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  1. I don't know how to explain this. If this was said to me some five years ago, when I had not done semen retention, I would call them directly crazy. Some very strange things have taken place in my life. Right after ejaculation great suffering follows me. In my mental state I am completely fine but what happens is people who surround me, family, friends, neighbors, people on news(in my country), everything suffers. This has not happened only once. I don't remember exactly when this phenomenon started to come in cycle. Now it has happened more than I could count. I stopped thinking about it, but it follows, even if I forget or try to live a normal life. Here are some repeated phenomenon that occurs after the loss of sexual energy: Same people contacting me or coming to my house after relapse. (i even see this phenomenon in facebook, people sharing posts and updating status.) Neighbor having a fight and attacking each other. Hearing news about car accident and someone dying or bus accident and a group of people dying all at once (my streak goes from 20- 30 days and in those periods of time no such phenomenon happens. Exactly after 4 days everything stops or I don't see them happening until I relapse) New problem arises in the mind of my parents and they have a negative discussion as well. Everything changes. Also, I feel that those people who are unawakened, or those who walk on everyday life as normal beings, are affected. Sometimes positively as well. My analysis is that we all have our perception. Retaining seed makes one individual's perception a lot stronger that it bends reality. All people near you, people in your imagination, everything that is related to you is affected once you relapse. There is no escape from it. Bad luck is mandatory after relapse. Also, what I have found is that retaining seed stops some event from happening and as soon as you relapse those events will follow. Like today I got stock dividend from the companies I had invested on. And all other events followed me one by one. My only question remains is how and why this is happening? Is retaining seed making me live in another dimension that as soon as I relapse earthly things follow me? Or is there something vaguely unknown energy on work? I don't want this to happen. I want things to go in a smooth flow, not relapse changing things and making many event happen. I know some of you have not experienced this. (because maybe you have not still awakened your sexual centers, or whatever through lots of force retaining) But I know some of you have experienced this exact phenomenon. Please comment your experience. Your explanation would be helpful as well.
  2. Hello all forum members I am male 29 years old. I am here to learn and explore more about energies. I am interested in jing energy cultivation and sexual energy transmutation into achieving goals like building a business and finishing school. My goal is to be my best possible version. All the best
  3. Hello and my first qestion

    hi im new in eastern teaching. began with mantak chia doing his exercise to criculate enery directly to my head and transmuitation i already feel more intellligent like a genius like napoleon hill said im his book about think and grow rich with sexual tramsntation so i wathc naruto and there is a character called rock lee and he can open his 8 gates to achieve the lotus and gain speed resisance and more for a period of time im wondering if there arer some practixes or exercices to make myself able to make do it by myself to incfrease my strehngt and speed and semen treretion sory for my bad grammmar my kekbard is a lite bad nowadays and im witjout money amd a little conf used recently emaybe too much energy am also recovering form pornm adcicdtion thansx
  4. Hello Everybody! A bit about me: I have always been "spiritual" lets say. Never bought into my catholic upbringing and the such. After a few experiences with psychedelic drugs I became interested in meditation, yoga and generally eastern religions and their mentalities and views on life and existence (mostly buddhism and jainism). I now have a daily yoga and meditation practice. Nothing huge, just 2 sets of sun salutations followed by 20 minutes or so of isha kriya meditation. I am posting today because I have been practicing the material from mantak chia's book on sexuality. My motivations for this in the beginning were very ego driven: i simply was jealous of the orgasms my girlfriends were having, and wanted more from my 3-5 second burst of an ejaculation. Now after 2 months or so of (not to successful) practice, I realize it is not solely about the pleasure of an orgasm, but the deeper understanding of ones of sexuality, and a more healthy control over it (eg, not ogling every nice girl that walks by). I have been doing the cool draw daily, but not too sure if I am getting anywhere. I don't really feel a tingling or energy like described, only like, a "fullness" or presence, imagine molasses travelling around the body. It seems i can kinda tell where the energy is, but its not a real sensation so I am not really sure if it is what I feel, or placebo. Im not sure what I am supposed to feel, or if what I am feeling is correct, but that's just my bodies own expression of sexual energy (were all different!). Although, on occasion I feel a distinct tingling sensation in my testicles, but I have not yet been successful on pulling it up into the perineum and rest of the body. I have also been doing the big draw, and seem to be making a little progress there. I definitely feel more when self cultivating, but when thing start feeling nice they do not really travel up the spine at all, and it crest over into ejaculation. Albeit the ejaculation is a little more pleasurable, it is just as short and underwhelming. I keep reading in many places of these incredible, energetic whole body orgasms, and would like to get there, but I seem to need a little more guidance than mantak chia's books are offering. Also I am unsure when I should put my tongue to the roof of my mouth, throughout a sexual experience (with my self or otherwise) or only afterwards to bring the energy back down from my head? I have heard some criticism on Mr. Chia;s teachings, and would be totally open to a new practice if any of you have any suggestions on how I could get this working! Have any of you achieved this? Any tips or experiences you would like to share? Anything at all is well appreciated Thanks, keep the good vibes rolling!
