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  1. Master Waysun Liao

    That said I am also looking for some of the DVDs hoping there is SOMETHING useful in there: Connect and broadcast Disc 2 and 6 "Bowing" of Anybody? Cheers MNS
  2. Master Waysun Liao

    First things first: I have a friend who followed WL for several years, because he found that WL really has internal energy. Only thing my friend got very disappointed because apparently WL doesn't TEACH the real thing to anyone.
  3. Tien Tao Chi kung

    Any new free download info ;-) ?
  4. Gift of Tao and Stillness movement meditation

    Any teacher of SMQ in Europe? Any Visit of ML to Europe planned for the future?
  5. Does music deplete qi/jing?

    Music can help finding stillness Music can recharge your connection to the whole / dao / nothing / whattheheck Music can help finding the child inside of you Music can help you (a lot!) with acheiving inner (and outer) smile ... may the schwartz be with you!
  6. Does music deplete qi/jing?

    Hey, tell us about wat you think are the most spiritual pieces / musicians in jazz. For me there is Abdullah Ibrahim, Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley (some), Miles' "Sketches" and some others, Alice Coltrane, Petrucciani, on the Non-Jazz side John Martyn, Mali Blues, JJ Cale, Some can play silence Share with us :-)
  7. fire kundalini cultivation vs water kunlun cultivation

    not sure if I should open a new Topic: Christensen says his Kunlun (as water Method) should not be mixed with fire methods. As such he mentions Kundalini awakening. 1.) what do you think of this? 2.) How do I know if my spontaneous Qigong Practices are Fire or Water? Ya Mu , soaring crane and others concerned with zifa practice - could you elaborate on this?
  8. Fire versus Water methods - Action over Stillness, West vs. East

    now that's daoist :-)
  9. Music in spontaneous Qigong, Zifagong, jingdonggong...

    just an Illustration :-)
  10. The Best Music To Meditate Too?

    Two very different interpretations of Meditation. I#d go with sykkelpump in interpreting Meditation as letting go of attachments. Why attach yourself to music? With shamanic trance of course things stand different. But thats Trance , not Meditation.Flight in Higher or Dream Dimensions as opposed to being awake and receptive in THIS World.
  11. the "music that open your heart" thread

    I bet after some time listening to soundtrack music you will discover that they are artificially composed for enhancing emotions without being grounded in lifeworld-feelings (whatever that means ;-) . Better go for the music-for-the -sake -of-music Stuff. Try Anthony and the Johnsons for example Nick Drake
  12. Music and the Tao

    Great. I have more Names for you: Alice Coltrane, Bill Evans, Michel Petrucciani, John Maryn, Nick Drake (on the darker side of beauty). Many others, maybe another time....
  13. Hi, I'm wondering what music to use while practicing spontaneous movement qigongs. Some use music (Christensen - Mongolian ; Chen - various; Keeney/Goodman - Tribal/Shaman Drums; Tiangong - "heavenly language singing") to help start the process, others don't. IF you use Music, what works for you? Any recommendations for Shamanic Rhythms avaliable for free in the net? (PLEASE not the"Wellness-Synthesizer-esoteric-angelic-...-Type!")
  14. Emotional Music & It's Application For Energy Work

    Woah, perfectly put. Music can come near to silence: Bill Evans: Peace Piece Michel Petrucciani: Lullaby
  15. T'ai Chi music?

    Ideally you should not listen to music (at least not all the time). Two reasons: 1.) Taiji is a martial art (enough said) 2.) Music can calm you but Taiji can calm you more, so no need for Music ;-) I understand about the distractions. Anyway after some time you should text if the time has come you don't need it anymore. Good Practics M