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Found 21 results

  1. Anti-aging Sages

    Please post people that are great examples of health and long life. let me start it off with this: The Healthiest Old Person on the Planet Explains How to Stay in Shape Charles Eugster, 96, is a runner, body-builder, public speaker, writer, rower, and wakeboarder. He also claims to be so healthy that his formerly grey pubes have turned brown again. By Matt Blake Apr 11 2016, 7:40am ShareTweet CHARLES EUGSTER POSING WITH HIS WORLD ROWING MASTERS TROPHY. ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF CHARLES EUGSTER Charles Eugster is the greatest British sprinter you've probably never heard of. He currently holds world records in the 200m (indoor) and 400m (outdoor) sprints, as well as British records in the 60m (indoor), 100m (outdoor), and 200m (outdoor). A couple of weeks ago, he narrowly missed out on the world record for the 60m sprint after pulling his hamstring halfway through. He still won the race to become European Champion. It's an impressive record, given that the man—by pretty well established standards—shouldn't be able to cross a road without help, let alone run. He is 96 years old. The London-born ex-dentist, who now lives in Switzerland, is arguably the fittest senior citizen on the planet. He's also a body-builder, a public speaker, a writer, a rower, a wakeboarder, an entrepreneur, and a budding fashion designer, planning his own line in elderly couture. But more than anything, he is a professional death defier who hasn't just slowed the ravages of aging, but reversed them all together: where once white pubic hairs grew, he says, brown ones now flourish. This was, of course, quite tricky to independently verify when I rang him up recently. CHARLES WAKEBOARDING VICE: Hi Charles. Congratulations on the over-nineties 60m European title. Were you disappointed not to get the world record? Charles Eugster: Oh, very. The thing was, I felt absolutely great before the race and was in my youthful dreams with hopes of attacking the world record of 14.28 seconds. I flew out of the blocks and, after the first 30m, I was out in front of the pack. That's when my hamstring tore. You see, I was against the most extraordinary people: a 90-year-old German and a 99-year-old Italian. I knew they were quick, but I'd left them miles behind. Then, as the leg pain set in, they started to catch me. I was scared stiff that they would beat me, but of course they didn't. I staggered over the line within over 18 seconds. Nowhere near the record. Now I must stop training for a month. Sprinting—or body-building, for that matter—are not things one normally associates with old people. Why? I was 87 and realized my body was deteriorating. I had a muffin-top waist and my muscles were getting weaker and weaker. I felt so old. But because I was so vain, I didn't like the idea of it at all. So I joined a body-building gym and employed a personal trainer who was a Mr. Universe to rebuild my body from scratch. Nine years on, at 96, do you feel old now? Not at all. I feel like a youngster of 60, tops. Being fit is a wonderful thing. Before I turned 90, I got severe colds every November, but now they've completely stopped—I've had two in six years. I'll tell you something else: strength training increases your libido. And you know this from experience? Well, you know the story about my pubic hair, don't you? I feel like I'm about to. When I was still training with Mr. Universe, he took me aside one day and asked, "Have you noticed an increase in your libido?" I was embarrassed. I said, "Look, this is not something I'd like to discuss. It's private." But he was very persistent, and in the end I relented. I said, "Look now, you mustn't tell anybody else, but what I'm about to tell you is very dramatic. Incredible. Since I started on this program, my pubic hairs, which were white, have turned brown." I mean, wow! So you've literally reversed the process of aging. Yes! You see, the stupid thing is that people don't realize that you can have a beach body at 90 and turn the heads of the sexy 70-year-old girls on the beach. I am living proof that, if you eat right and exercise properly, you can be that guy at any age. What do you eat to stay in shape? Variety is key. I start every day with a protein shake because, as you get older, your protein synthesis no longer functions as well. I avoid sugar and eat lots of meat, especially fat. I've been on a fat trip lately. Fat! Piles of fat. Yet, I was in a supermarket the other day and was perplexed to find yogurt with zero fat. What on earth is that? The idea of the nutrition pyramid where, at the top, is a little fat and meat, and at the bottom a lot of carbohydrates, is, excuse me, bullshit. Humans are so unbelievably stupid that we have begun to tinker with food. Our theories of nutrition have resulted in a pandemic of obesity. Can you imagine a hunter-gatherer enjoying a low-fat yogurt? Let me tell you this, too: I read a report recently which said that a fatty diet also increases your libido. I know you sadly lost your second wife, Elsie, 15 years ago. But with all this talk of libido, are you looking for love? Yes. But the only