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  1. Turning Difficulties into Practice

    It can often be difficult to lay aside striving and give to ones self - to give the body ease - fun or a walk or sail. To lay aside the noise of mind loops and position - and breath. To not be right To just let go To not talk Becoming accustom to a free fall floating without grasping for a twig - breathing into and abiding in it. A never ending presence in Now - it seems it must be a life of service in happening
  2. Proposed simplification of forums

    Sometimes the specificity of groups has made it difficult to figure out where to post - I am mostly "Way" oriented and not to a specific lineage. Foolishly perhaps but at this point (in contrast to decades ago) I see little differnce in the greater traditions of the East - and I mean that in the best of ways. Obviously in what I consider the small things there is a great deal of difference - but anyway - I wanted to put this in to convey what I feel when trying to figure out where to post a new topic (which I don't do all that much). There is no question that regarding the specifics of lineages in the details - I know next to nothing - so I defer to those above - specifically dwai and Michael Sternbach - their guidance may be far more exercised than mine.
  3. Proposed simplification of forums

    Good god Zork - what the fuck is this? Don’t be a dork - read what was written - I never came close to the words you put in my mouth. Wow - what a shallow read.
  4. Proposed simplification of forums

    No - it is not an umbrella term for any linage what so ever - but it has been bastardized by the religious right and old religion platforms and denigrated to now stand for what they have propagandize it to mean - a term that now brings nausea to many. The Sport “Yoga” calisthenics that Earl Grey referred to and the types of behaviors of those that mix and match and are in rehab - this has nothing to do with New Agers (accept as viewed from the propagandize inculcated view) In the broadest sense the New Ager is the epitome of the Daoist - “trying” not to be trying to be in present, spontaneous and in harmony. And that will look necessarily silly at times, concocted and bleached - but it is not ill intended though it certainly can be a bit insufferable at times. And it can be noted that instead of coming up with a good catch word for Non-Yoga Asana Calisthenics and never really making that a primary known and clear fact - we now have such things as Christian Yoga which again has absolutely nothing to do with Yoga. Nude Yoga is also catching on and in reverence to Marblehead I will not state that it is fake or demean it in any way.
  5. Proposed simplification of forums

    I think Discussions of the Way is excellent - ! Meta-Talk means nothing at all to me - it may be my extreme age - I would go there just to see what it was about. Wanderers and Ponderers - not so bad - a suggestion from Silent Thunder Regarding the dislike or cast aside view of New Agers - The term New Age was vilified by the Religious Right - in reality it was and is (to me of extreme age) simply a headline name for a great and wonderful spiritual change that took place/is taking place in which the old and fossilized religious doctrines - and assumed at birth indoctrination was refocused upon - released - tossed out altogether - torn asunder. It was and is Women saying fuck this bullshit. It is Anti-establishment Anti-corporate Pillage Anti-pollution Pro-Earth Pro-Human Interaction Pro-Spiritual Investigation and Growth Pro-Openness and Exploration. It is also people into crystals and angels and other things which we may laugh at - but we seem to forget just how laughable are the many religious teachings which nearly all followers toss out as ridiculous even if in reality it means they are not actually believers in the religion they profess to be a part of. Most Christians toss the entire Old Testament off - and something like 60% believe in Reincarnation. Everytime I hear New Agers used as a word of denigration in a similar vein to Fundamentalists as brainless shallow fools here - in a site that is the exemplification of a teaching that speaks of spontaneity / non pretense - it is like slander from a falsified understanding - one fostered by the religious right and the blunt force of spiritual competition. -- Regarding a distaste for YouTube "initiates" and students of the potpourri lineage - it is what it is - if they were entirely enmeshed in a school they would probably not be here. Centuries ago when I first began studies I had to go to Occult Book Stores - that is where this stuff was sold. Regular book stores did not carry this stuff. I could not be happier that Practice is now showing up everywhere - and yes - most of the quality is not very good - but Wow is it ever better than the strict childish old crap I was fed as a child! I embrace the naive - even as they are cringe worthy and dickheads and often in rehab of some sort - this has been a place for the sincere to find their place and shed their jagged edges and the soft edges of this padded cell allow for a great deal of transmission to take place. Very fine transmission. (It is very exciting to see these changes take place - how they take place - what forms are offered up - the speed and clarity amid the clusterfuck - all the best and thanks to everyone!)
  6. No more right-wing bullshit.

