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  1. A weird dream

    I just had a weird and cool dream which felt like a movie almost. Actually it felt so much like a movie that when I woke up my first thoughts were where can I finish this? This is such a cool story. Now, most of the time movies are just stories of the mind or symbolism or the odd intuitive dream; but this felt different. The level of detail I remember is incredible, and the story of the movie doesn't relate to any idea I ever had. It is really like I tuned into the brain of a writer and watched the story through their fantasy. The story itself was scifi/supernatural and had something to do with going undeground (like 20 stories or something) and being in a world that according to the other person in the dream was described as a "1950's type of world". I remember all kind of weird details, from the cars being stick shift to one of the other characters having something in her right earlobe that looked like 2 big pills. She claimed to be working undercover for the government and she also claimed that people could not stand to spend more then a couple days down here. (reason was not being given). She on the other hand craved being here and felt uncomfortable on top. If any of this sounds familiar and I am just dreaming of a netflix series that exist please tell me. I don't watch any kind of tv. The dream itself was cool, but the creepy thing is; where does it come from? Why is it so detailed and clear and feels like some kind of movie? I know dreams are weird and symbolic and stuff but this seems even more weird and counter intuitive than some of the premonition dreams that I sometimes have. Just because they seem so trivial.
  2. I think that is normal; I've been experiencing this all my life.
  3. twin flames

    I was wondering if there is any literature out there about the "twin flame" phenomenon beyond what you can read in new age spirituality books and websites. I'm looking more for something that at the latest has been released in the 1950's and preferably older than than (Preferably before the Victorian era). I'm not looking for anything about romance or love; but rather about the concept of soul work and dynamics. Something written by a mystic or a poet since I start to understand things are beyond the rational mind.
  4. Seeking Info

    Hi and welcome It is interesting to see you have a very good mindset. Seeing through things like symbols, ideology and how people move to the slumber of consciousness is a big step in the process of waking up to oneself. If you think you will find your path on a remote mountaintop or in the seclusion of a monastery you will be a bit disappointed. Not that you wouldn't benefit in spending some time in either of them; it is more that you belong in the world. You are not crazy, but you are ab-normal; since you don't follow the norm (herd).
  5. What Knowledge is Actually Sound ?

    The only sound knowledge is the knowledge that helps you keep moving forwards on the way. Absolute knowledge on the other hand is an utopia of the mind trying to understand what cannot be understood.

    Thank you. I emboldened the biggest truth I learned about myself this year. I will listen to the youtube you posted and start going through the ideas in a systematic and practical manner.
  7. Are you a Shaman

    What I said was is the spirit of connecting like minded people so we may learn and contribute to the understanding of the nature of reality and our individual and collective purpose (if any) in the whole. In other news, I started reading your book; and I must say the first chapter really got to me emotionally. I'll reserve any comment until I finish the book, but I must say that I really love your writing style. The message you convey is something that resonates with what my wife and I, and her group of friends talk about.

    The interesting part is that everything else being said being true to some extend; why is it that the population as a group never goes to higher planes? Or why is it that Armageddon never happens. Or when it happens like 65 million years ago; life takes a interesting new direction. While I agree on the Fluffy dream stuff; I disagree on how everything is hard work, pain and suffering. Yes it takes concentrated effort, but that effort could be effortless. And the only resistance to change within oneself is oneself. And what is oneself? the corporal manifestation on this planet and its ego experience? Or the complete being that lays behind it? I have come to an insight concerning changing myself. In the sense that the I that I think I am and the I that needs change is just a manifestation of the me that I don't realize. Whatever I think I am and want to realize feels like a small part of the bigger thing that I am. Based on that, I decide to be a servant to the bigger thing that is myself. While I enjoy the fun and experiences the small me has and still strive for material goals and pleasure; I do put effort towards what the bigger thing that I am is wants to realize. I'm sorry, it is hard to put into words in a coherent way.
  9. Are you a Shaman

    I wasn't really joking to be honest. While raising vibration and consciousness can do a lot; we need people to communicate and teach in the physical world as well. We need people that lead by example, that can inspire. But writing a book already contributes to this; so thank you for that. It seems part of the Zeitgeist and seems such a beautiful development in such a transient period as today. And thank you; I have many practical questions, from my next job to which country my wife and I should live in; to how I should approach my own spiritual development. I will concentrate on the energy of this forum while asking those.
  10. Are you a Shaman

    I do have a lot of questions, but the main question would be, to drop me a PM when you plan to come to speak in Chicago. Maybe it is worthwhile to contact Jeniffer Weigel. Next to being the writer of "I'm spiritual Dammit"; she is a journalist of people with gifts like you. http://www.jenweigel.com/ She works with people like caroline myss https://www.myss.com/ in the form of live interviews in theaters. I hope this helps you to get more known and heard. I might ask more questions but I'll read your book first.
  11. Are you a Shaman

    I am in a really sensitive and emotional frame of being today and I must say that I can find myself in every point; until I got to the tenth point; which gave me goose bumps. The reason I came to the Daobums today was because I feel a pull to seek and ask questions. Without knowing what questions to ask. As if I am getting myself ready so "the teacher" will come. Although I know my tribe will only show up later and this leg of the journey I venture alone. Point seven is really of concern for me; and knowing stories of other shamans and their kin; I know what can happen if they fail to engage with their mission. Me, myself; I would wholeheartedly say yes if I knew to what to say yes. Although I feel myself more of an alchemist or Gnostic than a shaman. For the people I encountered who I consider Shaman have more developed healing skill. While I just have the gift of word, intuition and the occasional foretelling dreams. Also my mind wanders to places and ideas that seem beyond this place. While I figure out my own Dao and how to make that work in the practical world, it is really beautiful to see the sparks of light that people like you are. If the nature of Shamanism as a bridge is to be standing outside of the tribe and forming a bridge, I give you a hearthfelt hug as a kindred spirit in the tribe we have in that non 3-dimensional place. Be brave, this world is a bittersweet and hard place at times; but I firmly believe it is worth the effort.
  12. I will next time I see her. Strangely she seems to pop up every time I delve into this (daoism/4th way) subject. I cannot tell if she has attained something besides the fascination of reading Ouspensky at a young age. She is the type of person that appears when I need help. She is really serious. But she is not super friendly in the friendly sense; she has good manners of course, but it seems for like she has a fascination with the topic and maybe something I can offer. Like she has an intuitive hunch about me, the first time she met me. Maybe something karma related or just kindred souls or something. She literally made it possible for me to stay in this country. (She is the kind of person that has a "fate" quality about her)
  13. If everyone is a healer, then who will be the keeper of the ports? And a million other things that are not about healing but make the fabric of whatsoever is? apple seed grows into tree that bears apples; crow's egg hatches crow; stone falls down on ground and all that is born shall die. On computer game; I like the game Dark Souls.
  14. I don't know if you are still around and don't take the following as advice. It is just what helped me. - orgasm & cigarettes While the first seems understandable; the second might be better. Use organic ones. And I mean smoking, not vaping or other crap. It is the tobacco, not the nicotine in itself. You'll end up with an addiction; but it is probably easier to kick that adiction than what you're going through now.
  15. Interestingly my friend who's lecture I went to talks about starting a group herself; or at least teach its existence to people around this area. She found indeed that many of the groups are either total batsh*t crazy or exclusive to the very rich. I have started reading "In search of the Miraculous" and I must say; this book is like a synopsis of things that are going through my mind for the last seven years. You know the book where I would wonder why I didn't found and read it sooner; only I have an inkling of understanding why this is the right time for me to find this book and his insights/teachings.