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  1. Dreams are practically non-existent - for several years at least not one. And it is not the maintenance of awareness - this is not a doing.
  2. Constant remembrance or just being?

    It reminds me of Descartes famous line: Cogito/Sum Awareness/I Am It was not “I think therefore I am” (cogito, ergo sum) It was the spontaneous Awareness of: Cognition - I Exist
  3. Learning to Burn

    Larry Harvey passed away last year and so it was a special year - he was a friend. John Law made it to the playa this year - also a friend though I missed him there - they were/are the founders of Burning Man. It is a lot less wild than it used to be back in the early 90’s when I first attended. I’ve never had to pay to attend - always been invited - the costs are quite high now and the crowd has changed considerably because of it. Less rowdy - very intelligent - my camp had 2 NYT Best selling authors, MD’s, one person sold over 20 million videos. We used to have a Mobil Radiology Lab - UNR took that over. We had 3 art cars - I enjoy driving the Angler Fish! (I’m the guy in the tie dye) Weather this year was perfect - not very hot Art was excellent Cannot find 80,000 people smiling more than at Burning Man We did not have any military at our camp this year - in the past we’ve had generals and special ops. They participant as well as play with cell tower stuff and basically observe how 80,000 people can have a good time in very extreme circumstances for a short time with all temporary quick setup. We did have some famous military spooks here and there - but they just came for fun. Enjoyed the electric bikes we had! Got into the huge music more than before - the bass went completely through me - I think a few days of that and I would have no hearing left but all the plaques in my body would have dissolved! We were the Piano Bar Complete with a Piano Art Car that raised up 20+ feet in the air - I was one of the drivers known for clarity of mind (basically I was sober and drug free) We also had the Angler Fish and the Pyramid Car. Hugh main camp with at least 6 converted Greyhounds and a bunch of other stuff including a bar on top of one of them. Though it was smaller than a few years ago when we had a massive Dome - the original Thunder Dome. Was invited to come back and speak again next year in the main center tent - that was fun and unplanned! Everything was unplanned - did not get invited until well into the summer! Last time I was flown in to the Playa Port - this time took the commuter bus from Reno - really had a great time in the commuter bus - everyone was from another country sitting next to me - the conversation was wonderful and the energy was superb! During the day I mostly took pictures and rode around and just went into camps that fought my attention and sat and talked and got to know them - or I just explored them and in some cases just sat and closed my eyes. Met some very nice people at the various camps offering free coffee or water or drinks or whatever. One camp with a big line offered a large dome that was air conditioned, I’m not sure what else they offered but they had lines and I rarely do lines when I don’t have to. Several people wanted me to do photo shoots - I only did ones that were impromptu - lots of fun. We had group dinners and the cooks were rotated from within the camp - plenty of vegan fair as about half the camp was vegan. This year we had rehydration IV’s - that was a new and unnecessary addition but it was there - camp members sitting with a bag attached to them in the shade of a bus. (I took a pass on that) On Sunday they burn the Temple and it is as big as the big burn but hauntingly silent with lots of tears. First time I had experienced it - quite a few on drugs and further over the top than they looked. Several times I went to the big tent to buy a coffee but could never pay - someone in front of me had already prepaid - nice Overall a very spiritual crowd with its share of ecstasy and other mixes - I went by the playa name of Spotless and it was a hit - many people kept coming up to me here and there remembering my name and my tie dye - that was fun - made the whole thing smaller and more intimate. The Burn is now in complete full scale operation one week prior to the burn - it used to be that the crowed swelled on Thursday and Friday - went nuts until Sunday and was almost gone by Sunday night. I arrived on the Monday before the burn and had already missed several large events - the place was packed and roaring! I mostly survived on water, coffee, trail mix and some breakfast microwave “egg McMuffin type things and then group dinner. Almost but not entirely vegan - I felt ok throughout. In the old days hand beaten drums ran 7/24 and when you left camp you could still hear them in you for several days - that element is no longer part of the camp experience. If I am invited again I will go and probably take my son - he’s 12 now and loved the photo’s I was sending back. One of the big heads of the whole operation is a friend and former crew member on one of my sailboats from years ago - she has kids and they can probably get together. There we a fair number of kids though you could tell - they were all a bit blown away by the experience. Many of the big art displays are exquisite - it is not in any way or shape a big waste of time or money or anything - it levels the playing field to - enthusiasm - freedom - bigness - and - drop the pretense and Be. It has become a rich persons play date but so have the Renaissance fairs and other big venues - rock concerts cost a fortune and to go skiing at a resort is about $150+ a day - so it’s not impossible but it favors those that have money and time to enjoy it. But I did meet plenty of people that did not seem to have much more than the ability to volunteer and get in for free that way- and they have tons of such openings - then you just need a tent and food and water - or a camp to stay at.
  4. Learning to Burn

