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  1. Canna Bums

    We got busted 'tripping' in the 70s out the back of Kurnell Oil Refinery we where parked there in mates van , looking at all the pretty lights and the flaming chimneys and smoking joints . The cops pulled up behind us , one comes up to the window and ... " You havent got any under aged girls in the back there have you ?" Us ; er ... no . They have a look .... ask what we where doing and we said looking at the flaming chimneys . Then they told us to go home . I'm havin flash backs now to those days ; we had a crazy beach front flat / party canna house / drop in / tripping pad on top of the take away shop at Wanda beach . Its still there actually, I saw it last time in Sydney . we used to lower a basket with rope out the window so one of us would fill it up with hamburgers and fish and chips and shit . Its about 300 m from the beach ..... ohhhh the things that used to happen there !
  2. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    I like this ^ ( I was hunting a cooking themometer today ) but ...... Is that a Chinese crab or an Alaskan crab ? and the fish eyes .... errrmmmm - yeah, they are fish .
  3. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    I remember the nuns frightening us with stories about what nasty evil communists did to innocent little catholic school children in 'China' . * Godlessness was taking over , due to them .... and they didnt even believe in Jesus . But a good man was fighting them ... that man there <point> . (Something like that ) * It was all very confused 'China' became 'Red China' , Formosa became 'China' ( 'real Chin' ) then Red China became 'Mainland China' , then China / Formosa became Formosa and then Mainland Red China became plain old China again ( and his picture sorta vanished ) and China / Formosa became Taiwan. Then Gough visited and it was 'China' and never speak of the previous again . Now they buy our coal and uranium .... because we friends .
  4. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    My tea hate ; One of the things I enjoy with 'eastern style ' tea , is the tea service , especially Japanese style . In the local city there is a rather good Japanese food place in the centre of the mall. I often eat there and have genmaicha . They serve it with a variety of cups and pots , traditional. Each time its a different one , I like that and the small serve cup . Last week I went there and ..... coronavirus take away only .... ??? it was always 'take away' you ate it at the seats in the mall . And I get a near half litre of it in a huge cardboard cup with a plastic lid .
  5. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    Ha . My mother pretended we where English . " All our ancestors where English ! " Me; " Really ? Both your parents where Irish . " < Harumph ! > " They lived in England before they came here, so they where English ! " " Dad is a bit dark for an Englishman ." " The Welsh can be dark ." " But Welsh are not English " " I am not having this conversation with you any more, you always twist things ." - at Junior (Catholic ) school ( note , not C of E ) each classroom had a big framed picture of Queenie , one of the Pope and ... wait for it ..... one of Chiang kai shek
  6. Canna Bums

    A got a mushroom story I wrote many years back, about taking the mushrooms here, its around somewhere ; 'Shaman Trippy ' - I'll try and dig it out .
  7. Canna Bums

    A friend (inexperienced .... although he does not think so ) bought some on line seeds from Holland - guaranteed super good , special and 90% female assured and VERY expensive . I looked at them and "Dude ! Some of these are not even mature seeds ! " he got about a 10% sprout rate .
  8. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    I like it . Aussies are a bit of a nation of tea drinkers . Last night I noticed I am nearly out . Oh dear ! Now i have to ride my motorcycle to town today and get some ( every 2nd or 3rd day I need to do that for something ..... unless its raining ) Wheeeeee
  9. Its just you . - I never knew you where an actress ! You looked so young back then
  10. Mental Rituals

    Ha Har ! Thats it ! Occasionally someone will scoff at me or my practice and " What makes you thnk that stuff will ever work ?" Ever ? Its been working for years ! They want the proof , and I laugh becasue at other times such people might ask me , incredulously ; " How come you are so lucky ... how on earth did you get that .... where is all the money coming from ... wow ! you live in an amazing place / location / house .... how come you got 3 GFs and they dont seem to mind ... how do you get away with that ..... how come dogs act that way when you around , how did you just go and pick up that snake ... etc etc But 'magic ' ... nah! Thats a load of crap . Oh well ..... we know , so no need to prove anything . A word about chod and white skeleton . I did my own ( first time ) 'dissolution man y years back and used the meditation of 'corpse eaten by dogs ... but visualised my corpse. That wasn't effective enough so I changed the visualisation to something I was more familiar with ; I was working in a hospital at the time as an orderly, and a few times I had to assist in an autopsy . So ( after preparation, meditation, some yoga and breathwork I took 250 mg of pure white LSD and visualised going to my own autopsy . The offering up of the body part , in my tradition now ( Aboriginal shamanism ) has become a type of ecstasy when I meditate on it ; my body will go back to earth ( Uncle Bill ; ' When I die, I go back to earth , like rock or tree , I will become the land " . Everything I have built up in my body from taking from the earth , I will give back to it and feed it ... and become the earth . 'Mum' ( a highly personified / guardian / aspect of 'nature' ) has given me all I asked for in my life , so when I die, I give her all I am . I'm good with that . " I love it tree because e love me too. E watching me same as you." - Bill Neidjje I agree with this, but have also experienced the opposite . That is , I became very doubtful and rational ; " Its all a projection from my mind ." Then 'the deity' warns me, if I get too much like this , they may depart and then tell me a demonstration is coming ; so and so is going to come up to you and say this ; ... .. ........ It was just so ridiculous and so unlike 'so and so ' to say any thing like that ... but F me - it happened within 10 mins . So I stopped doubting . Often I have thought something will not work , and then it has ..... < shrug>
  11. Mental Rituals

