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Found 11 results

  1. Celibacy and Will Power

    I am new to the site and joined after getting enlightened about few things relating to celibacy and will power. I want to share my experience and knowledge in brief. I am staying in India currently. I have been a long believer in science and scientific logic and excluded anything and everything not in sync with scientific principles. However, my interest is gradually starting to develop in things that exist or that happen but still there is no scientific evidence yet to prove it. Meditation, for example till last few decades had no scientific approval. Science used to laugh it away. Yoga is another. If we go further, even God is not approved by science yet. Would it not be appropriate to say that science is just trying to give us answer to many things that exist already, Science has not created Sun or Moon. Yes scientific discoveries benefit us all tremendously. But science is evolving at all times. It is not complete. So, what exists is more powerful than science. Science is just a student. The bottom line is that what science says today may be different what it say and does tomorrow. Therefore many ancient things are more powerful than science, e.g. spirituality. Why; because that exists, science is not powerful enough today to explain it, To pronounce a theory on it yet. That lead us to consider that ancient shastras, ancient scripts, old principles that may be related to spirituality, health or anything else deserve more attention. Modern medical science says that Celibacy is not good or at least it is not beneficial to us. Or semen retention is not healthy. But some of our ancient scripts says that semen has divine energy into it. Mahatma Gandhi, as we all know, practiced celibacy for some time, considerable long time. His grandson explains why Gandhi undertook celibacy in an interview on You tube. He says that Gandhi believed that he needed a lot of inner energy (not necessarily physical energy), soul power, a moral force to tackle a lot of difficult problems of his time. So whether or not semen retention or celibacy has any medical benefits, it definitely has spiritual power in it. It empowers you, it gives you the divine confidence that you are beyond the ordinary. Therefore will power is something, which science will take many decades to explain. But our ancient spiritual masters has already explained it thousands and thousand of years ago. I welcome views of fellow members on this. Love to all.
  2. Desire

    In one aspect this idea of being celibate and doing meditation daily seems enticing, but living in modern society, I doubt anyone is going to be successful in achieving enlightenment. It seems like becoming a monk is the noble path for fulfilling enlightenment. It also seems that many religions tie celibacy very closely to enlightenment. But does becoming a monk and pursuing Buddhism full time lead to enlightenment in actuality? Or does it just increase your chances? I know it would make celibacy easier, but is there really a purpose to all that? They say desire is the root of suffering. Is there more suffering in this life that is outweighs the positives? This leads to deeper questions like what is the purpose of life? Is it just to procreate? Can one find peaceful/enlightened states while procreating? Is this 10 day silent retreat (Vipassana) just a way of forgetting these animalistic urges short-term? Or does is lead to a powerful new technique for developing mental stillness while overcoming the rigors of everyday society? I recently picked up the Bhagavad Gita due to suggestions by Indian spiritual readings and I found it saying that we are nothing and everything at the same time. It doesn't seem like procreating or even having intercourse embodies this philosophy. The texts goes so far as to say we shouldn't take part in worldly pleasures. Yet, I have also read that the Hindu gods rejoice in sexual intercourse and even embrace it for marriage and with multiple partners. This leads to a word that has been on my mind many a day lately and that's the subject of lust. Lust to me is what I find in a partner. And isn't love the way we are suppose to feel for all other humans? I have a partner, but my animalistic instincts direct me away from having just one partner. And that brings me to my point of if having a partner is even good in the first place. I feel in every day society and partner life/attachment, at least moving out to a semi secluded area down the road would be the most logical. That way I would not have to deal with the ongoing issue of lusting for the opposite sex. Thoughts? Warmly, Chi Boy
  3. Social Media

