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Found 18 results

  1. How to do Semen Retention

    Hi all, I am a single male 32yo. I have practiced semen retention 4 times, streaks of 100+ days. The benefits I experienced are too many to list here. I wish to continue this practice. My question is, what is the proper way to continue this practice? Also, for the single ones, should we practice orgasm without ejaculation? So when the moment come and we meet a girl we can control ourselves? if so, how do we practice this? Edging? Thanks a lot
  2. TIFU: Funny story...

    TL;DR: The Tao kicked me in the nuts. Wat do? I like to think I'm disciplined, I have a daily practice, I fast, I quit drinking, I started flossing, so I'm giving this whole celibacy/semen retention thing a go, this is totally achievable right? A whole twelve days later & I tried to watch a movie but then there's the obligatory scene where a fit person is in their underclothes & things get real tense in my trousers. Suddenly I find myself thinking of all the ways I can get laid in a hurry & decide to take myself to the cushion, which worked... for awhile. Fast forward a couple hours & I have a problem again, but this time I start bargaining with myself & decide that I'll fap but won't ejaculate. I further complicate it with an elaborate rationale about it generating more generative energy that can be transformed into qi & if I don't use porn & focus on breath & the LDT it's a spiritual exercise, right? (I'm fully aware I'm a jackass, but I was 100% serious at the time.) Things are going as well as they can when you violate the spirit of the Law, I have good ejaculatory control while remaining sub-orgasmic & I keep it up for [a while] before deciding that enough is enough. I'm wiping up coconut oil & notice my testicle are a little tender but don't think anything of it, fifteen minutes later I realize what I've done as the pain slowly begins to build. Now I feel like I've been kicked in the balls by a mule & I'm definitely feeling it in my LDT. Now, I have Googled the shit out of blue balls & the only "cure" is to ejaculate. That not going to happen because I'm not giving up, but despite that I couldn't possibly get an erection with the amount of pain I'm experiencing. I've tried a hot bath & that helped so long as I was in the water but now that I'm out it's back with a vengeance. I'm wearing briefs to keep things from moving around too much, but that's only preventing exacerbating the 7/10 pain in my lower abdomen. It's been two hours. I'm open to suggestions, guys, but I'm not going to the doctor. I hope I'm not a trailblazer & someone here has done something similar to themselves in the quest for immortality. (gently)LMAO.
  3. Hello Everybody! A bit about me: I have always been "spiritual" lets say. Never bought into my catholic upbringing and the such. After a few experiences with psychedelic drugs I became interested in meditation, yoga and generally eastern religions and their mentalities and views on life and existence (mostly buddhism and jainism). I now have a daily yoga and meditation practice. Nothing huge, just 2 sets of sun salutations followed by 20 minutes or so of isha kriya meditation. I am posting today because I have been practicing the material from mantak chia's book on sexuality. My motivations for this in the beginning were very ego driven: i simply was jealous of the orgasms my girlfriends were having, and wanted more from my 3-5 second burst of an ejaculation. Now after 2 months or so of (not to successful) practice, I realize it is not solely about the pleasure of an orgasm, but the deeper understanding of ones of sexuality, and a more healthy control over it (eg, not ogling every nice girl that walks by). I have been doing the cool draw daily, but not too sure if I am getting anywhere. I don't really feel a tingling or energy like described, only like, a "fullness" or presence, imagine molasses travelling around the body. It seems i can kinda tell where the energy is, but its not a real sensation so I am not really sure if it is what I feel, or placebo. Im not sure what I am supposed to feel, or if what I am feeling is correct, but that's just my bodies own expression of sexual energy (were all different!). Although, on occasion I feel a distinct tingling sensation in my testicles, but I have not yet been successful on pulling it up into the perineum and rest of the body. I have also been doing the big draw, and seem to be making a little progress there. I definitely feel more when self cultivating, but when thing start feeling nice they do not really travel up the spine at all, and it crest over into ejaculation. Albeit the ejaculation is a little more pleasurable, it is just as short and underwhelming. I keep reading in many places of these incredible, energetic whole body orgasms, and would like to get there, but I seem to need a little more guidance than mantak chia's books are offering. Also I am unsure when I should put my tongue to the roof of my mouth, throughout a sexual experience (with my self or otherwise) or only afterwards to bring the energy back down from my head? I have heard some criticism on Mr. Chia;s teachings, and would be totally open to a new practice if any of you have any suggestions on how I could get this working! Have any of you achieved this? Any tips or experiences you would like to share? Anything at all is well appreciated Thanks, keep the good vibes rolling!
  4. Celibacy and Will Power