    This is a great example of a Straw Man argument: It is basically impossible to find any cognizant "normal" human that does not see "a few points" that their political opponents could be right about. Arguing with no-one that exists within "normal" society is a favorite of those that have not done their homework.
  7. No more right-wing bullshit.

    The above quote was a re-quote from me/Spotless: "The Nazi Germany tactics - have found real root again - they have become the Way forward in the Republican Party. Repeat lies and with enough repetitions they become real (and simple people become the machines for our greatest tragedies)."
  8. No more right-wing bullshit.

    From Apex: "From a Buddhist perspective I think it might be helpful to say that anger, fear, uncertainty, dissatisfaction and so on - in any situation - are indispensable aids to vajrayana practice. By this I mean they give an opportunity for realising emptiness - because those emotions are fundamentally empty. By saying this I am not saying they don't matter - or that the political situation doesn't matter - I don't want to fall into the nihilist trap of saying 'its all illusion, man'. But it is very useful to use both good and bad situations for practice. So when we find a good situation we are happy for the benefit that arises - when we find a bad situation we are 'happy' for the opportunity to realise that what we are experiencing is a flux of energy." This is fine - and both true and difficult work. From Apex: "It must be true to say that whatever arises depends on causes and conditions - and this includes Trump. If you attack Trump then you are attacking the appearance of Trump - but if you look to the causes and conditions which gave rise to his election and deal with them then he will literally disappear (yes really) since whatever supports him will no longer be there. This is why I say that people voted for him because of dissatisfaction(s) in their lives - if you like, they were emotionally drawn to him (in sufficient numbers but not a majority) because they had needs. Needs that were not being met by the alternative narratives being presented about what had happened and what will happen. Perhaps you could say needs and aspirations - which I would say were born from (looking at the local time frame) chiefly the events since 9/11 when the USA was shocked into action/reaction leading to and through the 2008 financial crisis. Violent acts have violent results. Karma. I think that is why Trumps main bad feature, to me anyway, is instability - he's angry, defensive and personal when he doesn't need to be" No - simply not - partial truth and certainly inarguable partial truth but imagine saying this about Hitler - seriously put it in those terms: Trump became President partly because of dissatisfaction and attraction - but he was fundamentally elected on a pack of vitriol and hate and propaganda coming from he himself, from the Russian government, the religious right, the hate radio specialists, the "say anything you want against Hillary regardless of the truth" haters - his own birther myth about Obama - the anti-science crowd - the anti-women-choice crowd - and a great many organized Christian religions where in many cases the congregation was taught "that a vote for Hilary Clinton was a vote for the Devil". There was a reason well over half the nation threw up when they discovered the mistake that had taken place - that this mentally ill person was the head of The "United" States of America. It may come as a surprise to many here but I am not held in this web of hate or vitriol - I do however understand framing and the democrats have had a surprising lacking in the ability to frame an issue - though since Hitler Germany the world has not had a large western nation so under attack from complete and utter lies and propaganda - and the inertia's of complete Insanity. The "Republican Party" is truly insane - and those that are still breathing some portion of reality are leaving or distancing themselves - like Christian's distancing themselves from nearly the entire bible and picking out what they like - and enjoying the momentum of centuries of Inquisitions, torture and mind control/fear/propaganda - its why so many are leaving but so few are stating why. For those from other countries - it may be like hearing about a daughter being raped - it is horrible but not personal. When your own daughter is being raped and it is being done while you are held to watch - it is personal - doubly personal. There is nothing about this President and his followers and the machine of hate that it spews that is normal politics - this is indeed nothing of the sort. In my previous posts I took a picture of what is happening - and put it into words - I was not in a frame of mind of hate - not in a frame of mind to spew - I was not in the inertia's of Democrat's ideology. