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  1. I'm not up for word games or how your interpretations differ from the definitions of the words I chose. Good luck finding....whatever it is you are looking for, here.
  2. Well, you cant have it both ways - if you agree its true, then by virtue of that, it automatically has relevance. Its a simple and fully applicable statement - you asked about forms that dont emphasize stillness of the mind - well, fact of the matter is, without the focus of awareness being brought sufficiently to bear, one is simply going through the motions. With the awareness focused and fully present in what's being performed, this maximizes the coefficient and results in a greater output, greater ingraining of habit and muscle memory. This is true whether its breathwork or taiji or the flying circus
  3. The focus of awareness is a coefficient in the overall energetic output equation - its as simple as that. Act accordingly
  4. hahaha, I'll never forget trying to follow Cam around where was that, scottsdale or something, we're trying to find this hiking spot and he's pulling friggin U turns in the middle of crazy traffic and I'm expected to follow right along Cam's a good guy. It was a nice hike, we all made it eventually Man, that was what, 11 years ago already??
  5. People around here should have known, the moment sean had the "donate bitcoin" link at the top of the page years ago
  6. Sometimes the link is in a more subtle way - while regulating the breath doesnt change one's sense of smell (or....does it...later...) ....what the olfactory nerve does do, is act as an air-metering system in addition to detecting smells. That is why its very important to learn the proper gut motions and combine it with not moving the air inside the airways, with the airways themselves. The air metering links to heartrate and one's urge to actually breathe, and I've found that basically, the energy of all of the cranial nerves tend to do some measure of cascading over into each other. Which is why it is so profound when the flow of air is smoothed beneath the threshold of detection, because then one can have that quiescence that's there momentarily during a breath hold, but keep it as a matter of ongoing course of meditation. (=stopping the 40 cycles/sec resonance of the olfactory nerve and maintaining that....which, if one gets that far, is automatically calming the other sense nerves....that is actually a LOT of energy consumed each day for these processes, and stopping them for a couple hours a day really does cost-save a LOT of energy...and where gung winds up becoming a modulator for duration of breath able to be comfortably and sustainably achieved, longer breath, larger gung multiplier coefficient per breath....more gung, longer duration breath...) Taste overlaps with salivation, and that's why the tongue is instructed to touch the nasopalatine nerve and make a head-mudra linking of the maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve. At the apex of the palette, its no longer the anterior branch of the nerve, though...
  7. He didnt understand his "schematic" in his complete book of exercises - but that one at the end doesnt make the rest of the book bad or inapplicable at all. (Then again, exceedingly few did understand it anyway, but I digress)
  8. did you see that shadow fly past? I think it was the rule of law I heard a rumor it might still exist in certain places, at certain times dismissed with prejudice - gtfo and dont bring this case back!!!
  9. looks like one of the sparrowhawks,_kites_and_eagles
  10. its frickin freezing in here, mr bigglesworth!
  11. lol I was gonna say, he stole yoda but the poor chap really wanted to get "visits," and got more than what he bargained I guess good in a sense that his family situation did well with the change, and that's more important than appearing here.
  12. hehe, the stuff they had to go through before cgi
  13. honestly this is the first I've heard of its existence (no, I wont watch it, lol)
  14. I worked at mcdonalds for 2 weeks when I was 16, and was superlatively disgusted by what went on inside there. dont mess up the square, put that bun back that just went on the floor!
  15. and so since you see the friend-link between DeLonge and know that Delonge is being wagged by handlers, whether he knows it or not.