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Found 43 results

  1. Hello again? Introduction

    Did my first introduction get sent to a lazy moderator or will I do this again?
  2. New Member

    Hello, I am new here. I am interested in esoteric topics, and so I'm looking forward to sharing and exploring with other spiritual seekers.
  3. Hello from Belgium

    Hello from Belgium! Looking for some wisdom, good conversations and maybe even find some interesting people near me!
  4. Hi Everyone :)

    Hi, Nice to meet you all! I'm just a beginner about the I-ching, numerology, and meditation. I want to share and discover more knowledge that's why I decided to join here I'm looking forward to talking and sharing ideas from you guys! Thank You so much!
  5. I have meditated on and off for nearly 30 years using various techniques. I sit in a cubicle and write software all day. I like to be active, I've been a weightlifter for 36 years (I'm 48). I was attracted to the idea of standing meditation when I found Qigong. I bought 'The Way of Energy' by Lam Kam Chuen and watched his videos on Youtube. I have been Standing Like A Tree for about a month now and am up to 13 minutes Standing at the Stake (going for 15 tonight). My total routine takes 30 minutes with warmup (knee circles, hip circles, Lifting The Sky, Wuji and relax) and closing (Lifting The Sky, Shaking, twist and slap body, massage, walking). I do it everyday before going to bed. I'm looking for a Tai Chi or Qigong teacher. It looks like I have 2 available in my area (Greensburg, PA). In the meantime I'm trying to learn all that I can. I have been reading 'The Healing Promise of Qi' by Roger Jahnke (for some theory). I receive newsletters from Flowing Zen and Energy Arts. I just ordered 'Chi Kung: The Way of Power' by Lam Kam Chuen (I love his style, had to order used from Half Price Books), 'The Inner Structure of Tai Chi: Mastering the Classic Forms of Tai Chi Chi Kung' by Mantak Chia (I read in the forums here that this has a Tai Chi form for small spaces. I know he has his critics, but this seemed like one of his safer, more practical books), and 'Opening The Energy Gates Of Your Body' by Bruce Frantzis (gets rave reviews, seems like a must-read). I could tell quite a long story about how i got here. I'll just say I've tried a lot of things and I'm really excited about Qigong. I'm all in. I've learned a lot already lurking here in the forums. I'm looking forward to sharing in health, vitality, and spiritual enlightenment with everyone here.
  6. Hello everyone

    Hi, I am new here. I read 'dao de ching', 'zhuangzi' and 'The secret of the golden flower'. I am practicing kuji in mudras and breathing meditation for almost a week. I hope I can learn more from everyone here. Please take care of me.
  7. Greetings All

    Greetings to all, I'm coming to the party 20 something years too late One time taoist initiate, from Hong Kong, gravitating towards my own culture. I grew up with stories of the supernatural and was weaned on old traditions and folk lore that I didn't understand back then as a child. I even rebelled and tried to distance myself from my own culture, trying to become a westerner, but it was impossible with this Han chinese face. I drifted from one martial art to the next, never mastering any, never satisfied with the lore taught to me, though I did pick up some good meditation techniques on the way. Now I'm a 40 something year old armchair warrior, coming nearer to my end than my begining. But it is never too late right? I first saw the East of Krakatoa docu in the 80s, I dreamed of going to Indonesia and finding John Chang or Dynamo Jack to beg him to accept me as a student. I never did and then life got in the way and I forgot all about him. With the advent of You Tube around 2006/7 I rediscovered him, only to forget him again until 2018, when I chanced upon the book "The Majus of Java". After reading this book and it's sequel, many things became clear to me from my childhood to do with my own culture and mythology, that I had previously dismissed and tried to distance myself from. So here I am, seakign knowledge again in 2019!
  8. New member—Hello!

    Hi. I’m new here, and I’m very much looking forward to learning and sharing.
  9. Greetings from Far Away

    Hello Everyone, I've stumbled across this site while looking for somewhere to discuss the uncertainty I feel after reading differing translations of the DDJ. Many of you have taken the same route, I imagine! I can't wait to pick the minds of the many folks here who are no doubt more studied than I. Your Friend, Amigo
  10. Hello everybody

    Hi, My name is Gianca and I'm from Montevideo. For a long time I've been studying daoism and trying to put in practice some of the teachings. My native language is spanish but I hope to improve in english in order to discuss with the whole community about the most different subjects. Salú, Gianca
  11. Seeing the universe anew

    I've recently begun to explore the Tao. I joined to create a better understanding of how others see the universe. Always open to discuss.
  12. Hello, newbe

    Hello, everyone a friend of mine from another forum said that he had signed up here. I decided to check this forum out to see if I would be a good fit. It has been asked of me 'how do you stand to work in a building when it is full of ghosts'/spirits, I replied 'I simply made friends with all of the ghosts/spirits'. I have been initiated into the spirit planes that are accessible to our current physical plane, and I associate with people who are similarly acquainted with spirit world activity. (bold, italicized added to signify a direct quote)
  13. Hello from a taoist enthusiast

    Hello my name is Rick im a taoist practitioner from a small town just sayin hi.
  14. Ni hao a

