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Found 37 results

  1. Any guys want to share tips for lasting longer in the bedroom, Qi Gong or otherwise, or any techniques or diet choices. The two tips I found to consistently work is conscious, deep breathing during the act, and having one beer before. 🤪
  2. Dear Dao Bums, This post is about sexuality and spirituality, and joining these two together (which may mean different things to different people). Three parts: 1) Intro 2) A newfound discovery (link to interesting stories!) 3) Inviting you guys for sharing knowledge, experiences and helping me answer some interesting questions Intro Sexuality and Spirituality has been my own two main interests in my life. This has made me venture into many interesting things, including: Sri Vidya which I've written about here: Genital weightlifting and daoist lovemaking, which I've written about here: I feel like I've managed to a certain degree to blend and understand both domains (sexuality and spirituality), but I am still searching, looking, living, exploring and experiencing. Lately I've been very fascinated by the power of ancient Sri Vidya rituals (including mantra, yantra, tantra, mudra and nyasa used in rituals). While researching online, I discovered that Sri Vidya has been kept secret until very recently, where my own Sri Vidya Guru's Guru (my paramguru) made it open to the public. My Sri Vidya Guru is Guru Karunamaya. His Guru is Amritananda Saraswati Natha. Amritananda has build a small place for the practice of Sri Vidya called "DeviPuram" (city of the Goddess). While reading and researching more on my paramguru, I came across this very juicy and very amusing story! 2) A newfound discovery In Devipuram, sex rituals are a very big part of their practice! This really surprised me, as India is known for being extremely conservative. The spiritual abstain from alcohol, meat, sex etc. You can read this very interesting story here: In short, it's about the son of two western hindu converts, who grew up in a puritan hindu ashram in the US. He was celibate and trained to be a religious leader, however, in his 20s he rebelled and went to India. He came to Devipuram. And was involuntarily immersed in all kinds of sex stuff. You can read his amusing and interesting take on it in the links above. 3) Invitation for you guys' participation and questions 1) Have you been to Devipuram? 2) What was your experience? 3) Do you know anyone who's been there? 4) Do you know where one could obtain the way to conduct "yoni puja"? (worship of the woman's "bab'ul-jannah" or doorway to paradise ;)) 5) Do you know where one could obtain the way to conduct "linga puja"? (worship of the man's lingam or sexual organ) 6) Do you know where one could obtain the way to conduct "maithuna" or ritual lovemaking? After having experienced the power of Sri Vidya rituals and mantras on my life, I would be very interested to give it a go, and try to say these mantras while worshipping the Divine in another's body. It's cool, fun and interesting to sit and worship a turmeric cone or pyramid with water to get money and happiness, or worship a yantra with milk and ghee to heal yourself... but imagine how much fun it would be with your partner It sounds fun and exciting and if it works, even better! I look forward to hearing you guys' reaction to the stories, thoughts on this whole subject, and hopefully some who can share some experiences or point towards manuals explaining the rituals. Be blessed by the Divine!
  3. Karma of prostitution

    I would like to ask people about their ideas; what is the karma for prostitution? 1) What caused the prostitute to become a prostitute? 2) What karma does the prostitute get from selling sexual services? 3) What karma does the people who buy sexual services from a prostitute get?
  4. Majority of the taoists and Indian tantra gurus advice against coitus reservatus, however there are some who do not vehemently disagree with its efficacy. For instance, mantak chia in his book says that it does help to save the male seed but leads to congestion and can ultimately lead to the failure of prostate. Another tao master Lujan Matus( in one discussion advices " Just remember you can make love to your partner and withhold your semen and when it becomes unbearable let it go outside of your partner's body". I asked question in the same discussion regarging it but could not get a reply. I also tried asking the same question from Dr. Lin ( and got a somewhat confusing answer. He says that when we do coitus reservatus the semen may go back to the bladder which is ultimately wasted. He did not tell me about why and how? I want to know who is correct? Where does the semen go If we reach on the verge of orgasm but decline its outlet? Is it reabsorbed or goes to the bladder? If it goes to the bladder then why some masters say that it saves male seed? I urge all of you to not misinterpret it as a sexual topic. There is so much confusion regarding it on the internet and a good discussion can be of great service to the husbands who are practising this half baked information.
