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  1. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    You have a screw loose, but that doesn't mean you should leave. Many people here have loose screws. it is what makes us human; for better or worse.
  2. Maybe we all are trying to find meaning into things that have to intrinsic meaning. Nevertheless, this is a story both my wife and step daughter found interesting and while I find it a bit to new age like to my opinion, I must say it is quite well written. https://medium.com/@azrya/what-psychedelics-told-me-about-the-coronavirus-730a4a6b9714 also @Earl Grey I thought I read a couple days ago that you would/did ask the Akashic records about covid. Where you able to and is there a message? Sorry if you already posted it and I read over it.
  3. Yes I have and I do know that tetanus requires a way to your bloodstream (like a cut) and else isn't active. I also know that previous generations, including my dad spend their whole lives working in the earth and never got sick. While living in a suburb of a big city and see people never touching the earth and wiping all surfaces clean. Result of this is that their skin are full of human bacteria and that the balance is gone. Those people tend to have more allergies and strange illnesses. There are multiple studies that show that clean houses have more harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites that houses with pets which have more neutral soil bacteria. Everything in the world is a balance and if humans throw off a balance in a mechanistic way, the holistic mechanism will counterbalance and things backfire. Imagine what happens if you clean 99.99% of the bacteria of your hands. Which bacteria families will grow back the fastest? Would it be bacteria adapted to live on humans or soil bacteria? This advice I gave is not for people from rural areas and the soil should not be contaminated by mammal dung (in which tetanus and many parasites can live). Also I didn't say to eat it or bath in it. And to be honest, I and most people ate and played in dirt and mud as kids. But of course feel free to work in your garden instead and let nature calm you down. The result will be the same. And if you don't trust this advice, do not do it.
  4. While it might not help with the virus, there is something you can do to help with the problems of washing your hands too much and creating a too sterile environment. Dig up some earth from your garden (assuming you don't use herbicides or pesticides) and solve it in water and dip your hands in it after you wash them. Point is that neutral bacteria from the ground are helpful and make it less likely that human bacteria get the upper hand. Seems very intuitive and easy to do.
  5. What are we?

    After reading a number of books over the last couple of years I came to a new point of view in which I ask what we actually are. Premises: We are the vehicle of reproducing DNA (like all living organism0 We also seem to be a vehicle of spreading memes (little bits of information that that bundle into bigger clusters to form ideologies, culture,...) We are also not our thoughts We have an ego that is not our true self After struggles with this and the concept of soul (in the sense of our eternal self) I become more and more convinced that the whole universe is an organic matrix and everything are just patterns (whether amino acids or thoughts and memes) that spread in the form of entropy. It seems that our true selves are buried beneath it all and it takes a lot of work and uncovering to find oneself under all this conditioning. I'm sorry if I'm not more clear but it is hard to but the insights I got into words. We do not seem to have the right language and some of the concepts border and go beyond what the rational mind can conjure. In the end we don't need to explain what we are, but more how to live with the insight of what we are instead of living based on the will of DNA and memes.
  6. TBH, If I was a government agent researching "X-files" kind of stuff; I might imagine landing on this website from time to time. Just by doing google searches in certain topics one lands here. I wouldn't be surprised if this forum was on some top military watch list and regularly scanned for certain keywords. (together with about 10.000 other sites). Cfr. ECHELON About actively participating and discrediting (= directly influencing). It's highly unlikely. But I love the title. It looks like a cheap action thriller and g-d, we need some fun during this Corona-Cabin-fever
  7. How does one know if one has the virus versus regular flu without the test? I'm asking because I had two days of fever now and while I'm over the worst I wonder what I have/had? It probably is the regular flu. But what if it wasn't? There are barely test kits available in the whole of the US.
  8. @dawei I would like a PPD please. Thank you.
  9. WW3 2020?

    I don't know what to think of this but it quickly seems to become a possibility. Any people with anything to say about this? Please feel welcome.
  10. A weird dream

    I just had a weird and cool dream which felt like a movie almost. Actually it felt so much like a movie that when I woke up my first thoughts were where can I finish this? This is such a cool story. Now, most of the time movies are just stories of the mind or symbolism or the odd intuitive dream; but this felt different. The level of detail I remember is incredible, and the story of the movie doesn't relate to any idea I ever had. It is really like I tuned into the brain of a writer and watched the story through their fantasy. The story itself was scifi/supernatural and had something to do with going undeground (like 20 stories or something) and being in a world that according to the other person in the dream was described as a "1950's type of world". I remember all kind of weird details, from the cars being stick shift to one of the other characters having something in her right earlobe that looked like 2 big pills. She claimed to be working undercover for the government and she also claimed that people could not stand to spend more then a couple days down here. (reason was not being given). She on the other hand craved being here and felt uncomfortable on top. If any of this sounds familiar and I am just dreaming of a netflix series that exist please tell me. I don't watch any kind of tv. The dream itself was cool, but the creepy thing is; where does it come from? Why is it so detailed and clear and feels like some kind of movie? I know dreams are weird and symbolic and stuff but this seems even more weird and counter intuitive than some of the premonition dreams that I sometimes have. Just because they seem so trivial.
  11. I think that is normal; I've been experiencing this all my life.
  12. twin flames

    I was wondering if there is any literature out there about the "twin flame" phenomenon beyond what you can read in new age spirituality books and websites. I'm looking more for something that at the latest has been released in the 1950's and preferably older than than (Preferably before the Victorian era). I'm not looking for anything about romance or love; but rather about the concept of soul work and dynamics. Something written by a mystic or a poet since I start to understand things are beyond the rational mind.
  13. Seeking Info

    Hi and welcome It is interesting to see you have a very good mindset. Seeing through things like symbols, ideology and how people move to the slumber of consciousness is a big step in the process of waking up to oneself. If you think you will find your path on a remote mountaintop or in the seclusion of a monastery you will be a bit disappointed. Not that you wouldn't benefit in spending some time in either of them; it is more that you belong in the world. You are not crazy, but you are ab-normal; since you don't follow the norm (herd).
  14. What Knowledge is Actually Sound ?

    The only sound knowledge is the knowledge that helps you keep moving forwards on the way. Absolute knowledge on the other hand is an utopia of the mind trying to understand what cannot be understood.
  15. I would like to request a special practice log. I'dd like a place to track my spiritual growth and keep insights I stumble upon. Thank you kindly.