  5. Dantian Disappeared?

    Hello Everyone I have always wanted to join this community but never got around to it until now. I’m very excited to be a part of this with everyone here and share whatever I can to help anyone I can. I am posting here today in a time of somewhat desperation. Please excuse my long post, I wish to give as much information necessary in order to help you guys see the bigger picture of my case. Hopefully you will actually enjoy reading my story in the process. I hope to receive advice on an issue I have been dealing with for about 5 months now which has been a major hindrance in my life and practice. I have been trying to fix this issue by myself ever since it has occurred with no avail. Although I have learnt a lot, everything except the solution has been found. I’ve been everywhere with this from western to eastern doctors but none of them had wisdom nor experience in Taoist energetics, Thus I come to you guys in hope of some clarity. My case seems to be quite serious but I rather see what it actually is in full rather than shooting in the dark hoping for the best in an endless loop of frustration. Whatever the solution is, with my heart and soul, I will fix it once I find it no matter what. I have too much pending on this and I’m sick of putting my life on hold. So I am seeking help from anyone here that can help me and hopefully in return you will find my story gives you some valuable insight in your own journey. I find it would be best to start from the very beginning. Without going too far in detail in this particular phase of my life, it all started when I stumbled across astral exploration. I would love to share this part in full but I find it wouldn’t help in this post. In addition, this to some, might seem a bit weird. But I think the more I can share the better. I had started meditating at the age of 15 – 16 and had quickly escalated to lucid dreaming and finally astral projection. As a curious, vibrant and immature teenager that I once was, it wasn’t long before my lack of wisdom, knowledge and awareness got the better of me. I had come across an entity that I started to have sexual interactions with. Long story short without knowing it, I was being drained of my life force through an unnatural amount of ejaculations during the night and the day through this almost demonic influence of this entity, both directly and indirectly. At an average I would ejaculate 3 – 5 times during the day and more in the night for the next couple of years. In this time I had no knowledge about the disastrous effects this would have on me in the times that followed. I had always been a very happy loving person full of energy and creativity. But as a result of these events I quickly saw myself age at an alarming rate, witnessing the worst of life take over my whole being. I quickly sunk to what people would define as an old man in his last days. I was weak with very minimal energy; my function of my body was reduced to mere survival instincts in which no higher functions of my being were in sight. No more happiness, vitality, youth, creativity, drive, clarity and eventually the ability to meditate. I went from a young man to a clumsy awkward doped out zombie. It was worse than a nightmare, because in a nightmare, at least you’re alive. I was living in the manifestation of nothingness itself via the lack of my biological functions. In this time there was no logical explanation that I could conceive and everyone around me could not see outside of the paradigm that outlines; if you are young, you should have energy. So I was stuck, forced to embark on a journey to the solution even though I was literally chained down by death itself. I went from simple multivitamins, to special meditations, affirmations and self-hypnosis all the way to chakras, crystals, reiki, the occult, everything in between and just about everything under the sun. So now at this point I truly did felt like a wise old man in a teenager’s body because I was forced to learn so much in my pursuit to be alive again. Finally I had started to look in the right direction. I had stumbled across Chinese medicine and the Taoist concept of Jing chi and shen. This was the first ray of light in the course of two years. Naturally I gave up any form of intentional ejaculations before this as I intuitively felt it had a major role in my deflation. I had started taking Jing building herbs in response to realizing that this was the substance that was drained out of me. This started to help the most out of all my ventures. I started feeling the painful contrast of moving up the ladder of life seeing how much I had lost. But at least I was climbing up, finally, getting better. I thought that was it. I would just keep taking these herbs and thus gradually re-cultivate my lost Jing life force. This was working well until I hit a wall. I started to have wet dreams due to the energy building up without a strong system to contain it. The cycle simply went as followed; I’ll take the herbs for about two to three weeks, and then have an experience of “coming back”, then have a wet dream that exact night, starting the cycle again. My system was too weak to contain that sort of energy. Anyway frustration continues for another year or so, still learning and expanding with no one but me understanding what’s wrong with me. I have been stuck in this void for about six years at this point, but finally I discovered Taoist practices taught by Mantak Chia. I saw some videos on YouTube clarifying many