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  1. Question about breath retention

    all them cultural appropriations touchin muh nervez your posts have become noise, Drew. classic egghead that cant connect with the real world/real people, typing in big red font doesnt get your point across any better than if you succinctly summed things up in a paragraph instead of 16 pages that go into all kinds of detail that stays removed from being much of any practical use - which was where the "posts borne of experience" quip came from, as if the space in between b sharp and f flat is going to help one make gains in cultivation.
  2. Question about breath retention

    I always chuckle at quibbling over what master's words really were and what they mean, instead of reading things borne of direct experience
  3. of course it can be stalled anywhere along the process. having progress stall isnt a good thing, but when training to very high levels of efficiency, its just a fact of life. which is another reason to have a teacher, lest the trailblazer be left to continually troubleshoot his own progress and learn when to change as change is required.
  4. "progress in one's efforts" which was why I tried to give a balanced set of examples to show the commonality the approach has to all methods of training just about anything. different things require different approaches and emphasis, but the learn>integrate>train>progress and stall when methods outlast their applicability applies to all of them
  5. No, I meant the plateau in "gains"
  6. any good gin and tonic recipes?

    sounds like alcohol in general
  7. Of course this is my approach - and while the analog certainly isnt linear, there's many logically overlapping aspects - in a sense, training is training, no matter if you're training for a 5 minute breath or training doing do that wild circular gut movement from some of the indian yoga, or training to hit a golf ball, or squat some weight, or training to punch someone in the face. There's learning, integration, progress, plateau in all of them. In deeper meditation, the external breath only disappeared once the perineum was properly engaged...
  8. Question about breath retention

    holding the breath at all is silly unless doing something other than anapanasati-breathConditioning-stillness (i.e. not achieving regular samhadi yet and working towards...) you simply dont fully de-link from the identification of the breath process fully - to the extent that there is any pause whatsoever, refer to a piston's motion inside of an engine relative to the crankshaft at the bottom of the stroke while there is the lowest piston-crankshaft angle - the piston sort of pauses its motion even though the crankshaft continues its motion through the bottom of the stroke and into the upside. paying good attention is what burns the pattern into the medulla's subconscious breath programming more efficiently - so by programming no pauses in there, it makes the autonomic effects that much more efficient when they are being relied upon. so I guess perhaps maybe we can differentiate between where breath retention is useful instead of overlapping it with a context of achieving samhadi - because "active" things will not directly produce samhadi.
  9. any good gin and tonic recipes?

    straight up Tang has long been the howya spell that, Tangueray...long ago my younger brother always started insisting that's the one, but I'm not really a gin connoisseur myself lime is a must with any gin recipe and there's simply no reason not to have the gin in the freezer Goya Mango nectar is a great addition if you want to fruiten it up a bit and so are those hardcore Acai berry ones like the Sambazon or...there's a couple others I forget - but just a touch of those are a good flavor-addition if you're adding that stuff then use club soda instead of tonic, or various seltzer waters. winds up being tough to find a non HFCS tonic water, and that stuff is disgusting. lol, or my buddy started drinking these new drinks, what are they, white claw? seltzer and vodka, 100 calories, and a surprisingly faithful fruit representation, although the mango ones are like the half unripe mangoes and not the Jamaican beach ripe fresh but that doesnt fit in the gin category. (he says gin makes him crazy like whiskey does, but somehow vodka's ok...I dont get it, cuz I'm really not a drinker, lol)
  10. Question about breath retention

    its actually a sweet sparkly glowy liquid - when you slow it down enough
  11. Question about breath retention

    but it comes with the option* to upgrade! *some mountains worth of work required
  12. What happens to suicides?

    killing oneself is pointless. maybe socrates can be excused for it, but that was capital punishment. I'll guarantee every one of us who has had someone even remotely close to them do this, we ALL wish with every fiber of our beings that they were still here with us. The problems are always temporary, but that solution sure isnt.
  13. Haiku Chain

    emptiness made known but its not truly empty fireworks inside
  14. Question about breath retention

    but you already know sometimes I paint the flowers with neon colors, just for shits & giggles (the trick is to figure out when its neon and when its natural )
  15. Question about breath retention

    I'm lazy and enjoy my food too much, but I achieved minute and a half averages before. Its got more to do with the work you put in as opposed to the little refinements that show their max efficacy after the fundamentals are roted into the muscle memory. That's the whole point of eliminating the airflow-signal to the olfactory nerve and rolling the inhales and exhales into one another, is that it conveys that exact same sense that happens momentarily from those little energy-peaks during meditation where its comfortable to sit with the excess until it burns off a bit and you have to breathe again. Its really all about the signals generated and the energy consumed by the generation of those signals. Once that additional energy is there as a matter of regularity and its built upon, that's what forms the basis for samhadi - so those energy boosts and such are signposts along the way, its the sparks off a flint before the fire gets going. Once the endocrine system is fully primed and gung is built and samhadi happens regularly, how can one not be happy - but that really winds up also manifesting the childlike wonder at everything too, where one can look at most things and winds up deriving simple pleasure from their sheer existence. That becomes more of an ongoing state instead of something that happens momentarily, which eventually gives rise to a contentment. I dont really see it as useful to think of it as limited, shallow, effortful, or unsatisfactory - instead I see it as merely signposts on the way, and all attendant phenomena are experiences to be had and recognized, transcended positively as opposed to thinking the body is a nasty bag of crap that just helps us get from point a to point b.