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Found 42 results

  1. My Obligatory Welcome Post

    Good whatever time of day and night there it is where you are , I have come to this site in order to find answers to answers to the following questions: 1. can qigong fix scoliosis 2. can qigong really help you grow taller 3. can qigong really fix and change your bone structure (particularly the face)? 4. can qigong really be used to heal the body? After coming across this video on YouTube below along with another video with an older woman stating that her scoliosis was healed, I have a deep routed curiosity to know if chi can really heal the body this way. The video below is by a man named master Wong but I cannot find anything else by this man. In the video, he says that the bones are harder to change but the joints are easier, so the bones can changed? I'm curious. I have come across qigong in the past a long while back but was not in a position to really delve as deep as I would like into the subject. I spoke to a person that taught qigong and said in the chi world, anything is possible? I want to know more about qigong for the purpose of and I do not like to use this word in fear of sounding off my rocker but shape shifting. I do not believe that I can magically change into another person but to me it makes sense that certain parts of a person can change and heal. I do not think the story about the woman who used this practice to fix her scoliosis is far fetched. I have read many stories of the amazing things the body can do. I want to know to what extent qigong can be used to change and heal the body. This whole search could be in vain but for a long time, I have had the feeling that it is not and the only way to really find this out to leave no stone unturned. I will read whatever material I have to, and do whatever qigong practice I have to. So hello to anyone who is reading, I want to know all I can about qigong.
  2. Excited to be here.

    I often worry Im breaking some unknown rule. If so, I apologize, sincerely. About myself. I will quickly spill the beans. Hopefully only ones relevant or delicious. I was born into a Protestant family. I graduated with bachelor's in Philosophy I taught middle school My mother had 10 faild pregnancies before me, so I associate with the number 11. I practized Zen I was Krishna devotee I was Shiva devotee I am Thelemite. 93 0=2 I have dedicated my life to the study of Qigong I Ching Taoism Mycology. Im from New Orleans I Enjoy = Anime, Art house film, international classical and folk music. I participate in VR Chat I invest in Stocks, specifically tech related I love you. I thank you.
  3. Hello

    Hi, im a lover of dao.. 🙏🏻
  4. Greetings

    I look forward to engaging with the Dao Bums community and participating in an exchange of ideas along with words of encouragement and support. Good day everyone
  5. @Welcomer, There is not a single word, that you said there, that I disagree with. But, all of sudden I am seeing all of these closed threads. It is like--I have said all that needs to be said -- so there! I agree that it makes things simpler but it is limiting to all of us, when it is not necessary. I can see it when things are getting negative but, to assume that any response is unnecessary in any new thread seems a little arrogant me.
  6. Hello

    Greetings to whomever this may concern, my name is Hunter, and I am new to this forum. Not too long ago, I found Daoism through the likes of George Thompson and Alan Watts. While participating in this forum, I hope to make like-minded friends and to learn more about Daoism and how to implement it in my daily life. I will turn twenty in little over a month and I would like to begin my journey of a thousand steps with the aid of like-minded people. Thank you and I hope that I find you to be doing well...
  7. Hello everybody!!!

    Hello everybody...Nice to be here...I come from Greece...interested in all spiritual traditions ....In the latest years I have studied acupupuncture...and trying to delve into Chines trdition and Dao!!! Thanks
  8. Welcome to everybody!)

    Welcome to everybody! this is a great place were we all can get the understanding of what all of us searching every day. this place can get a birth of new truth wich can be combined of something we already know.lets do this.
  9. Hello there!

    Hi guys! im very excited to be a part of this forum. i practice taiji mainly for about 3 years now, mainly using online stuff because there are not that many teachers here and my time schedule is really complicated. i hope we can share and evolve together. cheers
  10. Welcome me

    Hello All members, I just signed up to this forum to share some health bum. Let me introduce, My name is Anchal Anurag Jyoti. For more than a decade, I am committed to spreading the awareness of living LIFE to the fullest. I believes in letting go off all the mind-made struggles and limitations. I am owning few of self-help websites, free meditations, and mental health. If you need any help regarding holistic health care and spirituality. You can get in touch with me.
  11. Hi!

