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Found 16 results

  1. I don't know how to explain this. If this was said to me some five years ago, when I had not done semen retention, I would call them directly crazy. Some very strange things have taken place in my life. Right after ejaculation great suffering follows me. In my mental state I am completely fine but what happens is people who surround me, family, friends, neighbors, people on news(in my country), everything suffers. This has not happened only once. I don't remember exactly when this phenomenon started to come in cycle. Now it has happened more than I could count. I stopped thinking about it, but it follows, even if I forget or try to live a normal life. Here are some repeated phenomenon that occurs after the loss of sexual energy: Same people contacting me or coming to my house after relapse. (i even see this phenomenon in facebook, people sharing posts and updating status.) Neighbor having a fight and attacking each other. Hearing news about car accident and someone dying or bus accident and a group of people dying all at once (my streak goes from 20- 30 days and in those periods of time no such phenomenon happens. Exactly after 4 days everything stops or I don't see them happening until I relapse) New problem arises in the mind of my parents and they have a negative discussion as well. Everything changes. Also, I feel that those people who are unawakened, or those who walk on everyday life as normal beings, are affected. Sometimes positively as well. My analysis is that we all have our perception. Retaining seed makes one individual's perception a lot stronger that it bends reality. All people near you, people in your imagination, everything that is related to you is affected once you relapse. There is no escape from it. Bad luck is mandatory after relapse. Also, what I have found is that retaining seed stops some event from happening and as soon as you relapse those events will follow. Like today I got stock dividend from the companies I had invested on. And all other events followed me one by one. My only question remains is how and why this is happening? Is retaining seed making me live in another dimension that as soon as I relapse earthly things follow me? Or is there something vaguely unknown energy on work? I don't want this to happen. I want things to go in a smooth flow, not relapse changing things and making many event happen. I know some of you have not experienced this. (because maybe you have not still awakened your sexual centers, or whatever through lots of force retaining) But I know some of you have experienced this exact phenomenon. Please comment your experience. Your explanation would be helpful as well.
  2. General Billy Mitchell was banned from the military for lunacy. Because, he predicted flying gunships that could take out battleships and accurately predicted the Japanese air invasion of Pearl Harbor, with the subsequent invasion of the Philippines, decades before it happened. After it all happened as predicted, the military in a great oops moment, re-admitted Billy Mitchell and gave him the congressional medal of honor.
  3. Do I have the ability to act on the world to add, change, or stop certain phenomena? Or am I completely a victim of circumstances and forces larger than myself?
  4. The never ending story

    No matter how auspicious an idea may appear as it is known by a knower from within the mind, identification with being anything in particular is essentially self-imposed limitation. The guru admonishes to leave concepts behind, to relinquish the identity of doership and acting, to be free of burdens not needful which may become to us as obstacles. Being is without doing. One can not help but simply Be oneself. All that must be done is then done rightly and naturally. Simply be as one has been, as one already is and as one will forever be. Be as you are, for the naturalness of this being that we are is that which makes the supposed becoming of anything in particular possible. Being this being, is to naturally abandon this or that identity. In this being, it's revealed that one is the knowing-ness of knowledge, the doing-ness of that which is done; the essence, the very being-ness of being itself. The Power of power. There's no being of this or that, there is only this-ness or that-ness, through and through. The heart of being, which is being, and beyond it. The Paramakash, so far removed from what the mind can imagine, that even the pure consciousness "I AM" seems to be an almost alien thing. From Paramakash, to Mahadakash: The gods and devas may possess names and forms, but the "light" of consciousness is completely attributeless. Without a body, it embodies all. That "light" which illuminates the mind as a reflection, is no more the mind or its contents than the Sun is equal to the daylight it provides. Lord Krishna: "By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded. All beings are in Me, but I am not in them. And yet everything that is created does not rest in Me. Behold My mystic opulence! Although I am the maintainer of all living entities and although I am everywhere, I am not a part of this cosmic manifestation, for My Self is the very source of creation." Innumerable states seem to appear upon or within this "light", along with the appearance of one(s) who appear(s) to traverse them. Eternally back and forth, seesawing up and down, the actions and inaction of the apparent many is reflected in the waking dream and deep sleep states. One can get comfortable in a dream of one's own making, lucid even, yet become mesmerized by the powers of awareness in the dream. One can become engrossed in the indulgences of physicality, unsatiated by desires of experiencing waking life to its presumed fullest potential. These states come and these states go. Yet there exists a "state" which never comes and never goes, beyond even the self-love that is undifferentiated bliss experienced in deep sleep. It is all there is. Conscious, unconscious, both conscious and unconscious, and Neither. The original being, experienceless, stateless in its state, in which all states and all experiences appear as if they were themselves dreams of a dreamer unknown.