  5. It is regrettably seldom discussed that there are many types of psychic absorption or trance. Some of them definitely are impure and thus allow uninvited spiritual entities to attach into the mind that is left weak and exposed. Getting one's mind into a random trance state is a sign of deviation and nothing else (see the first video). Please note that this is exactly the same reason why anyone shouldn't be doing spiritual practices with drugs or alcohol: they make the mind unstable and spirit energetically weak. The exception is when doing cathartic rituals with psychoactive substances, e.g. ayahuasca, under a traditional and grounding supervision. A crash course into Buddhism: Everything is mind. Frequencies of energy are entanglements to Six Lokas and Three Realms. A crash course into Daoism from Buddhist point of view: Pure and safe cultivation in the Daoist sense is only accomplished in the Form and Formless realms, but in practice Form realm is preferred because it gives tangible bliss and purifies the body. The connection between From realms and the three Dantians has been expounded by Master Nan Huai Jin and his student William Bodri in case you need to discover more. Correct instructions need to be followed, so that the proper Dhyana absorption is developed. Other trance realms are in the desire realm, hence automatically tainted with desires and emotional flotsam. In Qigong practices the danger is most pertinent in Spontaneous Qigong because this genre is not readily quiescent, may introduce wild emotions, requires adhering to exact instructions, and teacher's vigilant guidance. Artificial and forced stillness is another sure way to deviation when trying to train the mind. Incorrect psychic absorptions induce deviations in person's energetic wiring, but few are wise enough to realize their mistakes. People chase after energetic sensations and quick shortcut empowerments unaware that these might be signs of short-circuit surging and not correct natural function at all. In the field of psychic powers it's obvious that many people, who dabble while relying on their own prejudiced and warped intuition, exercise spiritual cultivation, but it's the impure spirit of ego and desires. Such deviation attracts codependent relationships with entities that may consciously promise or often unaware to the practitioner provide an easy access to supramundane knowledge and power. (I wish to comment that this is the original reason why both the Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church have waged spiritual warfare against occult practitioners and pagans, although these days much has been said in the defense of the wrongfully persecuted innocents.) A sensible reader might now ask what is the entity business exactly about. Think of a prison. You are bound there within the walls. There are dangerous competing gangs who have antisocial members and individualistic tough guys no one dares to challenge, and the both types are suffering from suppressed desires because they have to spend time imprisoned where their freedom and options are limited. Sometimes a new unaware guy goes through the prison system. There on the food line one of these gang recruiters or unassociated tough guys comes to them and says to them bluntly: Either become my prison prison bitch/punk and receive my protection or the other prisoners will kill you. Next thing you see the new guy dressed on stilt heels, wearing ripped jean shorts and busty tank top, and brandishing a full set of lipstick, mascara, long fake eye lashes, and dyed blonde hair. What prison does to some people is that they discover enjoying being the punk and surviving in that harsh environment in that fashion, so they keep following and justifying the lifestyle. The tragedy part is they remain unaware that they only were originally passing through and do not belong to the prison like the real inmates who scared and lured them into remaining. When the next new guy comes through, the self-realized busty blonde walks to welcome him and chirps: "Hey honey! You better become Bubba's bitch or you end up in the ditch. Want me to welcome you with a hug?" Don't become anyone's punk or bitch. You are worth more. Strive to realize independence, freedom, and clarity. Don't expect too much, but be humble and skeptical of both yourself and others.
  6. My most sincere apologies, I'm sure this topic exists somewhere, I just couldn't appease the Search gods enough for them to help me! Whether it is culturally acknowledged or not, most societies regard the heterosexual act, at the very least, as a form of natural magick necessary to expand the species. This, as I understand it, is the basis for White Magick. On the other hand, homosexuality in some cultures is described as Black Magick. Penetration & fluid transmission, mimicking the heterosexual sex act of copulation but without a foetus, no egg to fertilise. In Christianity, for example, it is considered blasphemous. Some believe that the act of buggery installs demons in the aura. What I do know though, is to be careful where you spill your seed. Stony ground, fertile ground... the allegory is clear. I'm heterosexual but celibate & have been since my twenties. I've always felt that sex is something really special, to be enjoyed with a loving partner. The true love shared by the couple can be "celebrated" by the sex act, and the spiritual rewards should be bountiful. If one takes it further in the occult sense, it is possible to time the act to be "cosmically charged" according to astrological cycles (I'm guessing really, I've not much knowledge of astrology). Personally I'd rather go without until I find said partner (30 years later I still haven't), rather than risk what I feel is a hugely significant, highly charged event with consequences we (used to) know little of. I don't miss it - I've other stimulation's to keep me occupied - music study is my lifelong partner. Alas also, we are living in a time when the West has been infiltrated by the scourge of feminism, we also have MGTOW & the battling sexes... I like to think I did my bit for population control by not adding to the numbers To think we left school & were encouraged to sow our seed, without any knowledge of just what it is we were engaged in. I understand the need for a rite of passage into adulthood but the times they are-a-changin'... I know people that screwed around - they exhibit some of the characteristics of their sexual partners & seem almost schizophrenic in a way. I wonder if this leads to a loss of self, and therefore self-realisation? There are an awful lot of "clones" in Western society... makes it easy for social engineers & think tanks to manage. What a travesty. Contemporary life however, suggests to the suggestible listener that "it's OK to screw around". Personally I think not, and that's saying nothing of STD's & crazy ex's. But I'll not judge anyone that has, in fact I'd like to know if anyone has had any really positive or negative spiritual experiences with the sexual act, heterosexual or otherwise?
