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  1. On Meditation

    Now we are entering a departure where there is some agreement. Your prior arguement has been from local mind and it is untrue. In this new arena the use of conscious and subconscious is an unfortunate holdover to language of almost a century ago. And “mind” in this higher sense is far better stated as Emotive Awareness or Higher Emotion.The word “mind” points in directions that in no way resemble what is being pointed to here. 1.19. śaktisandhāne śarīrotpattiḥ By infusing his energy of will the embodiment of that which is willed occurs at once. -Shiva Sutra ”will” is a reasonable term in use here but “known certainty” is much closer. “Well beyond the conscious aspects of mind for most, that is why many think they have a "quiet mind" when it is really just quiet at the conscious level and they have not dug deeper into the subconscious aspects of mind.” In Awakening dreams stop.
  2. On Meditation

    You have looked for the examples that support your theory - but if you are going to be fair quote the many that do not.
  3. This is a reference to a relatively harmless small group that enjoys what excites you. They do not have intention to harm and have little to work with - they are very simple and automated. However they can cause great mischief through no fault or malign intent of their own - nor are they “negative beings” or stuck beings. They enjoy what excites you and act to foster that excitement. If one is mired in mind loops of hate or highly positioned politics or religion or lust or raging passions - they will help to facilitate all aspects in you that help to promote inducing the tipping points to the rising up of those often out of control aspects of dissipation in you. They can do this in helping you to eat or drink poorly, by resonating to vibrations that irritate or stimulate, by blocking pathways or rerouting as best they can. They do not do this diabolically but by acclimating to your addictions and simply coming to mechanically “understand” the trigger points of your automation and trance properties. Nearly all humans are asleep entirely and don’t take a great Consciousness to find the automated habituations. As these wider swings subside - these little “entities” subside.
  4. On Meditation

    You did not read very far One had zero brain waves for 17 hours. These are only a few dozen examples - Many pronounced dead by several doctors - Many about to have their organs removed. But aside from proofs all of which will probably be inadequate for and ever expanding definition of “brain dead” - what initiates a thought? are thoughts initiated by a thought? or is it a stirring of something else? The physical is preceded by the subtle bodies - it is not the other way around. The gross physical body is not the cause nor the house of thought - it is a relative interface and nothing more. It is encumbered light until it is not. The brilliant light which it can attain is preceded in the subtle bodies and in that which has always been. Thoughts are more like leaves.
  5. On Meditation

    Reminds me of one of the first times golfing - I had a putter, and iron and a wood. I was under par and got a hole in one! Lets just say that was not replicated.
  6. On Meditation ”brain dead” “flat line” Lots of examples
  7. On Meditation

    You can find a brain dead body that later remembers things while it was brain dead. In fact you bring up a point - is a brain required to have a thought?
  8. On Meditation

    Does a musician - playing as Renee might say “without looking down” think what comes out of their “goofing” around? Are you really saying a thought however unconscious was the cause of the creative play of a musician?
  9. On Meditation

    Your definitions of thought have expanded so broadly that it appears all actions of a person are originated by thought whether there is any awareness of the preceding thought or not - is this your thinking?
  10. On Meditation

    So love is brought forth from thought ? Music pours from thought? Much is moved by no thought Cognition/Awareness - no thought needed. The Buddha is very clear about many things and what one gleans from that clarity is often not so clear or quite different than what has been perceived. Intention is the wilfulness - it is why karmic inertia’s exist. “The Buddha is quite clear on this” One can play with the inertia’s - intents - in order to one day be free of the shackles.
  11. On Meditation

    Have you ever piloted an airplane - in landing it is observation and reaction. You might think/dream earlier about where you are going to go and land and when - but once you are IN the landing - you are not thinking - you are observing and reacting. Speak to a quarterback - it is like swallowing - thought is not involved once the ball is snapped - its like a slow motion dance being watched in a moment. "Choice" does not imply thought - but trance allows assumption that choice is a thought based doing when it rarely is anything more than a trance based walking sleep based in the karmic inertia's.
  12. On Meditation

    rarely does thought create intent and the Buddha did not say Karma=Intent Intent is primarily an automated response -often lower emotional reaction. Karma is the consequence of "Intent" - grasping - ones willful inertia's. On the mundane levels this is a moralistic teaching - but it is not what the Buddha was getting at. Wilfulness becomes less and less as rebirth scrapes across the desires, ignorance and resistance - Intent is increasingly less grasped and gives way to Self. As Self comes forth Karma is less directive and in Awakening (in the highest sense) gives way entirely. Much of the highest intent has no thought - it is entirely heart born and far beyond thought.
  13. On Meditation

    Landing an Airplane does not require thinking - hopefully it is a clearheaded utilization of well automated reactions to anomalies and typical general environmental and systems orientations. Thinking is uncalled for and counter productive - like a quarterback "thinking about who he should throw it too" vs taking immediate unthinking knowing action. If he is thinking about it - he is under those that tackled him. Doing your taxes does not require thinking - it is simply compiling and sorting bits of data - then utilizing assorted discounts. The solutions to all of the sorting is basically like water seeking its lowest point - associative alternatives make choices that require little more than a wafting of ones attention. Building a bridge does not require thinking - following plans requires little in the way of thinking unless anomalies have presented themselves. Designing a bridge requires considerable "day dreaming" - it requires only clear understanding of the engineering germane to the task and if it is a simple bridge it can be done nearly while asleep. If it is substantial and highly unique it requires movement beyond thought to emotion and resonance and the inspiration that Einstein so often referred to as specifically NOT in thinking but in silence and intuition. Solving a logic problem requires mental attention and capacities most have not mastered - but in the end its not high headed - nor difficult if you have the capacity. It is easily true that few exercise the mental capacities and most can't hold attention beyond a few paragraphs. But for those that have mastered considerable mental capabilities - their ability to fall prey to an inflated head is as equal to any. Creating symphony whether its music or a bridge requires little thinking - and far more happening. Getting the mind out of ones way and reined in as simply a minor but useful asset is the bigger trick for the sleeping to Awaken to.
  14. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    “There is no point ever talking with somebody on selfdevelopment who cannot see Qi.” Phenomenal BS Carry salt Measure Head “With correct practice 2-3 years should be enough. Sometimes gets faster sometimes is slower but once you get it also has different levels. At level one you will see some white fog. At level three, you will see vivid ocean around yourself and astral beings flying around (being made of non-existent qi). I have once caught something in the air that looked like a worm and studied it for 30 mins. It was hopping around. I don't know him. Levels 2, 3, I dont think about now. They would have more extreme abilities. Selfdevelopment is a growing by exponential rate. Your powers and qi potential multiply each level 10x times. Levitation and gravitation control name a few. Pyrokinesis and telekinesis abilities could also have many levels. Some can move a paper cup, others move huge stones.” —/— This is kids stuff - kids talk - lost in siddhis and unaware of it.
  15. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    It is very possible to project Qi but not “see” it - one can “know” it. Typically one would have a certainty of it in any strong projection. Everyone “see’s” energy on many subtle levels but bringing it to ones clear inner sight or visible to ones natural open eyes is very dependent on the person and the practice. Some energies are more easily seen than others as well as subtle sounds, telepathic abilities and many more. If you are naturally inclined in this anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Very few see with eyes wide open in the visible field. It is possible to see with the inner eye with eyes open but seeing with eyes open in the relative “concrete” world is fairly rare - but very fun - it is simply identical to everyday walking around seeing but with added lighting and effects. Particularly fun around people that play/work/use energy.