    I've practiced a little martial arts for awhile; Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing I with Robert Smith 1 1/2 -2 yrs in the 70's, Shotokan, Cuong Nhu, Judo 70's - mid 80's. CMA from early 2000's; Kai Sai ~2005 - ~2010, Wudang Longmen under Master Liu Xiaoling ~2010 - ->. Serious study; Cuong Nhu Shotokan. More serious under Master Liu and since becoming disciple trying to get to fanatic level
  15. my first hello to you

    hello, I'm just looking for the original chinese text of the yellow court classic 黄庭经 and so I come here. I practice since some years taiji quan and now I want therefore to study this classic book. but there is no translation in german (I'm a german), I have here 'only' an english version. In another thread there is a link (,but it doesn't work for me, because I can't no chinese. it would be nice, if someone could help me with a pdf or doc-file with only the text of the book. thanks a lot kochi
  16. Hello

    Hi I am new here. Had been practicing qigong for some time. Meow..
  17. Waking Up From a Little Nap

    Greetings! I just woke up from a little several year nap. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it. Before I drifted off (this last time that is - I do like naps) I was stumbling around the Way with one eye on my tea cup, and one toe in the stream. I haven't gone very far (though it's been a good long time) - which really is fine, because I've got nowhere to go. A little taijiquan here, a little qigong there. Walking circles in the park. Lots of tea, tea, tea, drinking in that cha qi. Music. Must. Have. Music. Always. What else...Dad, husband, living in southern Maine, spilling PHP to pay the rent, spreading the word of Kenneth Rexroth and Louise Michel, and wishing I listened to my Mom and stuck with those piano lessons. Looking forward to reading a whole mess of the posts, learning what folks here have to offer, pouring you some tea, and continuing my practice / crawling, before getting sleepy and climbing into bed for another nap.
  18. Hello

    Hi Everyone I have found you all via Reddit. I have many interests ranging from energy systems of the human body, meditation, primordial principles and concepts. In my own learning and research, I keep coming across related subjects you would find on this forum. Hence, I have joined and look forward to discourse with you all. I hope this message finds you well and happy Stef
  19. Hello

    Greetings everyone. My name is Squeak and I practice Wu style taichi chuan and Gao Bagua Zhang. Always interested in learning.
  20. Greetings from Devon UK

    Hi there, I live in Devon, UK - a very special part of the world IMO, very green and vibrant. I've been practicing energy arts and Taoist meditation as taught by BK Frantzis for a long time (20+ years), and I'm recently moving away from that and exploring different avenues of spiritual growth including Zen and Mindfulness training. I'm actually going through a bit of a wrench around changing teacher and have written a post I'd like to share here and maybe get some feedback. Looking forward to connecting with a few of you. Robin.
  21. Hello, friends :)

    Alright where to begin... Ah, right, hello. My name is Mikias, pronounced Mik-ee-us . I'm 24 years old and currently living in Ethiopia but grew up in Canada and I'd like to tell you my daoist story. Here we go. I was going through some big life changes this last year and decided to get healthy. After quitting smoking, excessive drinking and drugs, I realized that I was still tired, unmotivated and unhappy. The only thing left was porn, and like many men who grew up in the age of high speed internet, I was a serious porn addict. So I did some reading and stumbled on Mantak Chia's books the Multi-O Man and Taoist Secrets. It made perfect sense to me, so I quit porn and started practicing solo-cultivation. More than any other change in my life, this was the most effective. The energy boost, the improved mood and general happiness was amazing. I was more social, extremely energetic and killing the gym. And after about the 10th day I would enter this euphoric state, where I was bursting with energy and always smiling. But, I got caught up in the multiple orgasm aspect of it cultivating for longer and longer periods until I go over the edge. I haven't been able to get past 14 days of cultivation without ejaculating. The temptation get's too strong, and alas, I'm too weak. The one bonus is that my PC muscle is tanky af from all my practice lol. And I've only been cultivating for a few months so maybe 14 days isn't a bad achievement. Anyway, now I want to take it more seriously. I'm hoping to go longer than 30 days, so I need to study and get more motivation to resist the temptation. I'm hoping this forum will have the information and insights to help me go past my current limit. I'm excited to join this forum and see what everyone else is working towards. - Mikias
  22. Hi everyone

    Hi, for starters I'd like to say that I like that you have this rule that everyone has to introduce himself, makes the forum more "credible". I live in Chisinau, Moldova right now, I was quite interested in eastern religions and their way of thinking, and did some meditation when I was in school, but had to quit that when I started studying at the university, and I also kind of felt disappointed that meditation is only inside your head or something like self induction / self hypnosis. Things got a new twist when I stumbled upon a video with John Chang (I'm sure people know about him), the only thing I could find on the internet related to him is the link below. I have some question related to this topic, but I'd like to check out the existing discussions first, and then ask only if I won't be able to find what I'm looking for. thanks for building the site & community I wish you all a nice day
  23. Hello

    Hello, I practice and teach I Liq Chuan in the Phoenix area. I enjoy hearing of peoples experience with the way and look forward to exploring this forum.
  24. hello from tamba

    hello spiritual friends i have some expecience in internal arts, this include qigong and being alone there was a moment that the puzzle fell into place so now i'll look for what interests me for starters, , i would like to explore standing mediation spontaneous qigong i'm 71 years old , poorly retired (otherwise i would not be a bum) i was born in france and i'm living in a tiny village in the center of brasil, my english is barely enough to undedrstand an d eventually comment the topics in discussion, anyway will learn a little more english thank you tamba
  25. Hello!

    Hello! I'm AE, a new member here. A bit about me: I'm a Daoist and a practitioner of qigong, tai chi, and martial arts. For fun, I write, read comics, and play board games.