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  1. Nei gong and the 5 tibetan rites

    Done the tibetans for a long time and had no side affects. In my afternoon practice i do an hour of Yoga then 20 minutes of standing chi kung followed by the rites (slow and steady up to 21 reps. I class one slow deep inhale and exhale as a rep) Then after the rites i have always meditated as i find it gets me into a state of deep meditation very quickly
  2. Challenge 2013... MEN ONLY

    See i'm a pragmatist. I used to read alot about the tao. have a nice book collection. However what this site seems to do is interpret texts written in such a time and different culture that make them nearly impossible to understand now. Much like the bible, how can you base your life on something written in a world completely different to the one we live in now. However if you take religion, or Taoism for that matter, one thing remain constant. All higher levels take on the matter of celibicy. Not so much now but early Christians were hermits, ascetics. Catholic priests should remain celibate, why?. Yogis, Sufis you name it. I believe that if you have got to give it a go. I will be following these rules. No sex with the Mrs (100 days mininum, then dual cultivating in the Spring) No Wanking with or without ejaculation (cumming without ejaculation while pressing the acupoint between balls and anus is cheating) i used to kid myself it wasn't and whilst you loose no physical energy you loose the same amount of internal stuff) No rubbing touching or anything such No fantasizing as this creeps up on you and you find you will loose it in your sleep. In order to achieve my goals (I have it 100days before back in 2004) so i know it can be done. Will be very busy (starting a new business this year) very active, chi kung mininum 1 hour per day, running or cycling most days Everyone shags and wanks, do something different. STOP. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. You should feel a bit of energy kick in by then which will motivate you more good luck
  3. Hey everyone

    Hi Josh running is the missing link man. Think about it. We as a species have been aroung a few hundred thousand years before JC. we hunted.. period. to hunt you have to run, or at least be able to keep walking fast for a while. I ran at club level for a few years but would alternate between being a star and being a fun runner.
  4. Challenge 2013... MEN ONLY

    Hi I found this website via the above topic "semen retention", OK In March 2012 a thread was opened ON THIS WEBSITE regarding this subject. Someone had hit 100days and it was like, wow. A few commented and i was impressed with the feedback. i was introduced to "chi" in 1995 as an athlete and used chi kung and specifically Zhuan Zhuang to help me in my training. After 4 or 5 months of chi training and Peter Keller rites I literally woke up and believed that i would be stronger if I stopped coming. i was in the halls of residence at university at the time, (having a good time) so this was a challenge. I lasted 23 days before i succombed to a beautiful Indian girl, who was pilled up and in my dorm. At 21 this was a challenge. I stuck to around the 23 day mark for 1995, however in 96 i managed 55 days and was the strongest and fastest i had ever been. From 97 - 2001 i met my future wife and lost much of what i had learned and went down the dark, corporate path. In 2004 i had a good relapse and managed 100days of celibacy (combined with lots of chi kung and running) At the moment i manage about 2 weeks. This topic, as i have hit 40 and had a ding dong with the Mrs is a statement of intent. I challenge, young or old, from this day the 5th of January to abstain. Be honest, swear on whatever you hold dear. I am from the UK, where chi, prana, semen qualities are dismissed and would not be talked about openly in the pub. The Chinese bless em have been at it for thousands of years. Finally, a text I recommend is by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming.. Qigong - The Secret of Youth.. Which tries to explain Da Mo's Muscle/tendon Changing and Brain Washing classics. It is a heavy read. But in days of olde, 100 days was the benchmark for a man. After 100 days the training CAN begin Good luck and report what you feel P.S I will not be dual cultivating with the Mrs. I have told her 100 days. She thinks I will give in, but she does not know i am on this website. Any haters, bring it on man !