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  1. Women and Buddhahood

    I would like to add a note of optimistic caution - I have seen many posts here regarding male and female differences and in the past it often has lead to shutting down the post and members getting banned either temporarily or permanently. But with that said - it is a discussion worth having. I would toss out any concern for the 32 Characteristics of a Buddha - they appear in all manner of human form and may come and go un-noticed. I have had the great pleasure of being with a number of Awakened females and it is striking to see the depth and magnitude of compassion that they in many ways appear to have in many respects because of their gender. This is not a slightly deeper general aspect - it is significant and spectacular. Prior to Awakening and in general life, women live in a far far greater spectrum of frequencies within their embodiment. (men are generally between 8-15,000 cycles whereas women are typically from 25-50,000 cycles - I cannot explain that easily so just take it as it is for now) In this they feel and associate within a much greater field and are far more adapted to interact on many subtle levels. Women are far less isolated within their embodiment - inherently capable of interactions that males are for the most part incapable of with regard to the embodiment of such interactions. And their bodies are capable of sharing their bodies with another body - and growing and nurturing both internal and external. The entire cosmos beats through a women with a clarity that is incomprehensible to a male embodiment. It is both a blessing and a considerable input on a scale that is no easy task to sort out. The general richness of the female embodied experience would be overwhelming to the male embodiment. Humanity is turning toward the female and teachings from Awakened and Ever Enlightening women are growing as never before on such a scale. It is still pathetic how females are treated and how ingrown our license as males to assumptive superiority or advantage is taken in stride. I cannot express what a truly deep note a female can own with utter selflessness and ease - it is like a deep earth quake - in no effort.
  2. A movie of enlightenment

    I was going to wait until it came out for purchase to. play at home but now we will see it soon while its on the big screen - thanks for the heads up!
  3. Cushions for meditation

    Thank you for this - It is unfortunate to see how much programming is in this seating discussion - when you get to Sage advice the inner space is pretty much the only subject and the physical is of relatively little or no importance other than those things which may inhibit physical comfort and wakefulness. I truly enjoy sitting on the floor in any of the crossed leg positions - I enjoy sitting in a chair / upright position with feet on the floor or ground - and standing in any number of positions. From birth and all through high school and considerably beyond I sat with legs crossed while sitting in a chair - at breakfast as a child and when in school if they did not instruct me otherwise. All of them are excellent and each has perceptible advantages - in some cases the perceptible advantage is clearly the belief in the advantage as well - and this does in fact apply to the efficacy of the practice. Belief is a big factor - when I said in an above posting that "if a teacher of a lineage has said that sitting on a Eland skin from a 2-4 year old female" was best for meditation - I was not making that advice up - I have also heard in person that wearing white is best and that wearing black is not good - and it is easy to find supporting evidence for the white recomnendation - but WOW - those in Black are many. Posture does indeed make a difference - and it is easy to achieve excellent posture whether sitting on a floor, a chair or standing. Breath is no question often easier sitting in a chair or standing - certainly true for those overweight. If you can "see" a person in meditation they all have their differences. I truly have no stake in any position - and do not look down or up at someone because of the position they take - it is obvious how well they are doing regardless of the position. I might be somewhat rare in that I can offer the view from someone who has done long meditation in all of these forms - with the exception of standing meditation where I have only done around 2 hours at a time regularly. (It is interesting to note how easily past lives come to be shown as well as other teachers and Beings when one is in a seated position on the floor - this tradition has been long and enduring.)
  4. Cushions for meditation

    Sitting on a chair (rock).pdf Muscle tone From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If a sudden pull or stretch occurs, the body responds by automatically increasing the muscle's tension, a reflex which helps guard against danger as well as helping maintain balance. Such near-continuous innervation can be thought of as a "default" or "steady state" condition for muscles. Both the extensor and flexor muscles are involved in the maintenance of a constant tone while at rest. In skeletal muscles, this helps maintain a normal posture. Resting muscle tone varies along a bell shaped curve. Low tone is perceived as "lax, flabby, floppy, mushy, dead weight" and high tone is perceived as "tight, light, strong". Muscles with high tone are not necessarily strong and muscles with low tone are not necessarily weak. In general, low tone does increase flexibility and decrease strength and high tone does decrease flexibility and increase strength, but with many exceptions. A person with low tone will most likely not be able to engage in "explosive" movement such as needed in a sprinter or high jumper. These athletes usually have high tone that is within normal limits. A person with high tone will usually not be flexible in activities such as dance and yoga. Joint laxity contributes greatly to flexibility, especially with flexibility in one or a few areas, instead of overall flexibility. For example, a person can be high tone with normal to poor flexibility in most areas, but be able to put the palms of the hands on the floor with straight knees due to hypermobile sacroiliac joints.[citation needed] It is important to assess several areas before deciding if a person has high, low or normal muscle tone. A fairly reliable assessment item is how the person feels when picked up.[citation needed] For example, small children with low tone can feel heavy while larger, high tone children feel light, which corresponds with the description of "dead weight". Although cardiac muscle and smooth muscle are not directly connected to the skeleton, they also have tonus in the sense that although their contractions are not matched with those of antagonist muscles, the non-contractile state is characterized by (sometimes random) enervation. Sitting on a chair (rock).pdf
  5. internal anger