problem is that I seem to be so busy with so many other things I don't have an enormous amount of time. I'm registered with a dating agency, but all they can produce are young things of about 70! Above 70 there's nothing. Why is that, do you think? Because people of 70 to 100 years old are absolutely the lost population. We are ignored by society, by medicine, by research. And we can't get a job. Nobody cares about us. I'll give you one silly example: there are no training plans, or gyms, for anybody over 70, as there are in Japan. The way we treat the elderly today is disgraceful. And don't even get me onto retirement. What about retirement? Retirement is the biggest killer of old people, full stop. I prefer to call it involuntary unemployment. What I'm nearly bursting a blood vessel about is the fact that humans are blissfully ignoring the aging process. We recycle everything nowadays, except human beings. Our expiry date is 65, after which we're thrown on the rubbish heap and chemically treated. We are pouring the experience, creativity, and talent of people over 65 down the toilet. They should be able to found companies, be creative. They have nothing to do except sit about and get sick. This is a world problem and it needs to change. What's your answer? PUT. OLD. PEOPLE. TO. WORK! One of the things I want to do is set up a retraining program for older people. I'd like to see companies set up in old people's homes that offer, say, computer services. For example, if I want to find out something, the computer is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it takes a while to find [what you're looking for]. Now, if I could call up an old people's home and say, "I want this information by that time," if they have 50 old people working on computers, one of them is bound to come up with something. Like a sort of elderly IT sweatshop? [Laughs] Well, we'd pay them properly, obviously. It could be transcriptions, or research, anything. Hidekichi Miyazaki, the 105-year-old runner Charles wants to challenge You've seen a world war, a Cold War, the Great Depression, and god knows how many financial crises, not to mention all the good things that have happened since you were born in 1919. What's the one piece of advice you'd give to young people today? Explore your talents and never stop learning. In your lifetime you will not have one job, but you will have a huge number of different jobs in different areas. We are at the very beginning of the digital age, of which nobody really knows the consequences. Oh, and don't get too wrapped up in the culture of youth. Youth is so fantastic, but we should be impressing on people how wonderful, stupendous, exciting, and amazing old age can be, too. Oh, exercise and eat lots of fat. You know why! What else is on your bucket list? I want to change the world. I'm writing a book called 97 and Loving It, which I hope to publish this year. Then I want to establish fitness centers for those over 70 and start a job creation company to retrain older people. Then, of course, I want to have some connection with nutrition for the old. And the other thing in the back of my mind is that I would like to create a fashion label for older people. Because the way that older people dress is absolutely disgusting. I don't just want a label, I want a whole conglomerate. And what about your sprinting? Well, once this hamstring heals, I think we'll see what can be done about the 100m outdoors. There's a 105-year-old Japanese sprinter called Hidekichi Miyazaki who I would like to run against over 100m. They call him "The Golden Bolt," and with our combined ages of over 200 years, I think that would be some spectacle!
  2. I learned humans bodies are truly only designed to eat fruit, flowers, nuts, seeds, and herbs... **note: I don't care to "convert" anyone's dietary life or anything, this is simply my experience and innerstanding of it all... Tho, I grew up with the S.A.D. (standard american diet) eating meats, processed foods, dairy - you name it. I slowly became aware through the years of health & our biological requirements, what dis-eases really are, etc. I began to transition to vegetarianism, then to veganism, and now to raw vegan Not for longevity or even to feel good (tho, those would be included). It was to expand my awareness of All That Is... and it has been working. I no longer have anxiety, and I have way more energy now, and am more clear minded. I aim to be frugivore at some point and see what it's like (I heard for some, they really get into the astral realms and have to start eating vegetables again to ground themselves if they have to deal with other people). Anyway, thought I would share my experience for anyone interested in this. When the body is purified, energy can flow w/o obstruction (qi/chi/prana/etc.), the mind is less taxed, the emotions are more clear, etc. Everything is connected... so it was logical for me to start cleaning up my physical vessel. I have been taking a class for a certification at the International School of Detoxification (taught primarily by Robert Morse). If anything I said, you vibe with, then I recommend checking out some of his videos on youtube. Namaste, my friends
  3. The Bonghan System

