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  1. So Many Qigong Traditions : How To Approach ?

    The sugar and caffeine are alternate highs - and you need to wean yourself off of these as well but for reasons that may not seem so obvious: precisly the practice you are doing can lead quickly to some very intense experiences if you are on a high sugar diet. These can be very debilitating experiences or wonderful experiences but they should not be pushed by sugar and stimulants. Aditionally - do not force the movement or flow of your energies- these practices "know" what they are doing and the natural rising of energy from a dantien works throughout the systems and bodies. Work on letting go of willfulness and the idea that you cannot change your diet. Try also not to move over to fast foods. You can go to Trader Joe's and eat a decent meal for around $3.50 (tofu or shrimp spring roll) and a good burrito place usually makes a $6 burrito that can make two meals. (in reference to a comment: all of my classes are free of charge)
  2. So Many Qigong Traditions : How To Approach ?

    Continue to focus on the LDT The info on the head region is good to know and habituate to when there: you can notice in mind looping noise that the tendency is forward in the head or just outside - most people are generally in trance and this is where they are most of the time. What is "Normal" for a beginner is that they practice once a week and feel good for a bit and think it's great. In general students often do not feel the LDT or and DT for some time. Most do not feel the feet and spine - quite a few can feel the hands. It is very safe to say that you are progressing energetically very well however take real care on Diet and in working on inner refinement. In each practice and in your prayers and meditation - bring to mind what you wish to work on - simply bring it to mind and then let it go - do not focus on it. Such things as quick to anger or strong willfulness or hatred or entrenched positioning, if it is from a clear example use that - each time you bring it up prior to a practice the energetic pattern vivifies and the practice breaks it down. Regarding the diet - you are transforming - this changes relationships. This can be an incredibly difficult aspect but it does not have to be. Part of what you will work toward is more humility - it is needed - sharp wits may not find your changes any more than targets. It is truely a time you feel more in touch with everything and more alone than ever - work with your throat and allow your communication to be in everything you do and with everything you see and touch and feel. You are approaching practice from the intent to Awaken in a spiritual life - this is a life path - you have the worlds before you in this and can become what ever is your calling - the spiritual life as Householder or however. Refinement in the path is to your diligence and patience. Without patience refinement will be compressed and premature - with patience time will come to cease. How you progress in Qi Gong is very much up to where you started from - you are a very sensitive embodiment - much more so than most. If you proceed without pushing the general unfolding is: Feeling in the LDT and then a localized general awareness of it - if you are breathing into it and being in it and practicing regularly not as a personal power practice but one of general refinement - the taiji pole will begin to be felt. This will grow to be a very main feature of awareness. The leg and side channels will become noticed and at some point become a cohesive part of the general sensing of the channels during and outside of practice. Somewhere in these levels you may become bouyant and have a floating sensation while firmly grounded - it may never leave you from this point on. At some point the channels will becoome very large and tubular and you may feel like "the Michelin Man" - these will then fuse into one. The MCO will rise to become an incredible rotating column and then it to will subside and blend into the energetic systems. You may feel the great upper and lower areas beyond the head and below the waist appear - before this the head may have many happenings and this may be for many years. As the head fully lights a great column from the base of the spine will take place and join the head - this will not be a great blasting of Kundalini - it will be the simple opening and pouring of it up the great back / inner back column. This will also pour into the heart and it ,will fill it like warm water the entire width of the chest. As all of this happens - you will generally find that tic's will develop during practice - the energy is so intense and is working through the bodies transformations. Tics meaning twitches. You may experience watery eyes or an endlessly runny nose. You will find sickness comes and goes almost unnoticed and often it will stop completely during practice and then resume afterward. Your scheduling needs to be attended to if you will be out and about or working - take care to sip in the incredible energies and be certain to have this with your body/being. The intention should not be to override anything in willfulness in order to expand and refine and grow - you will need sleep and sometimes you will need to change a practice schedule to meet with your needs. However - a regular practice schedule is very helpful. I hope this has been of some help - all the best
  3. It is interesting the extrapolations you create: I did not say "you only have clarity when you have no thoughts" Also - there are many types of Samadhi - and there are many types of thoughts - so many of which would not easily be characterized as "just flows of energy". In fact in the pointings of the above quotes the "thoughts" mentioned are those acting as constrictions and looping detours - the karmic extrusion of flow.
