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  1. New album

    I've been working the last two years together with my lovely wife in creating this (self proclaimed) masterpiece of music. Today, it finally got published on Spotify (and other places will soon follow). https://open.spotify.com/album/4nNN5w2EwqnuLhGCiK7897?si=wf0K0FYST7OFx6X8wp2VBQ The music has a certain spirituality to it. Well at least I had to practice some principles of Wu Wei like Less control is more Control Enjoy --Hannes
  2. I think it was early Marx that concluded that all ideologies change over time. (he later thought Marxism would be an end state but that is wishful thinking). In everything we see a pendulum swinging. The seasons, the phases of the moon, the stages of life (birth and death). society is also a living organism, so it will change. What is called order is stagnation and what is called Chaos is flow. What is called peace is balance and what is called war is the moment of change. To OP I choose awareness. The rest will follow.
  3. For the Buns

    That post also has a reference to another forum. Why are we so fragmented? (this is a rhetorical question) Reminds me of Monty python in a way. Edit: This is even more au point:
  4. For the Buns

    I like bunnies as a symbol. But I have to ask, why did this forum get created? (feel free to PM me if you don't want to reply in public) In genuinely curious.
  5. Robert Peng QiGong

    I just got his book the master key from the library last week and I started reading it. I couldn't stop reading. His life story is amazing. I not only thought me about qi-gong, but also about China. I was searching this forum for some feedback if his teaching are good. (I'm very skeptical, there are a lot of fakes out there in my mind). Although I must say that his book had a good feel to it. When reading 8 year old Peng building up the time of standing in horse stand in the boiler room, I felt oddly inspired. I am planning to do the exercises he gives but I'm a bit worried about not having a teacher to correct my poses. I made a thread last week to see if there is a good teacher in the Chicago area. Maybe a teacher will show up or maybe there won't. For now I'm just going to do the exercises. Approach it with the open mind of an eight year old.
  6. Oh look, I got covid

    How are you feeling? *Sending Healing Energy*
  7. To be sure, I just DM you my email address on this forum? Sounds like a great idea and very interesting.
  8. @liminal_luke These are some very interesting questions and I like to answer them from my perspective and invite others to invite those from theirs. What has been most difficult for you about the pandemic? The feeling that the world has changed forever. Like the feeling after 9/11 but even stronger. We all seemed isolated and the feeling of freedom was lost. I also missed going to clients, both being in a different place and talking to people. Being with my wife for 24/7 was also hard. After a while the lines blur where I end and she begins. What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic? That I want to help people more. I aided a lot of people with filling in their PUA. It got me to think of getting a law degree and made me go back to school to get my Bachelor degree. Although it was already an ongoing process, I finally realized I am an artist in nature. I also learned that I neglected the fact that I am an introvert and need alone time to recharge and accomplish things. I further learned how "busy" hectic society is, and that is not healthy or productive. How have you maintained connections with other people during the pandemic? I froze my ass of in my backyard in this Chicago winter, but we still had people over. I also connected to people by helping them with paperwork. I still talked to people, only outside instead of inside. I used my phone more. How have you taken care of yourself during the pandemic? I started college, walked in nature and had the time to rethink my life. I would say that for us the pandemic had a huge silver lining. I made a home office in the basement and realized I needed this secluded space for years. I also shifted my goals from what society considers successful to what my soul considers fruitful. I also see a shift in the people around me. A change in priorities.
  9. I have a feeling that after realizing the question becomes moot. An analogy would be the gateless gate.
  10. I wonder if someone or a group of people continued his work. It is interesting but seems a bit dated.
  11. Teachers and political opinions

    I am not a teacher but I with my limited understanding of the current situation I Am fairly confident to say the following - Masks impair breathing, so it is not recommended for long times, unless in a really dangerous situation - Masks have a weak effect in stopping the spread of covid. - current vaccines aren't vaccines, unless you are referring only to sputnik 5. The others are a primitive gene therapy. And we are quite clueless about what we are messing with. - The world needs kindness and compassion, not PC. What saddens me even more is that questioning the "vaccine" makes one right wing in many people's eyes. So many topics to polarize us and everything is being politicized. I saddens me. I don't claim to have any answers and the only advice I can give is to be mindful of your zinc, vitamine C and D levels; and to see the current times as a transition period. I wish there will be less sadness then that which I foresee currently. The only thing one can do is try not to be part of this polarizing divide.
  12. How to step back and rest?

    It is a time of transition and a lot of things are up in the air. I saw an omen of the heron a couple times and I feel it signifies that I need to step back and stop working on myself and take a rest. I mostly mean stop working on healing my trauma and trying to get ahead worldly and otherworldly. This seems simple, but it isn't. I feel like I am already waiting/being stuck for so long and I do not now how to rest (in a non physical way). That and the fact that I don't feel grounded. It feels that resting would lead to poverty and my physical demise.
  13. balancing the elements

    Thanks, I ordered it from amazon. It looks like a great introduction to what I want to learn.
  14. balancing the elements

    I wonder if there are any good books about the five elements and how to balance them through diet/environment? I also seek a deeper understanding about the balance of these elements. I found out that I'm low on fire and really high on water. I also see that I'm low on metal while wood and earth are good.
  15. Last week a random video popped up on my YouTube feed about ESP and it was interesting in the sense that the person (Russel Targ) both has an extensive career as a laser engineer and ESP researcher for the government. The most important part of his book is that he tries to put into math the theory of non locality of spacetime and in doing so explains the possibility of ESP and other phenomena many of us have experienced in our lives or hear from other people. Not to mention old Buddhist explain a similar fashion. I wonder if there is more theories out there that try to use science to prove the "super natural" (I hate that word because not is outside of nature).