    In the early 1960's Bong Han Kim discovered a biological system that lined up exactly with the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body. Shortly afterwards Kim and much of his published research disappeared Prior to that, his research indicated, this system had energy carrying capacities, far beyond any other of the human circulatory systems. The next 50 years saw an active suppression of this research. But, the Bonghan system is now being resurrected as the "Primo Vascular System" by some pretty big names in biology, chemistry and cancer research. It seems that this new research is corroborating much of Bong Han Kim's earlier research. I am interested in how many Dao Bums know of this and what their understanding is of its' spiritual/meditative/health value?
  4. Chanting

    Hey guys, I have recently picked up "The Little Book of Meditation" by William Bodri. I found out about this book from the energy cultivators handbook thread. And honestly, a lot of the ideas resonate with me at this stage. Anyone read his material? It's repetitive so I have to skim slme of it, but I'm liking what I'm reading. He goes over different aspects of life like gaining merit/karma, dieting, and sexuallity. If you have any input on his thoughts please elaborate. He starts off with talking about meditation and all of its benefits. He says that you can open up chi channels with meditation and so fourth. Then he dives into a subject I am spending a lot of time trying to implement into my life and that is the subject of chanting. He says it's good to chant all day when you aren't busy (which is literally all day for me being a lifeguard this summer). He gives numerous chants from different religions. The are also numerous websites discussing chanting and the different benefits they can bring depending on the chant. So I took to chanting and for the last few days I chant out loud when I'm alone and in my head when in the presence of others. It kind of makes sense because in the very least, it forces me to breath deeply in and out. I've been chanting on the out-breath and taking deep in-breaths afterwards, all through my abdomen. I've also been chanting in my daily meditation. The chant I have been using is "Om Mani Padme Hum" prounounced "Aum Ma nee Pie me Hoom". I've been liking the way it sounds and feels so far, but I've only chanted it maybe a few thousand times and compared with most monks that chant, that is supposedly next to nothing. Anyone have experience with chanting? What chants do you use? Anyone have opinions or input on this practice? Best Regards, Chi Boy
  5. Fasting

    Sooo due to some comments in another thread, I came across the topic of fasting. It only seems relevant that if I'm going to be practicing Brahmacharya (celibacy), I might as well start by testing my self control with regards to food. I ate my dinner last night, and all day today I haven't had a bite of food. I like how it has been making me feel. Yeah, I'm not the highest energy today, but I've been feeling very spiritual and very blissful all day. I feel like I've been more in tuned with situations, and more my true self. It is also nice to step back and realize how thankful I am for the food I recieve. I think I want to start giving thanks for food before I eat it as well. My stepmom is Japanese, and her family says "tadakie mas" (idk about spelling) before eating as a way of giving thanks for the food and farmers that it came from. Fasting gives my body a chance to regenerate and cleanse apparently as well. I can also tell that next time I have a but to eat, which will be tomarrow, it will be the best bite I've ever had I've been drinking water all day and I took my liquid multivitamin as well, but that's it. I got the idea from a really amazing bum named Arramu and I am very thankful. I also want to fast one day per week or at least every two weeks. What are you alls feelings towards fasting? Does anyone practice multiple days of fasting at a time? What kind of fasting have you all done?
  6. Walking

