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Found 3 results

  1. In another thread, I noticed one commentator was waxing eloquent about the role of Reasoning. So to that I posed the question - What is it that gives us the ability to reason? Let me elaborate further with a series of questions. We interact with our world using the sensory apparatuses and our mind (via thought). Reasoning is integral part of the thinking/function of the mind. That being said, what gives us the ability to sense? What gives us the ability to think?
  2. I waiver over this one. Whether to be modern and believe in what I see, science tells me and disregard other phenomena as superstition. But I run into wise people who claim we live in a 'thick' dimension with other spaces and beings living intimately near by. Beings interpreted as spirits, angels, demons even aliens. Then there's the world view of an intimate God watching us and controlling everything, and another positing a less personal but spiritual God which encompasses all of time space and our very being, one we 'feel' in states of deep peace and touch its infinite Oneness. I guess I believe in a less personal spiritual big big big God. Though if I have to guess, it may not be the strongest belief. And that's why I meditate. The satori experience, to get a glimpse of God, beyond a belief structure. What do you think the basic Reality we live in?