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  1. Rock Sphere in lower dantian

    Ignore him.
  2. Great advice dude, yeah my thoughts exact. I keep coming back to the conviction of simplifying all my practice to sheer, strong determination sitting.
  3. Hey, was thinking of purchasing Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu by Wang Li Ping. Does anyone already have this book and would you recommend it? Really want to find a good system to get properly started and this book is highly rated on Amazon. I could immediately relate to the introduction and the mentions of gathering energy from the sun in particular spoke to my experience. Sincere responses would be appreciated again thanks.
  4. Just wondering is anyone trying to interpret esoteric practices with science? I have a long held vision of eventually developing super-normal abilities, particularly mind influencing matter (pk), but also studying science so I can effectively explain as well as demonstrate what it is I'm doing and how. This is my vision. I'm led to believe this is an egoic aspiration but I'm compelled nonetheless. I don't want to just know these things in religious terminology either. Science is the institute of knowledge for our society and so I think communicating Taoist methods of energy cultivation in scientific terms would have a cultural impact that the West may have never seen as of yet. Believe me though, I'm just a pup and haven't yet started the work so I'm looking for guidance. Can anyone nudge me to the most straightforward school or system of Nei-Kung? I'm just experimenting with what little knowledge I have. I'm getting something but I know it's not enough for what I want and I do know I need the right conceptual framework for real long term results or I'll be wasting my time, practicing incorrectly. I'm willing to go anywhere. Any sincere direction would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
  5. Hi.

    Thanks man. Yeah, no nothing of the ancestry but proud nonetheless.
  6. Hi.

    Hi there. I'm a twenty six year old New Zealander trying to figure out how I can contribute society as effectively as possible. Work in Fast Food but I'm very ambitious and disciplined. Working towards Enlightenment but seduced by energy work as well, although It would be wise to wake up before Yin/Yang Kung.