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  1. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Yet ; At about 14,700 BP, there was a large pulse of meltwater, identified as Meltwater pulse 1A,[1] probably from either the Antarctic ice sheet[2] or the Laurentide ice sheet.[3] Meltwater pulse 1A produced a marine transgression that raised global sea level about 20 meters in two to five centuries and is thought to have influenced the start of the Bølling/Allerød interstadial, the major break with glacial cold in the Northern Hemisphere. Meltwater pulse 1A was followed in Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere by a renewed cooling, the Antarctic Cold Reversal, in c. 14,500 BP,[4] which lasted for two millennia — an instance of warming causing cooling.[5] The ACR brought an average cooling of perhaps 3 °C. The Younger Dryas cooling, in the Northern Hemisphere, began while the Antarctic Cold Reversal was still ongoing, and the ACR ended in the midst of the Younger Dryas.[6] This pattern of climate decoupling between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and of "southern lead, northern lag" would manifest in subsequent climate events. The cause or causes of this hemispheric decoupling, of the "lead/lag" pattern and of the specific mechanisms of the warming and cooling trends are still subjects of study and dispute among climate researchers. The specific dating and intensity of the Antarctic Cold Reversal are also under debate.[7] The onset of the Antarctic Cold Reversal was followed, after about 800 years, by an Oceanic Cold Reversal in the Southern Ocean.
  2. Similarities among religions

    I have studied Comparative Religion for years now (starting in the 70s at Sydney Uni ). One thing stands out ; many religions are similar in some areas as all people have some similarities in their psychologies. Like building pyramids all over the world in different cultures ; they are a good design of a building that doesnt fall over as easy . We all die ... we all come up with feelings, reasonings, hopes and fears. and have similar psycho-emotive reactions and hopes about it . So of course, we are going to come up with similar outcomes and beliefs about it . No big mystery really.

    How about these poles ; One pole is 'Morning Star' the other 'down here' on earth Shaman join two together with 'star pole dance' Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi dancing Morning Star dance used in funerals to guide the spirit to rest.

    I'd love to see the version of that ^ BEFORE you edited it
  5. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    How big would ' larger than Libya and Asia put together ' be , considering we would have to go by the concepts of those times when written ? Some parts of the description sound like Cuba, except too far west. Thing is, there is no evidence of in the area closer to the east; "in front of the straights " . At a glance the Azores Plateau is the perfect candidate in location and perhaps size too ? It is in a volcanic hotspot and sitting on major plate boundaries .... but they are spreading and uplifting, not sinking, nor have sunk. And the time scale : " The islands of the archipelago were formed through volcanic and seismic activity during the Neogene Period; the first embryonic surfaces started to appear in the waters of Santa Maria during the Miocene epoch (from circa 8 million years ago). The sequence of the island formation has been generally characterized as: Santa Maria (8.12 Ma), São Miguel (4.1 Ma), Terceira (3.52 Ma), Graciosa (2.5 Ma), Flores (2.16 Ma), Faial (0.7 Ma), São Jorge (0.55 Ma), Corvo (0.7 Ma) and the youngest, Pico (0.27 Ma)." doing a 'reverse Atlantis '
  6. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    It might match but it is a geological feature , and in the wrong area. The 'patterns' near Cadiz seem man made.
  7. Nah . I am not going to give you 3 hours of my life to watch a youtube you have not explained or summarised.
  8. I dont report anyone I prefer to deal with them myself
  9. .... also
  10. Mhe ...... whatever . I prefer the traditional haka ... done in traditional way . IT IS DEATH - IT IS LIFE ! I lived with the Ngāti Tuwharetoa for a short period .... and I DONT mean at the tourist Maori village . The only thing I know of that phases these guys was when some naughty ones that poo-pooed tradition went up the mountain into a cave they where not supposed to go into. There was a mummy of a Maori chief sitting upright in there . They swear he opened his eyes and looked at them. They bolted back a mess and haven't been 'quite right' since then .... but are now VERY respectful of traditions .
  11. Now you are answering your own posts . Anywayz ... I heard this classic from a woman once ; " HIM ! ? Oh gawd ... him and his 'I want to make love to the Goddess' through me rave . F*** that I want him to f*** me ! Not be fantasising about some Goddess some man has made up ! "
  12. ummmm ..... here you go then ; Oh gee ... I dont know , ummmm .... maybe this " ..... , I take affinity with ..... plus he is a super awesome character in the game SMITE "
  13. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Check the work of Marija Gimbutas, her research into 'Old European' cultures (pre P.I.E. cultural 'invasion' ) indicates societies where matriarchal, egalitarian , they had little defences around their towns, seem to have little conflict . Then after the PIE speakers came into the area ( a 'warlord' culture, patriarchal, dictatorial, etc ) we see settlements establishing defences around them until eventually PIE culture takes over. Thats the only link I know of . The 'Anatolian' origin is popular nowadays. perhaps people from there went to establish Minoan culture ? There are ancient links between Greeks and Persians hinted at, way before ancient history.
  14. <sigh > .... another person 'learning about life' from computer gaming and wanting to emulate their characters. . Such is life ..... nowadays.
  15. Mhe ... dem Christian peeps, they be like sheep Me? I am more of a goaty type (wood goat actually )