  7. Hello and my first qestion

    hi im new in eastern teaching. began with mantak chia doing his exercise to criculate enery directly to my head and transmuitation i already feel more intellligent like a genius like napoleon hill said im his book about think and grow rich with sexual tramsntation so i wathc naruto and there is a character called rock lee and he can open his 8 gates to achieve the lotus and gain speed resisance and more for a period of time im wondering if there arer some practixes or exercices to make myself able to make do it by myself to incfrease my strehngt and speed and semen treretion sory for my bad grammmar my kekbard is a lite bad nowadays and im witjout money amd a little conf used recently emaybe too much energy am also recovering form pornm adcicdtion thansx
  8. I dabble in programming and game design as a hobby. So now I'm making a game that uses explicit sex (not sugar coating it) as a way to convey a certain idea. From my point of view, I feel like we live our daily lives separated. In simple terms, there is the observer and what is observed. In this elemental duality of the world that we perceive we try to more than understand what we see, to be that what we perceive, this being the ultimate form of understanding of reality. And for that to occur one has to somehow merge with reality (whatever that really means). To merge with everything, like in an orgy. Hence sexuality.And why coming up with sex in this context? And not say tao, nirvana, ego death, samadhi or simply love? Because by saying everything is love, is to most probably fail the intended message. People relate to love as only a positive thing. Therefore a way to bias the message, missing the duality altogether. On the other hand, sex comes from our most primitive form, hardwired biology we should not ignore, coming from the very fountain of the infinitesimal. Because saying "I f*ck you", has at the same time a derogatory meaning as well as a nice meaning. Hence the unifying of the perceived duality.By making a game where I present characters that are the forces of Nature anthropomorphized, I try to show this concept. Battling but making love, make love but battle. And from that struggle, the world we perceive comes to be.
  9. Desire

    In one aspect this idea of being celibate and doing meditation daily seems enticing, but living in modern society, I doubt anyone is going to be successful in achieving enlightenment. It seems like becoming a monk is the noble path for fulfilling enlightenment. It also seems that many religions tie celibacy very closely to enlightenment. But does becoming a monk and pursuing Buddhism full time lead to enlightenment in actuality? Or does it just increase your chances? I know it would make celibacy easier, but is there really a purpose to all that? They say desire is the root of suffering. Is there more suffering in this life that is outweighs the positives? This leads to deeper questions like what is the purpose of life? Is it just to procreate? Can one find peaceful/enlightened states while procreating? Is this 10 day silent retreat (Vipassana) just a way of forgetting these animalistic urges short-term? Or does is lead to a powerful new technique for developing mental stillness while overcoming the rigors of everyday society? I recently picked up the Bhagavad Gita due to suggestions by Indian spiritual readings and I found it saying that we are nothing and everything at the same time. It doesn't seem like procreating or even having intercourse embodies this philosophy. The texts goes so far as to say we shouldn't take part in worldly pleasures. Yet, I have also read that the Hindu gods rejoice in sexual intercourse and even embrace it for marriage and with multiple partners. This leads to a word that has been on my mind many a day lately and that's the subject of lust. Lust to me is what I find in a partner. And isn't love the way we are suppose to feel for all other humans? I have a partner, but my animalistic instincts direct me away from having just one partner. And that brings me to my point of if having a partner is even good in the first place. I feel in every day society and partner life/attachment, at least moving out to a semi secluded area down the road would be the most logical. That way I would not have to deal with the ongoing issue of lusting for the opposite sex. Thoughts? Warmly, Chi Boy
  10. I am a nearly 22 year old male and I have chosen at this time of life to be celibate and conserve jing while trying to restore lost chi from childhood. Since I don't have sex, masturbate or watch porn I am afraid my testosterone is low for a male although this may not be rational, I am not sure. But I at least want to train my mind to meditate on sexual desire and transmute it instead of pursuit of temporary pleasure into confidence and personal strength. The longest I have retained is 168 days and I'd like to go indefinitely from this point onward but it means I am going to have to find healthy outlet for fulfillment and accomplishment in life. That's the whole idea though lol. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  11. Okay, I have been reading about ways of opening the microcosmic orbit and one way is the cool draw technique known as testicle breathing. Another I have read is about imagining a small white pearl at the lower dantian and then orbiting the pearl around the back and front channel with intention to feel at the same time as visualization. Do you guys think the deer exercise can help open this orbit? And, can you guys tell me what techniques you use to open the microcosmic orbit?