  5. Guidlines for Students

    Bump - anything you can add would be appreciated!
  6. Truth Of Casual Sex

    Ok - Manitou! That avatar You’re wearing is effecting everyone and now the guy jogging up the hill is sporting wood
  7. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    I’m not sure if this was corrected but the sushumna is not located in this particular central axis as mentioned. The sushumna goes from the base of the spine up and could be said to be in the core of the spine. The two are very very distinct and different. The central Axis is further forward and central as stated - perineum to (again a correction here) just slightly back from center top of head.
  8. Working Meditation

    A bit of whiplash from the first few posts but with my head shaking “no” my post is saying “yes” Though I would Not say “just focus on what your body/hands are doing” - however it may be his way of saying “don’t leave your body”. Original Post - Dame Du Lac Does anyone know much about "working meditation"? I'm specifically referring to periods of intense focus or altered states while performing daily tasks. I understand that this is common in Japan, for example while chopping wood or preparing food, and I was wondering if anyone has experience or tips with the practice. - end quote - Though I would not say “just focus on what your body/hands are doing” There is no focusing or holding of the Awareness on anything. And it is more easily done if breathing into the Lower Dan Tien and having ones awareness there. Most hold a tension forward of the center of head and some outside the head - Awareness in embodiment is becoming more familiar and in this type of meditation space it is required for safety - the other locations move too easily into trance and you could cut yourself or walk off a cliff or into a wall. Going into this type of meditation is usually something done by relatively “seasoned” meditators and often something they begin to experience without trying to. If you feel you are experiencing this with considerable ease and little experience then you are far more probable to be in trance and floating off during repetition tasks. You are probably fairly easy to trance out and may experience what you experience while playing some music and during group conversations with lots of talking. Many people completely and incorrectly believe certain trance states are “meditation”. Though it is possible to be in meditation while the rest of “you” is in trance, the nature of Being in Self is definitely not “in trance”. (Sometimes for pain or protection a sphere of trance may be required in order for those pain or fear sensations to vanish and in the eye of the storm is Being with Self in no effort - Awareness - Divine Essence - this is a fairly rare but not uncommon occurrence.) gotta go - will add to later
  9. Over the past few years another transformation has taken place and it has affected this incredible space in the best of ways and yet in new divisive ways. ”new” students of practice from years ago are now far more advanced and with this “certainties” emerge - many well found and some well found given the student or teachers level of view. It takes time for one to understand that “ they know nothing” and become practiced in not holding to beliefs (rigidized understandings) as these are continuously expanded if good practice continues. Maintaining Beginners mind while owning ones understandings is a fragile line - a great deal of heart and gut must be cultivated. Only a few years ago saying one had Awoken brought every level of sneer and competition - now we certainly have at least 6 regularly contributing. Whole potions of heretofore extra sensory siddhi abilities are now not just related to by one or two with experiential authority - many are expanding these themselves - and however naive or expansive they are in what they are coming to know - they are definitely speaking from experience vs mass amounts of quoting from teachers often ten centuries or more ago as was often the case in the past. (Nothing wrong with ancient teachers) We also have some underlying trends that are a bit cultish - members teaching and grouping and advising as they sprout roots in their practice. This may be the most difficult to enunciate without stirring up considerable backwash and it is to be expected and is not necessarily a problem but more of a frat group thing which can add a sort of overall tint to what those members contribute. All in all the site is better and better in most aspects particularly given the extreme climates politically and the enormity of what is on the line. All the very best to everyone
  10. trumps hell, also Carville

    We also need to understand something else - though this may take some time to sink in the number 1 getaway vacations for 30-50 year olds????? yoga retreats, meditation retreats, healing retreats, tai chi, qi gong - energy arts i for one am completely ready for real serious left leaning and for a world that talks to each other rather than shits on it.
  11. trumps hell, also Carville

    You have to factor in the fact that it is the first time in my 65 years that a “Republican” president has shit on the military nearly every month of his presidency. Bolton hits next month and lots of stones will turn. Trump pretending to direct the Anthem. His direct swipe at Mormon’s Things will focus up fast - though it’s true - Democrat’s don’t frame things - republicans have gone to mind control. If the dems willfully disallow Bernie a fair chance again - they have no idea what a mistake it will be - who knows - he has some followers as rabid as the Evengelicals and many of them will not vote for any other dem - which also means they will stand by him and continue like tic’s working grassroots. the dems need to care for their courage and not paint over it in pastels - the entire world needs radical change - real fucking change not a clean stock market deal. Imagine ads with Limbaugh stating that the Republicans were NEVER interested in fixing the budget with Shithole directing the national anthem and a former General saying of the commander and fool “he’s a fucking idiot” When Arnold Schwartzeneger won his second term - the only reason he won ( because his first term was pathetic in every way) was because the dems here slung so much shit at each other that in his campaign ads ALL he did was rerun what they said about each other and then ended with “I approve of this message” Bloomberg is already starting to use similar tactics and he is committed to winning even if its not him. Trump will be gotten to even in his godless evangelical backyard. This IS going to backfire on these dying religions and they already know they are losing it with their young people. That wall is already crumbling - shitting on the Mormons was a way bad play by the shithole himself.
  12. Xing and Ming cultivation

