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Found 5 results

  1. the lower dantian?

    Mantak Chia talks about applying pressure to the lower dantian with your finger for one to five minutes and then place right palm over your left palm to mediate. I have found this useful and been using this mediation technique. He points out not to visualize or worry about your breathing but feel with intention, but I also know others talk about visualizing with intent to activate the lower dantian combineded with deep breathing through the nostrils. Do you guys feel that I should visualize at the same time I mediate on the lower dantian and apply breathing as well or stick to what I been doing? I know some talk about visualizing a golden light the size of a golf ball at same time breathing in qi to expand the qi in the lower dantian. Do you think I can add this to mantak chi technique I have been using?
  2. Okay, I have been reading about ways of opening the microcosmic orbit and one way is the cool draw technique known as testicle breathing. Another I have read is about imagining a small white pearl at the lower dantian and then orbiting the pearl around the back and front channel with intention to feel at the same time as visualization. Do you guys think the deer exercise can help open this orbit? And, can you guys tell me what techniques you use to open the microcosmic orbit?
  3. Okay, I have a question again I have started semen retention for the last 4 days meaning no more masturbation. I have been practicing testicle breathing known as the cool draw technique to draw my sexual energy up my brain for better creativity when I feel sexual desire. I am also trying to mediate on the lower dantian as well as practicing zen mediate with mantras/breathing and clear my mind as well. I have currently stop masturbation/pornographic vids, but I want to know if it's okay to do try the aneros prostate massager as long as I don't touch my private area to help my transmute my sexual energy? I used the aneros for the past month on and off basis, but I have recently stop using the aneros because celibacy, so can the aneros help or not control my urge.
  4. Okay, I need some help here and I would appreciate your guys feedback on this topic. It seems to me every time I try to mediate on the lower dantian below my navel I lose concentration because I feel energy running through my back? I was wondering is this do to my back injury in my upper back because I sometimes feel this energy just by standing still and concentrating. It feels like thousand little electrified ants running in my back is this my chi or is this normal for people with back pain? I usually feel this energy get stronger when I mediate, so is my back trying to heal itself or is this loose chi from my back injury or could this be my spinal fluid? Any ideas?
  5. cool draw - testicle breathing

    Okay, I am having a hard time trying to feel my CHI go up my spine when practicing the cool draw known as testicle breathing I just cant feel it and worried if I have some blockages? I have been study a little sexual kung fu as described by Mantak Chia in his book the Multi-Orgasmic Man. I also have back pain when standing for long periods of time do to a injury some time last year, but I never went to the doctor. I am in my early 20's so do you think this will effect my sessions at home or will my back get stronger do to practicing Mantak Chia practices?