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  1. For over a month now I suffer from smelling cigarette smoke, but there is no smoke! First I experienced this smell during Zhan Zhuang training outside and I thouught that my neighbours were smoking and the smell disappeared after a while. But this impression came back freqenuently with higher intensity and this smell became even more intrusive (paired with a tinnitus now) after doing exercises to strenghen my pc muscle and leading energy my spine upwards. There are many possible reasons for this, bus does anybody know if this could have been triggered by too much Chi energy stucking in my brain? And if so, how can I get rid of it? Thanks a lot!
  2. Strange things happening to me... From time to time I like practicing observing my breath as meditation (as given in "Spiritual Reality"), since I enjoy the clear and concentrated state of mind afterwards. I focus on a point in my nose and "observe" the feelings of my breath there. Some call this Vipassana meditation, but since I concentrate quite intense, it's rather a kind of Samatha meditation. After a while my breath almost ceases for a minute or so and then I have to take a deep breath again. Meitation Time: 30-40 mins. I am also doing Zhan Zhuang and PC muscle exercises. So far, so good.... What I observe is, in the night following the breath meditation I have often intense and bad dreams and now I had a really awful depressed feeling in the morning! May this relate to the meditation? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this probably some kind of "clearing" the subconcious? I did this kind of meditation last summer for one month once a day for 50 mins. with no other meditations during that period and I had no bad side effects. Maybe it is the combination with other meditation types that makes trouble? Thanks for your help!
  3. These Entities can mess up your whole life....
  4. "The second point if said in general is new age again." I had Carlos' Castanedas description of the 'Flyers' in mind... Why do you think this is 'New Age'?
  5. I worked with these , but since MC's system is very huge and time demanding I quit UHT practies and changed to others. But yes, thank you for reminding me.
  6. I would like to know the Buddhist view on Taoist practices like the Microcosmic Orbit, the Six Healing Sounds and/or the Inner Smile and other Taoist Neigong Practices in general. Do Buddhists use them, too or do they rather abstain from such kind of training? If so, why? Thank you!!
  7. Talking in another post about energetic parasites and given this theory is correct - has anybody ideas/experience how to get rid of them? Here my ideas: 1. Since tney are feedig off negative energy, just raise your "vibration" through meditation (e.g. Loving-Kindness Meditation), which makes your energy unattractive for them. 2. No giving off any energy through tempering ones moods and behaviours (Vipassana may help). What do you think?
  8. According to my understanding, the Ming Men point is the kidney point and it is said, that external forces like energetic parasites, Demons, Archons etc. connect into your body energy system through this point. The energetic cost is, that your life force will be sucked out and you get prone to depression, mental illnesses, body illnesses and so on. Through Magick, but also through fear, traumata and any other extreme neagtive feelngs, you may get connected to such an energetic parasite.
  9. I am aware of Bardon's IIH and think this is a rock solid school of developng YOUR abilities. Other schools play around with the Kabbala to give beginners easy success, but I'm warning about using any kabbalistic magic, since this works because of EXTERNAL forces - Demons, according to my understanding. So, better develop your own powers!
  10. For several weeks I did observing my thoughts and letting them go, as meditation. I think this is a kind of Vipassana meditation, right? I observed myself becoming calmer in a pleasant way, less aggressive and less worrying. But I also feel the need to enhance my concentration abilities,since I get "sucked" into my thoughts too easily.
  11. Is it advisable to to both meditations parallel e.g. Breath Mediaton/Anapanasati in the moorning and in the eveningVipassana? For my practice this would be perfect! Or do these meditations interfer in an unwanted way?
  12. I read several articles about vipassana and that one gets "insight" from it. But nowhere I found an explanation what kind of insight. Can anyone explain, please? Thank you!
  13. MCO and Zhan Zhuang

    In Prof. Yu Yong Nian's book "Zhan Zhuang" he considered opening the Microcosmic as a 'trap with no way out' (p.139) - on another page (couldn't find the quote again...) he talks about the 'circulation method' as kind of 'the devil's trap'. In a video (also promoting ZZ) another master said, that it is bad to open the Microcosmic deliberately, cause it makes one "obsessed". Why do ZZ experts consider this as evil? I opened the MCO almost two years ago and I have the impression, that my ZZ practice benefits from that. I can clearly feel the energy as a warm, sometimes even as a hot flow.
  14. I haven't practized Qigong so far and I'm looking for a (powerful, of course) Medical Qigong system. Thinking about which system I'd like to start with the question arose, wether there are any systems that not only teach mindful movements, but also include visualizations, feeling of the Chi, moving the Chi and so on. Which system(s) would you like to recommend? Thank you!
  15. I wonder how to perform this instruction, which can be found quite often in the Universal Tao Helaing system. The upper mind is said to be the observer mind. Ok so far. So, does this mean visualizing/rehearse being in your Tan Tien? If so, my problem is where to feel the Tan Tien, I mean if my eyes are in the Tan Tien now, shouldn't I feel the Tan Tien where my head actually is? Confusing. I am thankful for help!