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Found 27 results

  1. Alchemy and Inspiration

    The underlying principle of alchemy is that your taking the dense materia of the body (Jing, Food, Sexual energy...etc) and refining it to something more subtle. In watching this video of Korea Got Talent, i couldn't help but make a comparison too alchemy. A person whom comes from a very "dense" background and from this dense energy, a beautiful flower sprouts. Similar to the analogy of the lotus....we are all capable of taking the muck of life and growing a flower.
  2. Musical Bums

    A thread devoted to sharing and discussion of music. Whatever you like, play, compose, listen to, whatever... In honor of coming Autumn, I made this recording of Qiu (Autumn). It’s a guitar piece from Si Ji (Four Seasons) by French composer Thierry Rougier. It’s written in shang mode, one of the classic Chinese folk music modes.
  3. Healing by music

    Guitaa is the best way to learn to play any song, you can get simple and accurate chords for any song of your choice and learn to play them by playing along the music video. Guitaa magically puts the entire chords and video into one interactive screen where you can customize your learning experience using Transpose, Tempo and Capo. How it works: With Guitaa App, You can get chords of any song, Search any song and get chords tutorial for that song in under 20 seconds. You can choose between Guitar, Piano or Ukulele. Features: Get Guitar, Piano, Ukulele Chords for any song, any language and any Genre Easy chord chart display of your favorite songs Chords Edit - You can even edit chords on the website and make your own arrangement of the song. Capo and Transpose any song to tone that suits you. Discover amazing new songs with personalized recommendations Add your Favourite tracks to your list and access them easily Collections of songs to match your mood Find songs by genre Website : Android App Link:
  4. Practice with Music - spontaneous / ZiFaGong

    Hi all, some do some practices with music...: I sometimes do ZifaGong / spontaneous Qigong / stillnessmovement / wujigong / seiki / - whatever you call it...see tags (funny nearly everone of those states they are the only ones who do it ;-) with music. Is there any music you could recommend to help "get the ball rolling"? Cheers. MoS
  5. A song I wrote and produced on the topic of spiritual liberation
  6. Greetings and Love to 1 and all

    Hi everybody!!! Longtime lay-omni spiritualist here! I'm a working percussionist, drum maker, music producer and DJ in NYC. My family consists of the 3 of us - my common-law wife & an 8 year-old 3rd grader called "Love". We live comfortably in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium. All 3 of us do a damn good traditional Okinawa Goju-Ryu class in Harlem 3x/week. Our teacher turned us on to the standing and sitting 8 pieces of brocade forms. It's reignited my personal quest for this old school knowledge from Asia I started when I was a kid - 1st from my father ranting about Taoism & physics then stumbling onto Mantak Chia's books in the early 90s. We're 2 years into this Goju discipline next week & as I turn 44, my thoughts turn to my end game: I want to live long & need ALL my systems functioning strongly into old age to achieve my goals. IMO the Taoists and Buddhists figured all that out 1000s of years ago & I thought this'd be a great forum to discuss. Looking forward to listening to/sharing with all of you. 1 perfect love, Ceiba aka Brotha Sean
  7. Hey Someone gave me this music to practice Zhan Zhuang, its supposed to help to open the channels I love it and would love to find the exact interprets and album so I can buy it in high res. Can somebody help me??? I found the name of the beginning music : Tai Chi Melody (Tai Ji Yun) · played by the China Film Folk Orchestra. But it's not the same interpretation... Thanks for your help :)) _Big_tree.mp3
  8. Please: (1) I don't really mind not knowing an answer . . . but I hate not even knowing what I'm asking. (2) I've got one of those now -- can anyone try to clarify it for me (?) *** (3) I intuitively feel that something is that case . . . and that there should be a clear, compelling way to state it. (4) But when I try . . . it doesn't even convince me 100%. (5) Here's my best try at it: "The fact that there is a Billboard Top 40 . . . demonstrates that there must be objective qualities in Music to which people respond . . . and that Music is not just a subjective experience". (6) Or in other words: "Why would so many people all agree that there is something worthwhile about piece of Music if they were not all experiencing in common an objective quality of that Music (?)" (7) This seems true to me. (8) But the argument doesn't seem rigorous -- although I'm not sure why. (9) So what do people here think: (a) Is the conclusion in fact, true (?) (b) Does the argument demonstrate it (?) (c) If so, how does it demonstrate it (?) (d) Is there a clearer, more rigorous way to state it (?) Thanks . . .
  9. Hi, I'm wondering what music to use while practicing spontaneous movement qigongs. Some use music (Christensen - Mongolian ; Chen - various; Keeney/Goodman - Tribal/Shaman Drums; Tiangong - "heavenly language singing") to help start the process, others don't. IF you use Music, what works for you? Any recommendations for Shamanic Rhythms avaliable for free in the net? (PLEASE not the"Wellness-Synthesizer-esoteric-angelic-...-Type!")
  10. Where is the Music?

    Where is the music? Where does it live? in the instrument? in the musician? in the listener? in the movements? in the air? in the ear? drums felt in bones, need no ears to be heard. is there still music there? so what is music? where does it live? where does music start? in the mind of the musician? or somewhere in the answers above? if I think about music, only in my thoughts, is that still music? is thinking music, music? does music end? just fade away beyond hearing and dissolve? or is it endlessly resonant... vibrating outward? is it cyclically resonant, so long as it has something to bounce off of? where does it live? what is music? who makes the music? who's listening to the music? Now, reread the above questions and trade the word music for Witness... This rang my bell yesterday when someone asked in another thread where the witness resides... it is poignant and deeply resonant for me, so I share it.
  11. Some music please!

    Does anyone know of a good, reliable source of information regarding the effects of music in the human mind/body?
  12. San Francisco Dancing

    Thought I would join the live music and do some dancing.

    I've been using music as my therapeutic outlet. Check out my latest song: I appreciate it. Anyone else on SoundCloud?
  14. The Love Paintings

  15. Here's a tough one for you! If you're too old for songs about Santa Claus and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, but you are also not a Christian, so O Holy Night, Silent Night and about 1000 other songs are out, what do you listen to around Christmas? Specifically, what spiritual, but not religious, albums do you like to listen to, assuming you acknowledge the holiday season at all? I can only think of one so far, and that is Sting's, "If On A Winter's Night." But that, technically, according to the artist, is a winter album, not a Christmas album. Maybe the key is winter albums? Looking forward to your suggestions!
  16. Turn up the Volume

    DMT-Divine Moments of Truth
  17. Mysteries of Tibet

  18. I'm a big music fanatic and work in the music business. I cherish world music and have been listening to it since the mid 80's. I'd like to start a music thread - find out what others listen to to relax or meditate. I use Spotify to listen to music nowadays - I pay the $10 so that I can take my playlists with me on my phone and iPad. It's free if you just want it on your PC. Here's a link to an album on Spotify that is fantastic: Joseph Tawadros – The Prophet (Music Inspired By the Poetry of Kahlil Gibran)
  19. There's this song from 1974, (hey!, how do we insert yt vids with the new interface?) edit: oh!, it does it automatically now! Really easy to play on guitar, just two chords over n' over, slide into each: D, E ... but the lyrics could use some re-working to include real martial and Taoist internal arts characters, from Yang Chengfu to Sammo Hung to Lao Tzu or any classic Taoist martial or alchemical terms. Fun community ditty. Here's the original lyrics Here's my own little variation; I'm sure all you can come up with a lot more (and better). Have at it, Trunk