    I am new to the site and joined after getting enlightened about few things relating to celibacy and will power. I want to share my experience and knowledge in brief. I am staying in India currently. I have been a long believer in science and scientific logic and excluded anything and everything not in sync with scientific principles. However, my interest is gradually starting to develop in things that exist or that happen but still there is no scientific evidence yet to prove it. Meditation, for example till last few decades had no scientific approval. Science used to laugh it away. Yoga is another. If we go further, even God is not approved by science yet. Would it not be appropriate to say that science is just trying to give us answer to many things that exist already, Science has not created Sun or Moon. Yes scientific discoveries benefit us all tremendously. But science is evolving at all times. It is not complete. So, what exists is more powerful than science. Science is just a student. The bottom line is that what science says today may be different what it say and does tomorrow. Therefore many ancient things are more powerful than science, e.g. spirituality. Why; because that exists, science is not powerful enough today to explain it, To pronounce a theory on it yet. That lead us to consider that ancient shastras, ancient scripts, old principles that may be related to spirituality, health or anything else deserve more attention. Modern medical science says that Celibacy is not good or at least it is not beneficial to us. Or semen retention is not healthy. But some of our ancient scripts says that semen has divine energy into it. Mahatma Gandhi, as we all know, practiced celibacy for some time, considerable long time. His grandson explains why Gandhi undertook celibacy in an interview on You tube. He says that Gandhi believed that he needed a lot of inner energy (not necessarily physical energy), soul power, a moral force to tackle a lot of difficult problems of his time. So whether or not semen retention or celibacy has any medical benefits, it definitely has spiritual power in it. It empowers you, it gives you the divine confidence that you are beyond the ordinary. Therefore will power is something, which science will take many decades to explain. But our ancient spiritual masters has already explained it thousands and thousand of years ago. I welcome views of fellow members on this. Love to all.
  5. Semen retention = useless ?

    I've been experimenting with semen retention for the past 3 months, and it doesn't seem to be working as expected. I have to say that it was pretty difficult the first month or so, but after I was able to break the habit and "stay clean" I observed that the surplus semen is always pushed out every 7-10 days. I have found the same info in a book called "the dao of love" (don't remember the author) "there", the number of ejaculations is tied to your age (once per week for ~24 y.o. once per two weeks for ~35 and so on) It looks like this "natural semen emission cycle" is long figured out, but if someone is familiar with a practice that is supposed to help retain more "jing", I'd love to hear about it. I'm not saying that it'd be a good idea to ejaculate daily (or more often), just that it doesn't make sense to attempt to preserve more then fits in your system some info about me: 25 yo doing regularly "standing like a tree" and sitting meditation with normal and reverse breathing while focussing on my LDT I'm also doing a little bit of taichi/qigong here and there
  6. Social Media

    Hey guys, just wanted to gather some opinions on the topic of social media. No one has a thread on it that I know of. I used to use social media like facebook, twitter, and instagram (and even myspace back in the day). In the past year or so I've got some distance from social media deleting my facebook and instagram and using my twitter maybe once a week on average and not having it downloaded to my phone. On the other hand, my girlfriend uses twitter, facebook, and instagram daily. I feel like using social media creates people to think about other people, most of which are not currently in their lives. Based on what I've read in books and on this forum it seems thinking about something is putting energy into it, not sure if that's right. It makes me uncomfprtable knowing my girlfriend finds enjoyment in looking at hundreds of different people daily that she doesn't know or barely knows. So what you guys think of social media?
  7. Greetings