  4. So Many Qigong Traditions : How To Approach ?

    When you move your head to the side in a posture - really move it. If you are to move your eyes to the side as well - the do so. When you raise your arms above - do not have them leaning forward - they should be straight up otherwise the channels along the side of the head will not be moved. The fingers should be parted Grab the floor with your feet Breath deep breaths into the LDT (lower dan tien) often In meditation find the center of your head - notice the tendency to be in the forward part or even outside the head a few inches. Be in the LTD and grow from there and you will come to find the heart and the head joined in the trunk of awareness. Breath into the center column of your body being from the root - the LDT Breath into the LDT - feel the ground deep beneath your feet, the leg channels, the channels along the sides of the main channels in your torso. In the postures grab the ground and be in the LDT and breath good solid breath. As always - watch Diet - it will change as unfolding takes place.
  5. Do you believe this to be true? That basically silence is the goal and thoughts are bad? It doesn't necessarily follow that thoughts are "bad" - they are simply thoughts. In Samadhi one does not find thoughts or the entrainment of tensions and inertia's. It does not imply dullness - as in "simply dead silence". Imagine you are in a beautiful museum looking a incredible art - but with an agrivating noise that keeps taking you out of enjoyment in the present with the art. Then imagine that the noise completely falls away - and not only with the falling away of the noise, the walls fall away and ceiling dissapeara and the floor is but clouds. Samadhi can be had anytime - it is like steeping in the light blood essence. Has music ever been enhanced by someone trying to talk over it - or a picture by someone waving there arms in front of it? Great revelation can roll in during Samadhi. The bodies can glint in gold and respond to Samadhi. Everything in ones surrounding is imbued with Samadhi. (Some of what is translated regarding sleep is I would assume poorly translated)
  6. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    You have described the experience of many who have awoken - for many it is extremely disorienting - for many the loss of motivation / non-positioned self has them looking again elsewhere not long afterward. It is an extremely delicate time and one in which others that have not experienced the transition and abidance in it cannot relate to. It is not at all uncommn to Awaken and be in depression soon afterward. It is common to have some difficulty in having lost the trance of personhood while within a whirlwind of personhood from the outside. The grab handles of position no longer triangulate your projections and you are abiding in a refrain for some time of grabbing onto them - but in the interim - it can be like falling into a bottomless pit. Know that if there is no bottom you do not need to fear hitting it. Know that you are floating - and youness is not necessary - give yourself more time to simply be with this. It is more common than not that in the West and much of the whole world - the outside response to Awakening is - "you are depressed, would you like a sedative". I would suggest that you go to and begin listening to the treasure trove of over 400 interviews with people that have Awakened and gone on to abide in the Awakening / Enlightening state. Some of the interviews are with interesting people that have not awoken but by far the bulk are with those that tell of what happened just before, during and in the following weeks, months and years. People are generally agast at the idea of losing personhood - and so the more palatable words such as "ignorance" suffice to make what every single sage has always bluntly said somewhere less noticeable - that the you who seeks is not the You that shall find. Those on the outside of this will entice you to rejoin the trance dance - and rebuild a personhood - they are billable and are "going somewhere". You may notice depression - a residual pattern of resonance - but also notice the lightness in arising and the lightness even in the lack of "doing". Abide in the lightness and make your way in self - it comes to you and runs through you and is all light - it is not unbearable except to personhood. This buzzless state needs no concoction - but a practice can be of immeasurable help in letting go of residual held patterns that you are discovering and have told us of. It is said by many masters that even though they might easily touch a student and bring them to "Enlightenment" (Awakening) - doing so is no favor unless they are very much ready - and few to none are ready for if they were the masters touch would not be needed. We speak endlessly of work on ourselves to remove and release habits and grasped positions - and this is seemingly endless. Work also to abide in stillness and non-doing. A sort of doing will arise when it does. There is no need to become anxious. All the very best
  7. From quote - by unknown translation / author 19-23. The Brahmin youth asked further, “O King, why are not all liberated if their lives are so iridescent with momentary samâdhi, if it be the enlightener of the unmanifest void in sleep? Liberation is the direct result of unqualified samâdhi. The Self being pure intelligence, why does it not recognise itself and remain always liberated? “Ignorance is dispelled by pure intelligence, which is samâdhi, and this is the immediate cause of salvation. “Please tell me, so that all my doubts may be set at rest.” In this choice of wording it is difficult to see the pointing for so many: “Ignorance is dispelled by pure intelligence, which is samâdhi, and this is the immediate cause of salvation." One could use any number of words to better put forth the feel and meaning and nature of this conversation - though it is a beautiful conversation in this translation as well. Ignorance could be replaced by trance - en-trancement. pure intelligence could be replaced by pure awareness. Certainly in Samadhi it does not feel like "pure intelligence" nor does it equate to "pure intelligence" at those short points of immediate awareness. To the intelligent person that is "in ignorance", it is not for lack of intelligence and awareness but for loss of pure awareness to the entrancement of object and inertia. One does not feel "ignorant" but one can possibly see they are constantly transfixed in position and belief and rigidized past patterns. - On an added note - samadhi can become sleep in full awareness - one can be in it during sleep and not lose awareness. one can also be in awareness during the bodies sleep and not be in samadhi. It is quite possible to be awake all the time and so the nature of "sleep" in the traditional sense is considerably different - though the body may snore though it - awareness does not. It is not my intention to derail these quotes - they are exceptional. For those that have Awakened it is simply joyful to read these - for those that are tying to see pointings that clarify, some of it is superb and the whole of it is excellent but rather than use words that must be redefined in order to be understood the more blunt approach of using words that do not require the invocation of the problem itself might better be considered. Pure Intuition or Divine Intuition comes much closer to what is the experience - yet it is nearly as loaded as "intelligence" - but more accurate even if it is too ballsy. Within the experience is often geometric revelation, crystalline forms, great beings of light, music and great heart ❤️ - in this - "intelligence" is not the feel of it - it is more of the blood of all and everything and nothing.