  5. Anger Aversion Women Power

    I've been reading about what has been happening in America (and all over the world) with this whole 9 million #NotOkay texts in one day, # kind of 2017-2018 twitter storm of women coming into politics in droves, and women protesting. It's a lot more promising than many may be aware of because it is not being reported on in the regular news media. I'll attach 7 pages if anyone wants to read more I'm making this post because I'd like to hear more about women's anger and how it relates to your spiritual journey? I have been fervently engaged in a spiritual search since around the age of 13, more intently the last ten years, and have been having an anger arising in me over the last 4 or 5 months. I do not identify as a feminist although I am pro-woman, pro-people, pro-the empowerment of all people. I am not involved in politics as again my spiritual search has been my main focus besides career, (and I don't relate seeking with politics although I know one definitely could do this). What I especially particularly LIKE about this author is she explains how sadness leads to acceptance and is more passive whereas ANGER leads to more of an outcome or action and that women experience anger alone and isolated, (instead of using it to unite and seek for positive change). The author's main point is that because women are more encouraged to express sadness than rage, it leads to disempowerment. She explains that society in having the habit of repeatedly denying women's anger (she gives about 200 examples in the book many which surprised me, you'll be shocked at the misogyny women who become public profiles face). Politics aside, the home life and community life alone are enough for any women to look at this attachment and contemplate more deeply if there are things they are actually angry about but they aren't aware of their anger (because they're been trained to "let it go" and keep it down...I wonder how much spirituality or Daoism as a practice can be used as like a "coping mechanism" for a woman to try and actually surpress her anger? I would love to hear how other women view their anger--whether it helps them live a more passionate life or whether it is a surpressed enemy, or anything else about anger and your spiritual journey....? Women_politics__meToo_movement_OMG.pdf
  6. Chapter 11

    Chapter 11: 三十辐共一毂,当其无,有车之用。埏埴以为器,当其无,有器之用。凿户牖以为室,当其无,有室之用。故有之以为利,无之以为用。 Chapter subtitle: It is leadership that matters, not authority [MP11a]Thirty spokes sink into a hub that has a hollow center to form an empty wheel hub where the axle sits right through the hub center that enables a carriage to carry heavy loads. (三十辐共一毂,当其无,有车之用) [MP11b]Pottery formed from kneading clay into shape like a hollow vessel allows it to hold water or food items. (埏埴以为器,当其无,有器之用) [MP11c]Building a house with doors and windows and leaving the majority of the inner space within the house empty produces an excellent place for residence. (凿户牖以为室,当其无,有室之用) [MP11d]Thence, things that provide people with useful functions somewhat have to preserve a hollow body in order for it to produce its maximum usefulness. (author’ supplementation) [MP12a]Authority (有之) comes with power (author’s supplementation), henceforth, has its advantages (以为利). [MP12b]If you are not given the authority (无之), you can still lead by making use of the principles of leadership (以为用). Annotations: [MP12c]No matter how you look at leadership, though you cannot feel it, its existence is real. Akin to a bowl, it is the unfilled volume of space that gives it the capacity to hold food or water. The same goes with a leader. It is his leadership ability that enables him to lead his people. This is in contrast to what everyone else seems to assume that his leadership is derived from the power of the office that gives him the authority to lead others. [MP12d]On the surface, a person not in a leadership position is obviously not given the authority to lead. However, in reality, whether you hold the designation or authority to lead or not, certainly, you are still able to lead, as long as you make use of the leadership principles. Which means, you are leading through your sheer leadership ability, and do not have to depend on authority. Comments: The real intention of this chapter is to tell us, do not just look at the surface of a person if he carries the authority or not. Even though at this juncture he is not preordained with the authority to lead, it does not mean that he is not able to lead others. This is a very big mistake! In fact, the most crucial element that makes a true leader is his leadership ability! And not, his designation! It clearly points out the reverse. When a person does not know how to lead others, he craves for authority. He fights fervently for the designated position in order to gain the authority that goes with it! Yet, in the end, he bungled up as a false leader who went against all the principles of true leadership. Notes: MP11a to MP11d are quite straight forward translation. The biggest problem with the translation in this chapter is the character 之, means that. What is “that” which Lao Zi was referring to? This is truly mind-boggling. Thinking hard why Lao Zi wrote three examples that implied the intangible part of a wheel hub, empty space of a piece of bowl and the empty space of a house, the author concluded that he was referring to authority as the tangible form, while leadership qualities is essentially the most important element that differentiate between a competent leader and an inept person who is occupying a leadership position. MP12c and MP12d are two supplementary pointers that assist in further the understanding of the difference between authority and leadership. They are not in the original DDJ texts. Comments are the author’s elucidation.