    Hello everyone, I decided to make an account because I have a lot of questions and I was always looking at people's post on here anyway. I am a 19 year old college student. I currently do a basic qigong meditation with my hands hugging the air in front of me around my heart area. Since I spent a lot of time in my last few years smoking cannabis and even becoming dependent upon it, my energy body is not in great condition. When I do my standing meditation my hips and lower back sort of ache with in-breaths and I am able to crack my spine. I assume this means I am releasing stagnant chi. I recently was web surfing and came across semen retention. I instantly resonated with the idea of not wasting my seed. Im currently on the 7th day of not ejaculating. I had "blue balls" or tension in those lower chakras at times, but it was never that bad, and I always worked through it. I later came across a pdf about tantra which I found interesting at the time and then Mantak Chia's book Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Energy. I also immidiately ordered the Male Multiple Orgasm by Chia and its coming this week. I enjoyed "Cultivating Male Energy" at first, but soon found reviews of some of the techniques as being marked as dangerous. I read Id be best to start off with Awakening Healing Energy Through the Tao by Chia. I also read Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds are more beginner oriented. I am used to going to the gym 6 days a week, but I'm starting to think Qigong, meditation techniques, and Taoism should take priority in my life. I'm also struggling to figure out if i should be releasing my sexual energy or continuing to store it. I don't mind spending hours a day practicing techniques, I just need somewhere to start. I want to know if I should dive straight into the Multiorgasmic Man by Chia or perhaps start with something lighter. I have a girlfriend and I told her I want to be celibate so I can grow spiritually more. She's on board with it, but I'm not sure if I think there is a purpose if I cant transmute the energy into other places. PLEASE help me guys. I would love to gain more info on these subjects for I have no master.
  8. New To Testicles Breathing

    When practicing testicle breathing should you as well as practice celibacy to improve results? And how long does it take to have a successful session with testicle breathing. When you center your attention around your testicles should I feel like a cold icy feel down there when breathing? And is it the breath going from the testicles to the spine? Any Tips
  9. Okay, I have been reading about ways of opening the microcosmic orbit and one way is the cool draw technique known as testicle breathing. Another I have read is about imagining a small white pearl at the lower dantian and then orbiting the pearl around the back and front channel with intention to feel at the same time as visualization. Do you guys think the deer exercise can help open this orbit? And, can you guys tell me what techniques you use to open the microcosmic orbit?
  10. Okay, I have a question again I have started semen retention for the last 4 days meaning no more masturbation. I have been practicing testicle breathing known as the cool draw technique to draw my sexual energy up my brain for better creativity when I feel sexual desire. I am also trying to mediate on the lower dantian as well as practicing zen mediate with mantras/breathing and clear my mind as well. I have currently stop masturbation/pornographic vids, but I want to know if it's okay to do try the aneros prostate massager as long as I don't touch my private area to help my transmute my sexual energy? I used the aneros for the past month on and off basis, but I have recently stop using the aneros because celibacy, so can the aneros help or not control my urge.
  11. how to approach semen retention?

    Okay, in daosim and the Hindu epics talk about semen retention and why not to expel this sexual energy out of the body. In daosim the fluid loss of semen results in premature ageing, disease, and general fatigue. While some Taoists contend that one should never ejaculate, others provide a specific formula to determine the maximum amount of regular ejaculations in order to maintain health. There are different methods to control ejaculation prescribed by the Taoists. In order to avoid ejaculation, the man could do one of several things. He could pull out immediately before orgasm. A second method involved the man applying pressure on the perineum, thus retaining the sperm. The primary purpose behind Taoist lovemaking is the transformation of sexual energy into healing energy and vitality, resulting in better health and potential immortality. The primary Taoist technique to achieve these healing effects is called the inward orgasm (in-jaculation), whereby the orgasmic energy rises up the spine, stimulating the endocrine glands, energy systems, nervous system, and organs. Taoists teach that an inner orgasm (in-jaculation) stimulates life and vitality, while the outer orgasm (e-jaculation) brings death or loss of health and vitality. An in-jaculation is the most effective tool for transforming a physical orgasm into an energetic orgasm. The Hindu gods have also conquered death by Brahmacharya and penance. Brahmacharya is abstaining from all kinds of Maithuna or sexual enjoyment forever, in all places and in all conditions- physically, mentally and verbally. Indra, the King of gods, has attained a still higher status, through the self-discipline of Brahmacharya. Death is hastened by letting out semen from the body. Life is saved and prolonged by preserving it. Semen is the real vitality in men. It is the hidden treasure in man. There is no doubt that people die prematurely by letting the semen out of the body; knowing this, the Yogi should always preserve semen and lead a life of strict celibacy. It is the process of controlling the sex energy, conserving it, then diverting it into higher channels and finally converting it into spiritual energy or Ojas shakti. So there are different ways to approach semen retention and which method do you guys think is the most useful to try? I usually masturbate alot, so how do you guys make this sexual desire stop from happening? And should I practice the microcosmic orbit during semen retention or some other mediation like yoga? Okay, my question is basically how should I approach this in a simple manner?
  12. New Guy on the Way

