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  1. State of the World Address

    if youre including hillary clinton and follow the money, you include george soros even if you're only considering Fusion GPS
  2. State of the World Address

    it takes a sick fucking mind to want to kill 95% of the human population, sheeple though the vast majority may be whomever put up those guidestones should be eviscerated upon them
  3. Relationship to food

  4. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    That they've become a means of speculation is quite purposeful. There are actors purposefully using buy sell strategies to make crytpos be a wild ride roller coaster - and for that explicit reason. Part of it is because people know what a con job central banking is and how badly manipulated and counterfeit it is, and cryptos have a mechanism to thwart counterfeiting. Since every BIS attached entity exists as part of the counterfeit network, those who own the BIS are not pleased at all about having competition for their counterfeiting operations. I wouldnt ever try to have my own bot competing against other bots with exponentially more processing power and infinitesimally less network access time. Milliseconds loses to microseconds easily.
  6. Shen and Chi Power.

    reminded me of this most excellent video on Riemann surfaces - this vid shows how complex number functions really cant be understood well in 2d....or 3d, for that matter, but a good 3d goes light years further than a decent 2d
  7. The Cool Picture Thread

  8.'re the only one I've ever heard use the term, a few years back - so of course whenever I hear something potentially useful like that, I wind up examining it! Correct, the former not the latter. Magnets, especially strong ones, dont really jive well on the head, but I never thought to try to suspend one at some height over my head. If you can already perceive objects with your hands, then you'll definitely be able to pass your hand over a magnet and feel that. (especially with neodymium since the gradient is steeper than ferrite) That concept was pretty useful for bagua walking as well, it was a good practice point for smooth walking using downward sinking palm + radar-ish hands concept, they'd tell pretty clearly when the stepping was not smooth
  9. hahahaha, 2"x2".....that's a really strong magnet. you dont need something that strong! those bigguns get dangerous to handle even on their own, nevermind with a pair of them. 1"x.5" is plenty strong....that's actually still a really strong pair right there, but at least with that size you're getting into a manageable range where one can carefully manage a pair of them at the same time. SJ.....good for some radar hands work spotless has some good points about improper flow....its really not that great of a feeling if you put the wrong polarity on yongquans, for example
  10. Financial tips for the bums

    hehe...and Amazon, Target, are on my list of boycotted corporations. in the corporate world, your money is your vote, so I try to be reasonably informed about the places I do business with. but, when dad gives me an amazon gift card for xmas, I consider the money already spent, and order up...
  11. Excuses, excuses...

    Silly Wabbit, New Year's resolutions simply work better if they are begun on Chinese New Year's, instead of Jan 1, where one is encouraged to break the resolutions right away Not that it would have saved you in this case, but.....well, timing Was its beginning auspicious, or arbitrary? What was the feng shui of this endeavor?
  12. technically speaking it should be the surpassing of the physiospiritual coefficient of friction whereby one is no longer bound to the spacetime hypersurface in the context of string/M theory, GUT(grand unified theory) level energies should see open ended strings close their loops via this mechanism.... dont forget the higher harmonics
  13. its part of the reason why I have this big ol anapanasati drum, that I go around beating all the time (and encouraging rote depth achievement...) who knows what sorts of cookings I'd have exposed myself to without that first 3 years of having pretty much nothing but saved me from a lot of heady spaceyness, it would seem.
  14. well, that's why I said I didnt necessarily agree with the assertion, I just know it'd be made by someone. also why I detailed the electromagnetic analogue of lightning and correlated the jing-qi sink this tells me that your practices were balanced enough that there was no overload
  15. I dont know what DM or SBP means, but I know of some (knowledgeable) folks who would assert that you did not experience Kundalini. I'm not necessarily asserting that, though But I do know that there's some very significant differences between what's explained in bindi's link, and what Max taught me - and that practice, I backed off on, because I was getting the impression that I might as well wait for a thunderstorm, get a couple silver maple leafs, go sit on top of a mountain, sit on one, put the other on top of my head...