  7. Please remember that my ranting is simply ranting. I practice without a teacher. I do my own thing. I owe nobody silence. I share no power with anyone who loans it to students, and I would never surrender myself to that form of slavery, no matter what the rewards. That being said, my experiences and my ramblings are mine. I read and compare notes between different belief systems, shamans, tao, christians, Celts, etc. I look to science to see what they miss, what might be hints and cross-connected. So in advance, if I am out of place for you, don't read it. If you have comments, keep them as your opinion or comments, and not some explosive attack, please. There is always much discussion concerning the ability to reach certain states of mind, connecting by stopping the dialogue, silence, internal silence, meditation mind, etc. People concern themselves quite a bit with good and evil, ways of life, diets, health, drinking, smoking, emotional control, and thought control, trying to be "clean" enough to be in contact with and receive energy flows, etc. So just other forms of obsession. Other ways to waste energy. I do think that the waking mind does some of that on purpose, to block things, to maintain control, to protect from the dangers of crossing certain scary energy planes... many reasons. From my own humble point of view, and having connected to the place between, the crack between the worlds, I can say for a fact that some things are stable and solid, waiting in one place. We (consciousness) are what moves towards it, or away from it. As we move towards the crack, we cloak ourselves with different clothing, different perception, a different way of feeling and thinking. While awake, we usually have a different cloak, heavy, worried, obsessed with drives, hunger, sex, pleasures. So there is no reason to worry or concern ourselves with what clothes we are wearing here, or there. It takes a lot of practices to drag your heavy burdens with you to that twilight mind. The more you live in that mind, the less important any of that becomes to you, naturally, and not in a forced manner. We may pray, for example, asking for something to come to us, or ask for favors, yet what happens, when it happens, is that we move to reach that point. That point having been stable and waiting in the same spot as always. We reach out to it, and do not draw it to us, but instead, we move to connect to it. In frequency talk, if we try to force a frequency to become a lower frequency, it just changes to the lower frequency and loses what it was. We have to let the higher frequency be the higher frequency and not try to force it to be lower, leaving the lower behind. Just ideas to give you some perspective... And, at that point, certain things lose importance. We forget about sex, about hunger, about pain. We can no longer judge if this is real or not real, it is simply happening, and we are suddenly a participating witness. I can see why it seems that, the more we live in that twilight mind, the less important many things become to us. It is no longer a struggle. It is not, I need a cigarette, but I will resist the urge. It is not, I am horny, but I will abstain and be celibate by forcing myself. That is simply using energy senselessly, or indulging yourself in controlling an urge, or indulgence in quitting. The true place where it no longer matters is between being awake, and asleep. I see that people can drag things from both directions. Dragging desires, issues, and bad habits from the waking state, but also dragging a sense of aloofness from the depths beyond normal waking consciousness. So being in this world, interacting with it, but not sucked into desires and material worry, because they don't have any place to resonate in this form of energy. Letting go, drifting into that state, shifts time, shifts sound, shifts perception. We are no longer what we are when awake. People commit to practices, repeating them over and over, hoping that these will produce the correct connection to the higher mind and/or balance the energies, or give them some powers, or supply better health, etc. An interesting point about repeating exercises, over and over, is that we begin to practice them in our mind, in our twilight, while "sleeping", or while meditating. This matches the stations of the cross exercises for Catholics, and many other forms of ritual, where the ritual or exercise is not really the point of that exercise. The point is, taking it with you to the place where these actions or exercises become very powerful. And only by repeating them can we coerce our twilight mind into repeating them, acting on them, and giving them enough importance. At that point we are exercising our other self, the only one with real power, the only one that survives death. The body perishes, and has nothing to do with the ability to light paper on fire, move objects, or heal other people. Feel free to add, comment, share....
