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    When I first joined this forum I tried to be perfect in my execution of the various forms I was taught, and thought that by doing them very well I could "max out" their benefits so to speak. Later I painfully learned that how you practice (your mindset) is much more important than how well you execute the various meditations and forms. For example, if you are not relaxed and rush into it, if you do it with a perfectionist mindset, or a confused mind or body. Look honestly at yourself before even starting your form, ask yourself why you are doing it. Are you trying to sedate yourself, to run away from responsibilities, to gain a feeling of safety, to gain power, is it an ego thing ? When you get the "How" part down, when you are sincere and reconnect to your deepest consciousness, then the form won't add that much to your experience. I found. It's just an icing on the cake. Then later on I also painstakingly realized that the time you spend not-practicing is more important than doing a 30 form in the morning and a meditation in the evening. Because there's 23 other hours in the day. If you live an unbalanced lifestyle, no magical form is ever going to compensate for that. And for spiritual matters, I found cultivation is real life. So I found that true cultivation is rough, it's an every day, moment to moment adjustment of your energies. For example, for lower dantian development I don't think it's wise to meditate 10 minutes in the morning and then let your energy float the rest of the day. So at first I was trying to do a lot and fill myself of all kinds of energies. I tried to fill up my container actively. Now I see the reverse. I am already full and take a bottom-up approach. I avoid leaks to the container by appropriate lifestyle changes, you could say correct energetic hygiene. Of course I still practice, but when I do, it's not with the mindset of being a performer. If you are aggressive in the way you view your practices or attach tightly to them, then this energy will also reflect in your form. So you need to work on yourself, as a human being first and as a practitioner. How you move will reflect who you are. That's what I learned.
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    Well I think we're in complete agreement - and your point illustrates what I mean perfectly. You’re demonstrating great progress in your practice. You’re certainly not doing the same thing you were doing a year ago. Note that I didn’t say you should be changing your form... it normally takes decades to really master a classical practice. But you should be progressing in that form as you’ve illustrated beautifully But I see a lot of people just repeating some movements, thinking that the movements have some magical effect in and of themselves. And I’m trying not to name names, but there are very well known teachers perpetuating this notion. This error might have come from mixing ideas of ceremonial ritual with the Daoist internal arts (the familiar newage mishmash misappropriation of spiritual traditions). Ceremonial ritual and the internal arts are completely different. In the internal arts, the magic is not in the repeated movements - the magic is in how you use these movements to create change in yourself. And for that to happen, the focus and approach needs to be very different - much more aligned to how you’re describing your progress through your own practice. And yes - it takes time - a lot of time...
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    Because I don't see it as a static practice. It started off very mechanical and was slow going. Over time, I started to link the movement, breath and mind into a changing, fluid form which initiated healing, strength, flexibility and elasticity of body, mind and spirit. It has changed me in ways I never thought possible when I started. Once ingrained into muscle memory, it became automatic. It wasn't me doing the practice, the practice was doing me. This, I believe, is possible for anyone, whatever practice it is they do, provided they practice diligently, day after day, over a long period. Take a method, do it consistently and it becomes part of who you are.
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    The "Mind" that is not quiet is in Trance - the trance of your habituations: Imagine that instead of just your one personal phone, tablet and computer - you had 10,000 of them. It is tough for many to put down just 3 of these for a day or two - but imagine 10,000 of them and you are always using one or 100 of them with a tension extended to all of them all of the time. This is the state of "Mind" - this is Waking Sleep - this is constant Trance - this is the illusion, the cloud, the veil. It is all the things you like, don't like, believe in - and definitely do not believe in - it is every diversion you have a proclivity too and hold dear or resist. The fickle flighty Timbuktu of me-ness that you happen to be played by. It is relatively easy to give up hatchet murdering and picking your nose in public - but this is not the greater thick trance cloud of mesmerizing sleep - its far more the positions of little things and things "you are certain of" and about which you identify yourself. Try: I Awareness I cognition "I am" can be taken as possessive - the root of the sleep Move to just your Awareness - to the center of the head - Cogito - Sum Sometimes you may open a door and suddenly a breathtaking view stops all thought and momentums - you are simply awareness taking in the beauty and smells with no judgement - for a moment you are Awareness - Awake - Presence. Then Mind labels it and describes it and contrives it and diminishes it - or not - but think back to those times when for a moment your breath stopped and time stopped and Presence was breathing striking golden light. This resides in you - it is YOU - Self - but the mind has places to go that must be gotten too - until it is realized that the the Mind was never meant to be the driver.
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    Its very odd that what is a legitimate harmonisation technique devolves to characterising the subject as a female 'victim'. The opposite of harmony. This kind of thing does seem to attract manipulative people. I'm not saying it won't work in some way - but for your own sake watch your intent.
