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  1. Spotting a fake master

    ... the 'anime fixation' is always a dead giveaway !
  2. Spotting a fake master

    I have spotted another fake master ....
  3. Alien encounters during dream

    You didnt use ..... 'potions' did you ?
  4. Spotting a fake master

    Oooooh ! Thanks for clearing that up !
  5. Spotting a fake master

    Get with it Snowy ! Gen Z be getting their 'wisdom' from anime now . How to tell a fake master ? he will have some lame anime , 'heroin sheik , sad big eyes , but also one's that get angry ... just before he throws a fireball at you , image of himself . ..... ' kids ' ! " Stop annoying me Billy and go play on the internet . " .
  6. Spotting a fake master

    Yes. I was going to make a rude pun on the last bit ... but I am 'running late' today .
  7. Alien encounters during dream

    I am down at the river at the swimming beach and a an alien couple is there , they have a very pale blue tone in their silver skins , silver head hair , no other hair , blue silver eyes , naked , sexually differentiated but no sexual organs . Some talk between us happened , cant remember it . Thats it , sorry . Curious I found this this morning as last night I had an 'epic' dream - down the 'tunnel' here and swoosh ! (It 'quantum jumps' from the back ridge on the property to ....... but no aliens .
  8. The chakra system is genderless

    Was that an instruction to Apech or another grammar mistake ;
  9. Spotting a fake master

    I could not find the one I was thinking of but the list below covers what I referred to and other signs . I chose a Baha'i source as it is a continuation of the 'stream inside' Abrahamic faith , or , of a similar cultural heritage . The Baha'is developed originally out of a stream of 'Persian Spirituality ' that was eclectic as well as having its own strong base and developed through the period of the Islamic enlightenment and through the adoption of hermetic science . They had many teachers with mystical attainments and a system of recognising them . " His qualities are here presented in four categories: Propagation, Protection, Enthusiasm, and the Energy that Characterized His Activities. The following quotes are all from Shoghi Effendi and from Nabil TEACHING ~ fearless ~ persuasively expounded its truths ~ persuasive eloquence ~ magnetic eloquence ~ instantly acclaimed its truth, and arose to champion its cause ~ won to its support a large number of the officials and notables ~ won to its support . . . His own associates and relatives ~ was able to foster its growth, elucidate its principles, reinforce its ethical foundations, fulfill its urgent requirements ~ spreading, with ... enthusiasm and ability ... the teachings ~ By His magnetic eloquence, by the purity of His life, by the dignity of His bearing, by the unanswerable logic of His argument, and by the many evidences of His loving-kindness, Bahá'u'lláh had won the hearts of the people . . . had stirred their souls, and had enrolled them under the standard of the Faith. PROTECTION safeguarding the interests of His Faith was able to . . . avert some of the immediate dangers threatening it at all times vigilant, ready and indefatigable in His exertions to preserve the integrity of that Faith. . . and to confound its antagonists ENCOURAGEMENT reviving the zeal of its grief-stricken followers, and . . . organizing the forces of its scattered and bewildered adherents. THE ENERGY THAT CHARACTERIZED HIS EXERTIONS ~ endowed with inexhaustible energy ~ indefatigable in His exertions ~ strenuous efforts ~ uncontrollable enthusiasm .
  10. Dao Bums (here i am)

    My mate had to change his name before he could claim to be a Master ... it used to be John Bate . .
  11. Dao Bums (here i am)

    ... and none of that Fake Master beer
  12. Dao Bums (here i am)

    I note I am just out of frame to the left .... I will add it on here ;
  13. Spotting a fake master

    On another site I used to frequent , some newby complainer got modded and he responded to the Mod that warned him with ; 'Right, I am putting you on my ignore list ! ' Mod response was ; ' Now you are on this site's ignore list . '
  14. Spotting a fake master

    ... I will see if I can find a reference to it .
  15. Spotting a fake master

    Yes . That can be very clear and is , in some cases , clearly outlined . One is the ability to spontaneously sprout relevant wisdom in a complex poetic form that contains deeper mysteries ( re content , multi-level meaning and analogies , rhythm and metre that are revealed from further study ) , ie. they have a direct link with the 'superconscious' , not something normal consciousness can do .
  16. Spotting a fake master

    Dude ! You sure get around ; I made a mistake at first and instead of searching for 'white cat with a fringe' .... I typoed ' white cat with a frige ' .... ;
  17. Spotting a fake master

    Can I go on that too please ?
  18. Spotting a fake master

    ..,. and they dont know how to change the formatting when they post ' their knowledge' directly lifted from Wikipedia
  19. Spotting a fake master

    No , dont do that . This is about spotting a fake master . Sign up for MY course on 'spotting a fake master' bought to you by self proclaimed and self taught grand fake master Nungali . - takes one to know one .
  20. The chakra system is genderless

    Not true . How do you tell the difference between a true master and a fake one ? A true master knows how to change the formatting .
  21. change name request

    For my comprehension , that ^ may as well have been written in Swahili .
  22. Dao Bums (here i am)

    the worst you might get here is a rock through the window , while mowing the lawn . Happened to the cabin , I fixed it a few weeks back , it only took me 35 years to get around to it . here I am ... now ..... its gonna be hot today . here I will be ... later ; 'Hungry Head ' lagoon and beach . I set a little camp up (out of shot to the right) where there are some shady trees and a grass patch right on the edge of the lagoon , if you want a swim in the surf and its flowing out fast with the tide , just jump and it will take you there . .