    Dear all, I am 48 yrs young and after experimenting with a lot of different esoteric/magickal systems I came to the clear conclusion that the Tao is the way for me, too. I am working myself through the "Universal Healing Tao" system and I am doing the "Six Healing Sounds", "Inner Smile"and the "Microcosmic Oribt" once to twice every day. These meditations are very uplifting to me like no other I ever tried. Now I am working on semen retention (day 7 now), which I am really interested in and the cultivation/transmutation of sexual energy. I am fascinated about how others start to percieve me in a more positive way, when I abstain from ejaculation fror week. I want to learn more about why it is so and about how use this energy to change my personality into "higher frequencies". I came here to this forum because of a fascinating answer the member Seth Ananda gave here: This is exactly what I want to work myself in to! Does anybody have a book recommendation for me? I would appreciate that very much! My further interests are shamanism & tantra and everything that has to do with the subconscious, the "matrix of matter", chi/orgone/od/vril/animal magnetism, reiki and healing but since I don't want to dissipate, I focus solely on the Tao,since the Tao is quite demanding :-) Thank you. Edit: Why I left Satanism. I felt very attracted to Satanism and it seemed to be ok, since I held the belief, that there is no "good" and no "bad". The world seemed to be "symmetrical" and it seemed to be irrelevant which "path" one takes. Today I think different. I am convinced, that there is a life after this life here on earth and that your inner core (soul) will reside somwhere in the astral plane. I am also convinced that here are beatiful places in the astral and really bad places with nasty entities, where nobody (even the most dedicated Satanist) wants to go. Every soul loves the good side. In hardcore Satanists their "flesh" may dominate, but as soon as the flesh is dead, the soul is naked and strives and cries for peace and beauty (see near death experiences). This is what I believe today and this breaks the symmetry! There IS a good side and a evil side and the two paths (left hand and right hand) don't lead to the same goal! Satanism lowers your frequency (whatever this is...) and leads you to lower astral realms - bad, bad, bad. Increasing your frequency reconnects you with God. Things in your life start to fall into place and time seems not to work against you any longer (my experience). I am convinced, that here are only two external powers influencing us: The "dark side", which is Satanism, which is STURNism (Important: Google "Black Cube Conspiracy"). Since Planetary Magick is part of this Kabbala/hexagram system, I consider this as belonging to the dark side, too. The "white side", all influences coming through the Matrix, like belief, Christ (I am Christian), inspiration, trust, love, high vibration (...) and last, but not least, Chi! Luke Skywalker: "Is the dark side stronger?" Yoda: "No, faster!" Saturn/Satan, the dark side, is easier to access and provides everything you want to still your lust. Especially when you are young, Saturns offers can be very seductive! I take some quotes of "Star Wars" very seriously, 'cause Gerorge Lucas seemed to know exactly what he is talking about. Did you know that his invention, the "Death Star", looks exactly like the Saturn (!) moon Mimas? Coincidence? I think not. I hope this helps to understand my postings. I can't go deeper into all this now.
  13. This happens to me EVERY DAY 1. I wake up energized (with sexual energy) 2. I spend time with any female (the more flirty and sexual eye contact, the more effect) and my semen just leaks out! 3. After that I feel drained, tired and have no sexual energy (voice/tonality changes and I'm just less grounded and need to sleep). Not to mention the libido reduces significantly. Within ONE day, I can go from an outgoing and a very much "extroverted" persona to a guy who is tired and doesn't talk at all.
  14. I'm a newbie here. I did semen retention once and got really really grounded (I think it's the right word) - (a kind of innate unreactiveness and unscattering of vision, thoughts and consciousness). Meditation - calms the mind, I guess practicing an unreactiveness to thoughts but this is abolutely nothing compared to the extreme semen retention experience I had. I see it as forced grounding of the mind. Agree? Zhan zhuang - Heat (blod) comfortable circulates, making me feel more refreshed after. Is that what you mean when you say qi? Increases my physical energy. [i call it] Preventing energy leaks along with deep breathing - which is my attempt to carry over Zhan zhuang to every-day-life. Basically relaxing the muscles fully (which is easy with deep breathing). E.g when I notice tension somewhere, I breathe deep, it relaxes. It results in feeling more refreshed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So as mentioned, these techniques makes me feel "refreshed" and physically energized as if I want to take a run or something. Also increases mood But that EXTREME grounding, is it exclusive to semen retention? I'm thinking that these practices builds up energy slowly and only gets harder with time, like this But semen retention is "hacking the system" because you are taking all your energy from previous sexual usage and using it to ground your consciousness. So you already start out with A LOT of energy! I'm interested in reading any thoughts and/or answer to the original question <3
  15. Hello, Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. My name is David and I live in Los Angeles. Tired of feeling "blah" all the time, I have decided to learn about the Taoist ways. Finding all of you in this place seems quite a blessing. If I may, I have a question for starting out: I am 51 years old and have been an addicted masturbator most of my life. IF I wish to experience the full body type of orgasm, how long do you feel it will be necessary to retain my jing energy to more or less be "full"? Please forgive me for such a crude question. I realize there is very much I don't know. But please help me to understand if there is a "threshold" I am wise to seek out before even attempting this type of body response. One week? One month? etc. Thank you. David
  16. question about injaculation ?

