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  1. extreme wipeouts! (Aussies)

    Sharks as well ? ...... best to just go for a dip in the shallows ....
  2. Reasons to be cheerful

    Here they come in various cycles , I noted this during a 'cicada year' ; a drought, even the rain forest was drying out , the palm trees in my grove split up the trunk from the ground to the top (it didnt kill them, they still have this healed open gash ) and the huge turpentine trees started loosing and browning off their leaves - I have never seen that before . These trees are rooted deep in the subsoil, so if they are drying out the subsoil is drying out . I thought , even if it rains heaps right now, it will never get down to where the roots are - my trees are going to die ! ( The soil here is of a type that when it dries out it repels water and does not want to absorb it .) Then 100s of cicadas emerged , I thought ' Oh no, not this as well . " There where so many, probably the 2nd 'worse' year I have ever experienced with them . I could not believe the amount of cicada burrows where they emerged , all through the grove. Then the rain came , pissed down . I went outside and then noticed, as the rain flowed down the surface it ran into the cicada holes . Cicadas feed on tree root sap when underground, so when they dig out, their tunnels go down straight to the tree roots . The rain ran straight down to the tree roots and the tips of the trees sprouted new green leaves in a few days . The wonders of nature and its cycles give me a reason to be cheerful .
  3. Retro Tech

    aerotrain Jet prototype Turbine passenger service;érotrain feel free to contribute more ....
  4. So, its possible that an individuals behaviour ( and other 'traits' and 'things' ) in a lifetime, or in an experience can be coded into the DNA and be a part of a new individuals inherited programming and expressions ? If so that has huge implications in many fields, including things like Exopsychology ( Circuit 6 the neurogenetic programme ) , Shamanism ( re ancestor 'consciousness continuation' ) , etc. [ For those that didnt already suspect that is what was happening ]
  5. Retro Tech

    The first skateboard I ever saw was a home made version of one of those .
  6. Retro Tech

    Here is an old fav of mine , and many others too apparently - bakelite I have installed these throughout the cabin and in the new bathhouse ; ( nice on the wood work and against the 'retro glam' Italian 'crackle' tile ( with a thin accent strip of clear, silver and moonstone tiles, all outlined with stainless steel 'silver' trim . )
  7. Retro Tech

    Delightful. I like stories and memories like this . When we used to go and stay on Brisbane Waters ( no where near Brisbane ) when I was a child, the small settlements where connected by ferry, each had its own stop / wharf . I would wait at our street's wharf, fishing, until the ferry came so I could catch the thrown rope loop and put it over the pole . few stops down was a store .... riding the ferry to buy milk and bread was a novelty for me . Trips where made occasionally to the larger town , for fish and chips, movies , train station, etc at Woy Woy Brisbane Water The delightful slow 'chug chug' of commuting back then Woy Woy ;
  8. Can you explain the implications of this ( please phrase it 'as if' you where talking to a medical 'dunderhead' ) .
  9. Mine said " Not that I am into conspiracy theories at al, but ....... " ( then a huge complex sci-med rave) . But that was to do with who gets what type of vaccine in Australia. ( Thanks to her , I still have a prostate and thanks to these guys ;
  10. Retro Tech

    Cant wait .....
  11. That is my whole point in asking 'which vaccine' ( and I note no response to my questions ) some of them do not stop you from catching covid and spreading it . My sister is a molecular biologist and I get most of my treatment advice from her .
  12. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    That is because they where all pert of you in the first place . But sometimes its better ( or 'handy') to see them as separate . Not just in dreams, but also in 'reality ' .... I was not going to write about this , but .... few nights back , I felt someone was arriving, I opened the door and looked out and saw fleeting shape that was not really there . I focused more into the darkness and saw a ragged dishevelled rotted humanoid shape . It seemed to want to frighten me. Now there re lot of 'spirits' around here of all different types , some associated with horrific indigenous massacres . The angry old lady that will scare you has been sighted by a few, even driven some clear out the valley . It was a cold night , so I invited them in to sit by the fire. I made them a cup of tea and out it near the seat, with a biscuit on a plate . Such approaches can be greatly beneficial , to both parties ( if one knows what one is doing and what is going on ) .
  13. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    I think this piece is brilliant offering on that subject ; ..... a whole other subject worth its own thread
  14. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Bad systems then . I have been able to blend them ... but I did that blending myself since I became proficient in those three aspects separately and then joined them together later . yes, in a bad system or blending , in good blending , of course, they should all support and uplift each other . Very interesting point that . and now, a joke ;
  15. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Dont let the cute little face and the heart shaped 'chest fuzz' fool ya folks ..... inside lurks devious mind of cruelty
  16. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Or necessity . Kids and adults ( I will qualify with, ' some of them ' ) like a bit of rough and tumble, why not learn how to be good at that . A wrestle can be fun ... why not learn to do that better ? Water skiing is great fun, practice and lessons help you have more fun with it . And so on . One can fell over and hurt oneself .... is it 'insecurity about gravity' that stimulates one to practice balance ? So I fell insecurity may not be at the heart of it at all ... at least for me - yet I cannot deny the observations Yueya makes about others , as I have observed that as well. Thats my view.. I have never been one for 'competition' though . I do however see this 'curse of insecurity' in many and in the way they practice play and compete . Most noticeably I see a difference in 'types' when doing martial arts, say with a sword .... I dont mind being 'killed' one bit , I find it interesting in how the other did that, but some get annoyed, offended or might even argue against the 'point' scored. Personally , I have to stop and think about what 'insecure' actually means . 1. not firm or fixed; liable to give way or break. 2. (of a person) uncertain or anxious about oneself; not confident. Hmmm ... 1. might apply to my old bones . 2. anxious about myself ???? Confidence ? I have a cocky confidence in what I know I can achieve well, but I dont have confidence in doing well at what I know I am not good at . I find such subjects interestingly challenging . Two of the young ladies here asked me about it the other day , I was hanging my washing out t the communal laundry and they where sitting on the grass looking at me all sparkly eyed and lolling around on the grass and asking me all types of questions ( I think they where on ecckies ) . They wanted to know if I suffered from past trauma and any current insecurities and had I felt bliss . Oh kids If only you knew . anyway, I wont get into that as this thread is about something else . Fir me, the 'dynamic' was different from what Yeuya outlined above . I had a very large and strong big brother . he and his mates often had 'fun' with me . I was the small 'weedy' guy. not becasue of my build but because I was younger and smaller , doing martial arts was not going to help ( I started much later after this due to being a xenophile and fascinated with the foreign and exotic ) . I realised, very early on, that 'smarts' ( developing and using the intelligence and the application of MY specific intelligence ) was going to preserve me a LOT more. The same in martial arts ; there is always gong to be someone bigger, tougher, better, smarter than you ..... but not necessarily smarter in the way that you re
  17. Martial Arts - Realm of the Insecure

