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  1. What made so many modern people retards ?

    the news report at 1:30 is but a paper airplane's throw from the democrats' displays in the last 2 years
  2. Does body frame or build affect chi capacity

    dont be unwise, judge me not by my size you wont believe your eyes, watch the X wing rise!
  3. For some reason, I'm reminded of that time I was in 3rd grade and another 3rd grader was explaining a woman's vagina to me No offense to anyone intended.
  4. Qigong Beginner questions

    since its fall time, and there's a higher likelihood of there being a fire lit
  5. Qigong Beginner questions

    there's three in the front and seven behind the lower dantien centerpoint dont pay attention to the scenery, as "bandwidth upgrades" build and take place, various feelings will happen. especially in the beginning, best to disregard thoughts, feelings, emotions, visitors, etc and just focus on the training. religion is a distraction.
  6. that's why I chuckled at folks balking at establishing it via the rote method, because "you perform as you practice," so when the neural dynamic is situated properly and those efficiency benchmarks start getting hit every session...that's when signposts happen every session. there's a progression of them, and downstream they include things like "boosts in metabolic rate" like that from just having completed a month of solid workouts as overall efficiency climbs, plateaus, climbs again. intention...desire...bliss...a jedi craves not these things the best part about maximal efficiency is no matter how long you're sitting there, you're just sitting there comfortably for a moment. the de-linking of the feelings of breath from the mechanism of respiration is part of getting there. short breath holds convey a nice quiescence, but unfortunately one gets oxygen deficient (or co2 overloaded) by doing that. by smoothing out the transitions between inhale and exhale, making all the energetically potent portions coincident, and not facilitating air movement where air touches and nerves can detect that air movement, not only is a great quiescence realized, but it makes things like dantien breathing glow. and then you start realizing from experience, how much extra energy all that sensate input processing consumes. and how much it conserves, by stopping it very efficiently for an hour or four a day (it doesnt seem that wild of a number when you're getting some in the morning, a quickie mid morning, a quickie mid afternoon, a comforting reset after work, and then 1-2 hours before sleep. no, not that kinda quickie - energy quickies )
  7. I hope to be a Beginner Student soon...

    master Anapanasati...even if your search takes you a year or two, there's plenty to work on. plenty of good tidbits around the forum here too.
  8. Huo Hou Tu Translation

    From "my" translation...I'll assume you mean google's translation...but if those characters are all together, then it may mean something other than just the first two characters alone. I dont know where in the translation its referring to, perhaps you could point it out so as to save dig time I dont know much chinese, but I know some stuff like those little things matter. While the yin rabbit yang rooster connection is there, there's also other things, like the properties of the animals, and the cauldron on the rabbit's side, the elixir on the rooster's side. This would indicate that its proper to quickly set up the cauldron and confidently cultivate the elixir - dont take it for granted when the sumbich glows! That would also fall into some of the characters on the top of the foundation, translated as "bright figure hall" at the top of the steps. The steps and text next to them indicate there's more than 1 path to the throne room, but the path up the steps is marked "law door," so that indicates while there's more than one way to do this, they all follow the same laws. Some of the translation is a bit odd in those squares and I havent finished the translation on them - if google cant translate a character then I have to start digging elsewhere. I got to a point where I decided to just get out my large drawing pad and start duplicating it so I have something I can take notes on. At the top of the foundation where things come full circle, the single yang line and single yin line are there, with a root-like indication that yang will further the core of the root, and yin develops the rootlets that make the root system thorough. And there's the turtle, telling you its going to be some time (=dont rush it) before the single line develops into two lines (lower dantien, upper dantien) before the two become 3 and move into the hexagrams. I'd write more if my translations were more complete at this point
  9. The Cool Picture Thread

    and dogs become more like their owners
  10. following without controlling? no. its "program the mechanics thusly" and ingrain it until it is maximally ingrained into your very being. pure intention and loving heart has absolutely nothing to do with it. "following without controlling" comes after Regulating is completed - regulating until no more regulation is required - then with that dynamic already set up, then one can use less mental capital yet still achieve the same efficiency. the breath is just a very foundational aspect - and if people want results that are repeated pretty much every session, then ingrain the behavior until subconscious, the programming carries its inertia forth into practice, daily life both waking and sleeping. focusing on that which one is doing in the present will better ingrain the muscle memory - and for the breath this means the instruction set programmed onto the medulla - this means the better one keeps awareness while training the breath, the more thoroughly the training will be absorbed by the body. lie back in the bath and let the water against your eardrums - now figure out how to breathe silently so that you cant hear it at all. that's indications on how to breathe meditatively. connecting directly to....nah....think of it as stripping away extraneous movement and improving efficiency. wrt neural activity, the unmanifested is where you want to leave it while in meditation.
  11. Until everything is coherent enough that random thought does not happen, then dont worry about thoughts. Just as soon as you notice you are thinking, immediately return to breath work. Its just part of training your body & mind. If you put the entirety of the focus of your awareness into the mechanics of breathing, fine tuning them, trying to execute a 'perfect breath' over and over, you discover that so long as the awareness is sufficiently harnessed, then random thoughts tend to not creep up. The caveat to this is that sensate input tends to "cause springs to fly out off the woodwork" since there are many logical loopings in the brain's wiring - so whatever remains of this 'energy-remainder' rides neural potentials right up into higher brain centers where it produces thought. Whenever there's a significant remainder, something random's going to pop off. This is why proper sitting and proper breathwork helps to eliminate the extraneous neural potentials that serve to form random thought. When the flow of air drops beneath the threshold of turbulence in the airways, that's where things begin to get quiet. Dont use anywhere that air touches to facilitate the movement of air through the system, only use the gut mechanics. Once the body's rigorously trained on that.....which is in itself awareness-training...then you can be at a point where random thoughts dont pop up much at all, especially not in meditation. Its that part in the movie where the student's being beaten with sticks (or ahnuld pushing the wheel crank in conan the barbarian,) and you realize that training's crucial to the foundation of what makes the character shine later on.
  12. Huo Hou Tu Translation

    second article I'm having some measure of luck translating the labels from the tapestry, but its not getting all of them. I'll probably have to....well, the best thing for my brain would be to just draw and reproduce the entire thing and then have something I can write notes all over...that would perhaps be the most thorough way to highlight all of the characters that I need to seek out further translation on....if I can get 75, 80% without bothering anyone, lol
  13. The Cool Picture Thread

    roight! I promised someone pics of that baby mantis I saw a few weeks back hehe...north side's a little weather-dirty...but this angle shows the scale better found a few more when I was mowing the lawn last week, a bright green juvenile and another biggun by the stump (but I didnt get off the mower to go grab a camera, lol...and actually, depending on how fast they grow, one could have been this guy here above) ...and letting the milkweed grow is cool, because I saw monarchs last week too
  14. Black Sabbath

    black sabbath, the Cronus of heavy metal spawned them all, and could eat most all of em, too