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  1. If you seek a self improvement teacher - then they should generally "look" well improved. If you seek a diet and exercise teacher one would expect fitness to exude. If you seek a teacher of the Way - an Awakened Abiding guiding light - then you may find a beaten man or woman that has been ripped to shreds again and again - that tired of life and endless dissatisfaction. An then Awoke - at which time the great work has only just begun - generally several years just to settle - several more to find words - there is no intention - no search - grace finds its way. From Abidance one is Awake 7/24 Great energies may unfold - massive relentless stillness - unending gratitude - never ending acceptance - all the while in a body that in many cases is not conditioned for these radical changes Great bulges of energy - residual patterns of deflection - a burn rate of pain in simply seeing that has no hold but must pass through. You may be speaking with one while their metal is being reforged - while whole universes are expanding in them - and yet their is not one atom of essence that does not wish to converse on truth and way. And non of this is in Suffering- but it is not a cakewalk - one abides through the unfolding and the dissipation in stillness - willfulness falling ever away. The great work begins - and even then it is not guaranteed to go far - even true abidance is a somewhat initial stage - the great stages cannot begin without constant Light - an endless essence that must uncover nakedness - a raw life that is unbound in a purity that is not one of elevation - but in that which knows nothing.
  2. What Did The Buddha Actually Say

    Wanted to save this prior to your edits - look at it in a few years -
  3. Learn the Basics

    I did not mean to imply Guard Your choices - but rather that the monkey mind often hardens in ones beliefs as one guards and fortifies the arguements regardings ones choices - the chatter is honed and sharpened and identified with.
  4. Learn the Basics

    You will hold and grasp and things will unfold - in ten thousand willful stirrings you will jam the square peg into the round hole. In this you will be softened. You will hear the mind chatter and guard your choices - in this you can become hardened and firm in your commitment to your beliefs. See others and see that the hardened belief is a dead spot within - position is in Past. The basics - meditation, breath and and ever releasing intention to no intention - bring you to touch upon Divine Essence. From Position to Positionless Presence. Practice brings light to tightness and grasping - position and resistance. Simple light - persistent lighting and relighting - in this you will find all teaching.
  5. meat eater to vegetarian

    If you go vegetarian and especially vegan - add B complex to your intake. It is one reason some loose energy and vegans and vegetarians are notoriously low in B vitamins. Get a complex that does not include Vitamin C. Once in a Jeopardy TV question it was asked : What Vitamin should you not take with other vitamins? The answer: Vitamin C - because it tends to wash the other vitamins through the system rather than being assimilated. Read up on being vegan or vegetarian - know what you are doing and you will understand how to better approach this with excellent and healthy results. It takes about a year or two to fully get in the swing of Vegan - once you do it changes a great deal - many things you thought you would miss become somewhat gross and oily with repugnant smells. Many senses increase somewhat dramatically - definitely taste and smell. The overall sense of lighter - cleaner - more in touch with ones body being - is a great feeling. I takes at least a year to really find out what's really out there n the Vegan world and to explore it. I have probably eaten a thousand cows bloody rare and loved it - but I don't miss them at all. Vegan is not a "stop eating the things you love" diet - it is another world of increased sensual experience with a far cleaner palate and much higher cleaner energy sources - higher and cleaner in that the foods are less laden with truncated emotions and confused energies - the vibration of plants are generally much simpler, clear and vibrant. They have far less karmic propensity than animal based foods do.
  6. If a person is asleep yet lives to be 100 and a master is awake at 30 an lives in Now until what is counted as 50 years - it could be argued that the master lived 20 years and the former did not live. It is a great illusion to think and assume that the path of a master was made of rainbows and unicorns. When vanity ceases and many mundane cares of the world subside it is no surprise that everything is given to the teaching or the life and way - some never quite look at the great calm in the body as the winds subside - small amounts of food can still hold ones weight. Looking from the outside armed with knowledge it is easy to seek perfection - but it was and is never about perfection - that has always been a given except to those that are lost in the mists. If you seek an apple polisher in clean unstained clothes - you seek a mirage that you have formed - no one followed a recipe to become a master - what is cooked up comes in many flavors. If you let the quality of the Font lead your choice in what you deem to be of value - you will be treading in shallow water. 20 years in NOW is far longer and much richer than 1000 years in sleep.
  7. Could you refresh the reference and make your question clearer?
  8. Kundalini vs Microcosmic Orbit

