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  1. Happy Solstice 2023

    It is that time of year again when the day is long and the sun reaches its zenith. When we look at our current lives, and all the problems we face, remember that for millennia eyes have watched the skies and observed this phenomena. Countless eyes observed, countless lives been lived, countless years go by, the ticking of the clock as the earth spins on. Enjoy.
  2. I can't speak for others but I'd like an understanding that goes beyond the mind and linguistics. More of a being or becoming. Something that clicks with my path through life.
  3. Meaning of breaking glass.

    @Taomeow it probably was something like this. I haven't found anything while doing introspection.
  4. I went to the gym today and i was putting my bag down when my glass bottle hit a wooden bench in a weird way and the bottle just shattered. Normally i would say, though luck, shit happens. But at the same time i got a strong intuition this is an omen of something. Anyone has an idea what it would symbolize? Strangely i was just rhinking of taking my personal practices more serious and integrate them more. Strange, very strange. I don't normally read too much into things but this seemed different. Like it is trying to tell me something, or changing some coursenof events.
  5. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    Power is in the sense of in relation to others is bad. If you seek power to dominate and control others, you might be misguided. If you seek power to free yourself, to grow and nurture yourself. To seek and understand and eventually to transcend, then that same power is guided well. From my understanding power flows from concentration. It is neutral. Intention is what guides. In terms of power the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword holds true. Because although a sword can cut and kill, with a pen you can write down a daily reminder, which can aid you and others to concentrate your will and accomplish things beyond the cycles of nature. a written word can contrate your thought each morning a written word can remind you when your mind is murky. If you understand this well, you won't ask if power corrupts because you'll understand everything is a becoming and thinking in terms of material power is irrelevant in the end. You cannot acquire genuine power without changing.
  6. How do we know?

    We know when we stop thinking. The problem is, if I were to try to rationally explain this it will get lost in translation. The real Dao is the Dao that cannot be told. It can be experienced but not explained.
  7. Current Events Discussion

    Hi, Requesting access to current events.
  8. New album

    I've been working the last two years together with my lovely wife in creating this (self proclaimed) masterpiece of music. Today, it finally got published on Spotify (and other places will soon follow). https://open.spotify.com/album/4nNN5w2EwqnuLhGCiK7897?si=wf0K0FYST7OFx6X8wp2VBQ The music has a certain spirituality to it. Well at least I had to practice some principles of Wu Wei like Less control is more Control Enjoy --Hannes
  9. I think it was early Marx that concluded that all ideologies change over time. (he later thought Marxism would be an end state but that is wishful thinking). In everything we see a pendulum swinging. The seasons, the phases of the moon, the stages of life (birth and death). society is also a living organism, so it will change. What is called order is stagnation and what is called Chaos is flow. What is called peace is balance and what is called war is the moment of change. To OP I choose awareness. The rest will follow.
  10. For the Buns

    That post also has a reference to another forum. Why are we so fragmented? (this is a rhetorical question) Reminds me of Monty python in a way. Edit: This is even more au point:
  11. For the Buns

    I like bunnies as a symbol. But I have to ask, why did this forum get created? (feel free to PM me if you don't want to reply in public) In genuinely curious.
  12. Robert Peng QiGong

    I just got his book the master key from the library last week and I started reading it. I couldn't stop reading. His life story is amazing. I not only thought me about qi-gong, but also about China. I was searching this forum for some feedback if his teaching are good. (I'm very skeptical, there are a lot of fakes out there in my mind). Although I must say that his book had a good feel to it. When reading 8 year old Peng building up the time of standing in horse stand in the boiler room, I felt oddly inspired. I am planning to do the exercises he gives but I'm a bit worried about not having a teacher to correct my poses. I made a thread last week to see if there is a good teacher in the Chicago area. Maybe a teacher will show up or maybe there won't. For now I'm just going to do the exercises. Approach it with the open mind of an eight year old.
  13. Oh look, I got covid

    How are you feeling? *Sending Healing Energy*
  14. To be sure, I just DM you my email address on this forum? Sounds like a great idea and very interesting.