  8. I'm reminded of a rock fight i was involved in when i was very young - it was exciting and fun - and resulted in 13 stitches above my right eye. I had a blast and not until i arrived home had any idea i was bleeding all over the place - i was not looking down. My mother was in panic and then i looked down and realized i was pretty covered in blood and began to cry. (but i still had a great time in the rock fight) Throwing rocks is fun in the sense that it involves real risk - but it is naive - it involves more risk than is healthy or in any way wise. It is senseless abandon - not all senseless abandon is bad and in so many cases it is what is needed within the encasement of a brick like interior/exterior. Religious dogma is often encased in brick - or what appears to be brick. And it can come with such cautionary drama that putting a toe into it feels like breaking good china. The tenor of the original post here feels like a comment on being pelted by rocks that come from nowhere - an this is not a rock fight - it is a sucker punch of sorts. A sucker punch is not simply a tossed opinion - it is suddenly pissing on the participants with completely unsupported slant and impossible arguments - hence the Straw Man being brought up. Obviously the art director wants messy and clean - refined and unrefined - it is an open forum. At the same time - rock fights can get out of hand and a sucker punch of the type mentioned above is simply unwarranted and if it is done on a regular basis - then perhaps that person should run for president of the "U"SA. I do not think the original post was actually touting for rules - but as some say in some parts of the world - "there is a lot of lead in the air today". Bullets are not so bad metaphorically - but snipers are not there for the fun or the learning or the expansion of ideas.
  9. Closing of chakras or falling back?

    Chakras are basically always open to a degree - though in some the light can be quite dim but this is more commonly a regional trait of a population with wide variations within that culture. Over all the more complex an environment the more the general population is exercised in all of the chakras - also the repressive areas are less vibrant and more rural areas have interesting distinctions. Chakras are not rewards for good behavior - they are much like other physical assets - they come with the equipment and if used prosper and grow and expand and if not used much they do their work just fine without our help but may do little by comparison to what they are capable of. It is not upon virtue that we are able to swallow and it is not upon virtue that we can sense a very great deal with the vast array of capabilities from our many chakras and chakrams. Within each chakra are many levels - they can have unimaginable depth. If you begin to think you know of chakras you have just scratched the surface - a thousand volumes would only say a fraction of what just one is capable of. This idea that they are not open at all and must be opened is like saying we need to open the arteries to our heart or the air passages to our lungs. Good basic practice in all traditions opens and strengthens all the energetic systems and pathways - focusing on and manipulating specific parts in general is far less helpful and often detrimental and nearly always the long route. It may also be noted that one can "fully Open" a chakras so many times that at some point hopefully you will drop the ideas and ridgidized personality that keeps wanting to peg something and put it on the shelf - the depth to which one can "fully open" is a depth that has no limit.
  10. Closing of chakras or falling back?

    This may sound overly simplistic but in actuality it is generally true. Optimism is a relatively unguarded unconstricted vibration and typically it is set upon virtue, beginners mind and relative balance. What is generally termed negative is generally constriction on some level and dissipation.
