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  1. It does not bring an end to unfolding and “work” but it does end seeking in the sense of looking outside oneself for definitive answers. Patience and Presence replace seeking. “Answers” are not sought - insight unfolds in no-inertia. ”work” is very real yet it is not in effort. A very great deal of unfolding awaits the Self-Realized.
  2. meat eater to vegetarian

    As energies become more subtle - the diet will naturally follow. Each system has its variants and innate proclivities. Personal identifications with food are perhaps the the last thing to fall away - but they will to a considerable extent give way to an entire transformation - (or not). In some areas we are far more stubborn and tenacious than we inagine ourselves to be. Food is like a religion we firmly believe in but do not regard as religion.
  3. Meditation Experience l Intro Post :)

    Beautiful - with a cheering section! 😎🙏
  4. In the lower Dan Tien Area there are a great many abilities and latent possibilities. Storing Qi is automatically done as it is part and parcel to the subtle bodies formulation of the physical bodies. It is the fire pit and naturally has its reserves of fuel and inroads of fuel. It is also very much involved with the instinctive basics and it is the centre poont of balance. In this area are scanners and radar of sorts, extremely fine sensing abilities, levitation / telekinesic capabilities, heating capacities and combustion capabilities of the utmost highly specialized tuning capabilities. It does not take too much to stumble upon a great many of the capacities. Unfortunately - we think everything higher up the body is better and so we look to the leaves and branches instead of the roots and trunk. This area and the words I have just used do not even modestly point to the capabilities in this area. It is enormously under used and under developed. An many of the capabilities are inaccessible without considerable inner accomplishment. However - most are readily accessible and actually in use constantly without any idea that they are being employed or from that area. (the considerable inner accomplishment has nothing to do with learning how to use them and practicing with them - many of the abilities require a level of unfolding in order to “qualify” as capable to have them open to you. Certain propensities within your makeup of vibrations must no longer exist in order to have availability to them.)
  5. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    The tides ebb and flow - a wave rises and falls - things are covered and things exposed. We each deal with this living light - often willfully attempting to bend it to our will. Time and again like forcing a square peg into a round hole. The Light brings forth a redemption of heart endlessly - willfulness gives way to giving - this is the nature of Light In giving one is in step with grace and in wholeness - polarity has fallen away. Creation hold no past hostage - it ebbs away the tears of injustice in every moment. In this “relative reality” inertias brace like stones the waters wearing on them and the timidity of unsure footing brings slow change. Railing in torment is a grasping for false pasts and willful futures - it is a rage upon one’s subtle bodies and the general field. Willfulness is suffering in grasping and tesistance - it is an exercise in our limiting capabilities - the contractions of retreat to our identities. the Light beams forth and we wish to make it clay and take form - simply seeing IN its grace all contraction is awash in Light and is becoming in every breath. The exquisite gold Light is everything and no thing - let fall from your hands the dead - see the grace - be the grace. Breath
  6. Last night I was listening to some beautiful music. My wife asked me a question - it was about 4am - I responded immediately fully awake. She then informed me I was snoring - I said “just now when you asked your question?” She said yes - “snoring loudly”.
  7. The tendency is to think that this stabilization is in continued practice long established - it is more like the following: In medditstion you have learned to watch the clouds - and now in release you have practice in not re-attaching and re-grasping that which has fallen away. Seeking has stopped - it becomes an exquisite free fall - faint remains can be alluring hand holds - but your preparations have prepared you to Be - though in a million years the concepts would never meet the reality - it is so increasingly beyond words. The strong theoretical framework is both completely destroyed and simultaneously renewed: You now understand that you know nothing - and you do not seek knowing - it reveals itself to Self in each moment - and it is gone as it arrives - no lock and load - no storage - no ace in the hole. Contemplation is absorbed into revelation, immense gratitude and bottomless devotion, patience and compassion - suffering ended in a puff. No-thought is Divine Presence. It is all light -
  8. The main issue is one of wilfulness. It is perhaps a it hard to see but if there is any feeling in the rejection of the present as the one giving or attempting to give it is (however small) a reflection of it not going the way you wished and at least a tint of wilfulness to bend it the other way according to the intention and general expectation.
  9. The “basics” are the most advanced elements of a practice - with good thorough basics little else is needed. And when a teacher / teaching is needed they will appear. I have no lineage but the basics of meditation and the way of Yoga. Was not interested in the higher specifics as I saw too much programming in religion. Though I could have written a piece or two on monads and such before I put the books away around 45 years ago. It could be said I have a lineage in Qi Gong but what I know of it is all experiencial - practicing with a master that speaks no English. I simply looked at the energy and had no expectation at all. And we do not direct energy nor have I imagined it to move somewhere. Just breathing and postures and everything blossomed all by itself. Experiences certainly are treasures - even if not sustained. They offer a great deal to what is generally a very solitary endeavor.
  10. Unity Consciousness is what you described - from my experience. It is basically the definition of what it is often like and spoken of. I am so uninterested in constant quotes. You have rejected all teachers mentioned as not anywhere near your perception of Awakened or Enlightened - can you give us one example of a living person you consider at the very least Awakened (or Enlightened)? I am a bit reminded of Tibetan_Ice who only really had exchanges in quotes - he was last here in 2016. He also rejected all living teachers quoted or referred to and he would not name one living master that he thought was Awake or Enlightened. He spoke often of higher levels but never from experience-and he was certain that he understood the quotes he loved to parry with. It was clear he was well read - and clearly boxed in by the reading. I am not trying to insult you - I would like to read or hear a video of someone you hold above all of these others - such as Rupert Spira, Eckhart Tolle, Amma, Adyha Shanti, Mooji, and Gangaji - all of whom you have shrugged off. I ask this because I believe it is impossible to find a truly Awakened teacher that will point to something other than what these fine teachers are pointing to. Also some of the high states that you point to that would seem impossibly high are not quite so high as you may assume. It is already nearly impossible to get beyond quibbling about fairly simple stuff without being accused of being delusional let alone talk about “complete pie in the sky stuff” without distributing air bags. And words make no sense to the Un-Awake in those spheres - they only create adoration or jealousy and never point to anything helpful. The highest teaching becomes far more valuable after Awakening - because then you actually get what is being said - often the only thing you will glean is that your patience will take you there - beyond that the words are still of little value. Seeking has ceased but unfolding has truly just begun.
  11. Is anything you are describing from your experience?
  12. It is a bite like that in the chrome lake analogy but no - I do not obscure Self it is definitely not like passing out - one easily slips to no thought no object no inertia and it is utter stillness until it is not.
  13. Lineages- old and new

