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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, I have been reading about ways of opening the microcosmic orbit and one way is the cool draw technique known as testicle breathing. Another I have read is about imagining a small white pearl at the lower dantian and then orbiting the pearl around the back and front channel with intention to feel at the same time as visualization. Do you guys think the deer exercise can help open this orbit? And, can you guys tell me what techniques you use to open the microcosmic orbit?
  2. Hello everyone, I recently picked up a copy of The Complete System of Self-Healing by Stephan Chang. The heart of the book is the Deer, Crane, and Turtle exercises practiced together after mastering each seprately. In the Deer exercise, the book says to suck in the anus as much as possible and to hold for long as possible. This will shoot Chi up the body. The second time I tried the Deer exercise was during a hot shower and after I released, I saw spots in my vision. So my question is: is that a problem? Also, is Stephan Chang a good resource? I was thinking of buying his other books. But his directions on the MCO says to direct the Chi up the spine and leave it in the head as the Chi will come back down naturally. This seems rather dangerous. Is it? Thank you.