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  1. lotus isnt for weekend warriors. if one is a spiritual weekend warrior, one's not going to get very far with it anyway! now if one is serious about training, on the other hand... then its a matter of thorough cross training and covering all aspects of cultivation. once one can sit in lotus comfortably, the natural tripod setup allows for even deeper relaxation because of the position's inherent stability - and the bit of tension placed on the psoas muscle is more energetic also, like a guitar string at its proper tension instead of one that is far too slack to resonate well. this doesnt mean one should rush to get there, because that's just asking for injury. but its too good to be ignored by the serious cultivator.
  2. I probably shouldnt have mentioned anything about that - it wasnt me, I have not amassed such a level of gung, I stuck around in society instead (iirc it was somewhat in response to shit talkers.) feats of qi most often cost training time, jing, qi.
  3. People misunderstand this phenomena whereby the student teacher relationship is energetically open and the connection becomes easily made, because its been done with permission enough times. When this phenomena is not of a friendly nature, this becomes a matter of attacking the opponent's heart energy and crosses into the realm of a killing maneuver, its not something to take lightly "for purposes of demonstration." This tells me that its not quite the same technique between the two situations. It also tells me that anyone attempting to demonstrate this - e.g. the kiai master who had his nose bloodied - didnt really understand that there's such a difference, and the gingerly technique that works with implied permission on his students is not the sort of technique that works in a life threatening situation whereby the attacker must be stopped or even killed if necessary. Years ago when Max stuck me to a tree, it relied upon my generating a resonant energy (and permission!) whereby the interaction could take place. When it all became so ridiculous that I just couldnt stop laughing to the point that I could not continue generating said energy, it became switched off like an electromagnet.
  4. PM me and I'll share it. Not chunyi lin, his method is superficial too. Lin used to be a taobum member long time ago, some will remember him.
  5. Yeah, but this is just the same as Awaken telling me that since she wasted 20 years on breathwork, that its really not a useful technique and its a waste of time to focus on, and then she was insulted when I described things well beyond what her breathwork experience was and (she) said I'm not going to waste my time addressing this. Do you realize that you are introducing a strawman argument by making this conversation specific to simply prolonging life? I have to admit that I would not think very highly of mco either, had I not discovered what I did. But then by saying things like this, I'm giving the impression that I'm patting myself on the back for being clever - I'm just saying it plainly and straightforwardly. Years ago I posted a shell of a description and nobody understood it, and it took me a while to bother detailing every step of the process. The way some act is the reason I wont just post it *shrugs* but I'll always be thankful to Lin for encouraging me in the process of discovery, because that led me to focus on it more than I might otherwise have. For those of you who have messaged me, I will get this done soon - I have some formatting corrections to make, and I'd also like to add just a bit more on some prerequisite.
  6. If you're truly interested, PM me. I'm not up for opening this to a gaggle of nonsensical criticism to field by folks who have some attachment to saying a certain way of practicing this is useless. (or that practicing it in any way shape or form, period, is useless.) I'll say this much, the "methods" espoused in chias or ymaa's material were in fact rather impotent, but what I derived made a grapefruit sized ball of qi shining like the sun slowly rise up my back and ping various points in a waterfall fashion down the front - to give an abridged annotation. Stirring a bathtub of water with one's pinky vs stirring it with a shovel, as it were. (I'm as confident in this as I am in all of my various breathwork writings, it is that unequivocal,)
  7. "Doesnt exist" "The" as if there's but one I guess we could talk of absolute statements and actual confidence factor or statistical applicability.. a link for you, sir I guess what I like about helping teach here and there is that the audience will actually go investigate my words and ascertain for themselves once they realize the fruit - but in other places such as here - everyone already knows, they're oh so confident that they know, and they'll write it o'plenty. It doesnt matter if you disagree with them - because they already know. You can write things beyond their experience, but they'll disagree, because they already are soooooo confident that they know what the real deal is, that they'll refuse to even consider your words... Ah, the essence of casting pearls before swine. This is why I've only shared this in PM with a couple folks here.
  8. clearly doesnt understand the hexagram pattern posted above you've heard the term firing process before, yes? well, there's not just one
  9. look on youtube, there's a ton of videos about lotus stretches
  10. You suppose that attainment is possible in quietude but lost in activity; you do not realize that the reason for loss through activity is because nothing is attained through stillness. Lu Yan (829-874)
  11. Why are you replying if you have nothing to add and havent even read what you are responding to? Go make yourself useful, to yourself, and go practice. Fkn internet trolls, I swear Where's that troll spray again?
  12. fragrances....yet another thing unlocked by longevity breathing and transforming of the neural resonant modes...
  13. Arriving with no effort, regularly, deeply, every single session.....this is precisely why one should ***master*** anapanasati. If its not experientially one word, one has a lot of work left to do to reach that basic milestone. The problem is, people arent even getting that basic thing nailed down to its fullest (or even appreciable) extent, and then wonder, when the wind rips that shingle off the roof. Its mildly annoying reading people disagree with me in principle and then agree with me in their quotations. I have no real attachment to my correctness, because my experience has already validated it numerous times over, therefore I need no further validation, much less externally so. I suppose I'm wasting my time, but this is why I teach elsewhere and only toss tidbits of information out here and there at this place, where maybe someone might understand what's being said, or at least grok it enough to realize the logic and then go grow the fruit for themselves whereby they can say yes, this is correct. To me its ridiculous to sit there and sit there and wait for something to perhaps maybe arrive, when there are methods to make that something arrive like clockwork. Hearing someone say you shouldnt force this, I palm my face and wonder why the perspective is that of 'forcing,' when really what this Qi itself is.....patterning. Patterning and conditioning, to arrange the probability equations as such so that a desired pattern has a (potentially much, MUCH) higher probability to manifest. Arranging the conditions, as the buddhists like to say. One can either wait for conditions to spontaneously pattern themselves and manifest, or one can diligently arrange the potentials so that the result has a very high probability of manifesting. One will produce a intermittent result, one will produce a well ingrained, patterned, reliable result that comes with excellent regularity. Because fact of the matter is, if one does not enter into superlative stillness every single session, then one necessarily has a lot more anapanasati to work on. There's more to the solid yang line transforming to the broken yin line than a little bit of quiescence.
  14. What happened to the old editor, this new one is terrible, why cant I just see the code and format it correctly!