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  1. Thank you, it is very appreciated. I hope my practice will let me experience some of what you are speaking about, someday. I have always enjoyed the works of Annie and Leadbeater, so I will check out Geoffrey Hodson too. I saw that he wrote a book called "Music Forms" – very interesting.
  2. Spotless, I have been wanting to ask you about music for a long time and its connection the third eye/energy/spirituality. So here goes: Questions: Have your perception of music changed a lot throughout your life, after "events" like opening of the third eye and awakening? Would you say that there is any purpose with music, and what role does it play in your current life? I have always been very fascinated by the phenomena synesthesia (where you 'see' music as colors and shapes). In occult literature I've only seen this mentioned once, in Thought-Forms by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, (page 78-82). Music of Gounod Questions: Have you had any experiences like these, or have any insights about it to share? Do you think this form of seeing can be learned? I play and practice guitar a lot. Lately I've started with ear training to become a better musician. I've gotten two courses that teach absolute pitch and relative pitch. In the absolute pitch course the teacher, David Lucas Burge, talks about "Hearing the color of the notes". Questions: Are there any such thing as developing the ears energetically? Are the ears particularly "energetic"? Do you have any experience with musical ear training? Do you play any instrument? Thank you and best wishes!
  3. The art, science and practices of Good Sleep

    I hope it is OK to ask for help with the opposite – sleeping less. For quite some time I've been sleeping for 10-12 hours per night. I usually set my alarm clock so that I will sleep for 8 hours. When the alarm goes off I am often quite well rested, but somehow mentally I'm just not interested in getting out off bed. In the evening I can be very determined to rise early the next morning, but when it's time to get up the next morning I almost always lack the willpower to follow through. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  4. Thank you very much for your reply! Prior to reading your posts I wasn't aware of the "walls" you can hit in meditation. I would guess that the majority of my previous meditation has ended when I've gotten close to these walls. Yesterday I sat for longer than usual – 1 hour+. I wanted to give myself enough time to be able to hit the walls. I do think I experienced some of what you are describing, at least a phase of tired- and restlessness followed by a reduction of fidgeting. I am now thinking that I should try to keep all of my meditation over the 1 hour mark, maybe with the help of a timer? Also, 1 thing I'm still wondering regarding trance: Background: Yesterday at one point I started to "spin" – sideways and then backwards. Also kind of lost the orientation of my arms – they felt inverted – both left/right and in their angles at the elbows. Question: If I start to loose the connection to my body like that, is this trance-related? Does it effect meditation?
  5. Hello Spotless Thank you for everything you write, I really like reading your posts! Through your posts you have introduced me (and others too I hope) to a few topics that I now have some questions about. I hope it is OK that I ask the questions in this thread. - LDT & Breath - You have really stressed this one – "Breathe into the LDT". 1. Do you recommend any specific way to follow this advice? Like for instance, doing sessions of LDT breathing? 2. Is it important to do a "full yogic breath"? Perhaps this is an engineering question but I'm asking because I find my own breathing to be quite obstructed. I have found out that I have "rib flare", if that matters. - Fasting - 1. When fasting, some part of me have felt a very strong desire to eat – despite not feeling any physical hunger! Any thoughts on this psychological hunger and can it be reduced? Fasting also left me feeling bored and at times sad. The longest I've fasted is 5 x 24h – most water & a little fruit juice. When I've fasted it has been anything but enjoyable. Could it be that I've fasted for too short periods of time for it all to turn around? Maybe it is of relevance that I 5 years ago experienced one major negative/traumatic event. - Trance - 1. I don't want my meditation to "get lost to trance". Are there any telltale signs that you are in trance/out of your body? I must admit that I quite often loose myself to my noise & thoughts only to after a while go: "Oh shit I forgot! I'm supposed to be here in the middle of my head!". I have never experienced any longer "silence". I would estimate that I on average meditate for ~30 minutes. - Diet - 1. It would be interesting to hear from you what sugar does to the mind and body, and what role it ought to have in ones diet? Up till 1 year ago I ate candy daily for almost 15 years. Now I try to go completely sugar free but find it hard at times. 2. Any general pointers how to relate to food, especially sugar & carbohydrates? - Rabbit vs. Turtle - I don't really have a question here but I am very thankful for this concept, it has made me stress less. Thank you and all the best!
  6. Humbly requesting a name change. Didn't think the current one through. Now I can be accidentally found by friends and family. Wish to keep my practice to myself. Wanted name: Empyrean Thank you in advance!
