @Earl Grey's intention behind this since I do not read minds, but if a member have a history of being asked to be more diplomatic in his/her posts, that change is expected to be manifested in the posts.
  8. If you like books, Kundalini Energy of the depths writes some about it. Interoception, proprioception, touch. In that order, I believe.
  9. I am a Celestial Master

    That would be modern swedish actually 😁
  10. I am a Celestial Master

    Its real life. There are places where you can follow the migration of animals and so on.
  11. Locking threads, discuss it here

    We all had choices. Not posting, not responding, not reacting. And yet we did. (Erased the rest, I lost the red thread somewhere in it.)
  12. I am a Celestial Master

    Yes. Can you direct me to more information about the three terraces (santai)? I tried to Google the subject, but with the exception of a really expensive book (which I bought), I haven't found anything useful. Or, can you write something about the subject?
  13. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    Good try though. Edit: Actually, I read that sentence again. And the context. And you might have ment something else than that which was my first impression. If so, my apologies! As of several readings, I am no longer sure which other part of your post(s) to connect it to. Might be a language thing? I am not english speaking, and if you are neither that would explain it.
  14. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    Please say this is a joke.
  15. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    No. In the post I quoted before, and in the quote above, you separate yourself from that which happens. At the same time, you give energy and freedom to that action. I consider that view dangerous.