blackspots of my method of curing my dilemma. Within a short time, me now 21, I fly to Thailand from Melbourne Australia to learn from the teachers and the master himself in search of my salvation. I had spent nearly everything I had. I arrive at the Tao Gardens in Chang Mai. A very beautiful place, I might add. I went through a detox program which was great and signed up to the Men’s health retreat program which taught Taoist sexual cultivation methods to reinvigorate your health. Aside from the awkwardness of being in a room where everyone around me was 35 years and up I learned what I needed to set myself free from this curse. I learned how to activate my Microcosmic Orbit which in itself was a healing process. Every night I would go back to my room and like a maniac, practice all the Tai Chi and energy work I had learned throughout the day before finally doing the Microcosmic orbit meditation. Once my orbit was fully activated I had felt great but I knew this was nowhere near what “life” felt like. So with my Orbit ready, I did my first sexual transmutation. Let me just say it was magical! I was lying down and I began to arouse myself to heat up my sexual energy to make it “malleable” or yang, then I transported it up my spine and down the functional channel into my lower Dantian. The moment it entered my Dantian, I cried. I felt a tangible step up in my life force accompanied by a literal dimensional shift in my state of health! My nose started to smell again, my eyes saw colour again, I felt like I was actually in this world again I felt real again! I tasted life with indescribable appreciation for it and in this blissful moment of relief and self-love I finally proved I wasn’t some crazy nut case that was just making sh*t up! This amazing shift was the greatest gift I had ever received. It was life itself. Everything around me wasn’t just information I was getting from my senses, I was actually here! The subtleties of life became great characters of my experience. Returning home and seeing my family was a whole emotional trip within itself it was like I hadn’t seen them for the last 6 years. I could write a whole book on this exhilarating experience of returning to life from what I call biological abyss but I have to finish this post. So a month and so goes by of me doing the practice of building Jing and transmuting the energy from my balls to my Dantian via the orbit with great success. I was rebuilding this youthful pressure in my gut that I once had in my teenage days. In this moment my life had finally come to light and I can finally live and commit to making decisions and developing solid relationships like the man I’m supposed to be. Or so I thought.. It was on a night around 5 months ago, I commenced my usual routine of sexual transmutation before bed. Only this time I screwed up. There is a balance of arousal and transmutation that you have to play when doing this. In this session I tipped too far on the sexual side and had ejaculated. In the time it happened I thought it was fine as I already gathered a lot of energy into my Dantian. Everything was fine the next day and I felt normal. Until mid-afternoon when all of a sudden this huge wave of gas spawns from my Dantian area, filling my gut up to the brim. Me, not knowing what had just happened happily let all of this gas out with a huge pure airy, silent, non-smelly fart. To my absolute horror I felt myself fall back into the abyss that had plagued more than a quarter of my life. My Dantian felt like it scattered and broke up. My whole being felt deflated and loose, especially my anus, my energy had dropped; face structure had shrivelled into pale lacklustre. In short I was back. The contrast was a nightmare. So in an attempt to fix this, I try to transmute, to fill me up again. This does not work. My Dantian seems to be absent. As soon as the sexual energy reaches the Dantian centre (navel), I get immediate gas and eventually fart it out leaving me feeling worse than before the transmutation as a feel like I have just ejaculated. I know it sounds weird but I’m sure someone reading this knows what this is and the way to fix this. I remember distinctively before this event (after doing all the practices and Orbit activation exercises at the Tao Gardens), my navel centre was beating harder than my heartbeat and I always felt really excited and good in my gut (I would say the definition of drive). Now I don’t feel that at all and in fact even just some awareness focused on my Dantian can trigger gas to spawn. Here are my symptoms: Ø Constant gas that has no odour when I fart it out. The gas spawns at the lower left side of my intestines. I always wake up with a gut full of this gas. Ø I feel loose and deflated. (Especially my anus). Ø Very grumpy and lacklustre. Ø No libido whatsoever. Even my member has shrivelled in size! Ø There is a slight pain around the same area of the intestines and on the left of my navel. Ø Generally weak with no ability to deal with it other than taking my Jing herbs which help alleviate the symptoms until the herb wears out. In saying this the herbs don’t contribute to building Jing anymore they just seem to give me slight qi energy that doesn’t stack long term like it used to. And yes I have seen professionals for this I have seen an acupuncturist who specialises in abdominal massage. He only helped a bit after a couple of sessions. I’ve seen an Ayurvedic doctor which gave me a “navel displacement” diagnosis and tried to treat me with a special massage. And I have