    Almost at the time I Awoke I started Qi Gong. I have since also practiced Qi Gong and teach students that practice along with me. When the Master first asked me to take over the classes it was not relish apparent that the students were more joining me in practice than I was teaching them - though guiding them here and there is part of the practice. Very slowly speaking of Awakening emerged. And so much was aided by the often rough and tumble dialogue spent here. With new students and more coming to learn about Awakening and “the” way - it has been wonderful to not have too many students just now. It is refreshing in bringing back the initial black and white extreme shifting of the new curious students. And looking at the rigidized students of long practice and many pages sifted over the years. Often a student will assume I know all of the words they use from some well known practice. A slight hint that something may be of value to look at and they often infer volumes. The volatility and want of an exact transparent full explanation to a mercurial scan of every little bit expressed is - very fresh. Older students are often like bricks - epoxied in so many places - and unfortunately often they have years of solid practice in improper meditation. Yet some are extremely skillful but radically walled off in the dungeons of words and teachings taken far to the extremes and unable to lighten up. Many say something like “I don’t feel a thing” and then go on later to point out many things they discard that are clearly things they feel on subtle levels but simply cannot see the forest through the trees. And some are staring at a tree and think it’s the forest.and lock in from there - often an experience they have concluded and labeled and created a belief in. The beginners mind is rare in an older student - but they may hear fine inner guidance within their existing practice and this can clear the weeds in their ears. The really gifted ones often come and go and miss the boat entirely - they have food, dress and the lingo down and have “experiences” under their belt - they are ready to teach in their minds - they often ask if we have a program and certificates. (I teach for free (or at some cost to me) and don’t print certificates) Some students get really hung up on the color of the paper and the choice of the fonts and if the teacher is fat or looks like a hobbit. It is fun to see this - it unfolds a bit in this case like bouncing a super ball in a small hard surfaced area - 😎
  14. Lineages- old and new

    True Unity Consciousness can be as I stated the same - before Awakening it appears as stated above - it is just that while a great deal of personhood has relaxed from the position of separateness a great deal of the position of personhood remains - one has not awoken. As Awakening happens this Unity Consciousness then expands as positions and personhood inertia’s fall away. It is good to shy away from “this is the true unfolding and this is not”. The practice one has done - the accumulated refinement yields a vast spectrum in how the unfolding takes place. The tendency for the idea to occur that one has finished the process is more a testimony to the maturity of the person. The tendency to think unfolding has ceased may also be in that many who Awaken cease practice - as in some ways they are IN practice most or all of the time - but this can allow for considerable unfolding to slow a great deal and in many ways resemble nearly completed changing. The Awakening can be very great and abiding quite soon if not immediately with little or no wavering - that is not to say it is not disorienting - it could be disorienting or not - but abiding in the stillness and presence in some does not waver much if at all. It can also waft considersbly and so leveling out into full abiding feels like a solid plateau - and it is - just not finished by any stretch other than certain background elements.