    Regarding Anger in general with regard to practice Breath into the LDT Breath into the abdomen Have your awareness there If you come to know this breath - many waves will no longer linger.
  6. Cushions for meditation

    Chairs - originating from thrones? I have lived in nature and sitting on natural chairs called rocks and ledges is common - leaning on things is common - using things to help us get up and down is common and for the aged - getting help up from sitting on the ground is not uncommon. The military of old used chairs to be in an upright position when on alert - hunters sometimes use/used them to prop themselves during silent long waiting. Once we started to not be nomadic - chairs proliferated because carrying them was no longer an issue. Nor were tables and permanent buildings. Having a lifespan of 45yrs and often less is also not common anymore. Our anatomy is a product of our inventiveness among other things - and chairs are a part of what happens if you participate in one of these bodies. It might also be noted that if you have a flock of followers moving about with you and having spontaneous long teachings - carrying chairs around was not something that was plausible whether desirable or not - sitting practice was practical. Also - sitting crosslegged is indeed comfortable - it is quite different for many who try Lotus. For quite a few practitioners of lotus it continues to be relatively difficult even after 20 years or more. While simply sitting cross legged continues to be no problem. Some people have much greater muscle tone while some do not - and some have almost no muscle tone and for them it is a piece of cake at any time of the day. Regarding the axis of gravity and ground reaction force (GRF) - yes they are very real - and a case could be made for any of the positions - natural sway while standing creates many helpful inner subtle energetic movements. It is perhaps why so many Qi Gong grand masters say that Standing Meditation is far far better than sitting meditation. I choose not to get into whether one meditation position is better than the other - from personal experience they all have their benefits. Regarding pillow height - it very much appears to be ones particular anatomy which dictates that - and also if one has knee injuries or back problems. If you can sit in full lotus and hop around all over the place as I once could - a thin pad or no pad is probably fine (I did not own one for many years). If you are of a particular lineage and your teacher has stated that the best pad is from a 2-4 year old female Eland - then that may be the best pad for you. The more you sweat the small stuff the more it may tend to need to be of free range organic virgin wool and all natural dye. But don't be surprised to find a crooked old sage floating half an inch above a Walmart rag of old stretch denim. (I do think natural fabrics on or around one are preferable - but the stronger one is the less it matters and the more it is simple preference and economics)
  7. Cushions for meditation

    I did not aspire to go long - I was driven in a sense. I would not say there were particular sign posts - but certain skills are acquired in that one sees and feels blocks and changes as they come and go. One learns the difference between being tired and the unconsciousness pressing on one as a block is hitting a breaking point. Many popping sounds happen in the back of the neck and head. Breathing tricks for making it past thick energies. Many energetic things for clearing energy - cleaning a meditation space - these become second nature. Massive kundalini happenings may take place - one may float out of ones body - Beings of great light may appear. I remember going to the bathroom once after a long sit (or during?) I had two clear long white lines down from my eyes - I had no idea what they were until I realized they were crystalized dried salt crystals from tears - they were thick enough to crack. It is a non-doing Being with Body. It may sound from the above that I was engaged in quite a bit of doing but this was not the case. Very little here and there. In my experience the posture becomes better and better - less and less loose and more and more naturally energized. At the end of a long long session I would be Very Very upright - If sitting in a chair I would be at the edge of it. Sometimes I would start in full lotus, move to half lotus and then sit in a chair - moves were infrequent but came as they came. 3-6 hours is a regular session. Often I would sit in full lotus or half lotus on a wide cushioned chair and then at some point extend my feet to the floor and then move to the edge of the seat. When the energy is moving the legs and everything get moving. In folded leg positions the aura tends to spin ever so slowly. In open leg positions the spinning does not take place. I prefer hands up and open rather than clasped or in a mudras At times mouth slightly opened - though rarely - but this has a considerable effect for certain things. The heel under and effecting the perineum is helpful at times - these things come and go and in the end cease to be of interest. In most cases practitioners do not breath enough or deeply enough. if breathing ceases it does so on its own and not as a practice. Left and right side nostril work is helpful at times - as is moving the head from one side to the other - or bending tightly down and coming up slowly - stretching the spine. these things help suble movements of energies within the nadis and gross physical, gross subtle and subtle bodies.
  8. Cushions for meditation