    Hey guys, just wanted to gather some opinions on the topic of social media. No one has a thread on it that I know of. I used to use social media like facebook, twitter, and instagram (and even myspace back in the day). In the past year or so I've got some distance from social media deleting my facebook and instagram and using my twitter maybe once a week on average and not having it downloaded to my phone. On the other hand, my girlfriend uses twitter, facebook, and instagram daily. I feel like using social media creates people to think about other people, most of which are not currently in their lives. Based on what I've read in books and on this forum it seems thinking about something is putting energy into it, not sure if that's right. It makes me uncomfprtable knowing my girlfriend finds enjoyment in looking at hundreds of different people daily that she doesn't know or barely knows. So what you guys think of social media?
  4. Many times when we strive for celibacy, we encounter temptation and other obstacles that hinders us. In my case, I have went through periods of depression where I thought things weren't going to change, especially since we live in a sexually oriented society, and you can't turn a corner or bat an eye without seeing some form of this. Many times I asked myself why? I considered it karma from the past.... When one desires, the desire is completely formulated and inseparable from ones emotion and opinion. If you aren't in a good mood, certain comedy will not make you laugh. As well visa-versa, when someone is happy, certain unfortunate things will not bring them down. Desire and emotion all are both dependent. If a situation happens, these two things are easy changed without much thought. One can consider these two as a thought themselves. Without intention, they are simply motionless in a sense. But the moment one acts out out of these desires and emotions, they gain meaning in a more physical aspect. To 'combat' these things, you must pay attention to the root. Asking yourself meta-cognitive questions like: What significance does this thought have? What does it mean to me? Do I consider this negative or positive? If negative, why would I think about it in the first place? If positive, how would this affect my life? Positively or negatively? How is my heart rate affected? What about my breathing? If it is emotion your feeling, does it sprout desire? If it is desire, does it sprout emotion? Are they positive or negative? Where does this thought root from? Does it come from incidences in the past? Where in the past? Who was I compared to who I am now? If I was different, why does it still affect me now? etc.. etc.. If emotion does arise from thinking these things, don't consider it. What i mean it to allow it to go. Don't consider it's coming. Let it be distant from you if you want it to be. Lastly, when you do let go, ensure that you let go of letting go. This is a good technique because once you let go and there is nothing left, but yet you are still trying to let go, this intention will create something more. That is why many times abstinence can be disrupted. When one is too concerned on the cause, it concerns the mind, and makes it a bigger situation. Thinking about it, before I intentionally went abstinent, I could have just wen abstinent... if that makes sense. Please comment on what you think. Add more meta-cognitive questions, give advice, etc... Thank you to all those who have read this, and good luck! :-)
  5. i cant do cool draw / testicular breathing. it just seems impossible for me. can i meditate on macro cosmic orbit to maintain celibacy?
  6. I am 20 year old guy who has just started learning these spiritual practices. I find this site very informative that's why i joined it. Hope i will seek here guidance and suggestions from you all people thanks again for letting me in
  7. Background: 20 year old male, turning 21 in the spring. Former great loss of jing, ojas, meaning of being "man", etc. due to pornography and masturbation. Of course I have long since quit these behaviors in favor of spiritual practice. But I want to take it a step further - I'd like to remain celibate for approximately 10 years in order to give myself opportunity to deepen spiritually and use my creative energies for other purposes. Some call this "Brahmacharya". and traditionally it lasts 12 years in disciplined practice, but I'm shooting for the decade between ages 20 and 30. This is the time of my life when I feel I will have the most potentially to do and achieve anything I want. While celibate I've noticed that the creative CHI life energies naturally flow elsewhere; art, music, literature, film, theater, even raw emotion seem to come alive for me at a whole new level. I am an artist and would like to seriously devote my energy to creation because I believe I have something to contribute to this realm in the world. I am currently seeing a girlfriend, and we are dating, but I haven't yet mentioned to her my plan. That said I feel that she is a soulmate, and perhaps she would understand (cliche, but true love waits). I believe dating should occur for years before marriage. Am I deluding myself by believing that such a period of self-realization would change me as a person, and perhaps take me some distance toward the realm of enlightenment?
  8. I am celibate and have been practicing cultivation / jing retention for quite some time now, but have come to realize that it is unnatural long-term for a human to exist without experiencing occasional arousal of Kundalini energy. This is not to say to give in fully to lustful desires, but to at least allow the energy to flow through the body. Does anyone have any specific sexual yoga or meditation practice to offer apart from Chi-Gung, which I already do? Thanks.
  9. ...