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    For me, a big realization occurred after having dedicated taijiquan/daogong practice for close to 15 years (around 2015). cultivation needs to evolve from physical/energetic to spiritual. If we follow the path and have a good teacher, we will evolve naturally. These techniques (any cultivation technique being used - qigong, taiji, etc) are means to an end. The objective of cultivation is (or should be) purification of the mind (in that, the tendency of the mind to attach to "this and that", and judge, and take positions, etc etc). A pure mind results in stillness of the ever fluttering veil that hides our true nature from us. The result of all practice should be end of practice and abidance in our true nature, constantly. Most importantly, the cultivation practices should be accompanied by spiritual (jñāna) teachings and study, so that the mind has a proper direction (this can be taoist, buddhist, vedanta, tantra, etc etc, but a proper framework is required). Missed the part about an easy daily set -- I still do the taiji single form/daogong forms. But it has now transformed into dissolving of the physical. A constant bliss always exists (a deep sense of well being, even when I might be physically unwell). Whenever I tried too hard for it (after having a taste), it went way. If I just let go of the desire for the bliss, it came back. Eventually I realized that it never goes away. It, along with the True Nature, is always present. Only the mind needs to be relaxed. Transmission to my younger self -- i was too dumb for any advice. You know our teacher already told us all we needed to know, but it took a long time to get through to me
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    Illness and discomfort should be gone. Endless positive energy that is always refilled no matter how much we use should be the norm. All relationships should be positive and be able to give the gift of uplifting energy to those who are down. In professional work we should be at the top of our game and show others how to exceed. In life and returning to simplicity we have effectiveness with less effort. What is simple for us could be unattainable or hard work for others. To show others the ways of energy healing and give them responsibility for themselves instead of people playing a victim card is important . These things can be passed on in an informal, non teaching way and within the working environment personally without any mention of the discipline we may practice. Give light to others as if they are part of your own family.
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    I always wanted to be a turtle and disappear in my shell in situations like this ... entering a big room full of strangers, talking in a language that is not mine. Klonk. (that is the noise you hear, when a turtle pulls all her legs into the shell and hits the floor with her carapace ) And then very slowly stick my head out again and look for a friendly face ... My mother tongue is not English, so please be patient with my English. I work as a medical doctor with Traditional Chinese Medicine and have been practicing Taiji and Qigong for 35 years. I would love to learn more about the Dao De Jing, Daoism in general, Chinese language, calligraphy and much more. Thank you for having me! Sea Turtle
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    Why does it seem legit ? Is it because he wears a funny hat and Chinese silk pyjamas ? Online Daoist training ??? No wonder the internet is rife with these charlatans when people believe anything. I'm sorry to come off as blunt but I'm extremely skeptical of people selling 'online training'
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    I came across this interesting story from Dr. Paul Pearsall's book, The Heart’s Code. Good evidence that the heart records information directly, and that it can rightfully be called the heart brain.
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    This is getting way off topic but I’ll add it anyway as it’s my own experience.... Speaking generally, I’d say all following of clearly defined paths is the mark of early / middle practice. For instance, the sort of clarity of practice that modern Neidan books present, such as Damo Mitchell’s excellent works and much of Thomas Cleary’s translations of Lui I-Ming’s work, is an illusion that everyone must work through themselves. They give the illusion that you're in control of the process, not ineffable nature, the mysterious Dao. That’s why the masters can only hint at their truths through paradoxes and cryptic verses. Fortunately, all things being equal, life is long and there’s plenty of time for the sort of personal exploration that slowly deepens insight over many decades.
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    I just wish i’d realized sooner that the basics and those ephasizing the importance of them actually knew what they were doing, instead of fantasizing about the advanced practices. I know today that speaking about these thing with people IRL is going to just be a way to alienate us both. To have a few people to discuss with would be great, i have two, which is enough. Energetic practices are not for everyone, the whole concept of actually shedding expectations and judgement to become intimate with what is real and so close at hand that it’s imperceptible almost is going to be hard to share with someone. Despite the internet this is a lonely road, and growing accustomed to self-sufficency should come earlier. People within and without will look at me funny, like i know deep inside already i should shun them. I’d tell myself: If someone says ”this is highly advanced” you should distrust them. If someone offers praise you should shut your ears and walk away. Only listen to the source and resonate with it. There is no prize, no acceptance, no destination of manifest truth so quit believing it will feel like you’ve arrived one day and just keep going, enjoy life in actuality. Peace
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    I think that's a key point --- most of us don't want to spend years (or even 20-30 minutes a day) waving arms and imagining things. But I would bet that 99.99% of energy practices are exactly that. I suppose the same can be said for mind-based practices. With Buddhist meditation, you may end up spending many hours practicing with no noticeable result. Then one day, some large chunk breaks off and things are different. I couldn't stick with it in the absence of the class. I have only met one other teacher in the same vein--- you could feel the heat radiating from his lower dan tien. But he was very demanding and wanted people to spend all their free time on Tai Chi. And he lived pretty far away. I took Hsing-I recently for a couple of years--- but those guys wanted to fight and I kept getting hurt. I could not abide by the violent mentality. I had a meditation teacher who once said it doesn't matter if you meditate perfectly for an hour if you spend the other 23 training in distraction. So in this case, you would have to choose between mind-practice and energy-practice in daily life? Nice!