    Hi! Dear friends, I'm here hoping to share what I know about taoism, even though my knowledge is eternally limited, and also to question so many other things that go beyond that knowledge. My main interest areas are related to scripture study, taoist and buddhist tales, meditation practices, and alchemy. Thank you so much.
  12. Hi all

    Hi everyone. I found this space some time back, but bookmarked it to come back to it... and finally I have. I've been practicing Tai Ji and Qigong for almost 19 years, and also was a professional Chinese medicine practitioner, but have retired (maybe temporarily, maybe not) from clinical practice a little over a year ago. I used to teach Qigong and Tai Ji also, but am not doing that at present either, as well as lecture TCM students in History & Philosophy. I'm currently working on a translation of the Yi Jing, and for some reason the Dao De Jing. I'm hoping to be able to share ideas and assistance with translations, happy to also share my experience with medical and qigong related topics too, if anyone needs it. One of the things I'm looking for is access to texts in original chinese, as well as translations of the more 'obscure' Daoist texts. I have a fascination with the Quanzhen school, mainly because I'm equally interested in Confucian and Buddhist philosophy also, and love the x-over there. Looking forward to reading your posts. 😊🙏🏽☯️
  13. Passin' Through

    Hi Folks, I keep finding myself returning to this forum so I finally decided that I might as well become a member. I'm not much of a "joiner" of things and I'm a little wary of belief systems in general. I think that's what attracts me to Taoism, at least the philosophical aspect, it seems to encourage finding one's own way rather than simply falling in line. In fact, that's why the forum interests me, there's a lot of intelligent (well, usually) discussion from people of diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and traditions/non-traditions. seems to be fairly active, which is getting to be a rarity in the age of facebook and twitter. So, I'm reluctant to say very much in my very first post. I'm well on in years and a little disappointed in the haphazard way I spent (I musn't say wasted) most of my formative years. I'm pretty sure I know a lot less now than I did 30 years ago, but more importantly, these days I see beauty in simplest things. One thing I have learned is that a good sense of humor can take you far . Thanks for being here TDB, looks like a great place to stop in from time to time.
  14. G'Day

    Hello, I'm from down under . Twenty-six years of age . I'm a horrible Dzogchen practitioner , no good indeed. What am I here for ? - A good dose of shit talking - A place to do said shit talking that isn't steeped in scientific materialism - To learn from any and all traditions - To learn from any and all individuals - To post obscure synth records.
  15. Hello, I am a middle-age fart with 3 Kids and a Wife and I am doing my best to bring myself back into a state of balance and good health. I am somewhat new to Qigong (I started practicing through Ken Cohens CD/DVD's some 7 or 8 years ago, but didn't stick with it long, and renewed my interest a few months ago after stumbling upon Sifu Anthony Korahais online instructional for Lifting the Sky (thanks Anthony!)), though I have been practicing various types of meditation and shadow-work throughout the last few decades. I also found interest in Dao through the Tao Te Ching as a youngster, and I am always working to apply its wisdom to my life. I've been on this site a few times over the years while searching for various things, and I'm happy to finally join the site and get to know some of you better!
  16. Hi everyone, Happy to have registered. I have been reading on and practicing qi gong on-and-off for few years now but have only seriously got into Zhan Zhuang for the last year and a half or so for health and spirituality aspects. I look forward to reading from and exchanging with much more seasoned practitioners on the forum. Best, gatsu
  17. New here -excited

    Folks This is a new and exciting journey for me . Looking forward to joining your community learning from others and helping ,too where I can. Just knowing there are people who can relate helps already
  18. My Welcome Post