  11. Affordable Extended Qigong Retreats

    Hi haveaniceday! Great name! This is not a direct answer to your question but I thought it might create some guidance particularly since you mentioned an interest in this for vitality AND enlightenment. Recently I was walking along the marina here and noticed a young woman doing Yoga asanas. Several days later she was there and was also clearly studying some books and i struck up a conversation with her. She was very excited about her "Yoga" studies and told me that she was studying up prior to going to Sweden for a full course and certificate. I was excited for her as well and asked what type of meditation she did - her reply was "i don't meditate - i haven't done any inner work at all but intend to at some point". I am pretty certain she has no idea that she is not studying Yoga nor that she is not becoming a certified teacher in anything that could be considered Yoga as in the great and Ancient traditions from India. If you wish to dive deep into Qi Gong ( I cannot speak for Bagua ) and you are not yet well practiced in it - then you may wish to study Acupuncture and understand many of the systems that will be referred to in the various Qi Gong practices. Also - most all excellent acupuncture schools have a Qi Gong teacher fully involved in the school. The teachers may or may not be the best but in the beginning (first several years) good basics are really all that are needed. Many of the fine points have been lost to teachings long ago and you will need to search for them a bit just as most "Yoga" in the West is not "Yoga" - and most Qi Gong in Asia is not Qi Gong either for that matter - certainly not in the sense that you have expressed interest - in all it is almost entirely driven on two levels everywhere - healing and longevity/exercise - an infinitesimally small portion of Qi Gong by comparison to the second half of your expressed interest. Few teachers of Qi Gong teach what a posture is doing or related to from the standpoint of understanding it from the inside out. They generally have a partial understanding of the energy and then relate what they know from what they were told and in relation to channels they may or may not actually feel or see in any substantial way. Very few can see a Qi Gong students progress outside of interpersonal relations in class and from questions and physical viewing of the persons practice - and certificates they have received from 6 week intensives. Most are unaware of Qi Gong as an Awakening Practice and Way - quite a few in China joke about it Or sell to it and the notoriety of big personal energy - but have little background and understanding of Awakening other than the general notions touted everywhere. (You may also wish to post where you are from at the present time.)
  12. Frightening meditation experience, need help

    Your "need to do" can be the undoing of your wonderful experience. There is no need to figure this out and box it in - this is what good meditation will bring. What is most important at this juncture is to realize the importance of your diet and to work on basic practice. Above all you should not foster worry regarding what took place and do not run this energy through your body being interaction. It is like seeing a beautiful painting and worrying if the author is alright. Diet is extremely important - if you are meditating and doing Qi Gong then your energy levels can become very volatile OR they can progress to participation in vast levels of patience and overview and non- judgement. Contrary to typical notions - practice increases volatility exponentially if Diet is in any way inherently problematic. If you were in Detox then it is probably safe to say that Diet is of extreme importance to your practice. But this does not mean hyper dieting on only the most perfect foods and only the most nutrient concentrated foods - it simply means a simple dietary guideline that is VERY typical of a great many of those serious upon the Way. Very low intake of stimulants, depressants (alcohol), processed foods, high sugar foods and foods that convert quickly to sugar highs, and generally either a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is also important not to "try" to achieve the recent state with hyper breathing techniques and other ways and means - you had a great breakthrough - do not diminish it - and do not make it some major part of a story you concoct from reading this and that. Regarding the basics - are you breathing into the Lower dan tien? Are you keeping your attention in the lower dan tien while breathing into it and in practice and throughout the day? This is basic practice in Qi Gong. If you build the mountain in such a way the head and the heart will not falter in fear and the body will know its ground is firm in the energies that expand beyond its borders. Part of the Diet is not to participate in the fear and the "must do this and must do that and must read this and must read that and must find the answers and must find a teacher and must find my answers from somewhere else" robotic reactionary dissipation of the energies of transformation that would go to that transformation but are pissed to the wind in endless girations that are fruitless and undermine the beautiful experience that took place. Do not participate in the anxiousness - go the other way - sip the calmness that you experienced and the beauty you experienced and simply be with this. It is often said in many practices - "do not discuss the intimate details of your inner arising with others" - particularly ones that have zero indication of anything "wrong" as in "of questionable mental stability or moral decency". Your experience was a high experience and one that should be a light upon your path - nothing more or less. It shows a fairly high degree of balance and it is OK to feel excellent in that it portends considerable openness and fearlessness within the context of your general makeup. But don't make light of the dietary commitments- even in the media you take in and what you "fill yourself with" prior to sleep. Participating in the worry and banter is "dieting on - consuming" jibberish and it simply dissipates energy and habituates you to looking outside yourself for what is within. I am not implying not to seek a teacher - but the seeking is not to help define your happening - it is to help you in the basics which are the most advanced levels that you will ever need or come to know.