    Hi everybody! Regarding injaculation, is it possible to injaculate and ejaculate at the same time? if not i'm probably not doing the technique right.ohh well i guess i'm off to some more testicle breathing. . . "An impatient mind kills progress"-Mantak Chia
  17. Challenge 2013... MEN ONLY

    Hi I found this website via the above topic "semen retention", OK In March 2012 a thread was opened ON THIS WEBSITE regarding this subject. Someone had hit 100days and it was like, wow. A few commented and i was impressed with the feedback. i was introduced to "chi" in 1995 as an athlete and used chi kung and specifically Zhuan Zhuang to help me in my training. After 4 or 5 months of chi training and Peter Keller rites I literally woke up and believed that i would be stronger if I stopped coming. i was in the halls of residence at university at the time, (having a good time) so this was a challenge. I lasted 23 days before i succombed to a beautiful Indian girl, who was pilled up and in my dorm. At 21 this was a challenge. I stuck to around the 23 day mark for 1995, however in 96 i managed 55 days and was the strongest and fastest i had ever been. From 97 - 2001 i met my future wife and lost much of what i had learned and went down the dark, corporate path. In 2004 i had a good relapse and managed 100days of celibacy (combined with lots of chi kung and running) At the moment i manage about 2 weeks. This topic, as i have hit 40 and had a ding dong with the Mrs is a statement of intent. I challenge, young or old, from this day the 5th of January to abstain. Be honest, swear on whatever you hold dear. I am from the UK, where chi, prana, semen qualities are dismissed and would not be talked about openly in the pub. The Chinese bless em have been at it for thousands of years. Finally, a text I recommend is by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming.. Qigong - The Secret of Youth.. Which tries to explain Da Mo's Muscle/tendon Changing and Brain Washing classics. It is a heavy read. But in days of olde, 100 days was the benchmark for a man. After 100 days the training CAN begin Good luck and report what you feel P.S I will not be dual cultivating with the Mrs. I have told her 100 days. She thinks I will give in, but she does not know i am on this website. Any haters, bring it on man !