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  1. This blog has a lots of good info BUT iTS SUCH A HUGE MESS ! Please could you do something?
  2. zhan zhuang music help

    yeah of course reach inner silence and flow is really what counts, but what if you want to train to be able to stay still in awareness in any situation? might be beneficial to pratice with distraction, I think the ultimate distraction would be to watch porn on VR, what do you think?
  3. zhan zhuang music help

    does it contain music or is it a course ? Honestly, the most powerful way to do standing meditation is to listen at 2x speed to podcast/ audio book on small ear phones, so you actually learn stuff. and then you stack on top bigger head phones playing binaural frequencies. don't forget to put on some biohacking glasses for blue light and you are good to go. It will make extremely you strong and smart.
  4. zhan zhuang music help

    Binaural beats and isochronic rythms are really powerful. I stopped using them, because I feel it's a bit too violent for my brain
  5. Hey Someone gave me this music to practice Zhan Zhuang, its supposed to help to open the channels I love it and would love to find the exact interprets and album so I can buy it in high res. Can somebody help me??? I found the name of the beginning music : Tai Chi Melody (Tai Ji Yun) ยท played by the China Film Folk Orchestra. But it's not the same interpretation... Thanks for your help :)) _Big_tree.mp3
  6. Thank you all for your answers I like this ! To clarify, I already practice between 1-2h morning and night but sometimes skip it, and don't do it at fixed hours. When I say meditation this includes : Zhan Zhuang, tai chi, LDT cultivation, stillness and other... It's true I actually punish my ego for not doing it consistently enough and not sleeping enough because : I am trying to become a very high level musicien, and a good energy healer. and if I don't meditate enough, I am clearly not as good. But I've noticed If I force myself, because of fear of not achieving my goals, my practice is more tensed at the beggining and it's more difficult to center and completly let go thoughts. That's why I thought well, let's make it a routine, so I don't force myself into a non dual state, which is impossible LOL. I am also working on that fear... but I think it's ok to have it for now so my ego can do something cool
  7. you mean less routine? "Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty."
  8. Hey everyone this is my first topic so I hope I dont screw up. How do you incorporate routine, into your life, and meditation? Do you meditate every time before sleep and after waking up? at fixed time? Sometime I feel like I am using willpower to meditate, so I thought... maybe it's better to have a fixed routine that NO events excepts urgency can disrupt? ex: at exacly, 9h30pm I will practice for 2h, if I am still not centered I will practice until feeling centered then sleep. At exacly 6h3Oam I will practice 2h. And do this everyday for at least 21 until it becomes an habit and no willpower is necessary. I want to try that What do you think?
  9. Perineum Power

    For myself this works when having sex, it feels like I get the woman yin sex energy flowing up my spine It also works while doing the orbit, after cultivating enough good balanced chi in the LDT, or simply using yin testicular breathing energy in solo practice but in that case the energy flows very easely no need to contract tailbone (at least for myself) !!! don't use pure yang sexual energy up the spine. !!! be careful not to do it violently or in a stress full way, you do not want to trigger flight or fight and screw your kidneys in fear. I bought Dr Lin's CDrom, cool stuff by the way
  10. Male deer exercise

    Hey there ! Great exercice I do It every morning I found out that the male deer exercice if done correctly without contracting to hard, can rebalance yourself and give you a lot of energy. Especially if you are the type of person that tends to over sublimate sexual energy and exhaust your kidneys. I actually do It right before standing practices in the morning.
  11. Hello from france anyone?

    Thank you everyone for welcoming me and Fa Xin for all the details Thank you, I just added myself, it seems I am the only one around Paris for Now...
  12. Hello from france anyone?

    Hello everyone ! I have been visiting this forum for a few years, helped me learn a few things. I am now here to contribute as well. If there are any alchemical qi gong practitioners or anything related based in France, I will be happy to meet you. Main Fields of interest and practice : Music composition (maybe I will be posting some of my experimental work.) Zhan zhuang and energy cultivation techniques, breathing techniques. Acting Relaxing and being cool. P.S. I'd love to get access to the woman forums, (I have a girlfriend practicing) and very curious about all that material thanks