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    Find the quiet in the wee hours of the morning. Meditation around 3:30 am Find music Find the flowers Dont imbibe in the bleakness Shower in the Light
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    I'm going to have to disagree with this point. I have a practice that I've done daily for 17 years now. Over the years this practice has given me such wonderful health benefits. I still enjoy doing it. It makes me feel so good. It has grown with me and it is a part of my life. I couldn't imagine NOT doing it. Even though I've tried other methods, I've never strayed from it. There is a saying: "Repetition is the mother of all skills", which, through years of dedicated practice I have to agree with.
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    I lay no claim to any particular tradition ... except in my practice of taiji and then I follow the forms as taught by Chen Zhenglei. As for my Daoist views and energy practice, I proceed from the point of view that Daoism cannot be simply a philosophical mental exercise, that there has to be a physical practice in order to appropriately balance the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Its like a three legged stool. Lose one leg and you're gonna have a problem. My practice tends to be sporadic. I will practice regularly for a while and take a break and then resume again. My practice is a simple ZZ, although I do use visualization in my practice. I did a little Zen Buddhist style study and practice for a few years but did not find it as meaningful and satisfying as Daoist approaches. What would I tell myself as a younger person looking into Daoist related arts? Keep going boy, you're on the right track.
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    It could've just been a kind of chaos magic, law of attraction, or placebo effect type thing, when Yoda's problems stopped after applying what appeared to be a solution to the problems. Or maybe the talismans etc were legit. I mean, that's truly a possibility too. The source of them is silly, but sometimes silly people can have learned magic, too. Either way, it was unfortunate that he felt like it was bad enough that he had to leave the forum and break contact with his fellow cultivators. Such a thing, in my mind, really looks like the beginnings of joining a dangerous cult. As such, I hope he's not associated with Mak Tin Si anymore, and is carefree and enjoying life.
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    My last dental X-ray had something odd in it... the dentist confirmed that I was regrowing a wisdom tooth! It was extracted decades ago, and was not there 5 years ago. Alas it was not intentional (woulda done it on the other side first, ), so I can't tell you how my body did it, lol. Seemed REALLY weird to me, but the dentist says it happens relatively often... So it is possible... Have read that the old masters would replace their teeth as they wore out. I always filed that under myth, but... who knows?
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    I have found joeblast to be one of the better members here and his information and experience are solid. But please, joeblast, don't ever wear a wrestling mask. 👹🤼
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    the following just arose in awareness: as above, so below heal the heart, heal the whole
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    Sorry I cant concur. I know what he is saying bs. He is not a Pai he doesnt know what A Pai is and John isnt dead.
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    Needless worry, friend. You are hard-wired to breathe barring significant trauma that interrupts the connection. You're going to be ok.
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    All of our organs have consciousness and are cross trained to know each other's jobs, completely interlinked by by the one energy that animates our body. There our countless stories of organ donation where the patient takes on the characteristics of the doner. Some stories are much more positive like jogging or a physical discipline inherited. These stories only validated the formless energetic realm that we all live in and that the medical community has ignored since the conception of trained western doctors rather than the intuitive medicine kings of energetic medicine . The true healers have been made illegal to practice healing. The shift has already began as more research and quantum physics validates the practices of these ancient chinese energy arts for healing and cure of the incurable afflictions that humans manifest.
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    Slowly sticking my head out again .... Oh. Friendly people Thank you for welcoming me. This is only the second forum in my life and since I am not a digital native (far from) I still battle with finding out, how to even answer your friendly welcome. (Please don´t laugh too hard, but it took me about thirty minutes to figure out how to post my first message) So now, I will slowly make my way through the forum, stopping now and then to nibble some grass, before poking my head in some threads or dark corners. Happy to be here Smiling to myself in the dark. Sea Turtle
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    Glad you found us, Chrissy. It's always a delight to find people vibrating on the same frequency.
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    Well, if you don;t like it, stop going to that club
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    Yes, it is ... and must be, of necessity. Everyone must rely on their own experience ... and no two will match. Lonely ... But not sad.
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    My best guess is that you’ve encountered your Qi. It can happen when your meditative practice is based around either stillness or following the breath. If you follow your breath back to its source you’ll happen onto Qi. This isn’t the source yet - it’s a certain stage where you go past the manifestation of breath (physical breathing) to the underlying phenomenon of breath (the Qi) and then further to the source of breath. Where to go from here? Basically carry on I suggest not using an emotional/mental interpretation (so using sensory information - pressure, temperature, texture etc. - rather than thoughts/feelings like ‘bliss’ and ‘love’ etc ) - because that can lead you down the wrong track. If you’re interested in exploring the use of Qi for cultivation, then I’d suggest using Qigong as an added practice. But I’d suggest not focusing on these sensations during your sitting practice - as again you’re likely to go down the wrong track. And you’re clearly gaining some ground with your practice already
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    It's better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardner in a war.
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    Its a good sign. See if you can discover the actual sensations - rather than the phenomenon... what I mean is something like ‘gentle expanding warmth’ is sensory, but ‘bliss’ might be the mental phenomenon that describes this sensation. A sensation is something that your skin might understand... a phenomenon is something only your mind would understand...
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    Xin Zhai (Heart-mind fasting) and Zuowang (sitting and forgetting) are the two fundamental ways of working with (stilling) the mind in the Daoist tradition. Unfortunately I don’t have any books to recommend on the subject. They’re both quite subtle and tricky practices to get right. someone else may have a recommended source for these practices. I personally feel that the Dao De Jing is a very good description of Xin Zhai... but it’s a little hard to really understand...
