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  1. Seminal leakage - does this happen to anyone ?

    First of all there is a HUGE difference between porn and real women. It's not even comparable. Second. If I refrain from women, I will get NE. Any excess energy leads to NE so I have to use the energy one way or another. Doing breathing exercises and working out uses some energy. But there is a lot more and that will come out in NE. This is what I am trying to say. Thirdly. I am questioning if that choice really is a choice. That is: if you can have the cake and eat it too. If I can maintain the semen and still have it's pleasure. Because that is what is happening when I do the breathing exercise/workout. I understand if this sounds weird: Interacting with woman really makes a lot of semen come out. But doing breathing exercise stimulates energy obvously (feel the grounding/qi) but semen doesn't come out. Rather it feels like it is absorbed. I've read some eastern texts that says that it gets transported to the brain, and this is probably what they are refering to. Anyway I think this it's possible if I transmute all energy before female interaction. That way the semen is absorbed and perhaps the sexual energy will still flow. I just have to practice horse stance
  2. Seminal leakage - does this happen to anyone ?

    You guys don't get it haha. I love females! I enjoy every energy-draining second of female company. But when the energy is all lost, instead of pleasure, there is like a deeper rooted lower frequency. I start to shake! I don't know why. As I said, with energy (semen), I have a more commanding voice and come across as confident. When I am drained, I have a hard time smiling and start to shake as if I am nervous just to talk to females! So what I want to know is: Is it possible to have that enjoyment AND not lose/"waste" semen at the same time? I'm thinking it should be. If one is relaxed and have habituated recharging habits & breathing patterns WHILE interacting with females. (= consumption + recovery at the same time. Should at least prolong the experience) I will totally read the book. Thanks innersound To Goldleaf: This actually started after I stopped watching porn. Nowadays I fluctuate between grounded and ungrounded (shaky). I guess I was always ungrounded before without knowing it. If I get more heavily physical with a girl, I lose a lot more semen. It takes a day extra to get grounded again. If ejaculation is involved then it can take up to a week to recover fully. Either way, that doesn't solve anything Last but not least, I don't want to non-sexualize my interactions because a) that would be boring b ) I would lose it through NE because I won't use all energy with horse stance. So balance is key... Thanks for your suggestions though. It's not that it's draining in an emotional-state-placebo way. Sure I can affect my mood but this is draining in a more "real" way that's harder to affect. I've had it ever since I started semen retention (stopping porn). And that is: Less semen <=> less grounding. That's it. To Walker: Where can I read more of this? I've never heard of a TCM in my area. Either way, I want to read by myself. Book?
  3. Seminal leakage - does this happen to anyone ?

    THANK YOU!! I will read the book! 1. So sublimation is the same thing as transmutation of energy? 2. And I was not crazy to correlate my energy/resonance directly to semen?... I prevously solved this problem by taking a nap at lunch. It was a way to "refill" my semen, as weird as it sounds, that was what really happened! I woke up almost like I had restarted the day and I felt focused again. Then I'd interact with another female in class and semen leakage would happen AGAIN. And then I'd had to take a nap again, and so on. Basically I started the day with the same amount of energy every day, it was wasted, and I got it back the next day. However. If I don't waste it (I don't interact with females and don't workout), then I get Nocturnal emissions! (and lose all my resonance of course) So actually, it's ideal to transmute your energy whether you interact with females or not. And if you are not interacting with females, that's when you really have to transmute because as I said, if it is wasted, you get it back. But if it is not wasted, (and you don't transmute it) you will lose it through NE! To wrap it up: Female interaction = wasting the energy = consuming it like sugar, empty calories Sublimation = wasting the energy effectively = consuming it like whole food, you use it and you get resonance from it Either way, you are wasting/consuming the energy! Neither = no consumption = NE, which is avoided by e.g. doing one of the above! I.E. You have energy below Tan tien by default. Wether you consume it like sugar or whole food is up to you. The important thing is to actually consume it. And not not-do-anything. 3. So although I see the point of avoiding those interactions if you are a serious practionioner of cultivation. It wouldn't be of so much use for someone like me who wouldn't waste all his energy with cultivation anyway. The interactions just "resets" the transmutation process by wasting the energy that is available. Although, reseting the process will make a cultivation process slower, it is not what is truly harmful. But NE is. (Not really a question, I just want to know yours and everybody's opinion on this! Likewise on the next segment) If I where to connect the dots, the thing that actually transmutes the energy/semen/qi back to the original place is relaxation. Examples: - Moderately un-shallow breathing -> relaxing arms -> feel qi in arms - Breathing all the way to Tan tien -> relaxing Tan tien area -> feel qi all over the body (-> a lot more qi is being transmuted) Now you're telling me about horse stance, but horse stance is just a way to effectively relax the Tan tien area also! So ... Breathing is just a tool to relax the Tan tien. When the Tan tien area is relaxed, the qi is "un-blocked" and just flows away from there naturally. Since I've started taking Zinc, I've been waking up with more energy and semen. I really recommend Zinc supplementation! Are there other ways to increase resonance except meditation and relaxation (breathing)?
  4. This happens to me EVERY DAY 1. I wake up energized (with sexual energy) 2. I spend time with any female (the more flirty and sexual eye contact, the more effect) and my semen just leaks out! 3. After that I feel drained, tired and have no sexual energy (voice/tonality changes and I'm just less grounded and need to sleep). Not to mention the libido reduces significantly. Within ONE day, I can go from an outgoing and a very much "extroverted" persona to a guy who is tired and doesn't talk at all.
  5. Dantian breathing - plateau

