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  1. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    You are right, the arts you mention also affect the body in this way, so yes, no point in looking further.
  2. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Actually, no, it does. Measurable, on physiological processes. Some are mentioned in the current Nei Dan thread, the one with the extremely long heading.
  3. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    @Feng69 It was just that this thread started to become a teacher-bashing thread. If you look through the internet, you will see that other teachers, including Chinese, more or less look their age, so it is unfair to ask of Damo Mitchell to look a certain way unless there is overwhelming evidence that others can live up to it. Isn't one's hair supposed to turn black as well? That one might be extra hard for Damo to live up to 😁
  4. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Do you have photos available featuring other teachers of neidan, so that we can see these rejuvenateing aspects here?
  5. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Obviously, I made that post up.
  6. Yes, and it goes by both names in articles, just to confuse things. Yes, I teach this subject at a medical university so I am familiar with the relevant references.
  7. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Yes....? I'm all ears. Or all awareness, if you like 😁
  8. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I can solve this issue. Yesterday, the Lotus Nei Gong completed a survey including long- and short term students. Among the long term students, 87% have a fully functional LDT, and 13% failed to understand how to fill in the survey. Among the short time students who had started on the dan tian gong, after six months 63% reported signs in line with developing an LDT, 12 % didn't feel a thing, and 25% had Quit practicing for various reasons,(including anxiety and "I realized I am already perfected, so I do not have to practice"). For a full report, you have to log in at
  9. @anshino23Have you looked in to the anti-inflammatory reflex pathway and the glymphatic system? Daoist practices activate these a lot, through multiple physiological mechanisms.
  10. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    What objective or testifiable support for this would you accept?
  11. The Good Old Days

    Just check the oldest threads in this section, he will pop up. Quite a lot of caps lock, if I recall right.
  12. If... ... Probably. What if there are differences? Things you do not see in translated books not exactly talking about the details that might matter? Then you will see the similarities (which are there) but not the differences.