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  1. I miss you and wish you’d come back or join our Alchemical Garden forum.

  2. Exorcism

    calm down now? sorry had to energy work on you. But I feel it was beneficial for you. p.s. you have no spirit possession, but lots of thought forms. No need to reply back energetically. You welcome.
  3. Exorcism

    attacking you? in my version of this universe you asked for help, I suggested some, I did not word few things properly, you went into tirades, I tried to explain, you went even further, I figured out it's better to finish it, yet you write again. I am really clueless what to tell you. Why do you think I call myself an IDIOT? Spirits? Yes, they are as real as you an me. If you are into buddhist stuff, you would know the proportions of humans to spirits. Lineages and teachers? Yes. Ego and Self? Sure, open another topic and chat about it. I see you have a need to teach me something. Okay, I am listening. Internet ink is cheap...
  4. Exorcism

    huh? ( I would reply something to you, but I dunno what to tell you. So I just say nothing)
  5. Exorcism

    dude... there are things I have seen ( and I know many people on this forum had seen) that does not fit neatly into "modern human definition of the world". It gives me EVERY RIGHT TO CALL MYSELF AN IDIOT, because sometimes I do feel like Neo in a Matrix movie. Imagine you had been sent to Mars or Jupiter and they have completely different rules, ethics and gravity... That's how it feels when I say I know NOTHING. Ego/self/whatever new age crap you buy into is not even in the picture at this point. p.s. perhaps you are mirroring your own stuff into this? I wanted to ask you to ask admins to delete this post, as you are right, I did not properly quoted Sifu and made it look strange. I also see my language is not good enough to explain that I did not say the things you are inferring. However, as you said, it is a good lesson and I won't repeat it again. p.p.s How are your personal demons doing? Epson salt bath helped?
  6. Exorcism

    true. I did change my post. p.s. I am still an idiot though.
  7. Exorcism

    Sifu does not call me an idiot. I call myself idiot. The more I sit with Sifu,the more I know that I know nothing. NADA. NULL. NILCH. I am surprised he is patient enough to explain things to me. He tells me it is a language barrier and tries to explain it differently. Sometimes he just sits and waits for Divine to tell him right things. I like my Sifu. And I've seen him doing serious stuff. And he forbad me to deal with spirits until proper training. I think I wrote about it already.
  8. Exorcism

    just think exactly what and which energy are you engaging with... i was musing about it myself the other day... especially in pair practice... perhaps you exorcise demons of other one and he/she does it with yours?... ... it's complicated... ...
  9. Exorcism

    I understand your point of view. Legit priest is hooked up to a lineage which had been fighting for eons with dark stuff. Without a lineage I have heard it is very very TUFFF to do DYI. On a "power" note... Sifu told me "Cat, you don't understand that ENERGY PATH AND SPIRITUAL PATH are two different things. Some people just want power. They walk through these doors saying how they want to save the world, but all they really want is POWER." ... it's complicated... ...
  10. and when you are done with that, come to my level 81. it is assumed you know 1-80 levels before that. I won't test you. I will trust your inner morality.
  11. Life difficulties

    isn't why they pray to their Gods? try it... p.s. what life difficulties?
  12. Exorcism

    those things have no time and space why don't you send an email? if your concern is legit, I am sure you will get help
  13. Eclipse

    somebody needs to take care about the zoo... p.s. alligators in Russia? Global warming?
  14. aint great bad coincidence bad eclipse bad times
  15. Exorcism

    1. https://books.google.com/books?id=huM_5aNyO0QC&pg=PA37&lpg=PA37&dq=forbidden+to+piss+in+water+chingiz+khan&source=bl&ots=Bdk7oMbmxv&sig=0VLAqh2bqHylcmWX4IF891T9We0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2pOf25unVAhVIj1QKHf3jApcQ6AEIJzAA#v=onepage&q&f=false since you won't believe me, but perhaps some "science" looking book might? wanna load of Chinese fairytales on the subject of water entities? I referenced that book because it was a REAL LAW. 2. https://www.google.com/search?q=psychic+attack&hl=en&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjhoZP15-nVAhVG-lQKHZdSAFoQ_AUICSgA&biw=1241&bih=587&dpr=1 google is your friend... p.s. you are asking very rudimentary questions... I assume it is my path to tell you about "bigger version" of truth? I dunno. //kitty out.