    Hi All I'll do my best to explain what brought me here. I began having energetic experiences about 3 years ago through the practice of the Wim Hof Method. His method (for those who don't know) combines breath work with progressive cold exposure. During this practice I would experience sensations best described as "magnetic" in my hands, belly and head during the breath holds. I also began to experience light behind my forehead when I had my eyes closed. I continued this practice for a while but at a certain point I felt that it was a little too frenetic and jarring to my system. I kind of modified the breath practices by slowing down the breathing and limited the cold exposure. A year later I went on a 5 day silent meditation retreat in the Insight tradition. My experience on this retreat was profound and afterwards I began to take meditation very seriously. After about 4 or 5 months of diligent practice I began to have extremely intense bouts of crying and emotional release. These experiences were often accompanied by an intense magnetic sensation in my chest. I had a history of trauma and had battled depression for most of my life... steady meditation practice was essentially releasing the valve on my emotional pressure cooker. I was very overwhelmed by these experiences, but I eventually found a buddhist teacher and a therapist that practiced western psychology within a buddhist framework who I am still working with. These experiences really threw a huge curveball into my life, and the last couple of years have been full of really intense transition and emotional release. As I began to gain some confidence with all the energetic experiences I had been having, I wanted to learn a way to work with them, so I started learning to practice Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, and eventually I enrolled at an Eastern Medicine school to learn Massage Therapy. My most recent experience with the subtle energy happened a few months ago during a moment of intimacy with my partner. My body began convulsing, I started sobbing and I was thrown into intense flashbacks from childhood as well as "memories" that I could not recall from this lifetime. This went on for about 4 hours and was accompanied by many intense visual experiences. Since this has happened, my body has continued tremoring and I've felt a build up of energy in my pelvic floor that is sometimes incredibly difficult to manage - either causing a "hemorrhoid" feeling or intense and difficult to manage sexual energy. A few times, I've been able to draw the energy up to my crown and back down through breathing, resulting in some pretty blissful experiences, but I haven't been able to do it consistently and for the most part this energy has been very difficult to manage. So I'm here looking for some recommendations for practice - While I do have a background in the Martial Arts (Kenpo) I don't have a ton of experience with Qi Gong... I've taken a few classes and read some Mantak Chia but I've never dove into the practice, I find it difficult to learn these things through books. I live in the NY area and am definitely interested in meeting teachers or other practitioners who my experiences resonate with. I'm also happy to have a place to share these experiences where people will have more understanding and experience with what I'm going through.
  19. Howdy and Goals

    Long time lurker, first time poster. love the site, love the info, main goal is to improve retention and work towards the ultimate goal of MCO. I know that it is not an easy or quick process, but i am willing to put in the work. thanks so much and looking forward to the path!
  20. Greetings from Far Away

    Hello Everyone, I've stumbled across this site while looking for somewhere to discuss the uncertainty I feel after reading differing translations of the DDJ. Many of you have taken the same route, I imagine! I can't wait to pick the minds of the many folks here who are no doubt more studied than I. Your Friend, Amigo
  21. I wandered here again

    Hi From time to time, the last years, I sometimes land upon this forum after a google search. Many questions dwell in me but none in particular bubble up at current moment. It's more that I'm wandering and this seems to be a nice place to do so. The nice thing about wandering is that you always end up where you need to be at the right time.
  22. Welcome

    You have requested a welcome post, here it is. I have practiced martial arts and qi gong for many years and am interested in what other people have to say about it.
  23. Tao Convert

    Hi Y'all, My name is Amy, and I have been studying the Tao for about 3 months. I was drifting aimlessly since leaving Christianity 4 years ago. I did a lot of YouTube with Chakras, Meditating, Astral Planes, etc. One day (as I was playing Star Wars, SWTOR), I decided to look more into Taoism. I have known for some time that "The Force" was based on Tao. I read it all the way through in one sitting the first time. I am currently comparing 2 different translations as I read through again. I live in a very conservative town that it is in a very conservative state. It is probably 3 hours to the nearest town that might have a Tao temple. So, I started looking for an online community - and here I am. Thanks!
  24. I Am Me

    Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and I've only recently found The Way. I feel like I've always followed it without knowing growing up which is probably why I couldn't find a name for it. "The name that can be named, is not the universal name." I'm hoping to learn more about Taoism and everything that goes with it to help deepen myself as a human being so if anyone wants to talk I'm more than open for it. Hopefully you'll accept me for who I am, because it's all I can be
  25. Greetings

    Hello Dao Bums, I’m not much of a talker so I’ll be brief. I’ve read some forum posts here, over the years, and thought it time to sow some seeds. By joining this community, I hope to profit some insights from those whom have either traveled longer and/or more wisely than I have. As far as giving back I doubt my shallow experiences can help but I’m willing whenever I can. My interests broadly lay in meditation and inner alchemy. Meditation being my central routine practice. I’ve been interested in Qabala and Hermeticism for about 20 years. For the last few years though I’ve been reading more on Daoism and eastern internal alchemy. The philosophy and overall insights toward inner cultivation have been very insightful. My current mindset is to stay present seek balance and reap chances of understanding when they come. To the DB team thanks for welcoming me and providing this community to share. Best wishes - Jurgen My active reading list of 2016: The Primordial Breath Vol.1 – Jane Huang The Little Book of Meditation - William Bodri The Little Book of Hercules – William Bodri The Secrets of Chinese Meditation – Charles Luk Tao & Longevity – Huai Chin Han Tao Te Ching (Audible) – Jane English, Jacob Needleman Practicing the Tao Te Ching – Solala Towler