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    I think a place for you to get started might be to take a look at the Neiye. There is a thread here on TDB under Daoist Textual Studies. I think there are a lot of esoteric approaches to this subject but the Neiye seems to be foundational. From there you would have laid ground work for other studies. Good luck.
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    Perhaps you need a 2nd chance? (Or a third, fourth, or fifth...etc) If so, you´re certainly in good company. Lots of people like to make it appear that they´re more successful than they really are so I hope you won´t get fooled into feeling bad about yourself because of social comparisons. It´s also possible that First-Place Winner status wouldn´t make you as happy as you might think, even if you were suddenly to magically achieve it. People say to take things a day at a time, but that´s often too ambitious. Can you enoy the present moment? Better yet, can you be present for this present moment -- no matter how it feels? Be a winner at that. That might be the only winning that really counts anyway. LL
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    The internet is littered with self help advice. At the risk of adding more dreck to it, I'd say concentrate on one thing at a time. Sleep is important and sleep preparation starts in the evening. Stopping the news and internet. Doing something boring, maybe some sips of an night time herbal tea or pill like ZMA.. look into it, spend time, and get sleep right. Then healthy breakfast. Then a To-do list with 2 or 3 musts, relatively easy ones that you should accomplish. I'd also say, let go the past. Unless you've got a time machine, stop blaming and thinking about it. Every month, every day is a chance to begin fresh. Go forward. We all fall somewhere between best and worst. It doesn't matter. What matters is (cliche alert) doing your best (addon eh screw that, what matters is showing up and putting in honest effort). Start easy, measure, make progress.. continue.. get back up when you fall down..thats how we do better in life. Not a hard formula.
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    judging a practice based on what it appears to be is quite pretentious, imo I categorize it under what falun gong would call a "crooked-door" path I'd wager every human body works the same on the inside; what you call what you're doing really doesn't matter, unless what you call your practice affects you, in which case, you're doing it wrong. you say you're afraid of "spending your time on a guy" but I think that's already the wrong approach. as someone who has used it, the technical maneuvers are good, and the thought processes around the ritual aspect is pretty clean and straightforward. it looks like a joke because it's western ritual thought and practice + gnostic philosophy + qigong under the guise that it's all mentalism+electromagnetic manipulation, and maybe some quantum spook. only issue I had with it is that ritual + coven-type is not my path currently. too much new age reminiscience. the actual physical woo (from the techs-your body) is pretty impressive though. not gonna praise it but I'm not gonna trash it
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    That's what I want. Like Jesus said, "to be as a little child." I can remember a time when I was a child, laying in the grass looking up at the clouds in the sky, just watching them go by and feeling the breeze and the sun on my body. There was no judgement, no fear, no worry. It seems as those who become 'Realized' are in that state all the time.
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    I love the Corral Castle. I happened upon the story of Edward Leedskalnin some thirty years ago while researching a character for a play. What a fascinating man. I spent many long hours fascinatedly reading up on his life and his work, where I could find it. Edward built the Corral Castle, entirely by himself using the simplest of tools (a few key unique ones he fashioned himself), in tribute to the woman he loved, who left him at the altar in his homeland of Latvia when he was a young man. He was crushed and would carry the torch for her, the rest of his life, never marrying another and eventually dedicating his life to shaping the monument of his love. For a time he lost himself in books and the library, where he claims, eventually he happened upon an understanding and proclaimed to have figured out how the Egyptians were able to work stone the way they did. He moved to Canada. He contracted Tuberculosis from which he recovered, no small accomplishment in the late 1800's. Having moved to Florida and consulting survey maps, he decided upon and purchased what was considered an odd plot of land by the relal estate crowd, but it was just what Ed was seeking, a particular type of stone. He would spend the rest of his life carving and placing the monuments in his castle. He worked by himself usually by night, always spurring any offers of assistance, and was a distinct oddity to his neighbors. The gate to his castle weighs several tons and was so perfectly balanced on the post which ran through it's core, that a young girl could open it with one hand. Several times Edward was approached by the Army Corp of Engineers, inquiring as to his methods for moving massive stones by himself, a diminutive man of 100=110 lbs, with minimal tools. One time, he was beaten and hospitalized, but recovered and never shared his methods. When the bearings in his main gate doorway needed replacing. The Army Corp of Engineers arrived with a team of engineers and a full spec of construction gear. They were able to rehang the door with considerable difficulty on its pivot with new bearings, but those with experience at the castle claim it has never worked as smoothly as the original hang. Partially through his construction, Edward soured on its location and decided to move it all some 10-20 miles away to another site. Neighbors reported offering to help load massive stones when they sat near his truck, during the move. He always refused any aid and the following morning, the neihbors would scratch their heads as the massive stones would be loaded in the truck overnight. He wrote a paper on magnetism, which I could not comprehend, but it seemed central to his process. I read and reread it dozens of times. It's just beyond me. I have a theory that magnetic fielding of the earth is unique to each meter, the magnetically sensitive gland in the brain of a salmon allows it to follow the current or flow of magnetism to its birth place, because of this unique 'magnetic fingerprint'. So if one can find this frequency, could it be possible to generate a magnetic resonance of a stone to cause its polarity to match that of the local earth field, causing the same bouyant resistance that we use to float massive trains on magnetic cushions and levitate along the tracks when they weigh millions of tons? Such a joy to ruminate on this stuff. I'm so grateful to Ed and his dedication to expressing himself so monumentally, mysteriously and privately, simultaneously. Here's a picture of the 'magnetic current' tool he fashioned for his work. Its entire structure is like an altar piece of sacred geometry. I may have that paper on magnetism in my old files. I'll root around and see if it's here if you're interested in giving it a go.
