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  1. Guidlines for Students

    Thank you all for your input - GREAT help! Please keep it coming!
  2. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    Breathing into the lower dan tien LDT and filling it with energy is not dangerous. However - packing it - as some martial arts practice is dangerous. So far the arguments and fears regarding breathing into the LDT come from the Marital side and they should be concerned as per those things sighted in my original post - manipulation of energy - energy packing - intense energy holding - this is all generally ego driven, dangerous and in actuality very low level practice however it may seem to those in its grip. It is certainly cool in the Martial circles but to those true heavyweights - they went way past this stuff in their youth and do not consider it as a particularly high high point of attainment - its more mechanical than an accomplishment of any inner refinement. It is true - there is more of a concern about reverse breathing - but again it depends on the method and objective and the sanity of those practicing reverse breathing. If it is from a practice on the Martial side - then caution is a good idea - caution that you understand what packing and holding and constricting and forcing energy can do to you - that it is real and can seriously screw you up. But if you are simply doing reverse breathing and have taken the time to understand the general basics then it is quite safe as long as this does not become some long fixation or a normal way of breathing for you (in other words - you have taken the time to understand the general basics - and by general basics I mean pretty much everything that is at the basis of good practice.
  3. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    You can refer to: Opening of the third eye and other byproducts along the way I'm pretty sure you can find that somewhere in there.
  4. Guidlines for Students