    My brain might be foggy or you might have worded your question unusually ? The first part ; "if one performed a mental ritual and they were all those things(quote mentioned above) " - if it was just a mental ritual then it would not be physical . Any physical ritual would ( or should) have its mental component . A mental ritual with a physical component IS a physical ritual . or you could do partial , as I explained above , in the graveyard ... ie. part f the physical requirements and the rest mentally . The 2nd part , if I am reading it right , Working on those all 4 levels will increase chance of success. (If I read you wrong, sorry ; maybe rephrase the question . )
  12. Law of Four / IV / Preservation

    The Law of four follows from the Law of three . The Law of three is in the 'ideal world' . But in the Law of 4 the ideal is bought into the material world . Its all through ..... everything ; hermetics, philosophy, chemistry, psychology, physics, religion, human physiology . I was hoping you would write more on your perceptions regarding the laws of 3 and 4 .
  13. Canna Bums

    Fav strain; ' G.I. Lime ' here is a 'Daquari Lime' ; 'GI Lime' smells exactly like the old dark green GI LIme cordial . Its light , trippy , invigorating, inspiring , good for inspiration and creativity , non harsh and delightfully aromatic . We never get stuff like this here (is this real colouring ? )
  14. Canna Bums

    Yes! Mushrooms are in abundance here (psychoactive ones , if thats what you mean ) Gold Tops and Blue Meanies. So much so that a local farmer slashes them in his paddock to discourage trespassers . I have seen a field looking more grey/white than green due to the number of them . I could say so much about this , but briefly; Its very hard to access dosage , sometimes a small nibble can be v.powerful or you might need 3 or 4 . They can send some people nuts , I know I seen it ! Some areas of high growth around this area ( central north coast NSW) have many spun out mushroomers. Always have a period of straightness, clearing out and accessing after a sroom trip , dont keep taking them . You need a good relationship with the 'spirit' . All mushrooms are at east slightly toxic , they can effect your liver.
  15. Paintings you like

    Ahhhh ... together we have the essence of womanhood ; saw your head off .... but be careful of not staining her dress
  16. John Chang - Jesus

    HA! I think I am the opposite here . With one individual I find I can , if I will and I concentrate on it . But humanity at large ? What a monster ! Actually, the more humans ... the more I am urked ! Swarms of the little buggers, spreading over everything ! Urrgh!
  17. John Chang - Jesus

    " Of late " Poster 1 ; " You been doing that a LOT lately ." - what do you mean 'lately ' ? Poster 2. ; " It comes up often " - can you define 'coming up often' ? Poster 3 . " In post 2, 16 , 27 and 29 ." ......... _ what do you mean by posts 2, 16 , 27 and 29 ? "
  18. John Chang - Jesus

    Yes, the period 'of late' refers to the time from now, going back through the posts that pointed it out and informed you about it . WORK ! ? and THEN respite ! Aha! Now I get what is wrong with you .
  19. Mental Rituals

    Its a significance aspect of western rituals as well . Some refer to it as 'astral' 'doing a ritual in or on the astral' , but they are really 'mentalising' it IME . Its also good for practice and learning , if you have to perform a part in a ritual . I used to do dawn meditation while riding my motorcycle to work , imagining / visualising myself doing the body postures and actions . In some cases , where physical ritual is required , only ever doing it mentally might not be enough . Ideally one would be involved mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually .... 'enflamed' . On the other hand , some ritual is perhaps only ever meant to be performed 'mentally' , or partially mentally ; eg, one can visualise offerings in the graveyard , or one can go to the graveyard and visualise .
  20. Thats a must ! Make it next in your studies
  21. John Chang - Jesus

    Well, yes, I DO have better things to do than try to be a bit understanding and find 'another reason' for your attitude and tactics of late - of which, I am not the only one here to notice and comment on . Okay then , I shall simply ask you ; whats wrong with you lately ? Good !
  22. Paintings you like

    The Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon
  23. Paintings you like

    Odysseus and the Sirens