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    I think it's interesting, and then the writing quickly devolves into something that's destructive to experiment with.
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    Who are you and what's your agenda? My first guess would be you are but one of the many sotg has turned away, and thus you now have an agenda against him. You're grapsing whatever you can to throw at a wall and you know nothing about what you're speaking of, you've conflated a handful of groups in the process, and you appear to just be a jilted non-student with a chip on his shoulder. Sotg isnt a daoist master, so why it is that you're talking shit about him for not doing daoist-ey things is idiotic. Its not "valid taoist training" because its not daoist training (its more like a toolkit of the gods, as it were,) and timing was perhaps the main reason he called it lone man pai - it was just after the "western mo pai" group had been jumping the shark for years here trying to say they were training mo pai with half baked scraplets and not only with zero blessing from the lineage, its elders, masters, and spirits thereof - but with their explicit rejection. Those guys had a forum, and when they let it lapse, sotg swiped the forum name and began teaching his own stuff there, and it has since moved on to other forums. You can maybe complain about perhaps glomming some traffic but beyond that you are off in left field. Your daoism, pai gripes are entirely inapplicable and are just you ignorantly bitching. Look, there's no such thing as spiritual welfare (sorry socialists, leftists, progressives) so you either put in da time or you dont get da shine. One has to have methods that work if one has made some decent levels of achievement. One isnt going to make attainment practicing garbage or a mishmash of shit. Is that an agreeable angle? I trained with sotg for like 4 or 5 years and served as a sort of forum elder there, helping train people - partly because when he showed up here and I interacted with him and got to know him, he's a good guy with a good heart - and that's why he didnt charge anything for a long long time, living pretty barebones the entire time. His practices are indeed super strong, which was partly why my breathwork material is included with all of his material, with my explicit permission. I believed in his effort and it was my little part to help keep a focus on grounding and energy balance, it was all time well spent. There were times he would do transmissions, and sometimes they were an entire weekend, nonstop. At minimum an order of magnitude stronger than the other ~5 I have met and received various transmissions from in my lifetime. (And that includes a similar amount of time training Max's stuff and training with him in person numerous times. Now perhaps I "never experienced his full power" or something, but regardless....no offense brotha Max, wasnt even close.) Those weekend ones were so intense, at times it would almost be debilitating, like I had a 4 trillion candlepower lighthouse in the middle of my head, coming out of my eye sockets, my nose, the sutures in my cranium - he didnt even have to say when the transmission started, there was no mistaking it - and it lasted as long as the transmission lasted. So I dont know what your problem is bub, but here's someone with knowledge and experience in these matters to say that you are talking completely out of your ass. The 3 most likely places you come from are -rejected student, -"western mo pai," or one of Drew's students, since Drew rarely misses an opportunity to write 10,000 words and shit on anyone who thinks anything less than eternal celibacy is the one and only path to anything whatsoever. Originally the discussions about Drew were merely discussions about the celibacy angle, until "Drew heard we were talking about him" and thus developed a chip on his shoulder, as evidenced by his screeds in that other thread. Garbage shitposting like beachbum's (and drew's for that matter) reflect far more on beachbum than anyone else. This is not even on topic for this thread, which is Longmen Pai. That you cant even get this simple thing straight and just have to keep shitposting numerous times and slandering someone's name who absolutely does not deserve it - someone has to call this bullshit out.