  7. I actually thought the opposite about distilled water. Will keep this in mind. I do not follow any specific teaching, but have tried to gather information from many different ones. This weekend I realized that the faint light I can see with my eyes closed is really the tunnel/vortex. If I relax I am sucked into it. Sometimes the walls change color and texture. This weekend I took MDMA with some friends. We sat by a fire between a cutover area and the forest for a few hours. During this time the vortex texture became very clear, revealing various patterns I've seen from different cultures. Sometimes it was a hallway and not a tunnel. I could also see my friend's auras! One of them had a really huge (compared to the others), even & multilayered one. I don't think he does any kind of spiritual work. I have very much respect for him and can sometimes become a little nervous in his presence, even though he probably is the kindest and calmest person I know. At one point he looked at me and said: "Wow dude, there is something in the way the light (from the fire) hits your face! It's only you... Between the eyebrows... It looks really... Ehh (searching for words)... awesome!". I know this might have been a coincidence but I still got happy when I heard it. All and all it was really interesting experience that motivates me to continue with my practice. When I realized that the light was the vortex/tunnel, I felt very much like the rabbit I am / have been. Recently I have tried to grasp after results... "Is the light brighter today? When will it open?". I feel a bit foolish but it is a lesson learned right? All the best, E
  8. Wow Spotless... You really don't hold back in your answers! Thank you! Very interesting what you say about doing and non-doing. I must admit that I have been very much a rabbit. Maybe this is because nearly all literature that I've come across has been very 'doing based'. It is also probably because I've up this point strived much after results... I think I know some things in my life that would benefit very much from a tool like the third eye, and it makes me very eager to practice and develop. I got into spirituality because I always felt a little cheated by music. It invoked so special feelings in me but I never understood them, nor did I understand music itself. I went from researching synaesthesia to auras to finally opening the door into spirituality. My primary aim is perhaps not to develop 'all the siddhi's' per se. But in some way it maybe is it now, at this point. It is all I "know" can be done. I am and have always been centered in my ego – I know not what's behind it. I can only fathom how spiritual development would affect my worldly, physical life. Haven't seen through maya yet and don't know what's behind it. Not exactly sure what I wanted to say with that... The past year I've done a lot of reading, trying to build my own practice and picture of what I want. It has been fun but I've changed direction a lot. As of now I usually practice like this: - Sit down in comfortable chair. Relax for a bit, then close my eyes and try to meditate. I focus on my breathing and forehead region. When I notice a thought I let it go and go back to the breathing. I have never reached the 'no thought state'. Any tips? - When I've tried to meditate for some ~20 minutes I switch to breathing energy. I try to breath into my LDT. Maybe do this for 10-15 minutes. Then I feel kind of done. Like I said, I can't silence my thoughts. This makes me a little restless when going for longer periods >30 minutes. Instead I often repeat the above procedure 3-4 times a day. As I'm writing this I'm also 3,5 days into my first fast (after reading your thoughts on it). I aim at 4 days this time. Been drinking tea and distilled water. The hunger has not been that bad, but I have had some pretty huge cravings for food! I have really come to understand what an 'psychological eater' I am! Guess I really seek comfort in eating (though I am very lean)... Going to bed on a fast has made me feel a little victimized and grouchy (hehe). I have had some aches spread out all over the body. My chi feels more tangible than it has ever felt before. What I assume is my third eye behind my eyelids was very yellow/golden this morning. The tunnel seems more defined. All in all fasting seems like a pretty damn useful tool! To end this post... I would really love to hear your input on my current practice. :-) Thank you and all the best, Axel
  9. Hello Spotless! Thank you for this thread and all the helpful posts in it. Reading through it has been very enjoyable. I find your style of writing to be very soothing, and I sincerely hope that you publish that book somewhere in the future. I registered here on dao bums to reply to this thread, since the topic is much to my personal interest. For almost exactly one year have I been pursuing meditation and studying esoteric literature. It has been a wonderful year were I've reaped some small fruits of my work but above all, felt that I've done something meaningful. Though I'm proud of myself to have studied and practiced intensely for a year, I haven't really had very tangible results. Sure, I go through my days more calm and no longer with any 'existential worries', but really no other differences. The thing that bothers me is that I've been on a (by me perceived) plateau for almost 6 months. A few yards before me is a white wall which I sometimes stare at. When doing so, I see a round object made of light. There is an outer ring of blue/indigo, and an inner area which is yellow/golden. It is all somewhat faint. When I lie in bed at night, I can often see a less defined version of the 'tunnel' from the movie "Spiritual Reality Power of Meditation". ( ) I almost never perceive that I am moving through it though. Based on this, is there any chance that you could point me in some kind of 'practice direction'? I have noticed, that when I try to breath into my LDT, I will see waves of yellow light coming in ~ 2sec intervalls. Is this third eye related? I am not really sure how I am supposed to breath into my LDT as I'm having some difficulties with feeling/locating it. MDT and UDT seems easier. With a risk of making this post very cluttered with questions, I must ask a last one: - With my eyes closed, I can see a certain structure were my physical eyes point. Above this, there is also some structure of whiteish hazy light (which I can't track with my eyes as it moves away). What is what? Hope my post and the questions aren't 'too much'! All the best, Axel
  10. Hello everyone!

    Hi! My name is and I am 20 years old. I'm from and my interests are music and spirituality. This forum seems like a real gem, and I can't wait to learn from all the knowledgable people around here. Wish you all the best and see you around (If I get approved)