    Does anyone simply walk for exercise and to meditate or reflect while doing so? I am 21 but started moving more when I noticed myself starting to age, youth fading and my body deteriorating. I now try to walk 10,000 steps a day and while doing so I reflect on life. I am a runner as well, but don't do it as much (only about 18 miles a week) because it is more "yang" to me and seems to degenerate the body in excess. The rest of my health practices and body / weight management are via yoga, healthy diet and fasting. But I like walking
  7. The Power Of The Placebo

    Whoops just realised I had already posted this. I thought I may have? Sorry will leave this here anyway. The book is good and backs up the programme though PLUS it tells you how to effect change which in line with this forum (meditation). :-) Hi saw this a while ago. It really is well worth a watch imho. Placebo curing a Parkinson disease sufferer from the shakes! Curing a woman when she thought she had surgery! And have also just read this: Interesting study by a 'scientist's on how thoughts/feelings/imagination turn on and off DNA and create your bodies health or disease. It may give you more awareness about how powerful each thought is and more confidence/belief in those positive affirmations if you do them. Just thought I would share... Peter S
  8. Eating practices

    Does anyone have a particular Taoist practice or discipline that they follow for eating? I live in the United States which is a country in which, ironically, it is the abundance of food that is making us gravely ill. So it makes good sense to have good habits that promote spiritual cultivation and growth. The below page I recently read, and found it to be a good resource for this topic: I think one large meal a day is more than possible, and honestly makes good sense because you can devote the majority of your day to everything besides cooking or eating. It just seems to be cultivating an "eat to live" mindset. I have never done well with several meals a day. I've had very religious experiences fasting for a couple days, it seems to open creative and soul channels which are closed after consuming food. I have never gone longer than a few days though because I'm already slender. I've also read about one bowl meditation where you put everything you want to eat in one bowl. Not sure about the practicality of this if eating one meal a day.
  9. The Tao of breathing

    I have a question regarding proper breathing patterns and the ideal of practices involving the control of the breath, because I have observed that deep breathing is widely advocated by diverse teachers or people giving advice. But I have read that hyperventilation is unhealthy and according to some teachers of Yoga, the goal of Yoga is not to increase the intake of oxygen but the reverse, namely to breath less than the average. Here is a wikipedia article on the physiological effects of hyperventilation: Here is a video in which a professional practitioner of Yoga argues that the purpose of Yoga practice is to develop the ability to breath less than the average: What do you think?
  10. Daoist Diet - Meal Suggestions?

    Greetings Bums, I'm trying to modify my daily diet to improve my practice (and general health/wellbeing of course) and would welcome suggestions from any and all about ideas for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks that would be in keeping with a Daoist diet. I have seen plenty of lists of foods which constitute good Daoist types e.g. avoiud red meat, spicy food, cold food/drink, processed food etc etc. but I am an absolute incompetent in the kitchen and as regards cooking and preparing food etc. It is something that I don't have the time or the inclination for to be honest, so contstructing my own recipes and ideas is something that gives me the fear. I think I'd be much more successfull in my endeavours if I was able to have a clear and prescriptive structure to follow. SO if anyone could share what they eat on a daily basis - that they believe constitutes a good Daoist diet - then this would be much appreciated! I'm hoping to put together a simple plan for three simple healthy meals. I should say that I have a moderately active life - commuting/working with long days (though in a sedentary job) with some light exercise and qi gong in the evenings and daily meditation. Any input much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Cooking Mushrooms

    Hey all, It seems as though I need to add mushrooms into my daily salad. They seem to be abundant in goodness. Can I have some recommendations from you all, the wonderful members of tao bums that I've come to know and trust, on what mushrooms to eat and how to cook them to ensure their nutritional value? It would be ever so appreciated. I love you, Niveq
  12. Stillness Movement?