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    Thank you For the moment i am interested in internal alchemy, after some negative and tough experiences. A ”guru”, which i discovered later that he was involved in a hideous tantric sect, made saktipata to me, without my consent, in 2009. I felt some kind of energy, or pressure in the forehead area who goes to the top of the head, in an arranged situation by him, some kind of ceremony. 5 years ago i collapsed, i experienced a psychical break down: psychical numbness, depression, a kind of dissociation from my body, most felt in relation with some difficult people. Now I practice a form of qi gong, wuji gong, and try to find proper methods to practice internal alchemy. At the beginning, I read some Mantak Chia, but feels hard to fallow his theories and methods, some Michael Winn, Internal alchemy by Charls Luke which i found to be very interesting, ( i like that book, but i think it is a little more cryiptic )
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    The reason the heart is the central intelligence of your body, is not because it is the central intelligence of your body. It is because it is connected to the central intelligence of your body. Not because it is connected to the central intelligence of your body, but because it is connected to the central intelligence of all of existance and creation. The emotions that you feel, is due to a resonance or discordance between your physical energy and your non-physical energy. So when the Source of All Creation evolves evermore, expands evermore, non-physically, your non-physical greater being or Soul is always fully connected to that, and it also becomes the fullest most expanded version of all that you've become. This becoming is also due to your physical being experiencing life here. Your physical being is directly connected to your soul at all times. However, your soul or God, that is like 99% of all of creation. It is pure positive energy, it is not only always perfect, it is ever expanding and ever becoming. This becoming, is also due to your physical being here and life experiences. However, your physical life experiences may be the exact reason why creation evolves evermore, that doesn't mean that the physical body and being is bound to go with that flow of everbecoming. Your physical body is free, and can choose to go against the stream of non-physical energy that is at the Source of All Creation and Becoming evermore. When this physical energy deviates from your non-physical energy, it causes a discordance, that is indicated always perfectly by your heart felt emotions as negative emotion. So your sense of feeling emotion, is the most sophisticated energy translator that you have in your body. Your mind is also translating energy, but it translates it into a different pattern, of thought. These thoughts can deviate from all that "God" has become so to speak. So you might be thinking about something, that is not related to your soul purpose here in this life, and then you feel the discord of energy in terms of negative emotion. So that negative emotion is indicating you are energetically and trajectorily deviating from your soul purpose here in this life. In much the same way, when a truck driver deviates from the road, and hits the side bumpers of the high way, he emmediately feels he's gone off track, because his wheel is vibrating, and the truck driver realigns or steers the vehicle back into alignment with the original intended soul trajectory. Your physical senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, are also energy translators. But your emotional energy translator is directly speaking to the most important energetic relationship for any individual in their life always and ever. The relationship between your physical consciousness and your non-physical greater consciousness. This consciousness is energy. Your physical being can focus your mind into different energetic patterns. Focusing on the thought patterns and thought forms, causes the mind to emmit an energy, that expands, by virtue of aligning energies, and synchronising energies. So thought patterns become thought forms, etc. When these energies do not agree with the energies of your non-physical eternal becoming, you feel discordance indicated by your negative emotions. That doesn't mean the entire world is going to end. Because your physical mind does not create this physical realm, unless it is in alignment with its own greater non-physical intention, which means, your non-physical greater consciousness of your "soul" knows exactly what your purpose is, what the thing that has been decided to become is. So when you meditate, and you let go of thought, any discordance in your physical energy being relating to your greater non-physical energy being, is released. This is evidence by feelings of emotional relief. Thus then, when there is emotional relief, and furthermore, the clarity of mind, to focus in free direction. One can focus again, in such a way that is in alignment with your greater non-physical knowing that it has become, and is evermore becoming the evermore of it. So lets say that 200 years prior to now, has been many physical beings, who've been living life and experiencing the variety of contrast of this environment, and they came to certain conclusions of what could be better. Their physical life is one where this improved version of the life of humanity is allowed, because the Soul already has become it, and God even further so. However, this becoming is not physical, YET. And it will ALWAYS be that way. For even when humanity enters a state of paradise, where the lag of time between the Souls becoming and physical manifestational expression is allowed in less than a second, this high frequency, extra dimensional expression of ever expansion and evolution, quasi-physical or non-physical, still means that expansion is happening evermore, but it's just allot faster, that's it. Our physical life, may seem slow, but that is because we are not aware of all the massive immense complexity that is at play here in the evolution of humanity and this physical time space reality. And when we do become aware of it, one realised, that when you appear to be experiencing "negative circumstances" is actually do to an extremely positive preferred and deeply desired "thing" that is part of the greater soul becoming of also your soul. But most people are not even aware of their own soul's becoming. You did not come here into this physical life to want something, and then focus on how it doesn't exist yet. Because the life that you perceive now, it didn't exist a few hundred years ago. That didn't prevent it from becoming. And especially, it didn't prevent the soul and even God of those people who lived then, from becoming all of this we perceive now and more. Further so, our soul and God has already become all that we have asked for. It is a non-physical energetic being and becoming, that is always perfect and everbecoming. When you feel love, joy, or bliss, or any emotion that feels really good for you, doesn't matter what you call it or name it. That is an indication that your physical being, is energetically in alignment and in harmony with your Soul's Greater being and ever becoming, in that moment that you feel those positive good feeling emotions. That doesn't mean that you're suddenly reached the paradise of the future, it just means, that you're now fulfilling your life's