    What you have described has nothing to do with Kundalini - it is more related to aspects of the sphincter pumping a constriction up the sheath over the spine. I can be habit forming and addictive but not much else - it feels quite electric and a bit like a large shiver but constricted to up the spine. You can get high on it and have various illusions about it but it is an internal manipulation that can appear as out of your control. Generally this will subside as you establish much greater energies. Kundalini is far more subtle or far more intense. If you are "trying to contain" your Qi In your lower dan tien - either get a new teacher or find a teacher - or slap yourself and douse your face with cold water. 😎🙏🏻
  9. Holotropic Breath Work

    While Holotropic Breathwork should be approached like all breath work - with caution - it is at the same time not the same as certain practices that breath heavily from the base of the spine - it is very different. It's intent is not to activate kundalini - it is a far broader practice and it can be of considerable help to women in particular as it blows past an enourmous amount of pain body energy quickly. Histories of mental illlness and imbalance should be taken into account - it is not recommended for certain difficulties of this type. With regard to Daoist practice - the dogma might say it would not fit but like all true paths - dogma and The Way are two different things. My first encounter with this was at the end of a 23 day fast and I thought I would treat myself to a private session - I had done little research on this but enough to know I was not concerned for myself / body / being. As I lay flat on the floor as instructed a tennis ball was placed in each hand - I had no idea why. I was instructed to begin breathing - fast shallow breathing with the emphasis on a quick push out - it was not abdominal breathing - it was quick chest breathing - for at least one hour - quite possibly more like 1.5 or so. As the session progressed the "coach" would help me to remember to keep breathing as one can easily drift into a sort of sleep and not need to breath for several minutes. I was already in an exquisite state from many days of fasting and this was generally an uneventful extension of that with one very interesting effect: when the session ended the balls had to be pried from my hands and I could not speak because my mouth was tightly closed to a mere round hole for fast intentional breathing - I used my mangled fingers to pull open my mouth and also slowly worked my fingers into suppleness again. She explained that the effect on the hands and face was common and the hands because particularly as children energies are often thwarted in the hands and arms for our safety's sake and so energy blocks / compressions accumulate there and so the energy during the sessions tends to get held up there and the muscles and tendons contract. In the lips it happens simply because the mechanics of fast breathing require somewhat rigid lips and over the course of an hour or more the muscles lock somewhat and take a bit to melt back out of it. The entire body becomes light, the chakras become emphasized, channels around the eyes, ears and various areas clarify. Another time I joined a 2 or 4 week class - a total of two or four meetings (it's been awhile - about 35 year ago). In the first class we partnered up and I was lucky to find a girl I knew fairly well there who understood energy fairly in depth. We were quite relaxed going forward knowing each of us could really assist the other if needed. I was struck by one very very clear result - nearly every woman in there that was on the breathing end of the first session was drenched in tears and frequently in the throws of traumatic energy explosions and releases - not one guy was having a similar experience. During the discussion period All of the women discussed pain and release and cataclysmic experiences - one or two also mention past life experiences. The guys did not speak of pain but rather visions and openings and past life experiences. It was breathtaking to see how much in the way of pain pictures and obstructions women were able to push through in these sessions - it was like watching two years of meditation getting done in one hour. Pain pictures and the pain body as some have phrased it is a far greater block for women and this was really miraculous to watch - what a phenomenal tool! Once beyond this women have several clear advantages over men in progressing beyond their identified "self". In my breathing session in the class several things happened that were wonderful and I would not have thought possible at that time with regard to one item: At a certain point I was clearly in certain past lives - not an entirely uncommon experience for me - but then at one point I could not help but to form into an old Yoga pose that I could easily do 20 years earlier but had not done since and would not have considered possible - it is the one where you are in an inverted arch - belly button pointing to the ceiling and hands facing inverted toward your head. Suddenly all of my chakras opened dramatically - I could clearly see in great detail all aspects - and feel all aspects - I could go to the finest particulate levels, see the energies and channels and the interpenetration of the various bodies. I already could see with my third eye and this type of sight I was already acclimated to - but never had my chakras become so dramatically open and enlivened and all at the same time. This was not "normal" subtle sight - it was visceral, clear and fully physical - even the ethereal was visceral. The back channels and head - conical eye channels - middle of head and forward, back and above - all while becoming fully at ease in a very inverted arched position - I was so energized I could have pushed off the ground in the arch - I was light and lithe in a rediculous arch only half an hour earlier I would have considered impossible. In the discussion period afterward it was the same as the first - all I could think of was what an incredible tool and what a miraculous tool for women in particular. It was also refreshing to some extent in that it did not include any particular teaching that I remember - we came together, did breathing, shared our experiences and class ended. I never looked into advanced classes or meeting with the originator - Stanislav Grof- though I did consider meeting with him at another time. I do not advocate what I have called "engineering" in practices - wherein one wills movement of energy and acts as the choreographer in things that they know nothing about and which are best left to gentle yet powerful natural means that bring about change wholistically and without reinforcing already false senses of control and following recipes. From my experience - and perhaps I was lucky - Holotropic breathing was like a drink of clear cool water - nothing like a pranic breathing binge or forced energy practices.