  12. cool draw - testicle breathing

    Okay, I am having a hard time trying to feel my CHI go up my spine when practicing the cool draw known as testicle breathing I just cant feel it and worried if I have some blockages? I have been study a little sexual kung fu as described by Mantak Chia in his book the Multi-Orgasmic Man. I also have back pain when standing for long periods of time do to a injury some time last year, but I never went to the doctor. I am in my early 20's so do you think this will effect my sessions at home or will my back get stronger do to practicing Mantak Chia practices?
  13. I am celibate and have been practicing cultivation / jing retention for quite some time now, but have come to realize that it is unnatural long-term for a human to exist without experiencing occasional arousal of Kundalini energy. This is not to say to give in fully to lustful desires, but to at least allow the energy to flow through the body. Does anyone have any specific sexual yoga or meditation practice to offer apart from Chi-Gung, which I already do? Thanks.
  14. Such as? Especially as Tsung Hwa Jou's promised fourth book on the southern school is never coming out. I'm not interested in Dual Cultivation, just in not hurting myself through sex. Thank you.
  15. I've tried reading Mantak Chia's books on this topic, but I'm still unsure on what to do. Many non-taoist and taoist guides on the internet do not give a full explanation on how to do it, or are too vague. I hope someone here can give me a concise and easy-to-understand guide on how to convert unused and stagnant sexual energy in the groin/prostate into energy that can be used for mental or physical tasks. Thank you for your time p.s. I have only read a couple of Taoism related books, so i probaby won't understand a lot of Taoist jargon. Please use simple english if you can.
  16. dual cultivation thoughts

    I've posted relevant to this topic before. i'm in college and I'm currently in a relationship with a girl who I share a lot of common ground with both emotionally and spiritually. i had a one night stand and realized afterward that it was meaningless and basically a drain on my jing and chi centers (big surprise there). so i decided to find a long-term partner, because if i didn't i would probably just fall into complete depression. 100% celibacy didn't work out too well. since being with my girl I've really re-thought the concept of making love. Now i'm a taurus and we tend to be very horny, earth-rooted beings, i.e. we have a strong connection to the animalistic aspect of sex. but it's clearly stated that there can be no love in the same vein as desire. So what her role to me is is to "tame the bull" (she's a psychology major, so she understands partially where this is all coming from). i don't ever press her for sex. so far it's made things interesting, from an energy perspective it is somewhat fun being played with and occasionally having sex withheld, because that serves to strengthen the bond. also, it seems we both believe in quality over quantity, for one thing sex can get boring and there is so much else to do together lol. we've only had sex once a week since being together. I try to think of the energy curve as a bell curve. someone suggested to me, in the way of Melanesian peoples, to start slowly by caressing, hugging and kissing. that primes the fire; further on, i get hot and excited, like any guy would, but the difference is that i only let it go to a point. i breathe deep and remain conscious of the animal/human distinction, and also the fact that the intimacy i am being given is a gift, which means that i need to respond with love. so i shove aside the animal urge to reproduce and focus on bringing loving pleasure. as for staying clear of the edge, sometimes deep breathing alone works, other times i've had to numb it, though i'm trying very hard to not need any aids whatsoever because this should be mental. when it's all said and done i haven't dissipated any energy, what (i feel) i have given is love, not just an animalistic act. hugging afterward, talking, or even laughing brightens it up as well. i also do yoga immediately afterward which also dissipates some energy because it is a physical outlet of a different kind. the interesting thing is that i read that jing is a very dense substance, and i can literally attest to this; if i conserve jing during sex my body feels like lead. the interesting thing is that the more full of this intangible energy i sense myself becoming, the less and less i really feel like i NEED sex. it's sort of like, i've reached a benchmark, now i can focus on other things because i have been fulfilled again. i also sense a chi energy in myself the likes of which i had only ever observed in gay men. i think it's because most straight men don't practice sex the way i do haha. thoughts? PS: not kidding: jing conservation has promoted higher immunity in myself as well as muscle hypertrophy.....and i also grew a beard...wicked..
