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Found 7 results

  1. First of all thanks so much to all those who have welcomed here and dont seem to mind my rapid posting. I feel like i have developed enough a repore now to try to seize the day and work on my deepest, most unresolved wounds i carry with me with those who are inclined to listen and practice loving speech. to do this i would like to unpack and crowd source wise perspective on something I could never satisfactorily discuss with really anyone. I have alluded to having demonic nightmares in other threads in 2013. That in itself led to profound trauma and anxiety/fear of deviating of deviating from my I Ching prescribed path, as in my unripe perspective I ascribed cosmic meaning to the nightmares: that i was punished for deviating from my path. Fast forward a few months and a couple significant spiritual misunderstanding combined with a lack of guidance: I started sleeping about an hour or two a night for I think a month or two. Some nights Id forego sleep altogether. As this progressed I started experiencing minor hallucinations that I could generally discern as being hallucinations, as a result of my sleep deprivation. The exception to this is that I started literally Seeing light and dark energy or I believe I did. In my enviroment Id see little dots of dark or sometimes little orbs of light i think whizzing by. When I would think an unwholesome thought or do an unwholesome action I would See a little bit of light leaving my body. Now at this point of my training I had developed quite a bit of spiritual hubris and inferior virtue and disdain. I would condemn the masses, talk up my progress, and imitate the words and behaviors of those I admired. I say this because one morning this all culminated in a disaster of epic proportions. I consulted the I ching and got hexagrams 45.2.3 -> 28. For those unfamiliar with that configuration hexagram 28 refers to "Prepoderance of the Great" where the ridgepole (foundation) sags to the breaking point and if you "succumb to incorrect behaviors" the "dam bursts and the pent up energy you have accumulated leads to destruction and misfortune" This wasnt my first time recieving hexagram 28, but my first time under such intense circumstances. at some point that morning I made a mild and what i thought was an innocent boast to my mom about how my Cat liked me better than her. Within an instant i saw an orb of light leave my body and an orb of darkness approach me head on. Within moments, it was like a volcano erupted internally: A intense amount of energy I couldnt even percieve before erupted and all my energy dispersed in a vasicillating disturbed and disturbing way. At this moment shock and panic set in. The night before one of my hallucinations was seeing an evil statue on a table in my living room that had pictures of my deceased grandpartents (whom i wasnt that close to.) I dont remember if it was a hallucination that stayed or dissolved or not but nonetheless after I walked towards that room in shock a couple minutes later, processing what had just happened, I accidentally looked towards the table, saw the evil statue and its energy went flying across the room into my (energetic?) body. Skipping the gory details of the week or two that followed for the moment while I have shared this experience to varying extents with others, I never have had the opportunity to share it with anyone with the requisite knowledge and faith to contextualize and not label it at best kundalini syndrome, and much more commonly and alienatingly "psychosis". I was inspired to share this this morning after stumbling upon this tricycle article: about MIlarepa facing demons in his cave. I think finding how to make sense of this situation, feeling understood, and figuring out how to relate to the experiences and fears that surround it would go a long way towards healing and integration. Following these experiences and the ensuing hospitalization and unfortunate misdiagonosis of schizophrenia, I suffered ptsd, intrusive thoughts, you name it. I dealt with it in secrecy and thought supression for literally years, and am open to it now. Im still averse to and afraid of either sacrilegious or demonic intrusive thoughts although I relate to them much better and make more space for them. I still have a ways to go though and I dont know what approach to dealing with them. HOpe to get good feedback. -Elliot
  2. Hi

    Hi guys, I am 31 y.o. male from Eastern Europe. I am here so I can learn more about Sexual energy transmutation and to master it for retaining purposes. Also, I'm interested in the subtle energies and want to learn more about them. Thank you!
  3. Daoist Cultivation the Game

    Play Don't Shit Your Pants on Newgrounds. The game was recently rumored to be added to Daozang because of its realistic take on internal cultivation principles. The adepts of internal arts will find the technical requirements of not shitting your pants to be in line with transforming shit into gold via internal alchemy. The self-initiates will on the other hand then think themselves as ready for taking on immortality head on after they finish the game, even when they had failed to have a shit in technically correct manner for half a dozen times at least. These are the people who think the Dao can be appropriated by being very clever. In a similar vein there are incredibly irresponsible people in this neighborhood advocating self-initiation, reckless experimentation which endangers health, learning from failed disciples who become ruthless wannabes, and all-around egoistic chest beating as if they have now become the dude among the bums. Such people haven't learned to take a shit and are thus full of it. My review for the game: 8 out of Eight Immortals rolling on the floor, laughing at people who expect the Dao to babysit them or change their diapers instead of growing up and acting responsibly.
  4. Hi i read for some days about microcosmic orbit, jing, qi, sexual transmutation etc and im still very confused especially cause i read different stuff - would like to ask : * mainly what are the names of the "stuff" we convert when we do sexual transmutation ...... specifically what is the first thing we convert (what its name - is it pre heaven jing/ post heaven jing or something else ) ... and to what we convert it too is it to qi ? post heaven qi ? Zheng Qi ? ..... and what is the final goal of it after we converted it to the second thing (to bring it back to lower dantian from head ? to make it into void jing>qi>shen>void ? ... by the way the format of X>Z>Y>G>R is a real simple way that can make it very clear ) so would like to know what is the exact name of the "stuff" we are converting - meaning if its post heaven jing than write post heaven jing and not just jing , or if its yin qi or yang qi than write that and not just qi... and what is the exact stuff that it needs to be converted to through its stages including what is the final final stage it goes by ** I would love long replies that explain in detail it all (including the whole microcosmic orbit etc) .... but before that part i would love a section before that explains just the names of the stuff we convert - cause i mainly ask this question cause in different places they say different names (even by Taoists not other traditions even) and its confusing its not the same thing *** i would love as much different people here to reply to me with their view
  5. Hey everybody! I just got finished reading the Kybalion (yes, I am an occult newbie) and I got very interested in developing the skill of mental transmutation.. Therefore I want to ask all of you for any tips you might have for practices or books to read! I would also love to hear your about your experiences and any thoughts you might have on the subject Thank you in advance!
  6. Hello and my first qestion

    hi im new in eastern teaching. began with mantak chia doing his exercise to criculate enery directly to my head and transmuitation i already feel more intellligent like a genius like napoleon hill said im his book about think and grow rich with sexual tramsntation so i wathc naruto and there is a character called rock lee and he can open his 8 gates to achieve the lotus and gain speed resisance and more for a period of time im wondering if there arer some practixes or exercices to make myself able to make do it by myself to incfrease my strehngt and speed and semen treretion sory for my bad grammmar my kekbard is a lite bad nowadays and im witjout money amd a little conf used recently emaybe too much energy am also recovering form pornm adcicdtion thansx
  7. I've tried reading Mantak Chia's books on this topic, but I'm still unsure on what to do. Many non-taoist and taoist guides on the internet do not give a full explanation on how to do it, or are too vague. I hope someone here can give me a concise and easy-to-understand guide on how to convert unused and stagnant sexual energy in the groin/prostate into energy that can be used for mental or physical tasks. Thank you for your time p.s. I have only read a couple of Taoism related books, so i probaby won't understand a lot of Taoist jargon. Please use simple english if you can.