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  1. Trans and Taosim

    How can a transgender women relate to the tao and balance energy from within and outer? From my understanding I see some transgender women taking up the tao as sort of a religion. As I pass by certain forums I see a small community of trans-tao women. I am a bit or alot confused?
  2. Tao and Souls

    Are we souls trapped in physical bodies and does this mean we are neither male or female in reality? And, what about reincarnation?
  3. Martial Arts From Home

    Martial Arts? I am curious how many of you guys incorporate your martial arts training with your spiritual training? And, how many of you train at home without a established school? I used to do Tae Kwon Do in the past, but suffered a back injury some time ago. I have been debating on returning to Tae Kwon Do or not. My plan is to train myself from my own home as a self teacher and student. Fortunately I can't afford to go to a established training facility or school at this time, but want to practice again.
  4. Two Meals A Day?

    Two meals a day? I noticed when going long periods without food I have more energy and less heaviness on my stomach. I am not on a diet or evening trying to lose weight at the current moment. I am also planning on going vegan to detox my body and live a more healthy lifestyle. Any thoughts or should I take a different approach?
  5. Horse Stance - Pelvis Tucked In? I have been trying to learn the horse stance in chi gong. I was told by a certified training to keep my back and sacrum straight as possible. He said to tighten the glutes and tuck your tailbone between your legs. Could some one clarify or give me some help because I am still confused on what he is talking about? Is there a picture I can look at?
  6. Homosexuality in the tao

    So is homosexuality accepted in Taoism because I keep on getting mix messages?
  7. Dreams Of A Soulmate

    Hey, guys I am in my early 20's and keep having these strange dreams of meeting a female companion. And, for the record I have never been in a relationship. Her face changes time after time and my memory is a little hazy when I wake up. I do know for a fact she completes me and makes a whole. She is the complete opposite of me but she is the other half of me for some strange reason. I feel alive with her and happy and without her I lose all hope being alive. Do you think dreams have a meaning or is this my subconscious mind telling me I need to experience a female companion?
  8. Porn?

    Do you think porno is bad or good from a Taoist perspective?
  10. Did Jesus Study Taosim?

    Have you guy's seen The Lost Tomb Of Jesus Documentary? This proves in my mind Jesus did exist and may have study spirituality.
  11. Did Jesus Study Taosim?

    Did Jesus Study Taosim? Or is there any evidence or ideas of such nature?
  12. Homosexuality in the tao

    I am sure this has been discussed before, but I was wondering how does one balance the energies in a homosexual relationship? As human beings we both have feminine and masculine energies within us. The male is naturally going to have more yang energy and the female more yin energy.
  13. Post deleted

    Post deleted
  14. Mantak Chia & Kundalini

    Does Mantak Chia esoteric yoga awaken kundalini? Or is Kundalini only achieve through pure celibacy?
  15. Lord shiva & the ascetic life

    Did lord shiva awaken kundalini power while living the ascetic life? If so does this mean true celibacy is the key?