    Yes. My lest favourite question when meeting someone ; " What do you do ? " I am not my 'craft', my hobby, my sport, my position ... least of all; my job . Why the bigger interest in whet someone does rather than who they are .
  18. Retro Tech

    I got mine cheap , $3000. It had a white grey top getting darker to dark grey along the sills , some type of sun damage . It made a pinging noise when you gunned it. The rest was great, never went into the shop. Partied in it for ages until the gear box blew up and then sold t. My only lament was I was always driving in the front , while my friends partied in the back with the built in mini cocktail bar, smoking joints and the stero on full bore ... one time, after some 'Durban poison and listening to 'Pali Gap' cranked up full while ( trying ) to negotiate a roundabout that I couldn't seem to exit off, I decided it was better to just keep going around until the track finished . I imagine an onlookers view; a beat up old Jag, full of 'miscreants' , going around and around this roundabout, smoke billowing from the windows and blasting out
  19. Retro Tech

    Wow, that's familiar . I had a friend who had one , I lived with their 'garage band' for a while in an old terrace house at in the back streets behind Kings Cross in Sydney .... what a place, how did I do that ? . ...... retro seediness.
  20. Retro Tech

    Yeah My old HD Holden ( Inherited from my mother as a lad , she got a a small new 'runabout' ) ..... horrible looking car but that motor kept on going ... AND I even fixed it sometimes myself ! ( and I am a mechanical idiot ) . Dad commuted to work, outings each weekend, family and stuff up and down the coast for holidays, then the horror of me for an owner; went all over the place, often with 5 in the car, camping equipment, luggage, surfboards. Sold it for $100 to one of the nurses from work, ( I bought an old Mk II Jaguar ) she and her mates drove it for a couple of years, eventually, going up hill , full of passengers, camping equipment and 4 surfboards and a tent on the roof, it put a piston through the bonnet . The 'red straight six' ; The days when a car motor looked like a car motor ( well, to me, anyway ) . I remember the Mk II Jag (also known s 'the bank robber's special'; easy to break into start and steal, big enough for some burly blokes and their 'equipment', fast for getaway , solid heavy metal with mass and momentum for punching thorough police roadblocks , and a very large trunk to fit all the goodies in ) had a running problem, it had 3 carbies , 2 for normal running and a separate one for cold start . I decided it was never going to get cold enough here for a British car to need that so disconnected it ( electrically ) , no probs after that . also I got a British designed modern made ( In India ) retro Royal Enfield - I noticed the other day, when it was unusual cold here, it liked it and ran very well ... thats the British for ya , goes well in the cold
  21. 'The vaccine' ??? Does not the answer depend on which vaccine ? Or do some just consider ' jab or not ' ? We got left over unwanted types of ..... extra ..... vaccine that we distribute to' poor countries' .
  22. not site tech. GFCI breaker related.

    Ha ... I was going to post some pics of those in the retro tech thread . Someone is manufacturing them again ? apparently for all types of uses , nano versions, outer space versions, in computers .... I remember as a lad the B & W telly would go on the blink and after a call a man would come around in a van and have a case of various tubes and start pulling apart the tv in the lounge room . Now ? Just e-trash it . I wonder if Iron Man was ever vacuum tube powered ?
  23. not site tech. GFCI breaker related.

    I get around that problem by having everything 12v dc . One or two things need 240 v ac (like charging cordless tools,) but small inverter does that . Most led lights have a conversion from 240 inside them, so I get those and rip out the wiring and wire direct into the 12v system. I only noticed this recently ; I can buy 12 v led lights at most stores s they re common for houses now , they have converter installed somewhere for 12 v ceiling lights but SOME just screw straight into 240 v socket ..... all the conversion electronics is in each bulb Whaaat ? That makes each bulb crazy expensive, and think of the e-trash that generates . These ones, about $1 - $7 each But these ones ' haave electronic conversion inside each bulb . 12 _ 15 $s each