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  1. Morality

    But you have 'your own morality' ... dont you - your own 'code of honour' for yourself ? I agree with you about 'Divine Law / Morality ' it seems it is a projection of a human desire and need - so much so, that some claim its origin 'divine' . The problem seems to come from when we expect / want / need 'external forces' to comply with what we conceive as moral . Most individuals are well behaved , moral little 'justifiers' - in their own world .... bunch them together ( ie. 'humanity' ) - look out ! As a group we are easily capable of atrocity - mostly to each other .
  2. Tricky as you are asking for a name of the perfected self and not the process to achieve that . For me, the closest is "Fravahar." As in the sense of a 'United Fraveshi ' . Otherwise known as , in modern hermetic / western magic tradition ( Not the name of it but the 'process' ) ; achieving the knowledge and communication of your ' Holy Guardian Angel' - also a process of 'uniting' .
  3. Lotza stuff in that book works
  4. DANG !

    The Libertarian thread I posted in, and wanted to post more in, got moved to Current Events ? I have been avoiding going there and dont want to 'sign up' just for that . But I am wondering why it got moved ? Why move a whole thread when it wasnt moved there due to the OP ? if the first few posts, especially the first is allowable in other forums , that seems to indicate subsequent posts where not . Should the whole thread be moved because subsequent posters didnt follow guidelines ? Now I guess I have posted in a forum I didnt want to go to ..... oh well, if any one tries to knock on that door - nobody home .
  5. PS 'Non - dualism' is two words .
  6. I fought the law ( well, fought the State's bullshit interpretation of the law foisted upon us by the Attorney General / public prosecutor ) ... and I won !
  7. In my case I think that is because the best way to effect positive change is to trick 'the people' into thinking they came up with the solutions themselves . The other side ( the blame , going wrong stuff ) is an interesting dynamic ; Me; ' Dont do that ..... it will cause ( whatever bad results , that are glaringly obvious to me, but seem hidden to them ) . response ; " Your 'criticisms' might actually cause those bad things to happen ! " - Ooooh ... me and my 'negative vibes' !
  8. Not this again ! have I returned to DBs in a time warp ? Look you guys ... I am missing all the 'fun' of 'current events ' forum 'cause I refuse to join in just so I can avoid this stuff . Not fair ! - you are making me suffer !
  9. I could relate to what Steve said ... but due to experience ; ie. not 'spiritually philosophising ' but meeting those people that WHERE like that IN the 'war zone' . I've talked before about my past, working with refugees and torture victims and and in the Accident and Emergency ( and other ) Wards. Two cases come to mind; One an Iranian woman - sweet as pie , but then explains she is a torture victim and shows me where pieces of her had been removed (as a 'punishment' for 'wrong beliefs' ) . I asked her how she could live with the trauma and she she did it by thinking it would be a lot worse if she had been the perpetrator other than the victim . She shuddered, imagining and said; " Just think, having to live your life, knowing that you had done things like that to people ! What sort off person would that make you ? I would rather be this person that I am now . I feel sorry for the man that did this and I hope he comes to repent before God and finds forgiveness . " The second one was two events in one day ; a guy came into A&E ward that had his lower abdomen, hips and thighs run over by a road roller ! Then a woman with an ingrown toe nail that needed surgical attention . No doubt that IS painful, but this woman ! OMG one of the most complaining and difficult patients ever . The 'steam roller guy' had a few operations and I remember caring for him after wards, a fantastic patient , he actually apologised to me for 'causing so much trouble and bother ' . End of story ? Woman delayed surgery and then agreed but by then they needed to remove the toe , she did the same again and it spread to foot , the idea of removing the foot freaked her out and she delayed surgery again , then it spread to leg, the same ... yes, she actually ended up dying from originally what was an in grown toenail ! 'Steam roller guy' ? He got moved to rehab unit, so I didnt see him for a few weeks until one day at lunch time I went for a swim in the hospital pool and here he was doing laps ! "What the hell is going on ? I asked him . " Rehab . " and gave me a big grin .... yeah, his legs where kicking and he was moving along pretty good . ..... I also agree talk is cheap, especially on internet
  10. Happy Solstice wherever you are

    ... and Happy Litha everybody !