  13. The modern Western diet

    Hi Gerard 😎 Does the "Tao of healthy eating" have anything related to dietary changes specific to age? Or do you have recommendations? As a Vegan some supplements are highly recommended and I find them very beneficial- and at 64 I find other supplements very helpful as well - these have changed over the years. Diet is of particular concern to those in practice as energy levels can increase dramatically and many of the foods of a typical western diet can have effects that run counter to practice on a very base and practice level. I am somewhat reminded that in Qi Gong generally young children are not taught it because they already have piles of energy and a surge in their reserves at that point in their lives would not be helpful - diet in younger "seekers" in practice may consider diet to be somewhat superfluous in their focus but between stimulants, processed foods, poor combining, fast eating and testosterone - the effects can negate practically any headway. Your thoughts and further elaborations would be helpful 🙏🏻
  14. Lets take a group of possible practices from a householder / monk: If one wakes up at 3:30 am and meditates for an hour they will need at least 1 hour less sleep and they will have more patience and overall clarity. If one meditates in the evening say from 9-10pm (and this can very slightly to accommodate schedules, family movie time etc.) they will interrupt nothing in the family and have better sleep. One can easily have a morning practice, afternoon practice and or evening and certainly weekend practice - any one or all of them depending on duration and that duration is flexible to each time frame. Diet can be easily modified to accommodate the householder/monk with no problem and diet changes are a certain need for the more serious. Devotion creates no strain on a householder/monk Loving ones family creates no strain on a householder / monk In times of great need for more practice it is generally easy to practice more in the evening and early morning hours and extend the weekend times. Generally this is not needed as frequently as might be thought. If one has reached a state of consistent Wakefulness - in other words one is Awake while listening to oneself snoring and wife snoring - then getting "up and going" in the morning is non existent - one is already awake and at that point many practices have long since either stopped altogether or they have been greatly reduced or turned into constant practice and often only from time to time require blocks of time. In the initial stages one may attend a teaching one or two or three times a week - possibly more and it is easily done with children - though the total amount would depend on how many children and what the age is and the capabilities of ones wife and if you are able to hire help and also how well the child or children sleep - my son since birth was always a very good and long sleeper - some children are not so easy - so you adapt. Some teachings offer daycare! Many people work at home, many people have their own business and can set their own custom hours. Some companies have meditation rooms. Many jobs do not require travel all over the world and huge time away from your family - this is true of about 98% of jobs and so I am perplexed that this has been a problem that apparently must be overcome for a householder - it is rarely a problem. Also - if a job interferes with your practice and practice is of extreme importance - then you get a job that does not require all the galavanting around the globe - it is never an insurmountable problem - unless you believe it to be in which case it will be. A Monestary / Monk does the following: Early morning, late afternoon and late evening practice/devotion - often with silent work and contemplation and breath in between. A Householder/Monk can easily have early morning and late evening practice devotion - and much work can be done in silence and with breath work - posture work - attention centering and skillful means and mindfulness. Monestary / Monk almost always has a significant diet change A Householder / Monk can just as easily have a significant diet change A Monestary / Monk may have to find a different job than originally given because they are making change that require changes in the daily routine - and Monestaries that are not mired in dogma and punishment will accommodate the spiritual need of a monk. And if this turns into a problem they can change monestaries, teachers or simply wake up and abide in teaching and devotion if this is their way. A Householder / Monk may have to find a different job at one point or another - or perhaps take over the duties for raising the kids during the day - while the significant other works. This means that after taking them off to preschool or regular school he/she may have all day to practice in between pickups and drop-offs. A Monestary / Monk may take a two week intensive within the Monestary. A Householder / Mond may take a two week intensive when their child goes off to a camp - or any number of other scenarios. A Monestary / Monk may take a vow of silence for a year A Householder / Monk may take a vow of silence for a year: I know of one Real Estate developer and architect that did so while working full steam. I know of another that had 5 children - 5 developmentally disabled children to boot! A Monestary / Monk may reach a plateau in which he/she would greatly benifit from a trip or time away but be unable to afford or do such a thing. A Householder / Monk may have considerable means to hire help, take long trips with the whole family, purchase land and buildings for a retreat or retreat center - the possibilities are considerably expanded both for faliure and for practice. Its is also hard to hide in a surrounding of ever changing kids and their friends and noise and wife and business dealings. It can be extremely easy to hide in plain sight at a Monestary - and be a child molester for decades and the like. "Free" workers are often not held to a very high standard other than the simple rules. It is easy to hide, easy to sleep in what can easily become the trance of regimented daily life. The True Monk is a behavioral set that is not limited to monestaries - it is a certain commitment to the spiritual life and practice - and one can be a Monk in plain sight on a corporate board, on a construction site, baby sitting and child rearing, as a mail man or a bus driver. And Monkey Mind can make everything impossible or a great thing to put off until tomorrow.