    I am a 19 yr old male and i have been currently been celibate for 30 days. In that time, I have already seen great transformation of mind and my psychological approach to the world. I feel that I have gone from being a rather ordinary slacker with little self confidence to a much more confident and determined individual. I don't know how else to describe the changes that have occurred except to say that it has been made clear to me how damaging self-pleasure was to my soul and mind. my intellectualizing of it is that the more often jing-essence is released, the more empty the soul and heart become, the less confident a man will feel, as well as more physically connected to the world. i went from being a user of pornography, whom was uncomfortable around women, to a guy who can casually engage any girl in conversation. i am aroused by real women. Girls seem to sense this energy and are more drawn to me as well..... i get hit on by girls now more than ever, lol. i was always self-confident about my size, as i am only 5'5" and 110 lbs, but now i truly do not care...because i can feel the inner fire burning also -- statistically, I believe it is true that men experience more orgasms than women. this addicts men to the physical aspect of sex, and they will do anything to have that physical experience, with ANYONE, hence, prostitution, et cetera. since women are more conservative, they are more discriminating with regard to partner and they must have their heart-energy attached as well. they also are more in-tune with the heart and soul orgasms that can occur in life... since being celibate, i receive joy and orgasm of SPIRIT by simply being in the COMPANY of women, if that makes sense. the "jing", or fierce, intense, primal willpower which is present as a result of being celibate, i channel into music, which is my passion. i can create more fiercely than ever before, and my determination is strong as an ox. i do not need to waste this willpower on expenditure of genetic material, lol. so, haha....the path to i doing it right?
  10. Thought this was really on! Awesome breakdown on intimacy!!! Curious about what the fellow TBs think:
  11. I accomplished the 100 days of conserving Jing and thought i would share my experiences on what i feel to be a very beneficial practice. Note this post is directed towards men, i have no experience of conserving jing as a least in this life. There are three possible outcomes of Jing conservation. 1. You give in to fantasies and release your Jing...thus failing 2. You become a very angry and irritable person for 100 days 3. You become a Dynamo of energy and grow in strength and power in every area of your life I have experienced all three of these outcomes when i attempted to conserve Jing in the past. Therefore there are 2 qualities that are required to conserve Jing successfully: Mental Clarity and Emotional Stability. Both qualities are complementary to each other. If you do not have Mental Clarity then you will lose to your fantasies. If you do not have Emotional Stability then you will end up getting very angry and saying and doing dumb shit. Being grounded is very important in this practice. The first couple of weeks are perhaps the most difficult because your not used to the increased Vitality and Horniness that comes with the practice but... eventually your energies plataeu and you will get used to it. Mental Clarity becomes even more important as the 100 days go by because i have found that if you fantasize during the day but still don't release Jing...those fantasies will carry over to your sleep and it will find a way to release itself during dream-time. All of these qualities are built upon a certain level of maturity that has been reached through cultivation. Benefits of Semen Retention Conserving Jing really is a fantastic practice. When you conserve your sexual energy it really is amazing how powerful you become in your own life...but in order to conserve jing effectively and use it to your benefit you must learn how to channel the inner fire. If fire is not channeled properly then you will be come an extremely agitated person. When conserving Jing it has been my experience that instead of exploding your sexual energy though your dick it will start exploding inwards and manifest in your everyday life. Everything i did developed a new level of intensity and involvement...I became more productive and motivated in all areas of my life: i did better in school, chi-gung, and in my interpersonal relationships. People often wonder how great cultivators can dedicate 8 hrs a day to cultivating...but when you have so much excess sexual energy your whole being wants to DO DO DO. You feel like you have so much energy that you can do anything...and this energy must be channeled into something be it your esoteric practice or you building a business. You become a great tool of manifestation...all you need do is choose something to DO. But if you don't properly channel it into something it can drive you crazy. Perhaps the most important of all the things i learned while cultivating is that when the mind is not constantly bickering then conserving your Jing becomes a natural state. When you discipline the monkey mind then conserving is easy...for those whom struggle too conserve and find that they can't.....go back to the drawing board....sit...and continue developing clarity....when you approach this practice with a reasonable level of clarity...then it is as easy as breathing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a side note i'd say that conserving Jing along combined dual cultivation is in many ways a superior practice than celibacy...but one that takes a very high level of discipline and self-control. On the other hand Celibacy paired with conserving is better for those that wish to not develop any attachments and do not want to be tied down by a partner (ascetics). In such cases it is a simpler and much better practice to cultivate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am coming back to edit this post because when i first wrote it i was ignorant of the fact that actually having a spiritual practice for transmutation of jing was so important....i did not realize this simply because i was already practicing my Nei-Gong very intensively and had never conserved without it. Having a transmutation practice is very important in order to effectively channel the built up sexual energy. If you don't already have a spiritual practice then some simple practices for this purpose are Meditating on the Lower Dantien or The Microcosmic Orbit. Both meditations can be found readily available online and are discussed in this thread. -My 2 cents, Peace