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  1. When one deals with people after having corrected oneself, then people too will become correct. When one manages affairs after having corrected oneself, affairs too become correct. When one responds to things after having corrected oneself, things too become correct.

  2. Knock Knock

    Gonna be a bit of a challenge to learn to be accepting of others and see their purity while you're being trained to kill them without prejudice. Just don't allow the mob mentality in the heat of battle make you do stupid things.
  3. Talismans?

    I've seen mention in other places about the art of writing Taoist talismans. I've searched around here but haven't seen any mentions. Does anyone have any experience with this and/or know where I could learn more about this?
  4. Need to alter username...

    You'll have to post in the tech support forum and wait a bit but change will come.
  5. Great people hide their light and conceal their brilliance; this is how they gain complete fulfillment. Stabilizing the spirit, taking good care of energy, they study the Tao unminding. When the spirit emerges with the Tao, this is called attainment of the Tao.

  6. La Ruta

    Yay! Another musician! Playing music, to me, is very spiritual. As a recording engineer for decades I have been moved to tears countless times by a strong performance. My skin gets goose bumps from a nice chord progression ! Welcome aboard!
  7. Joy and anger are deviations from the Way, anxiety and lament are loss of virtue, liking and disliking are excesses of the mind, habitual desires are burdens of life. If people can get rid of all these, then they merge with the spiritual light.

  8. Methods are the inventions of people. The intelligent will come up with a way that works best for them. The stubborn will stick to existing methods evn though they are inappropriate.

  9. Haiku Chain

    Go your way alone, be it for weeks or for years. The path is all yours.
  10. Music for Meditation/Relaxation/Contemplation

    Pardon my ignorance but what is ASMR?
  11. We are born to this world with a purpose. And the purpose is not to fight for wealth and fame. Fame and fortune are like dust. People think that material goods are everything but I see them as ripples on the water or clouds in the sky. We may possess them for a while, but we must discard them when we die..

  12. Bogus Status Updates?

    It appears as status updates in their profile, so when looking at statuses in the mobile app you see them all at once. I don't think you can flag them from the mobile app. I'd have to find their profile and flag them there.
  13. Nice to be here

    Hello, Coffeecup! (coffee is my only vice)
  14. Silencing Your Mind

    I'm new so I don't have any insight as to threads about awareness for you yet. I can tell you that being lazy can cause you to sleep too much. Get out. Do something. Get some fresh air!
  15. How did you start?

    Neat story. I honestly can't remember the exact moment I decided to really dig in. I remember my best friend telling me he was getting in to it and he had read the Tao of Pooh. He never really got beyond that book and I kind of dove right in. It hit me as soon as I read the first paragraph of the Tao Te Ching and I've been hooked ever since.