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  1. Mixing of Jing

    Thanks guys for the insights and inputs. This has been helpful. Obviously there is no easy "cookie cutter" answer, but that's why it takes time, I suppose. Thank you Andrei for the frequency reference from Mantak Chia. Interestingly, I am 51 years old.....and he recommends conserving completely. I doubt I can do that "good", but at least it is something tangible I can work on. David
  2. Mixing of Jing

    There seems to be two types of semen retention: Politically correct and politically incorrect. I admit, I am shocked that a forum absolutely chock full of semen retention posts about the benefits thereof, has so resolutely recommended against it in my case. I am more confused than ever. Let's ignore the politically incorrect aspect of what my partner would do....what about retention in general? Isn't that good for me? Or should I spill semen freely and not worry about it? David
  3. Mixing of Jing

    Thank you all for the comments. BTW, it's perfectly ok to move the thread over to the Taoist discussion area. Re: Thelerner, Good point on the psychological aspect of sharing my partner. The sharing part is perfectly fine. It's gets a wee bit tougher to be excluded. But I read MANY, many posts on this forum about the necessity of retention. I can only conclude that the preponderance of "retention" proponents on this forum are not wrong. Therefore, her and I are determined that I retain as best I can. I respectfully recognize that the purist will advise that "there is more to it than retention", but as a newbie, I have to start somewhere tangible. I still wonder if there is any thoughts on the "jing confusion" for a woman if she receives it from more than one male. David
  4. Mixing of Jing

    Thank you for the comment Captain Mar Vell..... I am asking a serious question. I would hope the others can refrain themselves from ridicule.....but, after all, it is the internet.... I still hope someone can answer or comment on my literal question. Thanks. David
  5. Mixing of Jing

    Hi, my female partner and I have a question about "jing". We have determined that at my age and physical condition, it is best that I conserve my jing as best I can. (semen retention, recirculation of the energy) However, she feels that she needs as much male jing as possible for her balance. We have found a young devotee (male) to help her in that regard. He shares his jing with her about two times per week. Here is my question: I have heard that it is bad for a woman to receive jing from more than one male. (Her body gets confused, or something like that) Since it is wise for me to retain, is it advisable that I no longer share my jing with her at all? It seems this leaves two basic options: first, I am allowed intercourse with her, but be sure to retain my semen. The second--and it is her choice--that I do not have intercourse with her at all. Does anyone have experience or comments on this? I have read (not a reliable source) that the "Jade Dragon" does not share semen with his "White Tigress" and that she only receives semen from the "Green Dragons". Thank you in advance for any advice. David
  6. Thank you for having me and a question on retention duration

    Thank you Gents for the thoughtful replies. One thing I can see here is that this is a serious forum with sincere questions and answers. I shall look forward to more learning from everyone. David
  7. Hello, Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. My name is David and I live in Los Angeles. Tired of feeling "blah" all the time, I have decided to learn about the Taoist ways. Finding all of you in this place seems quite a blessing. If I may, I have a question for starting out: I am 51 years old and have been an addicted masturbator most of my life. IF I wish to experience the full body type of orgasm, how long do you feel it will be necessary to retain my jing energy to more or less be "full"? Please forgive me for such a crude question. I realize there is very much I don't know. But please help me to understand if there is a "threshold" I am wise to seek out before even attempting this type of body response. One week? One month? etc. Thank you. David