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  1. Semen Yang Energy and oral transfer.

    Thanks fo far for all your comments so far guys. These were just some things I always wondered about and was afraid to or had no one with which to discuss about them. The abstinence or reduction of release aspect of energy cultivation is probably one of the hardest parts for most people I think, myself included. @ Kar3n, I won't be selling the potential energy gaining benefits of the act to my partner to encourage her to perfom more often @ Aetherous, never heard about men potentially gaining from serving a woman in this way, only that the woman could potentially benefit from the semen. I will research this further thx. @ Apec, Thx a very interesting point, thanks for correcting my misconception: "...Its also not as simple as sperm is yang as it is actually generated by jing which itself is not a physical substance...) This kinda made me consider an intersting point... Eunuchs and virgins were always traditionally portrayed as powerful Nei Gong practitioners or people with high potential to be powerful in Wuxia films and in folklore. It kind of makes more sense now, thinking about it. @ Patrick Brown, I concur, but putting sex and lust aside, I also think some people are energy vampires, without even realising it themselves. It doesn't even have to be about sex and lust. @ Miroku, Thanks for your thoughts, I was also considering about the Nu gui, Ghosts/Demons from Chinese mythology. Maybe these were evil Nei Gong Practictioners... Nü gui, the Feminine Ghost The ghost of a vengeful and angry woman dressed in a long white dress is probably the image that most influenced Japanese and Hong Kong horror cinema in the last two decades. In the tradition, it refers to the red dressed ghost of a woman who committed suicide. Generally it is linked to injustice, such as a rape or moral unfairness. She returns to take revenge. In the tradition the red color in the ghost stories symbolizes anger and revenge. In some variations the ghost manifests itself as a beautiful girl who seduces her victims to suck their Yang essence. The male variant, Nan Gui, is rarely depicted. This type of female ghost is similar to the Succubus, demons in female form that appears in dreams in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the Incubus. (from a website)
  2. Semen Yang Energy and oral transfer.

    Everyone is a comedian... No seriously anybody with useful insight?
  3. Semen Yang Energy and oral transfer.

    Sorry Guys - I apologise in advance for this topic! And I'm not trying to be funny or anything, but if semen is Yang energy and a woman swallows my issue, will she absorb my energy? Also if I'm going down on her, would the same be true, would that be Yin energy or Yang energy in this case? So a 69 would be a fair trade off then? I have not been able to find any discussion on this topic, having done a few searches on my tags and read a few topics.. Thanks in advance! Best regards, SY
  4. Greetings All

    Hi Fa Xin, Thanks for your kind welcome, I think I will enjoy this forum. Fate takes us where we belong I guess. Best regards, SY
  5. Greetings All

    Greetings to all, I'm coming to the party 20 something years too late One time taoist initiate, from Hong Kong, gravitating towards my own culture. I grew up with stories of the supernatural and was weaned on old traditions and folk lore that I didn't understand back then as a child. I even rebelled and tried to distance myself from my own culture, trying to become a westerner, but it was impossible with this Han chinese face. I drifted from one martial art to the next, never mastering any, never satisfied with the lore taught to me, though I did pick up some good meditation techniques on the way. Now I'm a 40 something year old armchair warrior, coming nearer to my end than my begining. But it is never too late right? I first saw the East of Krakatoa docu in the 80s, I dreamed of going to Indonesia and finding John Chang or Dynamo Jack to beg him to accept me as a student. I never did and then life got in the way and I forgot all about him. With the advent of You Tube around 2006/7 I rediscovered him, only to forget him again until 2018, when I chanced upon the book "The Majus of Java". After reading this book and it's sequel, many things became clear to me from my childhood to do with my own culture and mythology, that I had previously dismissed and tried to distance myself from. So here I am, seakign knowledge again in 2019!