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  1. extreme wipeouts! (Aussies)

    Sharks as well ? ...... best to just go for a dip in the shallows ....
  2. Reasons to be cheerful

    Here they come in various cycles , I noted this during a 'cicada year' ; a drought, even the rain forest was drying out , the palm trees in my grove split up the trunk from the ground to the top (it didnt kill them, they still have this healed open gash ) and the huge turpentine trees started loosing and browning off their leaves - I have never seen that before . These trees are rooted deep in the subsoil, so if they are drying out the subsoil is drying out . I thought , even if it rains heaps right now, it will never get down to where the roots are - my trees are going to die ! ( The soil here is of a type that when it dries out it repels water and does not want to absorb it .) Then 100s of cicadas emerged , I thought ' Oh no, not this as well . " There where so many, probably the 2nd 'worse' year I have ever experienced with them . I could not believe the amount of cicada burrows where they emerged , all through the grove. Then the rain came , pissed down . I went outside and then noticed, as the rain flowed down the surface it ran into the cicada holes . Cicadas feed on tree root sap when underground, so when they dig out, their tunnels go down straight to the tree roots . The rain ran straight down to the tree roots and the tips of the trees sprouted new green leaves in a few days . The wonders of nature and its cycles give me a reason to be cheerful .
  3. So, its possible that an individuals behaviour ( and other 'traits' and 'things' ) in a lifetime, or in an experience can be coded into the DNA and be a part of a new individuals inherited programming and expressions ? If so that has huge implications in many fields, including things like Exopsychology ( Circuit 6 the neurogenetic programme ) , Shamanism ( re ancestor 'consciousness continuation' ) , etc. [ For those that didnt already suspect that is what was happening ]
  4. Retro Tech

    The first skateboard I ever saw was a home made version of one of those .
  5. Retro Tech

    Here is an old fav of mine , and many others too apparently - bakelite I have installed these throughout the cabin and in the new bathhouse ; ( nice on the wood work and against the 'retro glam' Italian 'crackle' tile ( with a thin accent strip of clear, silver and moonstone tiles, all outlined with stainless steel 'silver' trim . )
  6. Retro Tech

    Delightful. I like stories and memories like this . When we used to go and stay on Brisbane Waters ( no where near Brisbane ) when I was a child, the small settlements where connected by ferry, each had its own stop / wharf . I would wait at our street's wharf, fishing, until the ferry came so I could catch the thrown rope loop and put it over the pole . few stops down was a store .... riding the ferry to buy milk and bread was a novelty for me . Trips where made occasionally to the larger town , for fish and chips, movies , train station, etc at Woy Woy Brisbane Water The delightful slow 'chug chug' of commuting back then Woy Woy ;
  7. Can you explain the implications of this ( please phrase it 'as if' you where talking to a medical 'dunderhead' ) .
  8. Mine said " Not that I am into conspiracy theories at al, but ....... " ( then a huge complex sci-med rave) . But that was to do with who gets what type of vaccine in Australia. ( Thanks to her , I still have a prostate and thanks to these guys ;
  9. Retro Tech

    Cant wait .....
  10. That is my whole point in asking 'which vaccine' ( and I note no response to my questions ) some of them do not stop you from catching covid and spreading it . My sister is a molecular biologist and I get most of my treatment advice from her .
  11. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    That is because they where all pert of you in the first place . But sometimes its better ( or 'handy') to see them as separate . Not just in dreams, but also in 'reality ' .... I was not going to write about this , but .... few nights back , I felt someone was arriving, I opened the door and looked out and saw fleeting shape that was not really there . I focused more into the darkness and saw a ragged dishevelled rotted humanoid shape . It seemed to want to frighten me. Now there re lot of 'spirits' around here of all different types , some associated with horrific indigenous massacres . The angry old lady that will scare you has been sighted by a few, even driven some clear out the valley . It was a cold night , so I invited them in to sit by the fire. I made them a cup of tea and out it near the seat, with a biscuit on a plate . Such approaches can be greatly beneficial , to both parties ( if one knows what one is doing and what is going on ) .
  12. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    I think this piece is brilliant offering on that subject ; ..... a whole other subject worth its own thread
  13. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Bad systems then . I have been able to blend them ... but I did that blending myself since I became proficient in those three aspects separately and then joined them together later . yes, in a bad system or blending , in good blending , of course, they should all support and uplift each other . Very interesting point that . and now, a joke ;
  14. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Dont let the cute little face and the heart shaped 'chest fuzz' fool ya folks ..... inside lurks devious mind of cruelty