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    :taking a deep breath before starting the last episode and breathing it out reallllly slowly in preparation:
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    Isn't this dude much more interesting than the other... Just sayin'...
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    Oh trust me, that's why i stay incognito, and i thought about wearing masks in order to spread information. I am scared of the very same things you mentioned. But idk there might be a better way This guy is a legend though. "this is SonoftheGawds, Lonemaanpaii dawt com". gotta love that intro
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    From what little I've garnered, he isn't much interested in changing anyone's mind. He found what works for him, and is willing to share it - at which point he gets to set the terms. BTW The one mask is a Venom one - not demonic, but symbiotic, and I found it somehow appropriate.. either his system is a good and natural fit for someone, or it won't work. (Look up Venom if you don't understand.)
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    Did the Sun come up this morning, or is the world in my head. I never leave my head. I apparently walk around this planet, but actually although I see things "out there", my consciousness and perception always is occurring within my head. So did the Sun actually come up this morning, or is it a shared dream running in my head. Is sunlight, light, daytime .... does that exist, or is it something we have chosen to share in our collected dream ? And why did we choose day and night, in this dream ? Does it represent something fundamental, so that when you dream you would naturally dream such a dream ? If the world is inside my head, then where am I actually ? Do I have a body or is that another dream ? Is the body and world a dream sent to me to develop me ? If I co-create it, is it more like I create 1% the 99% is provided for me ? And the goal of this whole scheme is ... what ? So that I develop myself and do not need a dream anymore ? So that I can live in the bare reality unsupported ? So that I can live in the invisible reality ?
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    My experience is that judgment of others and judgment of self go hand in hand. When you find yourself feeling negative towards others, that can be a cue to look inside and see if you´re also being a little harsh with yourself. If you have a teacher whose guiding your cultivation practice, perhaps talk with your teacher about this? If you don´t have a teacher, I´d consider slowing down so that you can integrate your growing energy in a way that doesn´t negatively color the way you see others.
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    Excellent reply... thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think you are right. It does seem that the Daoist tradition is more open to the feminine principle! Or at the least, aware that there must be a balance. This feminine aspect does exist in Christianity, but does not exist in the mainstream Church. This goes back to the story of Mary Magdalene being the true "lineage holder" and successor of Jesus, but that she was rejected by Peter and some of the others on account of her being female (or so the story goes... ) Regardless of this story, my own path is very in-line with the feminine aspect of the Christian tradition, and why I think someone like Tau Malachi is valuable, as he is out there, sharing that lineage of Mary Magdalene and the divine feminine in Christ. There are deeper symbols on the feminine principle, too. The two Mary's for example. One is the "Virgin Mother", the "virgin" being the secret, pure, unrevealed, Holy. And Mary Magdalene, the "whore", who is available to all who ask...being the revealed Sophia (wisdom), the worldly representation, who is said to be continuously incarnating to help those who need it. It's a side of the tradition (or a tradition on it's own) that isn't discussed much, but there is a power there. I've even heard it said that the "Second Coming" of Christ will be in the return of feminine light to the world. Who knows... Cheers! Thanks for the fun discussion.
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    When you cultivate and purify your own energy then you tend to produce an adverse reaction to people with disharmonious or conflicting energy. Its natural. However you need to guard against hate or disgust. By all means avoid some people - although eventually when you have made real progress this will be less necessary - but lack of patience and understanding is your own weakness in the face of the world's 'spin'. In fact it would be better to see developing patience and understanding as part of your cultivation goals. I don't mean you should beat yourself up for feeling like this, that won't help. Take some time to look at your own inner harmony and particularly your heart/mind, see challenging situations as a test of how balanced you have become. If you can't face it for now just walk away and do more practice. Hate and anger are destructive forces which damage your own organism. Labelling someone as an idiot or loser is to try to fix energy when it is a negative phase. So concentrate on developing your self and not correcting them. Eventually it will stop bothering you.
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    Metta or bodhicitta meditation. Volunteer work has been known to cultivate compassion too.
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    There is no point engaging with an idiot, if you do they win. There is no need to empathise with idiocy, but you can empathise with the soul of a person ; but then again who cares, your job is you. Too much empathy is not really natural. Just do your job, be you.
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    " Hey guys! What's this button for ? "
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    Nearly forgot to finish this . .. so the idea here is ... after a while, you go 'straight up ' . Two things might happen ; you go 'up' into 'higher astral realms' and its all 'astral symbolism' and learning and development etc . You go up in more of a physical sense .... eventually there is no up as you are floating in space above the earth ... get far enough away from it and the idea of 'up' disappears .... from then on , its all ' Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia' That is, one has the previous meditations in hand * and then ..... bon voyage ! https://www.sacred-texts.com/oto/lib536.htm
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    :giggling: This just came up on my YouTube feed:
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    Awwww .... man ! Most of my 'students' failed ' at first. A large proportion failed at certain levels . Only the gems got through as far as I could take them. Then, there are those that seem really good for a while , and freak or spin out . Then ... up a level .... there is 'the traitor' ... even after years of seemingly good work . IMO its all part of 'running the show' . But this could be due to our policy of acceptance - we thought all had a right to 'the mysteries', but boy does that create some 'personal dynamics' ! Nowadys I dont usually bother , far too much of the latter , thats what things are devolving to .
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    Ohhhhh dear ! The innocence of youth. Here is something I was going to bring up .... it applies to all of us at the beginnings of our journey . How do you know if the group, people or person you associate with to learn is valid or devious ? You wont really know as you are a beginner. Hence the initial stages or investigating a system, group or person's validity and relevance to your own path is very important. Some just go of what attracts them ... and of course 'the devious' realise this , and put the bait out . There are some principles and guidelines to follow. Look at it like this ; your house needs a big electrical fix job , are you going to hire a qualified electrician, some nut from down the road , someone who is actually 'casing' your house for a robbery, a qualified but rip ff firm, etc . There are ways to tell and investigate. Other than just going where your 'blind desires' and quests for power lead you .
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    Aw. Lightseeker, you failed the first test in your quest for power but don't be discouraged - you have just received your first lesson in your quest for wisdom!
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    All the posts on this forum are free. Much has been discussed before...I still find myself searching through old posts here. This forum can be a place where we hear about lots of things, and then go explore them on our own...not necessarily everything is spelled out here. There are some traditions that require oaths of privacy. Or sometimes there are other reasons not to say things. There are legitimate ways to attain knowledge. I'd say based on my limited experience that it's rare to find people who can influence others profoundly (such as the fraudster Osho was doing in that picture). If they can do that, another question is if they're willing to teach that...to you. For them to give up their secrets takes away their power over others...without that, how can they buy the Rolls Royces? They don't want anyone to know that they're just basic human beings underneath all the facade. That's one aspect of their "power"...the illusion of it. My perspective is if you search in the right way, for the right reasons, you will end up on the right path...then a certain power comes, or other powers come. If you could get them in a day, which you can't, you might not be so impressed. Our imagination comes up with all sorts of possibilities when we hear of magical power...reality, however, is always natural.
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    And as your experience indicates, even if distractions arise, one is able to return.
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    Wanting power can be a fine motivator, this guy is not like the Mo Pai Wimps, and the character will be developed automatically as part of the process. If the character is not able to adapt to the process then they will drop out before becoming powerful. Simple ... like me.
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    Please share what you know with me..
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    Send me a dm yourself, what the fuck is a dm anyway? You can answer here instead: Age matters. Only those who start young can develop really high power, so tell me, what is your age? You know, like when Yoda said to Luke Skywalker that he was too old.