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    Probably he is . You do it by asking them "What are you ?" A sweet potato , being a simpler vegie will respond " a sweet potato ' But a yam, being more deeper will respond " I yam what I yam " .
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    Much easier to let go of stuff as a house-holder, IMO, because stuff is constantly being challenged everyday. I am aware when it happens and, hopefully, the issues self liberate... Of course sometimes, it’s more like chipping away at ice 😀 When I sit in meditation and seclusion, it is easier to remain unaware of such issues. Although it feels great. I sure enjoy doing both - movement and repose, to maintain balance. It is in my quiet meditation such issues are processed.
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    Hi, I see you edited it out, but I had thought that when you said the url didn't work that it was the url to the book, but it just occurred to me that you mean the url to my own website. taohermitage.com. I have a bit of time now so to answer your question: the kind of wizards I'm referring to here is not like the kind that make spells. They are more like super psychic warriors with jedi abilities, enlightened, and the magic is simply the kind where they have a lot of synchronicity, their wishes come true, they can see the future, and they can talk with immortals in the spirit realm. It is just a different definition for a very high level advanced and powerful chi kung master (nei kung can of worms opens here). The technically correct term used in china is wizard, it's official. Yes, and a person can come here to study, but I kind of hate saying that here any more, because the first seven years I said it on this forum it was a complete waste. Causes regrets you know. Instead I got to observe the train wreck called human nature. Bastardized human nature.
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    I'd add also that i was removed from this group after distasteful interactions. I am not defending the man or how his group is ran. It is the techniques themselves which i hold as intriguing.
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    Abzu, All those in the know know that magic cant hold up to kung fu. Magic can bring bad luck and entities and some sickness but it cant destroy the flesh and bones like kung fu can. In pure destructiveness it cant compare. The Chinese are very good at understanding an insult even the slightest one. By saying lonemanpai your saying that son of the gods is greater than 90% of the masters out there of authentic Pai because he created his own. I believe there is hope for everyone even Sun Wukong in "Journey to the West" who rebelled against heaven and the Jade Emperor found salvation. After being subdued by Buddha's Palm. Believe it or not Abzu I only wish you the best that's why I posted links to all the masters I recommended. I hope that lonemanpai consider this as the work in the industry.
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    I still can't tell the difference between a "Sweet Potato" and a "Yam." I think the guy at Whole Foods is pulling my leg.
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    I have begun practicing The Yoga of Dream and sleep which works out well as I have a split sleep schedule due to the difference in hours I work versus those of my lady. If I get a few hours sleep after work I can be awake and spend time with her at night till around midnight or 1 at the latest then fall asleep and get up at 6 and go to work. This way I can do my BON practices as listed above and to make it all better they are a part of the Yoga of Sleep and Dreams. In the last few weeks I have been experiencing a great deal of pain from the death of my Mentor a friend I have known for 32 years since I was 17 years old. We were very close he was like my father. When the emotions and pain ride high Kriya practice becomes impossible. Kriya is primarily about Cleansing the Nadis, Chakras and central channel and using the triple divine qualities to take the mind into deep absorption but there is a problem here. The heart chakra is the place for pain where pain of the mind collects this is where it is held. Having a heightened awareness of the subtle body from and by the practice of Kriya without the tools to heal from loss and pain makes things much, much worse. The heart center is very important but is also a center that takes a long time to clear and fully mature. So Energizing the heart center and cleansing it with Kriya practice is not so good during difficult times. Cleansing has it's place but not with raw, recent, new trauma all it does is magnify it and cause it to multiply. With the multiplication of pain the multiplication of thoughts. Even when the thoughts are not verbal but felt thoughts. I have made a few posts on the bums here recently and was seeking advice on how to deal with this. Last night I was looking for a different video by TWR and instead came immediately to his talk on turning pain into the path. Once again I am astounded by the wisdom of this Lama and would like to share this video with you all, watching this is very liable to change your life. It is changing mine. Something very important he said was : One can not clean blood off of ones hand with a blooded hand. If you try to clean blood off of your hands by using blood you will never be clean of blood. If it is your goal to replace the first blood with the second blood then you will succeed. In this case you are replacing a thought with a thought and this is not the way through pain. I think I will continue to share insights of this video and other teachings of his so I can continue to work things out and maybe we can understand better together?
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    Thanks that's the one lifeforce. I was going to play a little game and post the monty python "Knights who say Nei" skit and request Starjumper to complete an interactive click-quest through a shrubbery of hidden response branching into multiple hidden responses, rinse, repeat; matryoshka style until the the answer of * Thomas Cleary translating Liu I-Ming "Vitality, Energy, Spirit" (for the image) and Wu Cheng'en "Journey to the West" (for the typetext) * Revealed itself. Ah if only I had struck whilst the iron was hot. Cheers.
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    The ideals exist for us to aspire towards. Even if we get to 50% of the ideal, we are better off than 0% And it's really not that hard to do, when you put things in the right context. Which is why, a dedicated practice is required. Ramana Maharshi would often say "Renunciation is in the mind. One need not quit everything and go live in the forest for it..."
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    One can be a householder and not be attached. Love and duty doesn’t have any relation with attachment. Attachment is a result of superimposing of something/someone else to the self identity. Which we know is false, because the Self is not an identity/personality anyway. While it it might be true that the path of the monk and the householder seems different, they are only different on the surface. Both should live without attachment and do one’s duty with dedication and love (but not attachment). I think there is something to introspect here, if such a beneficial presentation causes irritation or discord. Might be worthwhile investigating “what about the advice to be free of attachment is so irksome? Who is it that finds it irksome?” @Pilgrim very well articulated. This life is an opportunity to dissolve our vāsanās (chronically recurring patterns, that reinforce karma).
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    Speaking to Dwai. Nothing wrong at all but nearly impossible for most including myself to do all the way all at once. Practices help make changes a little bit at a time then more and more this triple codependent activity the Swami was explaining becomes less and less. This Swami has an entertaining delivery but there is nothing new in what he is saying, these are not his instructions or his discovery alone it is all in the Gita. I like the way he is saying it, great delivery, to the point and is not telling anyone what to do. Anyone can improve in this area they need not be a Swami or a monk it is different for householders in many ways because they are constantly confronted with varying degrees of many issues from many different directions all the time all day every day. Householders can make even more rapid progress than one who becomes a monk because of these very challenges. One thing is certain the householder will know when they have as there is no other way for them but to work out everything from basic survival and social enteractions that make survival possible and more.
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    I appreciate monks, nuns or renunciates for what they do... but how many of them can they honestly criticize the lives and dharma's of householders who are dealing with the world? Obviously not many, and for some of them to do so if they are supported by householders seems more or less nuts. ( for they don't have to deal with the common and understandable fears and angers of being a householder in the world, including not having to grind away at difficult jobs for 50+ years to support themselves and a family)