    The foundational work of higher Qi Gong is only the beginning Even in the beginning energy is mounting but also breaking up held patterns. Higher Qi Gong is not a practice of “adding to” it is a practice of subtle bodies and growth in solid rooting, core unifying transformations and the opening of vast subtle bodies. Awareness (consciousness) and Lifeforce are everywhere but can be said to have home in LDT or MDT or UDT - but it is all moving and changing with no pushing or compression under willfulness - it is not directed other than by forms and lines of compression in those forms, in the breath and the way of the breath. The breath as tides has four elements - high tide - slack tide - low tide - slack tide. Slack is Xing - in tides it is when it seems nothing is happening This is not the case in Martial as high, Low and slack tides are manipulated and both are a doing. Most subtle bodies do not grow in forced and manipulated practice. Few practices also utilize proper subtle head movements and arm postures so very little of the head opens - very little. Much of the heart - MDT - is bypassed without the four elements of breath. The intention of breaking up held patterns is important - it require no effort - but one can bring to mind that which one wants to work on just before practice and it will rigidify that pattern and the practice will break it down. This will happen many times. It is much like in meditation and finding ones stillness and then losing it afterward and then meditating and experiencing stillness again. Higher Qi Gong is not a doing as True Yoga is not a doing. The practice consistently creates the rooting and trunk and canopy - it is ever changing and ever refining and ever more subtle and extending far above and below the gross physical and gross subtle bodies. The compressions of willfulness, DNA, desires, lust,, ebb in the process. It becomes a delicate expansion in no time and space wherein the crudeness must fall away , the personalities of subtle ruin must fall away - and in this - exquisite energies find their place and the petals form unseen in a golden light. The strong effortless embodiment may well bring with it many Siddhis, the strong rooting will allow for the heart and head winds to be more easily withstood and not distract. ( hope this was less than 1000 words)😎
  13. These are all very clearly Awakening experiences - these windows appear more often than we realize - but of course people don’t have time for them - the inertia’s pull them past the view. Living in nature has many rewards - it is a far simpler life - generally far more food is taken in through the eyes and touch of hand and foot - feeling humidity and sunlight and hearing all the life. These glimpses are treasures
  14. Hi Heartbreak Be easy on your self Do not despair Try not to set yourself against futures and pasts - the sun rains down its love - the tree awaits your hello - people live in a hum of frequencies walling themselves off a billion opportunities to hear. Not one day goes by that you are not surrounded with help - and with good intention everything you truly ask of is given. Toss away the square peg of willfulness - no matter how long you pound it - it will not slide into the round hole. if you spend a lifetime at it you will have a bitter face. The Great Beings of Light shine in the darkest places - their radiance is the essence of our being. We humans are not lowly creatures - this puddle of muscle and skin saturates an unblemished light that is of the highest high. Like release from a Chinese finger puzzle - just stop the positioning and willfulness - and you will be in the kings chair as you have been all along.
  15. Purpose of QiGong

    Building the Qi Gong body - “Mastery” of Qi 😎 This approach to Qi Gong as a sort of push ups exercise is unfortunate. It is common in the martial arts and is low Qi Gong - barely scratching the surface even at its most WOW levels. Qi Gong is much like Yoga - as stated in my first or second post here - Real Yoga To think it has an end point is to think of it like Western Yoga Calisthenics - not yoga and not Qi Gong - but it will make you feel great. High Qi Gong is a way of life - it consists of sitting and standing meditation and the movements and postures - these are all adjuncts to inner work and transformation. To this the idea of “mastery of Qi” as and endpoint - this would put a wall to the inner door. - such ego does not go far in this practice. Qi Gong and Yoga are not a-z practices - they are ongoing life long - and go far into Awakening and beyond. it is interesting to note that everyone has said their teacher does not distinguish the general term - yet Qi Gong was laid out by some as a very finite study however intricate it was basically limited to mechanical devise - this is a Qi Gong that is like Western Yoga - feel good nice stuff but lacking any understanding of the much larger teaching upon which it sits. The subsequent posts have confirmed again and again low form “Qi Gong” and a very materialistic limited view and this necessarily effects the perception of the practice as a “move though” element in a list of fragmentary teachings. It is certainly possible to accomplish extraordinary energetics - but in this vein they will only serve to further isolate you from inner work while seducing you that the opposite is true.