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  1. Should I or shouldn't I ?

    Oh noooooo During my 'research' . I found these 2 . Now I won;t be satisfied with anything else . RE 'Meteor' 700 1959. RE 'Constellation ' (spokeless wheel model )
  2. Did you buy that beginners brown belt as well
  3. Is the earth hollow?

    Its a strange force we do not really understand
  4. Is the earth hollow?

    Oh no .... you are right abut that one - gravity does not exist . La la laaa laaar
  5. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    It think Aikido would do you wonders ! The right school that is . It can teach you a LOT about 'holding your centre' and the sphere around you and how others influence it and can penetrate it and then what you do about those that come into your 'sphere of interaction' . It is flowing and like water, like you said.. irs non violent and class is non conflictual and not competitive. Teach you how to 'roll with it'. It might just be me, or it might be aikido, but I found after a few years training that its good principles began to surface in other parts and aspects of my life - a good investment of time and energy ! Be great for your GF too - builds confidence and centre and helps to find internal strength.
  6. It does have a fault ; the centre of the saw ( the nut on the saw) does not slide past the guard . which means if you are doing a shallow cut into wood (not all the way through ) the cut curves up at the back of the wood - the same curve as the blade, as it cant be pushed all the way through. The only solution I can find to this is to place a piece of waste wood behind the job and against the guide to move the job forward so the saw goes all the way across it . Apparently its a design fault in many brands of these saws . No BIG prob ... it is a dream to pack up and put away though .
  7. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    I have been watching a little 3 year old girl manipulate , control and take over the life of her mother masterfully . Boy is she good at it ! Nothing like emotional attachment, a bit of insecurity and guilt to cement that in . Of course, it would never have happened if the mother had not allowed it right at the beginning . But, surprising to me , MANY people are not aware of these processes - they just 'play them out' . We get into all sorts of problems ourselves - depending on our level and area of unawareness or imbalance .
  8. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Ahhhh ... freedom ! Some love it, some fear it , so me have been in a situation so long they have forgotten about it , they just 'slog along' . On a VERY simplistic level, a simple thing but an eye opener ; I had this bossy GF - live in, for a while . I finally got rid of her . Then the next time I was shopping at the supermarket ; <reaches for an item > - Oh, I better not get that , too much .... or not enough ... or the wrong color ... or blah blah blah ... wait ! What the hell am I doing ? I want that ! ... and that ... and some of these and .... hmmm ... might need a bigger trolley ...
  9. Should I or shouldn't I ?

    Yeah .... that did it ! It won't be used that much, def a pleasure bike ( I got the pleasure car and 'utility car' already ), I finished the shed the other day, took a picture to send to a mate and as I looked at it ..... it is missing something ... a motorcycle ! I gave then up when I moved here , I had very little money back then and deiced to settle here and get a house, so I had to choose between that and bikes. Now I got the house , dont have to go to work, no partner or kids , older .... time in life for ' two wheeled sanyassi ' I wont go near a city with it . I plan to mostly stick on 'Waterfall Way '. caught myself leaning as I was watching
  10. Should I or shouldn't I ?

    2019 Royal Enfield Classic 500 R (single) Desert Storm Also available in ' Military Green ' Pros : I used to be a retro bike nut, prefer the British makes , like big singles, used to own a 500 singe before and liked it, I dont like new motorcycles, these are relatively cheap, I live 10 mins away from one of the best motor cycle runs on the east coast, there is a dealer not too far away for repairs and parts if needed. I dont need to go fast or tear around like a maniac. They are mostly old school , bu with modern touches *like electronic ignition, electric starter . Cons : I dont need one .
  11. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Well, that was a chapter from ' Magick Without Tears ' ..... Crowley - he tends not to pull punches , one of the reasons he is unpopular.
  12. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    yep. relating to my comments about initiation above - it is sometimes said one has to, in some cases, deny the family . here ya go : Chapter LII: Family: Public Enemy No. 1 Cara Soror, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. In your last letter you mention “family pressure.” Horrid word, family! Its very etymology accuses it of servility and stagnation. Latin, famulus, a servant; Oscan, Faamat, he dwells. A word ought to have more respect for itself! ... Bless you, the whole strength of the family is based on the fact that it cares for the family only: therefore its magical formula thus concentrated is of necessity hostile to so exclusively individual an aim as Initiation. Its sentiments are reciprocated. In every Magical, or similar system, it is invariably the first condition which the Aspirant must fulfill: he must once and for all and for ever put his family outside his magical circle. Even the Gospels insist clearly and weightily on this. Christ himself (i.e. whoever is meant by this name in this passage) callously disowns his mother and his brethren (Luke VIII, 19). And he repeatedly makes discipleship contingent on the total renunciation of all family ties. He would not even allow a man to attend his father's funeral! Is the magical tradition less rigid? Not on your life! The one serious grimoire of the Middle Ages is The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. He makes no bone about it. He even condescends to point out the family as the most serious of all the obstacles to the performance of the Operation, and he gives the correct psychological reasons why this should be so. You said it yourself! “Family pressure” was your pungent and pertinent expression. Just so. I think that “family” should include any body of persons with common interests which they expect or wish you to share. One's old school or university, the regiment, the golf club, the business, the party, the country: any of these may dislike very much your absorption in affairs alien to their own. But the family is the classic type, because its pull is so potent and persistent. It began when you gave your first yell; your personality is deliberately wrenched and distorted to the family code; and their zoology is so inadequate that they always feel sure that their Ugly Duckling is a Black Sheep. Even for their Fool they find a use: he can be invaluable in the Church of in the Army, where docile incompetence is the sure key to advancement. ... In the Brahmin caste, the aspirant to Yoga makes it a rule to fulfill his duties to the family and the State; once those jobs are definitely done, he cuts the painter, and becomes Sannyasi. Many a Maharajah, many a Wazir, to say nothing of less responsible people, plan their lives from their earliest days of wearing the sacred Cord as Brahmacharyi, with these ambitions carefully mapped out; and when the right moment comes for him to disappear into the jungle—the rest is Silence. . But the condition of allowing such apparent laxity is this: That one should be as swift and terse as Trotsky in any similar situation. If one's family were reasonable human beings, (But they never are, she sighed) one could perhaps do wiseliest by explaining the situation. “This Work of mine—you don't understand it, no need that you should—is the only important part of my life. I mean to be scrupulously careful of your feelings, and I see no reason why my chosen career should damage our relations. There is only one thing to remember: IF I ever get the faintest suspicion that you are opposing me, or condemning my plans, or interfering in any way, even with the best intentions, THEN—with a single blow I sever our relations, and for ever.” .... This too is painful beyond words at first. Until the process starts, you have not the faintest idea of how you have wrapped yourself in layers of lies."
  13. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    ? Dont you have to go to work ? Thats longer than 2 hours .