  17. Hello everyone, Well I thought I would post this here since you guys are familiar with the spiritual as well as the bodies energies. OK so I have been taking hormones estrogen and progesterone plus I take sleep aids and amitriptyline. I am a guy so I think that has something to do with it. So I have been feeling great. And am able to make more jokes. The other day I was feeling good, and went to sleep, and had this dream of this young lady that was around me and my friend. I kept making her laugh. And she kept doing things. She eventually got naked and was running around. And I didn't say anything. I just ignored it. Then she came back. And I was joking around saying. Did you see that girl, she was just running right through here naked? Can you believe that? Of course I was just joking about it, and she was laughing. Knowing full well that it was her. Then I was minding my own business and she came over to me and whispered in my ear and said: "lets have sex". I got a hard on then in the morning. Meaning a threesome with my friend. And I told her that she would have to ask my friend. Knowing that he probably would not want to do that. Then i woke up. Now I have never had a threesome. Or sex with any lady. I use porn. But I have always felt that women were out of my reach from my highly Conservative Christian background. I am a funny and smart guy in real life but I have been bogged down by a pretty bad health condition. So I am wondering if any of you as Taoists have insights into this. Note I don't think any of this would have happened if I didn't take the women hormones estrogen and progesterone. Which make a women and women. They estradiol is so powerful it can even make a man grow boobs. So I can only imagine what it does to the brain. BTW estradiol is what I am taking. The way we were playing around in the dream is so like the female energy. All the things were in place for make for the perfect play of the famine. There was no just plain out sex. There was joking. And in the end she came to me and whispered in my ear which is the feminine way of initiating sex. I am not trying to sound all brag as much as I want to learn from this. I have also been feeling this really noticeable feeling of love and compassion. I have also been hearing this very subtle but beautiful music in my mind. God...... I can want for scientists to open up our hearts with real medicine that heals the soul. And no wonder Suzanne Somers says she loves hormones so much. LOL This dream was definitely out of the ordinary for me to have. Any thoughts as Taoists. about the feminine energy manifesting like this in this guys body, with my beliefs? This is very fascinating to me. Perhaps I should post this on the dream forum too.
  18. Hey everyone! I've been training very hard and I want to progress as quickly as possible but I've run into a bit of a road block. I am required to take at least 72 hours off of training every time I ejaculate whether it be while I'm awake or asleep because if I don't it would result in a torn dan tien. This used to not be that much of a problem since I rarely had nocturnal emissions and as I'm not married I don't have sex. However for the past couple weeks I've been having wet dreams every 2-4 days and can rarely get a day of training in. Usually as soon as my three day break is almost up, I lapse again and have to take three more days off. This is really annoying because I'm really motivated and anxious to progress and rarely being able to train is killing my progress! I've done a bunch of research but usually the best advise people give to have less wet dreams is to masterbate or have sex. This does me absolutely no good, because the point is to not ejaculate regardless of the way you do it. I have found a few tips like sleeping on your side with one leg on top of the other and that not staying warm helps (sounds a little bit miserable), but does anyone else have any ideas that might help?
