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  1. If everyone is a healer, then who will be the keeper of the ports? And a million other things that are not about healing but make the fabric of whatsoever is? apple seed grows into tree that bears apples; crow's egg hatches crow; stone falls down on ground and all that is born shall die. On computer game; I like the game Dark Souls.
  2. I don't know if you are still around and don't take the following as advice. It is just what helped me. - orgasm & cigarettes While the first seems understandable; the second might be better. Use organic ones. And I mean smoking, not vaping or other crap. It is the tobacco, not the nicotine in itself. You'll end up with an addiction; but it is probably easier to kick that adiction than what you're going through now.
  3. Interestingly my friend who's lecture I went to talks about starting a group herself; or at least teach its existence to people around this area. She found indeed that many of the groups are either total batsh*t crazy or exclusive to the very rich. I have started reading "In search of the Miraculous" and I must say; this book is like a synopsis of things that are going through my mind for the last seven years. You know the book where I would wonder why I didn't found and read it sooner; only I have an inkling of understanding why this is the right time for me to find this book and his insights/teachings.
  4. Yesterday I went to a presentation, given by a friend of mine, about the "fourth way". She spoke about the philosophy of Ouspensky and his interactions with Gurdjieff and spoke about the book "In search of the miraculous". In true turn of the century Russian style (before the Bolsheviks took over Russia) intellectual thought, his work seems to bear many similarities to the more esoteric teachings of Dao, Indian philosophy and some late German philosophy/psychology. It seems so interesting that the last years all my searching and learning in different traditions and modalities seem to broil down to the same core of knowledge; and Ouspensky's work seems to be another one of those modalities (or maps of the territory like I like to call it) that seem to fit in with an underground thinking that has been going on as long as the history of written language. Although from what I can see, I have a feeling I will appreciate the more scientific approach to these esoteric topics; since growing up without a strong cultural/religious tradition it is hard for me to find myself in any of the more culturally based traditions. Do any of the Bums out here have any comments on Ouspensky/ Gurdjieff? Any warnings or advice, or any kind of teaching they can offer?
  5. I think I will try this. I already try to follow my omens and even more my intuitions. In the past following my intuition let me to find my wife, move to a different continent, find a new job, etc. That is one of the reasons I am already inclined to follow intuitions. Maybe I should keep a log about following intuition/omens and see what it teaches me.
  6. Isn't it strange? Did one dream visit a place, or remembered the future? or saw things through someone else's awareness? I hope researchers are doing some research into this. I'm conducting my own research in this in some way and try to notice omens and synchronicities more now. And try to act more on hunches. I'm getting more and more amazed by the human experience I am experiencing like my eyes opened in a certain way and although everything is basically the same, it starts to look different.
  7. This is just a reference to what I found about the kingfisher (the North American one). It resonates so deeply with me, and when reading this to my wife she says this is exactly what I am going through. It's been a hard year for me. Or more honestly a hard 4 years. I yearn for a peaceful time with re-found warmth, love and prosperity. In any case; Grace be given. This world is so beautiful despite all suffering, Grace be given.
  8. One thing I forgot to mention is that while walking back a belted kingfisher tried to get our attention, it called, followed us and then hovered in the air looking straight at us for about 7 seconds before landing on the roof of the structure where I had previous mentioned experience. Something tells me that in spring things will become more clear. I don't think winter will make me any wiser in these matters. But then again, what do I know.
  9. Did you have it about a singular place or area? And do you still go there or live near that place?
  10. On Sunday my wife and I went to a beautiful nature restore but since it was bad weather we didn't walk around much. But the place seemed strangely calming and I knew my way around and to that place without knowing why. I'm normally bad at directions. The feeling I had was a sadness that I wanted to be at that place in summer. Now on Monday the sun was shinning and I felt the irresistible urge to go there and see the place in sunlight. So we went and the place looked so beautiful and peaceful to me; it was both otherworldly and so familiar. At a certain point we walked on a catwalk going into the shallow lake and there was a place with a roofed structure. From the moment I stood under that structure I knew I had been there and talked to people there. Only, this is impossible since it is the first time I visited that place and I grew up 4000 miles away in Europe; so it could not be a lost childhood memory. The place has only been build 23 years ago out of an old army base so it could not be a past life regression either. I have the strange idea that my spirit has gone there at night a number of times when I was younger. I calculated that the 7 hour time difference between Europe and America would mean that when I am asleep it would be afternoon/evening in this place. It is just a mere theory but something deep inside me loves that place and whats to connect with whomever I spoke to while in spirit form. Another possibility is that it is a form of precognition and that I dreamed the future. But it seems more like a memory than a future event. And I have had inklings of future insights. The strange thing is that lately (and over the 7 months since my surgery) I have gone through a lot of childhood trauma and work on myself. I've quite literally went to my own psychological version of personal hell the last years or maybe the Hero's journey is a better description. It seems this place is so important for a piece of my soul. I never felt anything like this for any other place in any other country. There is also something in that area that soothes me; that place and further north where I had a smaller insight of belonging earlier this summer. So that whole area has something. Would anyone have any idea how this is possible?
  11. What are you listening to?

    It is almost Pentecost again; and while I'm 4000 miles away from Leipzig, part of me is going to miss WGT. I've never been a goth, mind you --I just like to associate with the melancholy from time to time, sehnsucht and the artistic non conformity.
  12. DeWesternising myself

    Being aware of this already goes a long way. An answer I cannot give, but following is something I remind myself of. If you want to train your body you read about exercises and go to the gym. You compare the results you get and talk to other people that go to the gym. Now, in the end; it is not the reading about exercises or discussing them with others that will build muscles. Yet they were necessary steps on the way to find the exercises that help and not harm you. Welcome to the forum, we can talk about and discuss the possible practices.
  13. the Diamond Sutra

    Isn't this the issue with all rational thought to begin with? Let's assume following 1. You are not your thoughts 2. thoughts are just maps, not the territory - Why read a book filled with thoughts to further your path? I mean it can give your mind more ideas to feed upon, but it creates more levels or barriers from my point of view. Similar to the saying of "adding to Maya"; and warned against in "the first shall be the last". The more you learn, the more you'll have to unlearn.
  14. Closed

    1. No one doesn't need to be an actual god (whatever you mean by the word god anyway); unless I am one without knowing. 2. In a physical reincarnation "oneself" is a normal thing to talk about 3. You don't ask a lot of "her" don't you. a mere 10 millennia of devotion
  15. Alláh-u-Abhá!!

    Welcome I must say that I only know about the Bahá'í faith because of this big temple here in my village. Please feel free to post some of your study work here. I love to learn.