seen multiple western doctors who have made me do a stool test (came out good), and now want me to do a CAT scan and an appointment with a gyroscopic specialist to see if it’s IBS. In my heart I know it’s something that I can go in endless circles with these limited modalities. Believe me I am sick of circles. Thus I have come here to seek some guidance and advice in the right field. Another thing I will mention is there has been three occasions where my Dantian centre has been re-established throughout the last couple of months. On one occasion I had woke up feeling like I had to poo only to witness strange movements in my gut kind piecing together towards the centre until *click* I felt my Dantian again soon followed by a rush of life, no gas and an episode of insomnia . This soon faded the next day. Another time was when I was manually trying to shift everything back to the centre by myself via an abdominal massage. The click happened after pushing my gut from the left to the centre. Same thing happened, it clicked, I felt alive again, no gas, insomnia and then next day same old. Third and last time it clicked back was when I was lying on my back and sucked in my stomach towards my spine, something moves from the left to the centre and click. Of course same thing happens afterwards. To me it just seems to me that there is something physical and energetic within that needs to be re-established back into place and healed. So as of recently I have re-begun my regime that I had adapted at the Tao gardens that were called preliminary exercises such as Tao Yin Yoga, Six healing sounds, Inner smile and horse stance from iron shirt. These seem to be helping, especially the core abdominal workout side of Tao yin, although the gas is still there but my being is not as loose. The gas just takes longer to exit. So Again it seems like the processor (Dantain navel centre) has been damaged or scattered or something. To me, the gas seems to be raw unprocessed qi energy and the Dantian centre is the processor/storage/distributer. Without the Dantian functioning I can’t process the energy that I gather regardless if it’s from exotic form of cultivation. Any form of energy input I get turns into gas so I am stuck at a plateau in this void. Also I should say my dreams feel realer than waking life as my Dantian seems to work fine when I am unconscious. I get really deep vivid dreams that are deeply connected to my true self that dwarfs how I feel during the day. But as soon as I wake up and my consciousness has some form of awareness on my Dantian, gas, fart, deflate, abyss. I think that’s all the details I can think of. I truly hope my story has given you something of value. Again I know this is a long post, but as you could probably tell this is literally my everything and staying in life CONSISTENTLY to be truly here for my family and future, I will do anything for this. That is what this is all about. So I humbly ask anyone who has an idea of what this is and what can be done to fix this, you would have no idea how much I would appreciate this and what’s behind me coming back to life. I’m not striving for immortality or superhuman powers, this has always been about just being me. From negative to positive. Back to normal. Thank you my friends I look forward to connecting with you. Hopefully we can solve this together. God bless.
  6. the lower dantian?

    Mantak Chia talks about applying pressure to the lower dantian with your finger for one to five minutes and then place right palm over your left palm to mediate. I have found this useful and been using this mediation technique. He points out not to visualize or worry about your breathing but feel with intention, but I also know others talk about visualizing with intent to activate the lower dantian combineded with deep breathing through the nostrils. Do you guys feel that I should visualize at the same time I mediate on the lower dantian and apply breathing as well or stick to what I been doing? I know some talk about visualizing a golden light the size of a golf ball at same time breathing in qi to expand the qi in the lower dantian. Do you think I can add this to mantak chi technique I have been using?
  7. in-jaculation - Ways

    The primary purpose behind Taoist lovemaking is the transformation of sexual energy into healing energy and vitality, resulting in better health and potential immortality. The primary Taoist technique to achieve these healing effects is called the inward orgasm (in-jaculation), whereby the orgasmic energy rises up the spine, stimulating the endocrine glands, energy systems, nervous system, and organs. Taoists teach that an inner orgasm (in-jaculation) stimulates life and vitality, while the outer orgasm (e-jaculation) brings death or loss of health and vitality. An in-jaculation is the most effective tool for transforming a physical orgasm into an energetic orgasm. Of course, there are even higher levels of orgasm as well, including a soul-level, total-being orgasm. So what are some ways to achieve in-jaculation for the well being? One way to achieve in-jaculation is by applying pressure on the perineum, thus retaining the sperm. But I have not been successful in finding the perineum. Any suggestions on finding this spot? Another way is by reversing the orgasm up the spine to the crown of the head and down the face vitalizing all the organs in the body and back to the lower dantian to store the energy in the navel? So what are some ways to achieve in-jaculations for better health?
