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  1. Martial arts YouTubers and Instagram influencers.

    Master Ken ( from 'Ameri-ti-do ' ) and Master Wong ( " ... you got a pwobwem ! " .
  2. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    Ha! A friend said this * yesterday to me , but when I started singing this song he had no idea what I meant - never heard of it ! * " I have these really vivid visions ... the last one, I was in the year 2525 and ... "
  3. deleted

    I am assuming TT's description was a quote from somewhere ? In any case, yes the 'symbol of the Universe' is interesting - and unfamilar . The only reference I could find was to the 'shen ring' as a symbol of ' the eternity of the entire universe, symmetry, and completeness'. The shen is the hieroglyph of a circle with a line under it . Supposedly originally a coil of rope ( something that is encircled and defined ) . It later evolved into a form or the cartouche ( that encircles King's names , hence also related to the falcon , Horus and the Sun ) The image in the quote can be seen in Wikiwand where its caption reads : " The sun rises over the circular mound of creation as goddesses pour out the primeval waters around it . " It would seem to relate more to the Hermopolis and Heliopolis traditions .
  4. deleted

    Dont use condoms !
  5. Dont take it to heart Dragon . If I was going to offer interpretation of an obscure part of the texts I deal with .... my first consideration could be , for another ... how would this benefit them ... what's in it for them ? I dont mind being questioned about my reasons for imparting information . on a forum of course .... we can just blast right over the 'speed hump' and continue on, giving it or taking no concern . That depends on ones 'suspension' though . ... in other words ... do continue . ( I am not going to ask a question yet ... as it might seem to silly )
  6. I also think some practices are more suited to some individuals ( types ) than others and they might be the ones that give more results . On the other hand , perhaps one really needs a specific 'remedy' ( practice ) but the self resists it , nullifying or lessening the results .
  7. For some practices , but for others I have found the reverse to be true . One meditation , for example, I did it for a looooong period and got some benefit , but I was very surprised at the results after years long practice ... if I had been told what the results would be at the beginning of the practice , I would have scoffed at it . of course there are some that lack potency and impact . Indeed , it is where and how we direct our energy . Thats why one should study and develop, alongside of 'energetic practices' some type of 'ethics' .
  8. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    It might make sense in Russia ... Uncle Vitya had been drunk for 3 weeks straight !
  9. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    ^ is that a Jewish Ninja ?
  10. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    I like the way he learnt skill from Bruce Lee and he can grab a blade knife from a magnificently skilled knife and snap it in his fingers , yet when Uncle Vitya lumbers towards him with a raised fist , totally telegraphing his movement , he doesnt seem to know what to do ?
  11. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    ... and THAT is the part you think makes no sense ?
  12. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    Well ( how can I resist these 'set-ups' ???? ) ... sometimes I feel like doing the same thing !
  13. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    Dude is a Jewish Jamaican that did some Korean martial arts , spent some time as a rapper hip hopping then all of a sudden became a traditional martial artist from the time of King David .....
  14. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    Hmmm ... I would rather reflect on something else here . yet another person who watches movies and does gaming and somehow thinks, by sheer will can become something special . Then to test their " mental spirit and correct mental concept" they go into town with a metal bar to see if they can beat someone up . Then you grab the blade of a knife , wielded by one with 'extremely magnificent skill ' and snap the blade in your fingers . Then your Uncle appeared and punched you in the head . Ahhhh ... Lois .... You remind me when of myself when I was a lad ; Once I decided to be a world champion bare foot water skier . I never practiced it before but I saw it in movies a lot and I developed internal balance and spiritual skill . I went in the Australian bare foot water skiing championships . Although I beat everyone , I didnt get the cup ... I got disqualified because , I could not resist it , off to the side of the course was a huge water ski jump , so I veered off course and did the jump ... barefoot . Then I realized a shark was chasing another competitor so I signaled my boat to go alongside , jumped on to the sharks back and water skied on the shark . I signaled the boat to give me a whip and I rode the shark in to the beach . I always ski with a large diving knife strapped to my lower leg , so I drew it , fought and killed the shark . I may not have won the championship , but everyone on that beach had BBQ shark for dinner ... and afterwards carried me along the beach on their shoulders !
  15. My take on Chinese classical martial-arts

    what has a statue dancing a jig got to do with anything ? What martial arts ... in real life ... have you done Lois ? ( let's see if the guy is capable of answering a very basic simple question )