    I've seen lots of threads and conversations about a system called "Stillness Movement". What exactly is it about? Does it teach healing? Who teaches it? et cetera
  13. Hydrocele

    Hey all. I've posted about a discomfort I have experienced in the past. This discomfort was sometime accompanied by a minor twisting of the testicle. I finally have received an answer. The docttor performed a physical and tested for a hernia. After the physical he diagnosed me with a Hydrocele of the left testicle. It is easily fixed with surgery. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this or this surgery. I worry that the surgery may cause a different problem energetically. Am I being overanalytical?
  14. I've been meaning to post this up but kept forgetting. The link was originally posted on YouTube during a 'debate' on Tim Cartmell's video of these exercises. I've no intention of going into who is right or wrong or whatever (one can practice exercises in more than one way, depending on ones mood alone). I do think the video is useful and interesting for anyone doing these exercises, and the source does seem to be authentic and direct. For anyone with the book it will be helpful in showing the exercises actually being performed.
  15. A question of health

    Hey everyone. I apologize if there is a better sub forum for this topic. I didn't see a health section. I apreciate any and all advice anyone can give me and I will try to return the favor. I will start by saying that I am 25 and i eat a healthy diet. I have been eating a lot of organic eggs lately, maybe too much. Nonetheless, I have been an extremely healthy eater for the past several years. I eat a good amount of nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables. I am a vegetarian and just recently started to eat eggs. I do some meditation and some gi gong, but not as much as I would like. I work at a job that I do not believe in and takes time away from artistic projects. It involves a lot of standing and biting my tongue. I feel like this exasurbates my problem to a degree on some level. The problem is that my left testicle twists sometimes and causes discomfort. It also raises higher a little easier than the right one. If I cough, the left one goes up a tad higher. The discomfort is slight. But I worry that this takes away from my energy/testosterone. When this occurs, I find myself lower in energy. I don't know if it is the direct physiological effect of the problem or if it is the fact that I am focused on it and worrying about it. I recently went on vacation to a wonderful spot in colorado between Denver and boulder. The people were so great, the energy was so positive and driven. It lifted me high. This problem was hardly apparent there. Really only the first two days. This problem is accompanied by a strange feeling in my left hip/lower abdomen area as well as a little bit under my left rib at times. I also feel a similar feeling in my lower back. My family doctor has said it is a nerve issue with a nerve in my back. First occasion, he said it was sciatica, the second time, he said it was a different nerve. He prescribed me anti-imflammatory medication. I did not get it because I don't like ingesting synthetic medication and I worry that that would just treat the symptoms and not the cause. I don't know if it would actually help heal me. It seems that qigong helps, but I have yet to have a qigong session over 15 minutes. This is something that is apparent in my life and I would love to get over. It makes me feel less powerful at times. I made another Drs appointment for Monday morning. My last one was several months back. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Edit: I must add, I have been retaining now for just under 30 days. I don't think I have been moving the energy as well as I should and would really love to know the best way. I have been doing standing qi gong via the "stand still be fit" videos on youtube. I thought that I would be reaping the benefits of such a stint without releasing, but I have only on a few occasions. Second edit: although I eat healthy, I tend to put a little too much focus on food at times. Also, I over eat on occasions ( I regularly have 4 egg omelets and have even had a few 7 egg omelets). If I have some nuts, I tend to eat more than I probably should. With this being said, this problem seems worse when my stomach is full. After I digest it all and get rid of it, it tends to not bother me as much. I don't want to influence anyone's help or advice, but my intuition tells me hat I focus too much on that area with too much focus on sex and eating. But, why would this cause such a feeling that extends from my lower left rib, around to my back and down to the back of my left leg (upper hamstring below left buttock)?
  16. Hello Fellow Lovers of the Tao

