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  1. Sorry for being AWOL lately ...

    This is way out of Roto Rooter's league - only the Boring Company has offered any hope - but even Elon is apprehensive.
  2. Sorry for being AWOL lately ...

    Hi Sean - All the best to you! And may you find the light in the darkest corridors The patience to persevere and find Self And may a trillion billion locusts decend upon the fuck for brains that live in the echo of Trump's colon.
  3. This is devastating and happening all over the place. Artist particularly are stopped in their tracks. Movie and theater companies, dance and music. Seasonal industries that are difficult in good times.
  4. the following is a fun read - though sad as well Why can’t President Orange Julius be more like the Queen?
  5. What are your thoughts on the peak / bottom of the economics we are facing in the coming weeks and months and possibly years from the corona virus pandemic? USA I have observed a very wide spectrum of opinions regarding this - in my life of 65 years I have never seen the segment of those believing things that are the stuff of mental wards to any noticeable degree until the past few years. I even found out a workman I know actually and truly is a flat earther and believes the entire corona virus thing is a hoax by the Democrats. The fundamentalists have always been fundamentally whacked - but that has been a given and only since the world was ending starting in the years 100, 1000, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2012 and now simply any day, have we seen a real upturn in their whereabouts. But it is no longer just that group, it includes Catholic priests teaching that Democrats are the devil as well (certainly not a surprise - the pope back in hitlers time was friendly to him so nothing is off the table for them - and another inquisition might be just what they need to recover from all the child molestation and murder in their past and current image. But - with that said it is surprising the number of people that seep into a conversation or blurt into one with stupefying idiocy - it is amazing how prevalent it has been here in this blog sphere. So - I am genuinely interested in hearing your take on what’s up and where you think it will bottom out / peak and why. Will it be worse than the Reagan Crash of 1987 ? Worse than the Bush Jr. crash of 2008 ? Will you jump on a packed plane in a couple of months? Sit in a stadium with 80,000 fans? Go to a packed dance hall and busy bar? Those in the most populous and prosperous cities tend to think on either side of the issues, some thinking it will blow over soon and others certain it will be very possibly worse than the Bush jr crash of 2008. Those in the most populous poor cities are pretty much certain they are fucked and in many cases have the adjunct beliefs that this is the apocalypse they have been praying for. Most, but not all, of the rural areas are mesmerized by Fox, flat earthers, prepper’s and as always drugs and alcohol - and right wing corporate interests. The poorer midsection is shutting down factories and laying off huge numbers. The affluent are enjoying the holiday as it is to many and expect their portfolio to blossom again soon enough - though some are concerned that their tenants are not paying and are not sure when their government bailout will arrive - but they are certain it will - when have they ever been forgotten? Meanwhile Biden continues to be wallpaper - I hope he takes on a progressive female VP - something that will get us off our pillows. Trump continues to inspire many of us to carry airbags for the constant vomit we feel coming up when his mask appears - for others he is unlike anything their faith would ever dream of but they are utterly lost in his cocoon of babble. Unlike 2008 - most other countries in the world are in bad shape and will not swoop in to buy up some things and keep us going - they will not be buying up our yachts and going on real estate hunting trips. Many big companies are grinding to a halt world wide not simply nation wide. And the US has not paid a nickel down on its wars and spending - we are already at zero percent - what do the feds have left by comparison? Huge numbers of workers have left or are leaving the big cities and prosperous states - where rents and real estate will plummet - they are going back to huddle with families in areas where houses rent for $600 a month rather than studios for 4500 a month. Students all over the place picked up and left their rooms and apts and went home or hiking and to the beach - those places are empty for April, May and June at least. Interest rates were 4.75 three weeks ago, 3.75 two weeks ago and 2.75 this week - this is NOT NORMAL. The more affluent Maga hat areas seem to be in denial and home prices are staying solid for now and the inventory has not spiked up through the roof at all - while in the more affluent mostly non-Maga hat densely populated areas home sales are flattening or plummeting and inventories are increasing. ( most of the Maga hat areas are not particularly affluent and in general here in the USA almost all of the poorest areas are red areas often full of Maga hats - do you think this will change?). Your thoughts?
