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  1. @Steve, I get the feeling that the people conducting the study didn't know much about Buddhism in general to begin with. I could be wrong, but that was my impression.
  2. @Steve, Of course I agree there is a lot more to the "emptiness" of "John" than just what I said in my post. I was just making a brief summary, based on what teachers have said. My point was that the article seemed to be equating emptiness with nihilism, and the whole 'study' appeared to be based on that assumption. They seemed to be surprised when the monks turned out to be non-nihilists and just human. What did they expect?
  3. Is this article saying that there is NO self at all in Tibetan Buddhism? My understanding is that the Tibetan Buddhist teachings talk about how there is no "permanent self" (but this does NOT mean the self doesn't exist at all). It just means that the "self" is not a fixed, permanent, ego personality that goes on forever. In Buddhism, "John" might come back as an elephant, so "John" the human would no longer exist. His "life force" (mindstream) would still exist, but in a fluid, ever-changing form. Even during his human lifetime, "John" will undergo many internal (and external) changes. Five-year-old "John" is not exactly the same as seventy-five-year-old "John". This makes him "empty" of any real, fixed "John-ness" but that doesn't mean he doesn't exist at all. Buddhism isn't total nihilism, (at least not the version I studied).
  4. I am not surprised that the Tibetan monks would think more about death and dying, since Buddhism focuses a lot on death and impermanence, etc. (Why did they compare Tibetan Buddhist monks to lay people? I think a study between different monastic groups from various spiritual traditions would also be helpful.)
  5. When does one "become" a taoist?

    I was just wondering if Daoist ordinations have similar categories as they do in Tibetan Buddhism, (which I am most familiar with). They have celibate monastics, and also the lay householders, (the tantric practitioners). The latter are also ordained, but it's a different kind of ordination. I'm not saying Daoist ordinations are the same, but it's interesting to learn about the different traditions and their various forms of ordination/initiation. I understand what you mean. Many traditions have a process where one can receive an initiation and enter into a particular lineage as a practitioner. That doesn't mean one becomes a lineage holder who can bestow initiations and teach the practice. I get that.
  6. Strange Energy

    Energy just rushed to your head. 'Kundalini' is a yoga term. It is a kind of energy that everyone has. Sometimes when people meditate, the kundalini moves through the chakras, (energy points of the body). It sounds like some energy might have moved to your head. The energy centers that they talk about in qigong (the dantians) are different from the chakras and it's not the same kind of energy.
  7. When does one "become" a taoist?

    In Buddhism there is a special ceremony where you 'take refuge' in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. You can feel like a Buddhist before taking refuge, but once you actually take refuge, you're **officially** a Buddhist. (Btw, Buddhists get the same b.s. from people about having no desires or wants and being at peace with everything, lol! ) Was it a lay ordination, or did they ordain you as a monk?
  8. Why are you surprised to get spiritual answers on a spiritual forum?
  9. what does a yawn mean (yin-deficiency)

    A gas mask, lol! Don't forget that the air purifier must have a HEPA filter too. (Also, it's important to note that HEPA-type isn't really True-HEPA.)
  10. Mixing systems

    I can assure you that some yoga 'masters' have a huge amount of "mental dross" too. Both practices can be purifying, but the important thing is which one works best for YOU.
  11. Mixing systems

    You could do them both, but not together as one practice. The energies are different so they need to be done separately.
  12. What happens to suicides?

    I can't tell you how the universe really works, but I think the soul always wants to finish what it came here for. If you leave something unfinished, your soul will feel compelled to finish it. So whatever you're trying to escape from will just continue for at least another lifetime until the soul learns whatever it came here to learn. The best remedy is to ask yourself what your soul really wants in this lifetime and then try to take steps to make it actually happen. Even if you can't make your dreams happen right away, just moving toward them and even taking just a small action toward your goal will make your soul feel better. I wish you luck and I hope you feel better soon.
  13. Humans Without Souls

    Every living being has a "soul" or consciousness. In Buddhism, they say there is no "soul" but what they really mean is that there is no permanent, fixed, single, ego identity that goes on forever. They aren't saying that the being doesn't have lifeforce energy or consciousness. I believe that just about every tradition believes in some kind of spirit that goes on after death. The real question to ask is how many OLD souls are there? For me, an "old soul" would be someone who has been human for many lifetimes.
  14. It sounds to me like you probably had an energetic opening, which happens a lot during meditation. (That doesn't mean the meditator has reached enlightenment.) The 'Seed of Life' could be something you're meant to practice in some way, which could be the reason you saw it in your vision. I'm guessing that the meditation stimulated the energy in your body, and the excess energy somehow created static electricity, which caused the paper to stick to your hand. It sounds to me like your energy might be in need of grounding, so it might be good to do some simple grounding practices and spend some time in nature. Good luck on your spiritual journey.
  15. Do any of you know about a teacher named Michael William Denney? (A.K.A "Thunder Wizard") He used to be on this forum, so maybe some of you know him already. I've discovered his videos on YouTube, and I think he is a brilliant teacher. A lot of what he says I find very inspiring and empowering. I was thinking about becoming his 'apprentice' because he still has a few slots open, but I'd like to know a little more about him before making a commitment.