    I did many years of long meditation - 1to18 hours straight in a sitting in Full Lotus. It is simply a myth that Full Lotus is incredibly better than half lotus or sitting in a chair or standing. It is utter nonsense - Particularly at the "highest" levels. As the gross subtle and subtle bodies grow in Awake embodiment - the leg channels will be required to open considerably - and this is with regard to inner work. Chair, Standing and moving forms are of the highest value in many cases. It IS the case that few high masters - of the very highest levels - reach very far into subtle body embodiment development. It is very easy to bypass this and yet be correctly understood to be "fully Enlightened" - many of the most highly regarded and highest sublime bright lights of the highest high have not abided and grown the subtle bodies to the extent that can be - it is common to pass on much of this. Rare not to pass on these - in part because of sitting practice habituations. Comfort and subtlety in ones form for meditation are easily of the highest value - in the folded leg positions the leg energies to not move well and many other channels do not move well as a result. At the highest levels of meditation - ones position is of little importance though in intense growth a straight upright torso is very advantageous - whether one is found walking, standing still, sitting in a chair or sitting on the ground. Feet flat on the floor or ground is also advantageous - though it is nice with the feet centers flowering upward as in the full lotus. The propagation of Full Lotus as some Super form that is far greater than any other form is fiction. It is more often the case that it is inferior to other forms if all things are taken into account. In any case - comfort and proper posture are of the greatest importance and our practice should not be the enemy of our bodies well being. Blue cold legs and blood clots are not helpful.
  9. internal anger

    It appears you did not read what I wrote but responded with reaction and then near the end you speak of Oppressing as though to infer that something I wrote promoted oppressing something. My response was entirely to the nature of your original message - which conveyed Anger as a sort of useable tool of which we are generally in control. It is not a "useable tool" but rather what I described above - much more of a Happening. Specifically I mentioned that no judgment upon it or toward it was helpful - and Specifically that overall the idea of it as a Tool somewhat laughable. Anger is reactionary - a tool is something you choose to employ. If you "choose to employ Anger" it is called Acting - and yes you can cross the line from Acting to being lost in the acting and consumed by it. It is easy to be fooled by what we think we can pick and choose to "do" To be less IN Anger was never - nor will it ever be - effectively reduced by oppression of it (without at the very least considerable backlash in other areas within) - but practicing mindfulness and learning what catalyzes Anger within us can lead us to far more effectively Being.
  10. Full Lotus is a state of being.

    4 hours nonstop full lotus every night to recharge the energy. Is this also part of what you were taught - that it is "to recharge the energy"? Specifically - is this what Chunyi Lin conveyed?
  11. I used to go out with the daughter of a woman that handles Amma's trips to the USA. And I met Amma. She has a long and very clean record - with many seemingly endless hours of hugs. I do not profess to be a follower but I have not heard of anything like what was in the video - it could be true - but it could also be false - My meeting with Amma was a very considerable meeting - yet I knew nothing of her or her teaching - I simply went along to an event once and was introduced to some of the "back end support people" and then joined the big group and got a hug - it was an eventful hug. This was in the early 90"s I have seen people be "regressed" and come up with all sorts of absurd ideas as well as channeling that went sideways - and students that suddenly came up with stuff about a teacher that was crazy as well as incorrect and demented. That is not to say regression is bad or good or channeling either - simply that if you have a person over decades with a very clean record and then someone says something that seems "very off" - it may be that something is not right about the accusation.
  12. Full Lotus is a state of being.