  6. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    Yes - that’s the one I mentioned to you - just recovering from it on Feb 10th. It will be interesting to see what’s up when they have antibody testing available.
  7. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    The following is another article that really give us an updated view from the Chinese experience and what it looks like from those with a fuller understanding - and also just how much even those at the epicenters still do not really know - very insightful:
  8. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    This is from a recent article: “While a majority of patients who become infected with the coronavirus appear to have mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all, it's becoming clear that those with the most severe complications must spend a significant amount of time in the ICU.” excerpt from above article This is not something you will recognize as “different” until perhaps you realize if you contract the cough that it is and stays a dry cough. You may have forgotten the last time you had the flu that it also came with a pile of really shitty feeling things and sweats and chills and feeling like you were going to die. Perhaps that is the biggest problem - my wife certainly had no idea she had it, my son and I thought it was the common flu. We isolated our son and myself but my wife was working full time with a mild but very persistent dry cough. You can have this very life threatening illness and have no recognition of it - at least until now hopefully after reading this - you don’t turn green and have a bullseye on your forehead - one day you can simply have it and be a carrier and a week later have an odd cough and then feel fine in a week or so all the while reading about the corona virus and what it’s like. Or you might suddenly feel really tired all the time and start taking supplements because you think perhaps age has finally caught up with you and then you feel better and go on with everything having no idea that you were tired because you had the virus. Thats why the shortness of breath marker is a bid big thing - if you are ill it is probably going to be fine - but if you experience shortness of breath you need to contact your doctor - I DO NOT MEAN SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT - I mean talk to her/him and if you are unable to actually get through live - then call 911.
  9. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    We are all fine - My son had the big fatigue and a cough but not a bad one and his fever got to 102 I and the fatigue, fever and a really really bad dry cough - so bad that I lost my voice for a week and six weeks later my voice is not the same and may never be. My wife had a mild fever and a long lasting but much milder dry cough and no fatigue - the cough lasted at least 6 weeks for her before she said it was finally truly gone. We did not experience aches and pain, no diarrhea or stomach problems, no massive sweating or chills - it was the most pleasant flu I have ever experienced with the exception of the cough 😷 It never occurred to me that we had the virus but it was striking how different the experience was from any flu I have had or seen. Normally during flu season if I am coming down with a flu the tell tale signs of aching and feeling hot are clear indications that you will never forget after you have had them a few times. My son got it first and when I asked him questions nothing he said seemed to indicate a flu or much of anything - I though he was just trying to get out of school. Then when he was still in bed and I noticed he was not reading or playing or anything I checked his forehead and he was really hot -102. He slept or just laid there for days only getting up here and there - but his humor was fine and he did not exhibit signs of really being super sick other than the fever, a mild cough and laying in bed not even going upstairs to play video games. His stomach was fine, his appetite was ok and he was not coughing up anything or sounding off - simple children’s aspirin brought down the fever and it was no problem to maintain - no diarrhea - a practically pleasant experience compared to anything I had know called the flu. I came down with it just as he was about to go back to school. Everything was the same for me but the cough was much much worse. Compared to the last time I had the flu around 15 years ago it was nothing at all except for the cough.
  10. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    There is a point where something can move down into the lungs and it will cause the shortness of breath, the need for a ventilator, irreparable damage and possibly lead to death. But that in most humans will not occur. I will post that info as I find it again. Part of what I was trying to really convey on myprevios post here is that if you feel you might have it - it is nothing to panic about and going to the doctor will not result in getting some cure or medicine you cannot already get at the store - they are not interested in doing much in most cases because the protocol is basically the same for the common flu. The only difference is that they will hopefully be interested in keeping track of how you are doing, where you have been and adding you to the local and national stats. In fact unless you are a wealthy highly insured person they will not monitor how you are doing (in the USA) but tell you if this or that occurs call us, otherwise go home sequester and take it easy.