purpose here. Which is to enjoy all that this physical environment has become, including you, while at the same time, you are moving along the path of least resistance, energetically trajectorily, towards all that will be evermore. Simple as that. That becoming takes a while, and you play your very important part in all of that. Simply by enjoying your life evermore. And the less you enjoy your life, the less your are joining your soul, the soul of everyone and every single thing in creation, and God, in the process of ever becoming. So you would only temporarily be in a state of resistance, or discordance, while remaining physically focused here in this life. That doesn't necessarily serve any purpose and it doesn't really affect the greater totality of being and ever becoming, including the totality of ever being and becoming of who YOU TRUELY ARE as a totality of being. Things are always improving thus, but it happens steadily. And the reason it may appear slow at times, is because we are in that moment not fully enjoying the ever becoming. Creation is not in a rush. Your existance is eternal, so the potential for joy is eternal, that is why you do not necessarily need everything to be perfect in order to come to realise how it can be perfect. And when you realise how it can be evermore so perfect, that is when you re-align your physical being with your Soul's Greater Non-Physical Conscious Knowing. And this happens through the guidance of the heart. That doesn't mean your heart contains the intelligence of your soul or God, it is just the energetic relationship between your physical being and non-physical greater totality of your being, that your emotions are indicating. Thus re-aligning your mind with what you truely love, as is the purpose of every single individual here, re-awakens the individual back into the infinite intelligence and inspiration of your Soul and furthermore of that which people call God, or any name you wish to give it. With God I am pointing at the always furthest most expanded state of being and becoming of ALL OF EXISTANCE, that is primarily non-physical, extending into physical through all of us aswell. But 99% of that is non-physical. Imagine how this entire universe is huge, and that is simply 1% of the totality of the being that you are part of. Each and every single individual here that you perceive, including you, has a Soul that is eternal and infinite, ever expanding and ever becoming, and every single one of that Soul is greater than this entire universe. Within this Soul, exists the entire universe, and through this universe, that the Soul has created through resonance within its consciousness, for the purpose of coming to know itself in all the way that it can, your greater consciousness of your soul focusing a small part of that consciousness into your physical body, right here and now. This entire physical universe you see around you, is all existing within your Greater Consciousness of your Soul (or whatever you wish to call your greater non-physical consciousness). And everything you perceive in scopes cannot be measured in non-physical, because your being is truely infinite and eternal. Most humans however ask "how come we don't already just know this stuff?" And the answer is simple. Simply because you simply can... Not know all that stuff, that is. Simply because your existance is infinite and eternal, and also thus infinitely free and capable of creating any experience you so wish, whatsoever. So you choose as a soul to come here into this physical environment, and forget everything. But that doesn't mean you are actually disconnected from God or Soul. That is simply eternally and infinite inpossible. Not possible. However, we did come here to forget, and become lesser consciousness, smaller consciousness. Focusing through the lens of your physical body, for the purpose of exploring THE FURTHEST MOST EXTENDED VERSION OF ALL OF CREATION AND EXISTANCE. Do you realise then how powerful you are, and valuable and important and worthy? You are literally on the leading edge of ALL OF CREATION of all that has ever been or ever shall be. That is focused you are. That is how fully you have become. How specific, how high of a resolution, how real. Even tho you appear to be less conscious. Back to why you can never be disconnected from All that is, non-physical and all of creation and soul and god. Because you are an extension of all of that. And when your connection or extension is becoming less of an connection, you feel negative emotion. The most disconnected state of being any human can ever experience here, is one energy that is indicated of its discordant energetic relationship between their physical being and non-physical greater totality of being, by the emotion of despair or fear, or even terror. If this discord and resistant energy is maintained for a longer duration of time, the disintegrated of the physical being ensues. So when the consciousness withdraws from their physical body, it re-emerges back into greater totality of their being, consciousness of pure positive energy, and emerges back into the totality of all that it has become, even beyond the scope of this physical universe. However, in the state of despair that one would feel in that case, they still are not ever going to be capable of fully disconnecting from ALL THAT IS, and this emotional indication of despair is the exact evidence of their connection. Furthermore, it is indicating a resistant connection, a less fully allowed connection, a more unnatural occurance. It is painful, and it is always going to want to release that resistance that is at the core of the reason why they feel that discordance. So that painful emotion is part of the infinite intelligence of your soul, and eternal wisdom and Source of All Well-being. Because when you feel negative emotion, you know exactly what it is you are thinking in that moment, that is causing that negative emotion. You can say "This doesn't feel good to me!" And so you would be saying "my soul completely disagrees with this. This is not of my purpose, furthermore it is the furthest most deviating thing from my life's purpose. It is thus the further most irrelevant thing to me and why I am here and why I've come here, and why I am evermore becoming." And it is usually due to a flawed premise or misunderstanding or flawed perspective of the physical environment which the individual is exploring through their physical being. The physical environment itself, is perfectly well and good, and in alignment with the Soul's greater intention of ever becoming. And it is most conducive of your ever becoming, in a way that is most joyful. As that positive good feeling emotion is an indication of your physical bodies consciousness being in full alignment with your soul's greater knowing. Which is your entire purpose and the purpose of this entire physical universe that you see all around you. When one allows themselves to focus their mind in such a way that allows the individual to feel love again, their physical being is in full alignment with their reason for existing and being here. That doesn't mean you are knowing everything that your Soul knows in that moment, why? Because your physical body is not existing for the purpose of knowing everything your soul knows. Your physical body is existing for the purpose of focusing a small part of the totality of consciousness of your soul through the lense of your physical body here for