    "Chunyi Lin qigong master said 20 minutes of full lotus = 4 hours of any other type of meditation." Humorous
  13. internal anger

    It is a mistake to look at "Anger" as a thing that we can disregard or avoid like gum on the sidewalk (or embrace) - it is not outside of our inner makeup. And our inner makeup - the Karma's we are IN - the grasping that we hold ourselves in - this is something we can view in our daily lives. We have in a sense two parts of our life - one that is comprised of thousands of lives all waiting to jump out of the bottle at any given moment - our Monkey Lives - the person that is comprised of all the "I's" we are know by - and the Self, the untarnished unborn and spotless Beingness that is Divine Essence - Light. In the seeing of the monkey - no judgement is cast - the Light simply alights on what the monkey's can and might hear - the "monkey's" being those "I"s in the bottle - and the bottle is who people identify as "Me". It comes to the comprised bottle of monkey's we call Me intuitively that "something is happening here" that it may wish to attend to. Some in the monkey mass may attend to it as a group of the diverse "I"s coalesce around it and begin to make an effort to fix or thwart or increase or decrease the "something [that] is happening here". This is the ongoing unfolding floating generally robotic burping we call Me - we are essentially group protests and "think" tanks mostly bounced around on an inner pin ball table of instinctive reactions and inclinations with added fluctuations in the regurgitations and digestion of various food and drink and with respect to the agitations of the planets and the time of the day and heat and humidity and sound touch smell ..... The extremes of our inner protests may lead to theocracies and perfect perfection pictures that tend to lead to suicides or murder. The extremes may also take the Apple Polisher approach in which "one" proceeds calmly and perfectly in trying to make no waves and following all properly posted carrots and using disinfectants regularly. The extremes of our inner protests can also lead to the general denial of intuition or a walling off of the composite bottle of "I"s to "whim" and in general inner or outer whisperings of the heart. These are example of somewhat consolidated approaches by a group of "I"s trying to organize the general mass of "I"s to slow down what is essentially the observation that huge amounts of energy are being dissipated by a vast number of discordant "I"s pacing about on their own time and at any moment speaking for the whole. In the general makeup of the vast mass of "I"s comprising what a human takes themselves to be - there are some established groups of Me-ness in that mass of "I"s that Speak Loudly. Some are connected directly to the nervous system and say or yell "ouch!!!!" when things hurt the body. Some groups make it very well know they are hungry or that it is too hot or too humid or some general grunt that they feel is of the utmost immediacy. And without pointing out all of the unionized groups and tangential groups we have the "I"s that get angry - and they have their reasons for getting angry - in some cases it is literally their birthright according to them and their lore. At some point some of the "I"s may group up and look at how to approach the "problem" of the discordant masses and the dissipation of resources. This group of "I"s is still the Monkey - they are swaying about on a life raft easily disbanded by a wave or a puncture. Some take to fishing, others believe it is all hopeless, some try and get everybody to pray or sing or play cards in order to get by and wait it out - others try to sew together sails and some start to look at others as food. Nothing is tidy about ones lives as a human - each time one is identified in a particular "I" one is in that life - in a day one can "lead" many lives - to clarify this: Remember a time when at night you set your alarm - the "I" setting it decided to set it at 5am because all things considered 5am was the best time to get up and start the day. The next morning the "I" that woke up to that alarm immediately pressed the snooze feature thinking that 10 minutes would be more appropriate. 10 minutes later another "I" decides that 7am would be better and resets the alarm and goes back to sleep. At 7am another group of "I"s wakes up an realizes that there is no time to waste but that is then interceded by another group of "I"s that decide it is already too late and being this late would create all sorts of explanations for being late so they conceive of a plan to call in sick and this then leads to another group of "I"s that are best at lying and acting and then the phone call or email is made and then general group decides that sleep is still a resounding favorite and off they go. Back to the life raft - At some point someone on the life raft may start to go nuts - they begin by taking about sinking the boat and being done with it - then they start trying to stab the boat and flail about with a knife. The crew on board need to make a decision - the immediate response is to secure the person possibly by a sudden blow - this is not a thought out response and it is not IN Anger - the "I" that has gone nuts is an immediate threat to all of the "I"s existence. If the crew member is killed by the action it is not taken as something needing punishment but rather only sadness and on some level relief from the dead persons threat because of its loss of self control. This is a daily occurrence in the life of a human - not always intense or so fateful but big as well as petty whims and inclinations come and go constantly. We go into a thanksgiving dinner knowing we will be with people who agitate us and some group of "I"s say - "don't talk politics with this person and don't drink too much". We get there and someone shows off a prized collection of fine wine and another sticks a current political debate in our face and off we are to a whole new set of "I"s that result in any number of fiascos and or fuming deliberations and resolutions on what to do differently next year. We think again and again that we are one "I" - and that we are in control - we want to think that Anger is an option like a glass of water. It generally takes decades to realize that walling off and controlling things is a fantasy as an approach to real change - walling off and controlling is a slow death and typically an already robotized and largely burped along life goes from one of sleep to the walking dead - one that is nearly entirely patterned and rigidized in beliefs, commitments to our mind loops and politics and DNA proclivities - and the God of our perceived abilities to conceptualize which by then is so myopic as to allow for nearly no other view than ones own nose and everything is framed from filter upon filter based in our fears and angers and habituations which now act as our comfort foods and sleeping pills. We may find Practice - it may find Us - it smooths the energies and clumps of "I"s that clog the Light - consistently ebbing away residual Karmic resonances that we tried on and have moved from but that still hold us in some areas. Practice moves us through Karmic resonances that we are just entering into and through those that we are fully grasped in. Practice is not a calisthenic - it is the trinity of our humanness in Presence and the unwavering resonance of Presence dismembering darkness.
  14. internal anger