  8. A woman's true power

    Creation sings with a dual song, both a masculine and feminine voice quite distinctly different from each other and it is vital to the ongoing prosperity of creation that both voices are clearly and powerfully heard. Modern feminism tells us that in order to be "powerful women" in society we have to be more like men. We have to be equal in strength if not stronger, we have to fight harder, we have to think like them and act like them. More than that, we are taught to think that in order to be "powerful" we need to go into the workplace and beat the man at what he does, take him down, displace him and prove that we are better, stronger, more able and that "WE DON"T NEED MEN". What has happened in my opinion is that we have fought for so long like men, trying to be better than and equal to them in an unnatural state of being for so very long, that we have lost sight of what it is to be women. In fighting to be men, we have stepped away from our source of strength and power. The woman's true "power" is generally not in physical being, our strength, our "seat of power" is different to that of the man and the world needs us to understand and operate in that strength, it needs us to sing our song of female power clearly and unashamedly. For so many years, I did not like women and I resented the fact I was one until the day I realised that it was not femininity that I resented, it was the twisted image of femininity that I saw and heard in society around me. I thought men were "better" because they "told it like it was" not like the girls that "smile to your face then stab you in the back", but that is not what being a woman is about nor is it the natural Taoist way of a true woman. I want to say this today, and I want you to get it, to really, really get it, being female is not a problem, it is not about being passive or whining, being a woman, a confident woman who stands in her power as nature intended us to is about being passionate, creative and powerful. We are designed to protect the heart. It is up to us to speak the language of the heart and become guardians of it, raising and elevating life around us. As women, we are the ones that see things in our children, our partners and our friends that no one else can see and yet the image of women in this world has become a twisted one of manipulation, tearing down, gossip and backstabbing...Sisters, this has to stop!! We have to rise up and awaken, we have to set the standard for what feminine virtue truly is. We need us and the world needs us to be powerful female guardians of our hearts and the hearts of the ones we love, it is our privilege to raise them up and elevate them so that they will shine bright in the sun and in doing so we will shine because we are operating in our natural state of being. Hearing all of this you could assume that I speak with a voice that says the woman is to be subservient to the man. This could not be further from the truth. I do not believe the male is superior nor is the female inferior. We are Co-leaders and co-guardians of this world and it is time we did it properly, male and female in harmony playing their appointed part. The truth is I love men, it saddens me to see so many have lost their way in a world where women no longer lift up, honour, respect and celebrate the raw, divine masculine power that is their make up. On the contrary, they are manipulated, humiliated, castigated and torn down and it is to the detriment of the world around us that this has happened and that we have allowed it to happen. I also love women, it saddens me to see that so many have lost their way in a world where men no longer treasure, cherish, love and celebrate the divine feminine essence that is their make up. On the contrary, they are controlled, dominated, despised and rejected and it is the detriment of the world around us that this has happened that we and our men have allowed it to happen. Men have hurt women and we have lashed out with an incredible fury. Women have hurt men and men are lashing out and the cycle continues in a state of destructive madness. Before this madness takes hold in an irreversible nightmare, women everywhere have to wake up and know who we are and where our true power can be found in order to heal the world around us. Becoming men is not the solution to what ails us, we are an answer to what is needed in our world and the solution is to be women, to love being women and to embrace our divine feminine strength and step into our power.