the purpose of exploring the furthest most extended version of all that has ever been, is or ever will be. The highest resolution so to speak. The most specific creation of your soul and oversoul and God and All that exists. And your emotions are always guiding you personally to align with your most important relationship in this life here. Which is with the greater totality of all that you are. Once that relationship is fully maintained and established, then one can live here in harmony with all that exists and will be becoming evermore, and you become a vessel or antenna for the allowing of the higher dimensional energies of your soul to flow through you here in your physical body and life, and express here in this physical life, for the purpose of physical expansion and becoming aswell. Just like how Thomas Edison felt high passion for light and flowed that love that is non-physical primarily, an idea, and imagination, for the purpose of feeling the love for all of it and excitement, which led the way to evermore expression and becoming, physically, on a journey of allowing their greater soul's knowing, to fully express here in this life, to fully become here in this life, for the purpose of the joy of the journey. And all that joyous journey, bit by bit, led to the eventual becoming of a light bulb. It may seem like a small insignificant thing to feel all that love and passion for a light bulb, but if you look around you now, you see light bulbs everywhere you look infact, going into space, you see the entire world lighting up on the night side. Every single individual here may not always be fully in alignment with their soul and flowing all of that infinite and eternal knowing all of the time, infact, not even Jesus was fully in alignment ALL of the time. It is also not required to always be so perfect. Realising this, just living life with the intention to feel better, emotionally, one can step by step fullfill their reason for being here. But even by not doing so, you still, in the greater totality of your being, always fulfilling your purpose. Even if you feel bad most of your life. There are always those moments where you feel good, so no life is completely unnecessary and worthless. For by that point, the individual always withdraws their consciousness out of the physical body. At which point the doctors declare you dead, or you've simply fallen asleep or fainted. But we don't need to die or even sleep or faint in order to reap the full benefit of all that we've become and will be the becoming of evermore. You can instead just fully allow your entire soul to flow here fully through you, by simply choosing to feel better, and thus eventually feeling good. So when you allow yourself to release that resistance, however you find relief from that discordant energy, meditating, or even imagining things you love, for the purpose of focusing that energy and feeling it more fully and allowing it to flow more fully through you, you thus then align more fully with your soul aswell. So whatever you do to feel better, is like doing nothing, and leaving nothing undone. You do nothing but you achieve everything that can ever be important for you to achieve here ever in this physical life experience, forevermore. Your aligning your energy with your soul, is an energetic alignment that affects your life on all dimensions! So when you feel good now, you are literally improving your entire future and past, through your here and now. That is truely how extra-dimensional you are and how divine your physical being is. And how worthy you are. You come back into alignment with your true reason and purpose for being here. So whenever you want God to speak to you. Simply listen to your emotions. If you feel worse, you are disagreeing with God, so you are less fully allowing your true purpose and true being to be here and now. If you feel better, you are agreeing with God more. And when you meditate, you release all disagreement, energetically, and thus, your full agreement, your harmonious energetic relationship and alignment of your physical and non-physical energy, naturally happens and occurs and re-aligns, effortlessly, automatically, back to your default state of being in full harmony, indicated by positive emotions. Full allowance of your soul to flow fully through you here and now. Even tho you are just a "tiny physical human being" or so it seems. But you'll never ever be disconnected from all that you truely are and will be the becoming of evermore.
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    Strange stuff. I've read similar stories about transplants, but none that dramatic. I wonder if the mechanism involved goes into the psychic, ethereal realm? If so, could it be involved in the phenomena of when young children remember past lives. No physical organ transplant, yet memories are relayed..
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    Most likely it was a dialect, because there are eight major dialects in China, and some sub dialects under the 8 major dialects. For example, you can hear the sound of "Yin" in Cantonese and Shanghainese at: http://www.yueyv.cn/?keyword=%D2%F5&submit=%B2%E9+%D4%83 https://wu-chinese.com/minidict/search.php?searchkey=阴&searchlang=zaonhe&category= Hope it could help.
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    Very cool !!! You are feeling the end-points or turn-around points in the meridian flow of energy (Qi); Six meridians run through the hands and six run through the feet... I might encourage you to start focusing on some lines of choice, and then find the middle points for energy sensation. Some acupressure might help to just sense certain areas but not that necessary. or maybe focus on the seven chakra energy sources and see if you feel them ? You have lots to explore and wishing you happy energy travels
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    This is so true. To the outsider, walking along the spiritual path looks like a path of roses; to the one walking the path, each rose has a thorn, the underbrush is strewn with thistles, and the invisible insects just love to bite; so my advice to anyone outside looking in is this: be careful what you ask for. That said, @2ndchance you need to start small. Don't focus on the "end-game," that's too far off. You'll only drive yourself crazy if that's your focus. Instead, focus on what is right before you. Focus on today. Focus on now. Focus on what you are doing at this exact moment. Focus on what you are feeling in this exact moment. Listen to your own heart beat. Feel your own breath. Feel your own emotions as they well up inside you then crash like waves against a jetty and flow back to the sea. Don't try to be the best for all time. Simply do a good job today.
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    Ohhhh I'm so looking forward to the rains too - they'll help with melting all this. We got our first glimpse of Spring yesterday morning!! The seasons here are two months behind; heavy snows used to come in January...but all that's likely changed. Good thing no calendars on Peaceful Mountain. No clocks either lolol. We just go with what comes, when it does. (-:
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    ‘Ignore teachers who use imagination!’ There is no magical practice set. The internal arts, like most other skilful endeavours, involves a progression. If you’re doing the same thing you were doing a year ago then you’re lost.