  11. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    In the best info that I have finally found the chief sign of concern is shortness of breath. In nearly every case of the flu or in most cases of the corona virus - a visit to the doctor is going to do nothing more than have her or him say “well you have the flu - go home and take plenty of fluids, take it easy and get sleep.” In the case of the virus they may also study you and ask a bunch of questions but then you will be sent home with no more to do that if you had the flu. By time you’re my age (65) you understand that there is no reason to go to the doctor in the first place. But you also understand that you are highly contagious and not to do ridiculous things like go to work and give it to others. You sequester, clean door knobs and a bunch of other things to isolate yourself and just go through it. In the case of corona virus - the marker for calling the doctor is shortness of breath - it is advised that if you experience shortness of breath you should call your doctor and if you have trouble getting through to them then you should call 911 - that is apparently the symptom to consider a serious “get help” alert. One other would obviously and always be chest pains. On a side note I found it interesting that Tylenol was recommended but not Advil as it apparently can destabilize or decrease certain autoimmune defenses somewhat that you specifically would best not decrease if you are fighting the virus - when I had the virus I happen to be using Advil to control sciatica and I got through the virus. In general the virus is like a very light flu with a horrible cough that lasts a long time and is a dry cough which by the way - never breaks up and starts producing phlegm - it stays a dry long lasting cough. I coughed some times to the point of nearly puking trying to cough out something that was never there. We used all the normal flu and cough “off the shelf” remedies and they worked fine - though we never experienced any aches or pain at all. Basically just extreme fatigue, fever and cough.
  12. My wife just got the cough and mild fever - no real fatigue. And thank you for your regards! 😎
  13. Something that eluded my attention until just yesterday: In a bulletin, it said very clearly that if you have symptoms of shortness of breath to call your doctor and if you cannot get through and the symptoms are of any considerable strength - to call 911 What became clear is that you may have incredible fatigue and you may experience a strong dry cough and fever - all indicators but not a tremendous concern other than - DONT GO HUGGING PEOPLE - and do diligence to all flu considerations - which we did - constant wipe downs and my son stayed home about 3 days longer than normal until he was 100% recovered and rested. I canceled all classes and stayed in bed for over a week. But shortness of breath is an indicator of a different level of the virus and often a turning point that may get critical fast. I am basically very certain that i have already had the virus - it was unlike any flu i have ever had - zero aches and pain - no nausea, no diarrhea - extreme fatigue, fever, and long dry cough - i coughed so hard that i lost my voice for a week and now over a month later it appears that i may have permanently damaged my voice - it was a dry cough and the only thing i just about got out of it was a 6 pack from such strong coughing. My son attends a school with lots of affluent Asians (who travel frequently) and i teach classes with affluent Chinese who also travel frequently abroad. We got it around Feb 1st more or less. Anyway to summarize - shortness of breath is a turning point - don't just go it alone at that point - at that point, you will get your doctors attention if you can get a hold of her/him. If not - call 911
  14. Small pocket size fine spray - rubbing alcohol - super easy to carry - dries in seconds - great for door handles and easy to disinfect itself after you spray your hands, just rub in between them.
  15. Propaganda War

    We are not so far away from becoming a Putin state with a slice of burka - the Orange Virus and the Christian inquisitors are at the ready to make ovens - they live in a fox shithole illusion and have gone completely mad - Ralf Reed is just waiting for the signal to press their automation. They are a fully stockpiled powder keg. Its fine to speak of China - it has a whole host of problems - is it better or worse than Saudi Arabia - ? Certainly we here in the USA enjoy many things at this time - so did the Germans before they started gassing fellow humans - the ones they started calling names - because they mimicked their name calling shithole hitler and those industrialists that supported the pea brained sewer mind. You can look elsewhere and say it is worse but don’t divert your eyes - that yellow that is darkening your boots is not rain.