    Bump - would really appreciate any input here.
  5. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    Please look them up - fairly simple concepts to read up on. I do differentiate between gross subtle and subtle in the sense that the gross subtle bodies are typically fairly easily seen and active and formed in most people while other subtle bodies are generally not easily seen, active or formed. Gross subtle would be the chakras, various energy channels - the majority of what is written about. In most adults the gross subtle bodies are relatively undeveloped with generally two main centers in which trance awareness is most vibrant.
  6. In science one can "believe in the current paradigms" of understanding - but the belief in them is always a hinderance with regard to new emerging conflicting paradigms. Whereas one can work within existing paradigms while not being IN belief of them - and this will make one a truly real scientist rather than one in which "science" and existing paradigms are a religion. This is splitting hairs - but they are real hairs and not simply semantics. Ask yourself - if you were not invested in Beliefs would it destroy your enjoyment of them? How many times have "your" Beliefs sat as walls to the expansion of Self within and without? What is the difference between your prior Beliefs and the Beliefs you now "possess" (that now possess you)? You can constantly upgrade your Beliefs and defenses and entrenchment - just keep in mind that a thousand sages have said "I know nothing" yet no one takes them as fools.
  7. First hand experience teaches many things - upper most - it can show us how our assumptions and beliefs expect something often very far from what was experienced and teach us to put beliefs in an increasingly flexible wrapper. Experience also strengthens the bonds we have to our inner gyroscope - but at the same time it can strengthen positioning and one-sided-ness. It is easy to become prey from ones own beliefs and like a slot machine using the strength of Intermittent Positive Reinforcement - one can easily be cemented into a premature death of rigidified patterns.
  8. One can read all sorts of teaching and delve deep into practice and not have any Belief IN the doctrine and teachings. One can engage in the deepest practice having not set aside a single note from a teaching or Belief system - while not being in Belief of even one sentence. Belief is in the past and is an illusion - that is not to say that one cannot consider the apparent offerings of a Belief system and it may be that going through the motions of Belief while not IN Belief has very real and considerable benefits - not simply on a placebo effect. The mundane level of any teaching is the Religion - the Belief. Some go no further - and some have gone further in spite of the Belief system. Religion is mundane teaching set in trance dogma - with a hint toward escape and a heap toward solidarity.
  9. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    Let's hear from those not quoting their teachers but from those with experience - and if any can actually See - please speak up. Throughout many of my posts there is a strong advocacy for caution regarding Breath techniques - (in fact this is probably the only case in any of my posts in which I express virtually no need for caution other than those sited in my original post here). In many cases these practices are abused and cause considerable short and often long term damage. The damage is easily seen to the inner eye and frequently easily seen in the behavior and difficulties of those that have brought it upon themselves. All sorts of damage to both gross physical, gross subtle and subtle bodies are highly visible to those that can see inside these bodies. They are very clearly seen in the outside auras as well. With some 45+ years in looking at these energies both in and outside of the gross physical I have yet to see anything resembling a burned out LDT - whereas in fact that particular area typically is the least affected within the physical localizations regarding energetic damage from poor practice methods and energy work and manipulation. It is possible to have considerable teaching skills and a considerable level of competence while actually having achieved far less than assumed. And teaching is as frequently premature as fruit falling to the ground before being eaten. Those in truly secret practice and unable to discuss it, do not mention the fact or use it as a carrot - but that does not mean they are not somewhat advanced - and it may be a testament as to how young they are in their studies since they are not allowed to share what they think they might know precisely because they have not mastered either the teaching or the abilities to impart it properly - or it simply may be something "new" and being tested. Among the most secret teachings are those that only find fertile ground in advanced subtle bodies.
  10. Buddhism can be looked at as a belief system on the one hand and as a practice on the other - some would argue that the Belief system can also be a practice - I would argue otherwise - true practice requires at least the mindset of non-investment in Belief/Faith. Though practice can lead to loss of Belief / Faith systems - which would indicate proper practice and openness. (I do not consider myself an expert in Buddhism from any historical perspective nor from any belief perspective) Buddhism as taught by Buddha's asks that one not believe but rather do due diligence to Inner practice and find your answers - your Self. The teaching is essentially one of pointing to practices and how one thinks and behaves in order to free oneself from the trance of Samsara - that which finds us lost and with a consistent awakening to dissatisfaction in life (often coined as Suffering - though this is a poor choice of a word for the lay person and in general). The last paragraph could be said to be true of most if not all Indian originated practice based spiritual teachings.
  11. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    The Lower Dan Tien LDT can be breathed into by anyone with no real worry of any ill effect whatsoever. Obviously one can do something "wrong" but it would have to be pretty intentional and generally hyper active and in most cases over a fairly lengthy period of time - pretty much someone skillful enough to do damage would not do it because in order to be capable of doing damage you would pretty much have to be smart enough and practiced enough to know what in general not to do. Breathing into the LDT in general by everyone - even those with little or zero information regarding its benefits - will enjoy tremendous benefits, The only "fear" is basically from the Martial side of the equation and even then the Martial side of the equation is intrinsically crippling to a considerable amount of energy work as it is generally manipulative of energies, often constrictive in nature and most capable of incorrect teaching primarily because it frequently inspires tremendous energetic changes with little or no regard to real inner practice. (and this in turn inspires unfounded imbalanced "fear" of perfectly utilized and utilizable energy centers). The LDT will not Burn UP or Burn Out - but it will happily burn up excessive stress and worry. It will balance you in rough seas. It will help tremendously when pushed to the limits and when identifications take one to unnecessary extremes. It greatly helps us to unbind from strong grasping and position - it is a battery of reserve and acts like a gyroscope in the winds of change. Certain spinal breathing techniques are the leaders in putting energy practitioners in the mental wards. Breath practices are certainly something to be wary of and at the same time they are extremely helpful. Many breathing exercises can be dangerous - breathing into the LDT is one of the least dangerous or to put it in another way - easily one of the most beneficial if not THE most beneficial. And the practice does not require the teachings of a master - most of the techniques are simple and immensely effective with zero danger often taught by people that have no real idea what they are talking about or teaching. Reverse Breathing into the LDT is somewhat of a focused breath practice in some forms though in many not considered reverse breathing it is done without notice. Even in these cases it is generally safe and the fear of burning out the LDT is humorous. If however you are seriously advanced and have the mental incapacity to understand how you got there and you decide to hyper focus on Reverse Breathing and manipulation of the energies as well - then it is dangerous but the concern would not be to the LDT - it would be to many other implications.
  12. Just finished reading the new book! Looking forward to the sequel! Congrats on a great book!
  13. All the Very Best! A very bright energy on this!
  14. Donating to temples and monasteries in China

    Many of the insights that Walker shares regarding China are unknown to most Westerners - the Ghost Cities are real. - where cities were built but with no one living in them and people buying and selling them like popcorn on wall street at higher and higher prices having never even visted them - brochure sales and mania. I know of one city built with outside aid from governments around the world - it was to be a Green City. The person put in charge was provided a certain time to make it happen and a certain amount of money. The person put in charge was an elder of the area and had no experience in building. When the project was "complete" many (most) of the homes that looked great from the outside had no working plumbing - toilets that were simply placed in the correct area. Some had no wiring. Some had nothing inside - no doors to various rooms - no flooring. But - most of those involved had nice new cars and a feather in their hat for what was accomplished. It is hard to fathom and easy to laugh at but far more complex than we can easily discern. It is an incredible place - among the most striking things to see is a 40 story building being finished entirely surrounded by bamboo scaffolding the full 40 stories high with a guy running along in a busy street filled with cars pulling a cart with a potato cooker steaming away.