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Found 4 results

  1. Propaganda War

    China is fighting a propaganda war. Beijing's plan is to shift all blame from China for the initial botched response concerning the outbreak. The communist government is claiming that it has largely controlled the epidemic, even as it suspiciously now blames “foreign arrivals” for new cases of virus. Videos smuggled out from China shows huge lines at a hospital in Chongqing, raising questions about just what is happening around the country. What Beijing cares about is clear from its sustained war on global public opinion. Chinese mouthpieces have launched a broad attack against the facts, attempting to rewrite history. Chinese state media is touting the government’s effective governance. The truth is that Beijing dropped the ball early on because of long-standing CCP policy. Chinese officials knew about the new virus back in early December, and did nothing early on except to persecute their true heroes sounding the alarm! China also has enablers abroad helping to whitewash Beijing’s culpability. The World Health Organization refused for months to declare a pandemic, and instead thanked China for “making us safer,” a comment straight out of an Orwell novel. Most egregiously, some Chinese government officials have gone so far as to state that the Wuhan virus was not indigenous to China at all. The reality is that China did not tell its own people about the risk for weeks and refused to let in major foreign epidemiological teams, including from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Thus, the world could not get accurate information and laboratory samples early on. Because of China’s initial failures, governments around the world, including democratic ones, now are being forced to take extreme actions that mimic many of Beijing’s authoritarian tendencies,. Not least of the changes proposed will be in more invasive, digital surveillance of citizens, (public safety has always been the main venue to curb freedom and we all need to keep that in mind as the world transforms around us), so as to be able to better track and stop the spread of future epidemics, a step that WILL NOT be necessary, yet it will be an argument parroted by most government because, of Beijing's slipshod incompetence.
  2. War, Peace, and Putin

    This guy... he has a gift as a statesman. Every time I see him speak on video I am impressed again. And I consider Russia the enemy and him a bad guy, so this is really saying something. Someone via Anonymous theorizes that Russia hates the USA and wanted Trump to win solely because they think it will ruin us, like mwahahahaha. They point out the close relation of Russia with China. Which Trump is the enemy of due to the trade stuff he insisting on. But I think maybe he just has a point about the whole military and war stuff, namely that we simply do not take him (or anyone else) seriously. I remember Iran's former lunatic leader whose name I forget right now. He said that he could say the most specific things about his intents to do us in and that our response was basically to wave it away like he couldn't possibly mean it. (I see the left doing that concerning Islam and Sharia as well. Like we simply cannot wrap our brains around anybody thinking differently than we do. A lot of that was seen in the recent election I suspect.) I found this video interesting. I don't know what room the new President will have for making changes, if any, in our approach to war... but it would be nice if we would at the very least, take more seriously international leaders. I turned this up to 1.5 speed in the settings which is more reasonable, for reading the subtitles. RC
  3. Shintoism has similarities with Tao according to my limited knowledge. However, this was also the primary religion in Japan during the time of Japan's nationalism and sense of superiority over other countries that led to the great World War II. How did roots in such a peaceful philosophy and way of life lead to this mentality in the people and involvement in the war?
  4. Thoughts on Ukraine / Russia Debacle?!

    Wrote an introduction Blog post on Ukraine, as I'm from there and I believe it be interesting to look deeper within my mind and heart, to see if there is anything that would be interesting to share.