  10. Sex Crimes and the Vatican

    Considering how much abuse has gone on in the churches of the religion of Christianity, it makes the whole organized religion seem creepy to me, and like it is organized in order to control people and hide the truth from them. It's no wonder this ended up happening. Huge Sex Abuse Scandals in religions and churches SEX CRIMES AND VATICAN-
  11. Dateline story on the rape of Juanita Broaddrick by Bill Clinton The 5th woman to come out publically admitting that Bill Clinton raped her was named Juanita Broaddrick. Here is an NBC story interviewing her- Juanita Broaddrick- 2 Weeks after the rape Juanita Broaddrick was threatened and intimidated by Hillary Clinton- More info on Hillary Clinton- Hilary knew- and-
  12. Hi all, We all know about the principle of relaxation in meditative and chi-cultivating disciplines. We've all felt the profound benefits of relaxation. However, although many of us are learning from masters who are advanced in age, a lot of us are young and full of energy, vigor, and speed. So I want to get some opinions on this: how do you resolve the contradictory disciplines of relaxed power and peak performance (demanding as much as you can from yourself, getting high performance in your life overall, not just physically but mentally, working long hours, pushing yourself to achieve goals, etc) ? For example, I love the "ideal" of going to bed early and waking up several hours before dawn to practice my chi kung, forms, and meditation. It seems extremely sensible to sync my sleep schedule with the sun. But often when I wake early and have a great day, I've gotten so much momentum that I'm still amped come sundown, and I realize I could work (or play) for 12 more hours. But this goes against the precepts of just taking it easy, and this is tough for me, because we live in a world where the 70% rule doesn't really cut it. For most of us we have to rolling out the 110% power. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear how other peak performance people synthesize these seemingly opposite ideas.
  13. I have realized that IMA (internal martial arts) folks are reifying Jin (power) in the same way as many Taoist folks reify Tao. By this I mean that they are trying make it a concrete "thing". You hear terms like ... emitting Jin ... or shooting Jin ... sending out Jin. It is the same error when people think that Tao is a "thing" that can be the "object" of worship. It is also synonymous that, just as Tao is not a "thing", Jin is also not a "thing", and just as Tao is more of a "way" or pattern of things, Jin is more of a "power". Also synonymous is that folks try and make both Tao and Jin something "special", meaning that it is something above or beyond mundane reality. Read more...
  14. The Master of the Hidden Storehouse is a very easily comprehended work attributed to Keng Sang-tzu, a disciple of the old scholar, and is a classical treatment of the taoist philosophy with emphasis on leadership and governance. I found this little gem buried in the back half of a book called Thunder in the sky, an english language translation by Thomas Cleary which includes two texts: Master of Demon Valley, and Master of the Hidden Storehouse. The book is published by Shambhala, isbn# 1-57062-660-x (in case anyone gets bored with the pace that I lay it out on this thread and wants to get a copy for themselves). After reading this book, I must conclude that it is essential reading for anyone who wishes to be effective in a leadership role from the point of presiding over a nation, a state, a province, a villiage, a neighborhood, a house, or themselves. The lack of understanding of the way when it comes to governance in our world's leaders is shocking, but not unexpected, as the persons most likely to seek public office are, by their natures, the ones least likely to be competant to fill these roles. By way of overview, there are nine segments in this text: Preserving the way intact, Applying the way, The way of government, The way of leadership, The way of administrators, The way of the wise, The way of education, The way of agriculture, and The way of war. Get your ink and brushes ready: you will want a copy of this text preserved for future generations.