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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone this is my first topic so I hope I dont screw up. How do you incorporate routine, into your life, and meditation? Do you meditate every time before sleep and after waking up? at fixed time? Sometime I feel like I am using willpower to meditate, so I thought... maybe it's better to have a fixed routine that NO events excepts urgency can disrupt? ex: at exacly, 9h30pm I will practice for 2h, if I am still not centered I will practice until feeling centered then sleep. At exacly 6h3Oam I will practice 2h. And do this everyday for at least 21 until it becomes an habit and no willpower is necessary. I want to try that What do you think?
  2. Background: 20 year old male, turning 21 in the spring. Former great loss of jing, ojas, meaning of being "man", etc. due to pornography and masturbation. Of course I have long since quit these behaviors in favor of spiritual practice. But I want to take it a step further - I'd like to remain celibate for approximately 10 years in order to give myself opportunity to deepen spiritually and use my creative energies for other purposes. Some call this "Brahmacharya". and traditionally it lasts 12 years in disciplined practice, but I'm shooting for the decade between ages 20 and 30. This is the time of my life when I feel I will have the most potentially to do and achieve anything I want. While celibate I've noticed that the creative CHI life energies naturally flow elsewhere; art, music, literature, film, theater, even raw emotion seem to come alive for me at a whole new level. I am an artist and would like to seriously devote my energy to creation because I believe I have something to contribute to this realm in the world. I am currently seeing a girlfriend, and we are dating, but I haven't yet mentioned to her my plan. That said I feel that she is a soulmate, and perhaps she would understand (cliche, but true love waits). I believe dating should occur for years before marriage. Am I deluding myself by believing that such a period of self-realization would change me as a person, and perhaps take me some distance toward the realm of enlightenment?
  3. ...

    I am a 19 yr old male and i have been currently been celibate for 30 days. In that time, I have already seen great transformation of mind and my psychological approach to the world. I feel that I have gone from being a rather ordinary slacker with little self confidence to a much more confident and determined individual. I don't know how else to describe the changes that have occurred except to say that it has been made clear to me how damaging self-pleasure was to my soul and mind. my intellectualizing of it is that the more often jing-essence is released, the more empty the soul and heart become, the less confident a man will feel, as well as more physically connected to the world. i went from being a user of pornography, whom was uncomfortable around women, to a guy who can casually engage any girl in conversation. i am aroused by real women. Girls seem to sense this energy and are more drawn to me as well..... i get hit on by girls now more than ever, lol. i was always self-confident about my size, as i am only 5'5" and 110 lbs, but now i truly do not care...because i can feel the inner fire burning also -- statistically, I believe it is true that men experience more orgasms than women. this addicts men to the physical aspect of sex, and they will do anything to have that physical experience, with ANYONE, hence, prostitution, et cetera. since women are more conservative, they are more discriminating with regard to partner and they must have their heart-energy attached as well. they also are more in-tune with the heart and soul orgasms that can occur in life... since being celibate, i receive joy and orgasm of SPIRIT by simply being in the COMPANY of women, if that makes sense. the "jing", or fierce, intense, primal willpower which is present as a result of being celibate, i channel into music, which is my passion. i can create more fiercely than ever before, and my determination is strong as an ox. i do not need to waste this willpower on expenditure of genetic material, lol. so, haha....the path to i doing it right?
  4. Jing and willpower

    hi. I thought i would just share some thoughts i had recently. i practice qi gong and the seminal retention methods, though really, i have a feeling that it is not so much about the physical retention of semen as it is about the loss of energy. With NoFap, for example, if you have a wet dream it isn't the end of the world, as long as you don't bust a nut yourself. it also occurred to me that masturbation is a robbing of jing and along with it willpower; it essentially teaches individuals that they are not worthy of a partner. strictly speaking, i think from the MOMENT an individual is capable of sexual desire they have begun to accumulate jing, which is really the willpower, determination, wear-with-all, etc. to find a mate. male animals in the wild don't jack off, they compete with each other for mates. in a civilized society where we aren't killing each other over partners, this "jing" can be harnessed and channeled for anything. an interesting anecdote occurred to me recently, say, a typical early 20s college age guy, who being young is just brimming with testosterone. but he's one of the guys who is obsessed over muscle, working out, etc., and goes to the gym because he thinks that somehow abs or pecs will make him more attractive to girls. but then he goes and jacks off in the locker room bathroom! How much more obvious could it be that THAT is the reason he is obsessed over what's external??? he shoots off all his INTERNAL willpower, confidence, and "ballsiness". sorry for the long's late in the day and i've smoked some good things, but this seemed to be a flash of insight i could't resist posting on TB. thanx