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  1. Going Vipassana

    Yeah idk, I just didnt like what they were trying to make me believe. And I dont know if all that subconscious shit is true just cause someone says this or that. However, meditation does lower brain wave activity so I still want to meditate. I likes the anapana technique I was taught. Does anyone use anapana here?
  2. Going Vipassana

    What meditation style are you practicing?
  3. Going Vipassana I left after the 5th day. That was totally a cult. The only information you are given from any source is that this is an end all be all texhnique for reaching enlightnment and ending "misery" and to free yourself from problems in later lives. Nothing against them, it just isn't how I was raised and so I choose not to believe what they're saying. If you like sitting all day and listen to chanting in another language and watching people walk around staring at their feet then this is for you. Also if like sitting with exruciating back/leg pain, go for it. Cause the instructors have it and sp do the students. From sitting all day everyone experiences the pain. You are taught that it will help you in your journey.
  4. So I am interested in a self taught yoga method that would help me gain flexibility and peace of mind and for a better meditation posture as well as something that would keep me limber for other forms of exercise. I've been considering starting with Yogani's Asana's book cause it seems simple and I won't have much time on my hands this year. I also am considering "Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya" by Satananda Saraswati. Seems like a complete guide and I like a lot of its other content about cold showers, neti pots, etc This book seems a lot more time consuming to follow and some have even deemed it dangerous to practice such tantric routines without a guru present. Anybody farmiliar with these texts?
  5. Enlightened movies

    Yeah Matrix for damn sure and possibly Matrix 2 Reloaded, but that was more watered down with fight scenes Karate Kid is always a classic The Dark Knight is my favorite movie
  6. Does Weightlifting Open Chi Channel?

    Nice regimen. I find doing a lot of things irritates my right shoulder especially benching so I haven't touched that in a while. You dont hit muscles like biceps or calves much in that routine, but they could easily be hit lightly on the side. Sounds about right as far as how I feel after I lift. I did some deadlifts with light weight because my muscles are tight from not lifting so I dont have the same mobility. Also a bit of stationary squatting position before doing some relaxation by lying down to meditate in the sauna. Felt great afterwards. I'm just not sure if I should be lifting to gain weight and eating a lot. Dont really know what the benefits of that would be other than a lot of extra muscle. Does this mean more energy as well? I see a lot of guys lifting a ton and then chowing down.
  7. I'm still trying to figure out if weightlifting will help open chi channels. I already know how to do weightlifting so that's why I'm asking about it. I read in Bill Bodri's Little Book of Meditation that exercises to open the legs, shoulders, and butt are beneficial because these areas are hard to open chi wise. So wouldn't that make weightlifting a good thing to practice along with yoga, chi gong, or whatever exercise style best fits the user? I soon wish to get into Yogani's advanced yoga practices and take yoga classes at college. The AYP system seems to help people and it seems pretty simple so I figued why not give it a shot. I like structure to some degree. Almost everyone in college goes to the gym (mostly males) and I know there has been forums about it, but I just wanted to throw in my thoughts and current stage of discovery. One reason I'm considering getting into lifting again is because my left glute is always tight. I was thinking about sticking to basic movements like the pull up, push up, goblet squat, and deadlift for the most part just to help with overall flexibility and circulation. Maybe lifting again will help me with the tightness in my left glute? I also find myself attracted to stimulants such as marijuana (although I have not been smoking) and reading books a lot lately and figured this may help me get more grounded into my body. I also think maybe I should be meditating into my dan tien or concentrating on a mantra during meditation as following my breath through my nose is not that beneficial to me at this stage. Sorry for my constant thread posting guys and thanks for the help
  8. Chanting

    Do you mind if I ask what your tradition is? Also, how do you chant? As many time as you can on the inhale and exhale? Just once on the exhale?
  9. Chanting

    Is it best to chant on the inhale and exhale? Also should I chant multiple times on the exhale or one time slowly?
  10. Desire

    In one aspect this idea of being celibate and doing meditation daily seems enticing, but living in modern society, I doubt anyone is going to be successful in achieving enlightenment. It seems like becoming a monk is the noble path for fulfilling enlightenment. It also seems that many religions tie celibacy very closely to enlightenment. But does becoming a monk and pursuing Buddhism full time lead to enlightenment in actuality? Or does it just increase your chances? I know it would make celibacy easier, but is there really a purpose to all that? They say desire is the root of suffering. Is there more suffering in this life that is outweighs the positives? This leads to deeper questions like what is the purpose of life? Is it just to procreate? Can one find peaceful/enlightened states while procreating? Is this 10 day silent retreat (Vipassana) just a way of forgetting these animalistic urges short-term? Or does is lead to a powerful new technique for developing mental stillness while overcoming the rigors of everyday society? I recently picked up the Bhagavad Gita due to suggestions by Indian spiritual readings and I found it saying that we are nothing and everything at the same time. It doesn't seem like procreating or even having intercourse embodies this philosophy. The texts goes so far as to say we shouldn't take part in worldly pleasures. Yet, I have also read that the Hindu gods rejoice in sexual intercourse and even embrace it for marriage and with multiple partners. This leads to a word that has been on my mind many a day lately and that's the subject of lust. Lust to me is what I find in a partner. And isn't love the way we are suppose to feel for all other humans? I have a partner, but my animalistic instincts direct me away from having just one partner. And that brings me to my point of if having a partner is even good in the first place. I feel in every day society and partner life/attachment, at least moving out to a semi secluded area down the road would be the most logical. That way I would not have to deal with the ongoing issue of lusting for the opposite sex. Thoughts? Warmly, Chi Boy
  11. Going Vipassana

    So this morning I'm sitting at the mechanic shop waiting to get my car done and I typing a few things into google to see if anyone had tips for Vipassana, the ret and ended up reading this,117747,page=1 talking about how the whole Vipassana thing is cult-like and that many people who did it for years don't see it' value. I'm going to my course in a few weeks so I found this alarming. I'm glad a lot of you all have positive outlooks on it. The idea of Vipassana seems great. However, some aspects of Goenka's teaching lead to further questions. Someone on this thread says that he believes in celibacy. which seems accurate because in his 10 day courses, males and females are in separate atmospheres. He also believes that Vipassana is the way to enlightenment. I'm posting something else in gen discussion. Check it if you may. Warmly, Chi Boy
  12. Chanting

    Wow!!!! Thats crazy! Thanks for the clarification Earl Grey. And that sounds really calming to play a mantra out loud. I'm gonna try that when I have wifi again, most likely while I'm studying, just to see how it affects my energy.
  13. Chanting

    Makes sense, you hear recordings of mols doing the classic ohm chant and you can tell they are using that technique. I've heard chanting silently is more advanced or something though, not sure if that's actually true.
  14. Chanting

    Interesting, would you reccomend chanting out loud or silently for maximum results?