    oooooh okay I get now I think. Is it correct to say that: the goal is not so much to "forcefully" MAKE the energy spread with deep breathing but rather that the energy is already there! the goal is to numb yourself from the "regular" sensations, and by doing that, the only thing that's left is the energy (and the energy that is there is limitless) ?
  6. I don't know if you guys really call it a plateau. Anyway I've done progress with Dantian breathing (The range of the sexual energy used to increase after every time) However, nowadays I only feel the energy in my hands and arms. Also a slight circulation between arms and legs. But that's it. What do I do to make it easier for the energy to expand?
  7. More than one question, but most importantly the one in the name of the thread. I wonder that too. In the things I've read, grounding is associated with centeredness and being stable like a tree. That was exactly what I felt. As I tried to sum up in one sentence: "A feeling of innate unreactiveness and unscattering of vision, thoughts and consciousness." What do YOU mean when you say grounding? Is there an alternative? Kind of cold in Sweden
  8. Wow. What is that called? Also what if one just physically closes the nose?
  9. I'm a newbie here. I did semen retention once and got really really grounded (I think it's the right word) - (a kind of innate unreactiveness and unscattering of vision, thoughts and consciousness). Meditation - calms the mind, I guess practicing an unreactiveness to thoughts but this is abolutely nothing compared to the extreme semen retention experience I had. I see it as forced grounding of the mind. Agree? Zhan zhuang - Heat (blod) comfortable circulates, making me feel more refreshed after. Is that what you mean when you say qi? Increases my physical energy. [i call it] Preventing energy leaks along with deep breathing - which is my attempt to carry over Zhan zhuang to every-day-life. Basically relaxing the muscles fully (which is easy with deep breathing). E.g when I notice tension somewhere, I breathe deep, it relaxes. It results in feeling more refreshed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So as mentioned, these techniques makes me feel "refreshed" and physically energized as if I want to take a run or something. Also increases mood But that EXTREME grounding, is it exclusive to semen retention? I'm thinking that these practices builds up energy slowly and only gets harder with time, like this http://goo.gl/m4QEjq But semen retention is "hacking the system" because you are taking all your energy from previous sexual usage and using it to ground your consciousness. So you already start out with A LOT of energy! I'm interested in reading any thoughts and/or answer to the original question <3
  10. here for semen retention thread :)

    I would guess as with most of the topics from this forum, you have to try it to really believe it / understand it. Rightfully executed semen retention causes extreme grounding. (Vision/thoughts/consciousness feels "heavier" and less scattered)
  11. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/2h0q3p/must_read_why_the_powers_fade_and_how_to_get_them/ It's because you don't have enough semen. These practices help you to not lose semen, but not to gain semen as it doesn't put the semen production on "overdrive". The more semen is drained, the more semen is produced. Just what I think
  12. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Thanks! I try to meditate 10-20 minutes every day. I love it! Just breathing into the stomach and not thinking. But I don't get the MCO meditation, "Circulating energy"... MCO = guiding your attention in this circular fashion http://www.melora.org/MCO_Graphic.jpg That's it?
  13. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Hello! I'm deeply fascinated about this topic and have read all the 39 pages I'm wondering if anybody shares my problem of extreme leakage? (or knows how to fix it) I had the problem of nocturnal emissions before but I get that less often now sleeping on my back. BUT Every day I wake up centered and grounded. Then throughout the day, everytime I do something energetic like - listening to music or dancing - running or any type of exercise - socializing or just hanging out with a female ...after these activities, I release a little semen (leakage) and I literally feel that grounding gone. My vision/consciousness feels scattered UNTIL I sleep again, and then I get back that semen. Sometimes, if I have a good meditation session, I get leakage then too! So basically everytime I expend/use energy, it effectively discards, and later recharges after sleep. I'm grateful for any feedback
  14. Hey guys! I found this site googling semen retention. I am deeply fascinated by the topic so I actually read ALL 40 (ca) pages! I'm excited to post there I'm Swedish I'm 19 years old Cheers