    In part my answer reflects what Dwai state above - it is a low frequency and an identified frequency - it is a past time reflection of who you are not in the present moment. A reflection of rigidized patterns within. I do not "use anger" but I am sometimes lost in it for a short time. Anger is essentially losing oneself. It is possible to be "at red" instantaneously - and it may appear to be anger but if one could see, it does not have to throw energy at a perceived threat and it does not have to displace centeredness. In this case it is not anger but a cleansing so to speak of lower vibration (often coming from within as a residual of patterned reactiveness). It is a high degree of neutrality and it is attained again as Dwai stated above: "At a certain point, one can get to a point where these negative energies cannot even penetrate your field. For that one has to become 'solid' in terms of their energy field. The best defense from low frequency emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy etc are to raise your own energetic frequency and develop a massive energetic field and mental range. " It is an interesting concept that is nearly always entirely misunderstood - it is understood in Perfect Perfection Concepts - but this is unnecessary and constraining in a most unproductive way: Imagine you are a big huge super friendly and very physically strong dog - pretty much no dog will bother your equilibrium - your state of happy mellow at ease-ness. Becoming neutral - being in self - oneness - approaching these things - one eases off reactionary patterns and they are broken and fall away in practice. This in and off itself slowly removes the dissipation of energies from the increasingly discarded patterns of reaction - it takes perseverence in dropping likes and dislikes that are identifications with otherness - me-ness. As the monkey grasps about less and less the higher expanded energies become available - simply in part because they now exist because they have not been dissipated and have had time to transform into higher energies and energies from which the gross physical, gross subtle and subtle bodies can grow beyond the base energies that abound. Increasingly - from simple perseverance in the basics of practice in embodiment, transformation makes buoyant ones spirit and light within the relative and non-dual alike. The energies become simply beyond words and ones reality is not IN conflict - in a sense - a very real sense - one becomes invisible to a great many energies and encounters.
  15. internal anger

    Anger creates habituation to anger - it plows deep furrows within ones physical, gross subtle and subtle bodies. It supports identifications, mind loops and increased fight or flight modes. It is among the most difficult complex rigidized patternings to relinquish - it can take decades to truly move beyond in the most ardent pursuit of freedom from it once it has been truly been accommodated for by what would be best termed as incorrect thinking - unskillful means. This is completely different than a truly instinctive action related to actual threat and attack - not of words - though words may indicate a need for decisive action and a clear and present real danger. Unfortunately prior indulgence in reactionary anger will often destroy or deeply incapacitated ones ability to deal with dangerous or likely harmful situations by reading into them and exacerbating them rather than being capable of rational and or clear headed spontaneous reactions. Spontaneous reactions often immediately veer to identifications and rigidized patterns deep within and have disproportionate energetic explosiveness. This has nothing what so ever to do with the advocation of dullness and fence sitting - one can have the fullest of passion and articulation and the full range of voice to ones thoughts and emotions - but regular indulgence and admiration for rage and anger will create passageways for extreme explosion like major canals and dams and walls that have been built to override, wall off and overprotect identifications with ones positions and proclivities. In a fight - a real fight - anger is of no use - and there is no time for it - no indulgence in it. It is entirely wasteful and an interference in the spontaneity of the moment. However it can certainly look useful and can make entirely inhumane and barbaric action appear perfectly sane - and in certain totally insane times anger can make a slaughter seem like the thing to do. Contemplating its utility is often already an indication that your back story likes the idea of it being useful and is probably already a significant part of ones identifications, positions and "birthright". It is often associated with Decisiveness and this is not an unreasonable association. Decisiveness very often requires bringing a sort of redness of energies to conflicting ideas - inclinations - others input and general inertias. A clarifying ending energy to cease engagement in the babble and talk - this redness of energy is a clearing energy that looks like anger but it does not have to be anger - it can simply be a heating of energies - a clearing energy - and it often appears visibly as Red though it may also be a higher lavender or electric blue - and many other options and varieties. In the simplest sense Anger is imbalance - identification.