    Hello. I am really interested in taoist thought, practice, and ways of living. I consider myself a student and seeker of truth, which means while I understand philosophies and their place I realize the most important part of anything is how it affects short I like practicality and to prove and experience things for myself. I've read and researched many "spiritual" philosophies and practices and would like to be able to eventually experience them all for what they can offer. I am most interested in chi right now, and to understand if what I have been feeling is the same thing as some of you...please reply if you think you can help me. Lately I have been noticing vibrating tingling like sensations mostly in my fingertips and through my hands, sometimes in other parts of my body. Incidentally as a result of focusing on these vibrations inwardly in a way they I have noticed to that wrinkles and lines have begun to form and appear on my hands that were not there before. I am worried that I am doing something harmful to myself, which sucks, because I wanted to understand chi and its healing benefits. Am I actually feeling chi? Or just nerves? Is there a difference? It's almost as if I think I am accelerating the aging of my body, and I thought meditation and feeling chi would lead me to reduce the aging of it...? Have I stumbled on the "dark side" of the force? I have never had a meditation teacher, and I have only read books on these subjects, which is why I am posting this here now. I wish there was someone in Ohio, which is where I live, who is actually able to personally help me. Please respond if any of the things I have said interest you, or if you think you may be able to help me understand some of these things. Thank you.
  17. Dear Ones, I come from the West and we have no clue about haircare. Yes we don't. So we were raised with products that only mask our unhealthy lifestyle which automatically affects our hair. Since I choose to let my own hair grow longer than usual, how do I best take care of it? I am looking for the most basic of all information, nothing fancy. Simplicity what any monk used in the wilderness. This includes substances when washing (if any at all), drying and combing. Is there any record of substances used while washing the hair? Is hair getting dried by the wind or a towel or similar tool being used? Does one comb his hair? And if I have forgotten anything important, please let me know. Feel free to share any information you have. Kind regards.
  18. Some might think this is discrimination, what do you think?
  19. Hearing Loss

    It has recently been brought to my attention (thanks cat, and others) that there might be a Qi Gong practice that could assist with my hearing loss or even repair the damage that has been done. My hearing loss has become a part of my life weather or not I wanted it to be, and I've been growing accustomed to the issues associated with being unable to hear fluidly and consistently in conversation only recently. I lost my (good) hearing when I was about 11 years old when I fell and hit my head and got a concussion. It's been a few short of 20 years now, I can read lips pretty well, but I don't know much sign and I have never known a practice I could implement into my personal cultivation that might assist or even repair my hearing loss. I can hear quite well mind you, but as if someone transposed the frequencies up a few hundred thousand hertz; I cannot hear low frequency sounds such as, but not limited to, my own voice lawn mowers, bass guitar, and Dart Vader, but high frequencies are crystal clear, so much so that the sound of crystals themselves gives the phrase a whole new meaning. I would love to be able to function more normally in conversation and social situations, however, I would miss the frequency gain if I had to sacrifice it to retrieve the frequency loss...
  20. Saving Ourselves

    I read 'Younger Next Year' and was very impressed, its about a doctor and older patient's investigation at how to improve life and health. Here is a TED talk that echoes that book by 93 year old Charles Eugster. Both have the same message, Work, Exercise, Diet are the secrets to turning back the clock and staying strong. But its hard, it takes great effort and discpline, certainly at first. JohnC wrote: "I've had experiences of wu wei, deep long term body injury healing(lower hip and atlas vertebra healing... I've had it that way for so long I just assumed that was how it would be forever...), alignment with my path in life(life just seems to flow), an over abundance of energy regardless of sleep, it will highlight your talents and any spiritual ones.. Over all it's pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. I usually practice gift of the tao through the day at different times, and from 9-11 every night I'll do 30 minutes of zhan zhuang, 30 minutes gift of the tao<S-M's flowing chi gong>, and 1 hour of stillness movement. Preferably 2 hours of stillness movement daily, 1 hour in the morning 1 hour at night." I don't mean to focus on a particular practice. But look at the time he puts in, the consistency, how it hits several notes and just as importantly is consciously carried on through out the day. Dainin is another member who is inspiring not for volumous writing, but for their consistent daily practice. Many members shine here, another S-M person is RainbowVein, but again people who have long term commitment to a practice that hits several facets of spirituality hit gold.