  10. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    As practice progresses the dan tiens will be felt, the channels will emerge into ones awareness and capabilities will expand on all fronts. At this point - how one dissipates ones energies - becomes more of the real practice. I do not mean dissipate in the sense of retention - that is of little importance until it is and when it is it will be zero effort no matter how much you believe you are perhaps different in that area. Dissipation of ones energies in futures and pasts and the general illusion / noise - the cause of all suffering - is the determining factor in how far your practice will take you. Qi Gong is a practice of Self Realization - every bit as much as Real Yoga. It can also be a practice simply for health or personal power. Ones personal power will only progress to the extent that you might impress an audience or students - and it can become what anyone would call "incredible" and even "fantastical" - but far beyond identified personal power - lightyears beyond this - yet not necessarily noticeably so to others nearby - the expanded awareness in stillness (Awakened Abidance) allows for all possible powers. These powers emerge within and in a oneness with the All and everything. The hands are tremendous instruments for sending and receiving and are instrumental in helping us to confirm with certainty many things in the energy arts. And for personal power they are engineering marvels. As the abilities unfold and awareness expands and identification ebbs - hand " tricks " are replaced with far greater internal capacities. The hands are still of great utility and the feet become as the hands as well - but the hands are well practiced and energy is naturally felt and influenced with them. The great pumping and hand movements in Qi Gong shows are of personal power - impressive and useful in martial arts - but nothing compared to higher form and beyond form. Personal powers can include all forms of wizardry - 3rd eye capabilities - pretty much you name it. A never ending intent to be released from ones identified "self" and residual proclivities of identified "self" if Awakening has occurred- is what must be within ones essence in all practice - in all of living. Qi Gong is as True Yoga - it is a way of life - either are easily taken as aids in personal power and many will never see or know the difference. Many believe they are on the Great Pathless Path - but are instead on the path of higher personal powers - and those attainments hold them like sirens on an island of plenty.
  11. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    I would suggest one not "focus" on bringing energy up through the feet. One could say that the power emanates from the breath - into the lower dan tien - from this all else builds. The feet and leg channels are helped along by message and stretching and also very much in form and "grabbing the floor with your feet" - weight well distributed on each foot. Toes slightly cupped so as to stimulate the Yongquan point. From breath, practice and being in ones lower dan tien all else builds naturally. Focusing on bringing in earth energy will result in physical difficulty if one is actually successful in bringing up large amounts - (high percentages). Luckily most leg channels are insufficiently developed to allow it and the body knows better than to allow it in proportions that are harmful - but any student can override good practice with focused imbalancing acts of willfulness or incorrect instruction. The internal energies that are being developed in Qi Gong are far greater than even an advanced student is aware. Playing around with directing these energies inside and from without to within is that enticing engineering we are so prone to love - but engineering will either distort ones development, diminish it or create considerable physical discomfort. The feet and leg channels should be attended to - and they are in the practices themselves - messaging the feet prior to practice will reduce the pains and burning during practice as they open and will stimulate awareness of the feet and all organs generally. Additionally one can bend and stretch the legs in ways that will help to facilitate opening of those channels. The body cannot take raw earth energy to any great extent - typically not more than 1 or 2 % up the leg channels - it is an energy that is too coarse for the body - however - most people barely bring in a small percentage of that. This does not mean that when one is well rooted in it that it feels like 1 or 2% - one feels like a great tree with roots many feet deep. The exuberance for bringing in earth energy can stem from having not had practically any connection to it previously - or because one may have a proclivity (DNA) to running a bit more of it the most and it will feel like a thirst quencher - but over doing it and focusing on it is not advised to any extent as a regular practice. As practice bears fruit the energies that build from the foundation - the lower dan tien - will bring radical transformation to the leg channels, side channels and all channels as well as eventual melding of channels and then far beyond "channels" to luminous bodies and considerable extensions. if one were to "direct" anything with their "mind" it would be to ask that "mind" cease to be in the way.
  12. Telekinesis