  19. Sex Crimes and the Vatican

    Considering how much abuse has gone on in the churches of the religion of Christianity, it makes the whole organized religion seem creepy to me, and like it is organized in order to control people and hide the truth from them. It's no wonder this ended up happening. Huge Sex Abuse Scandals in religions and churches SEX CRIMES AND VATICAN-
  20. The Effects of Emasculation

    Pretty funny, I'm not saying I agree with it all, but I bet this resonates with a lot of guys these days-
  21. Dateline story on the rape of Juanita Broaddrick by Bill Clinton The 5th woman to come out publically admitting that Bill Clinton raped her was named Juanita Broaddrick. Here is an NBC story interviewing her- Juanita Broaddrick- 2 Weeks after the rape Juanita Broaddrick was threatened and intimidated by Hillary Clinton- More info on Hillary Clinton- Hilary knew- and-
  22. There are a lot of men out there, who can't attract women. They can't get sex. Some of them are even adult virgins. Now while it is understandable that being in such a condition will cause extreme mental pain and drive men into extreme emotional distress, and in addition to that they will be viewed as deficient and socially unintelligent by others, the amount of rationalizations they engage in to explain their predicament can be just....hilarious. These rationalizations are usually in the form of extreme negativity towards women, or rationalizing that they are just ugly men and looks are everything. They obsess about their jawlines, their height, their noses, and of course, having a small chin is the ultimate indication of inferior beta male genes according to them. They also go on and on about how western culture is completely biased against and hell for ugly men. While I feel bad for the amount of intense stress these men are certainly under due to their situation, I know their rationalizations are ridiculously untrue. Looks don't mean shiat. I know from seeing in real life, a good looking guy with a beta personality has no chance, where if that same guys shows the personality of an alpha male he is in, and vice versa. P in V'gee. DTF. Down to Fuck. Looks mean nothing, and it is very unhealthy for men to worry about their looks. Looks mean nothing. I couldn't stop laughing, throughout these entire videos. omg these guys.... This one is really good, laughter is very healthy, and it has been a long time since I laughed for 40 minutes straight
  23. Hi all. I am a 21 year old male who has been suffering from sexual addiction in all forms. Being compelled both spirtually and after reading some previous posts I started to do Retention practices. Really tough given my sex drive. I dont want to kill my sex drive completely but wanted to slow down as such and focuss on one woman. Ive started to focuss on turning my mind off to sexual desires and thoughts and this has helped as well. With retention I have seen massive gains in my workouts and feel far more confident about life, love, work etc. I would like to know about some other exercises that will help curb the energy. I do weight training twice a week and play league paintball (Speed ball) every Sunday. I wont lie, I enjoy a good beer or two. Should I look at increasing my workout schedual ? Other exercises to help keep my Semen count up and absourbing into my body ? (Deer exercise etc). Thank You. Newbie
  24. In Colombia a new game is being played among kids: it's called "Roulette Sexual", and the kids stand in two concentric circles, girls, boys. At a signal they get undressed from the waist down. And they need to penetrate as many girls as possible "without" ejaculating. Who ejaculates is out. The age of the participants: between 10 and 19. (probably younger kids in this range would do it among them, but I have no idea). As an additional data I will add that the age of consent in Colombia is 14. As you can expect the number of abortion has increased, and in fact it was the fact that a girl got pregnant, and she did not know who the father was alerted the parents (who I suppose alerted the authorities). There is a number of video on this kind of stuff on youtube (in Spanish), and even groups for them to organise on facebook (search term: rouleta sexual), and the age of the participants in those groups is consistent with the info above. So there are a lot of issues over here. There is the whole age factor. As people participating fall into 4 age range: adults, not adult but over the age of consent, before the age of consent but over puberty, and maybe even before puberty. Then there is the whole safety part, both respect to STD, and respect to getting pregnant especially because no protection was involved, nor any HIV test beforehand. And finally, the whole "no ejaculation". I mean, where did they got this from? Now, there are no Healing Love instructors in Colombia in the Universal Tao directory. Do you think they just figured that out by themselves? Personally I would have no problems for something similar among adult, trained taoists, who have done the necessary tests. And I am pretty sure it must have happened in the post in China. What do you think?
  25. HELPp!

    Hi, my name is Hector. I recently starded doing semen retention (currently on day 16) but I am having sex with a girl with deep breathing and without ejaculating,on the other hand, I have the opportunity to have sex with other girls,but i don't know if I should do it, so I'm very concern about how can this affect me .To clarify things a little bit more, I don't love any of this girls(including the one that I'm having sex with) in the way a husband loves his wife( very deep love) but I do enjoy their company.I guess that this is what people call friends with benefits.Obviously I do lust over them but lust is not the main reason of mi intentions, my main intention would be enjoying the moment and getting to know more how girls work but must of all my major focus is on getting the best levels of energy that I possibly can. So the direct questions would be. 1-Can having sex with my friend with benefits affect my energy in a bad way? 2-How would promiscuity affect my energy?