  8. Okay, I have been reading about ways of opening the microcosmic orbit and one way is the cool draw technique known as testicle breathing. Another I have read is about imagining a small white pearl at the lower dantian and then orbiting the pearl around the back and front channel with intention to feel at the same time as visualization. Do you guys think the deer exercise can help open this orbit? And, can you guys tell me what techniques you use to open the microcosmic orbit?
  9. Okay, I have a question again I have started semen retention for the last 4 days meaning no more masturbation. I have been practicing testicle breathing known as the cool draw technique to draw my sexual energy up my brain for better creativity when I feel sexual desire. I am also trying to mediate on the lower dantian as well as practicing zen mediate with mantras/breathing and clear my mind as well. I have currently stop masturbation/pornographic vids, but I want to know if it's okay to do try the aneros prostate massager as long as I don't touch my private area to help my transmute my sexual energy? I used the aneros for the past month on and off basis, but I have recently stop using the aneros because celibacy, so can the aneros help or not control my urge.
  10. cool draw - testicle breathing

    Okay, I am having a hard time trying to feel my CHI go up my spine when practicing the cool draw known as testicle breathing I just cant feel it and worried if I have some blockages? I have been study a little sexual kung fu as described by Mantak Chia in his book the Multi-Orgasmic Man. I also have back pain when standing for long periods of time do to a injury some time last year, but I never went to the doctor. I am in my early 20's so do you think this will effect my sessions at home or will my back get stronger do to practicing Mantak Chia practices?
  11. I have met men (politicians and leaders) personally, who were very charismatic and I always puzzled about why some men have this kind of magnetic attraction, presence and authority and the rest of us not. Their physique was quite normal, sometimes below average, so I concluded that is has (almost) nothing to do with apperance and they probably radiate some kind of energy. After reading about Sexual Energy, Taoism and so forth I'm sure it must have something to do with sparing / cultivating sexual energy. I'd like to know how to rise ones "personal magnetism". One article on this board suggests that simply not having an orgasm over a longer period of time does it. But is this really enough? Being on day 9 of non orgasming now, I observe more signs of attraction from other women and I feel a better connection to other men, too. Does anybody like to share his experience and/or his observations? Who did it successfully? I'm really curious to know. Thank you.
  12. This happens to me EVERY DAY 1. I wake up energized (with sexual energy) 2. I spend time with any female (the more flirty and sexual eye contact, the more effect) and my semen just leaks out! 3. After that I feel drained, tired and have no sexual energy (voice/tonality changes and I'm just less grounded and need to sleep). Not to mention the libido reduces significantly. Within ONE day, I can go from an outgoing and a very much "extroverted" persona to a guy who is tired and doesn't talk at all.
  13. I don't know if you guys really call it a plateau. Anyway I've done progress with Dantian breathing (The range of the sexual energy used to increase after every time) However, nowadays I only feel the energy in my hands and arms. Also a slight circulation between arms and legs. But that's it. What do I do to make it easier for the energy to expand?
  14. These may be going for a song on the US site too: Secret Teachings of Padmasambhava A translation of tantric practices from the great Indian master Padmasambhava, who is credited with establishing Buddhism in Tibet. These advanced Tibetan Buddhist teachings provide instructions for gathering and harnessing basic life energy, especially concerning transforming sexual energy and re-directing the essence of that energy toward spiritual realization - when used skilfully by committed practitioners with appropriate training. Also here are teachings on the fundamental elements that make up our world. The commentary by Dr.Lipman describes how to use these life energies for personal development. These two brief works of Padmasambhava, Fivefold Essential Instruction and a Section of Hidden Instruction: the Innermost Essence of the Dakini, not only present the tantric teachings on the channels (tsa), energy (lung), and potencies (tigle) in a clear and practical way, but they also offer a unique Dzogchen perspective on them. The Fivefold Essential Instruction shows how the five elemental phases of earth, wind, fire, water, and space operate at deeper and deeper levels of reality. The Section of Hidden Instruction, the Innermost Essence of the Dakini, is a more comprehensive treatment of the five phases from a Dzogchen view. Cascading Waterfall of Nectar A profound commentary on two important texts on the preliminary practices, or ngondro, informed by Thinley Norbu's understanding of the concerns of Western practitioners. The main commentary is on the well-known Dudjom Tersar Ngondro, a terma revealed by Dudjom Lingpa. Also included is a second commentary, on a short prayer text (Tsogskhang Dechen) written by Dudjom Rinpoche. Together, these two commentaries offer the occasion for Thinley Norbu Rinpoche to impart his powerful insight into various aspects of the Buddhist path from the tantric point of view.