    He will not feel exhausted - it is not him using up Qi - this does not take effort nor does it dissipate ones energies. It was not necessary to abstain for any time, pump himself up before hand and push it out - it really actually takes no effort. He is not using "his" energy.
  13. Telekinesis

    Telekinesis is primarily from aspects related to the abdomen. Most of the phenomenon related in the video's is from upper body in general. If we were to take telekinesis to mean only the ability to move an object without touching it then we could call blowing on something telekinesis and spoken language could also be taken into account. Most of the vid material is similar to blowing on something - but the energies / waves coming from the hands are what is being blown so to speak. Telekinesis in the definition I am utilizing encompasses levitation and is generally related to this ability. It is an ability that requires non- effort and is more like opening a camera aperture and undissipated clean neutral steady thought. It is why in Bud's example or in most examples it is only taking place within seconds in response to an immediate need - not enough time to dissipate, question, doubt, add-effort, "practice", try to notice/witness.
  14. Telekinesis

    Telekinesis is considerably misunderstood: There is a very clear difference between sending energy waves with the hands and telekinesis. Telekinesis takes no effort - it requires non-effort Of course the more one is able to utilize sending energy from ones hands the less effort it takes and at some point no effort but Telekinesis actually requires non-effort. It shows up in many forms that are not often thought about - things breaking, electronics going down, lifting or moving an object that is inexplicably easy to move when it should not be easy, etc. It is not an ability that is mastered so much by practice as it is by circumstance and the neutrality and non-wilfulness of the individual. It is not an ability that should easily be mastered and from the standpoint of abilities this is one in which only using 2-5% of this ability is considered quite high - higher than that is unusual and rare. Most who have considerable use of this are unaware of their use of it. Obviously - imagine what someone with full use of this might do if they became angry - even a modest ability in this would create very considerable problems. In times of need we have all heard of someone lifting a car in order to retrieve a loved one - or even someone they do not know or a dog. If there were or is a teaching of this - it would not be done on this plane. Anyone capable of having this ability is able to access facets of the teaching where necessary. Sending energy waves is simple and not governed by the same "laws".
  15. MCO have you opened it, how did you know

    The ren-du channels are energy channels somewhat like a nerve but far less encumbered. They are quite faint overall in most humans compared with what in general nearly everything can become. At some point if grace and practice come to certain levels the channels expand exponentially for a time - many things may occur in this They will be sustained in this incredible energy for some time and then they will change entirely and appear to fade. If progress continues many energetic changes will take place that will not fade or become incorporated so as to feel as though they have dissapeared. All of this happened to me post Awakening. I only bring up the post Awakening for the following : The energies I am talking about are on par with massive kundalini arising - fully sustained - it is not possible to tell in words what this is like - it would appear absurd and inflated. Progess in this is not possible at a certain point without the removal of traits that will dissipate energy and also those that Will deviate in such energies. In the burning away of some ot these traits certain practices can result in "steam" coming from the top of a students head. Much of the "mythology" surrounding Qi Gong is not myth but the practice and even the teaching has been "lost". I have never approached it from its healing abilities nor from its "power" enabling - it came to be my practice and I realized it was to break up residual patterns and habituations. In breaking up held patterns and habituations - natural pathways are nurtured and regained and new forms emerge and are incorporated again and again into ever unfolding light that is beyond words entirely. The accuracy of ancient manuscripts is perfect - but cannot be understood until arrive at - such as seeing a dotted line in an energy chart - it is the drawing of an alternating current, not simply the drawer deciding to put a dotted line in there. Many practices do not do fundamental and essential parts of the postures correctly - this is extremely true of teaching in the West. The head is not turned enough, the arms are too far forward when raised, the breath is not constantly directed to the lower dan tien, the feet and leg channels are not attended to and the general workings within the head are for the most part almost completely skipped over and assumed incorporated when they are clearly unaware of an entire once integrated part of general Qi Gong.that is now for the most part entirely lost. But even in this the student will advance and can easily "go far beyond their teaching" if given patience and diligent practice and beginners mind. If you think you know what is next you do not have beginners mind - you have belief - it is the death of good progress.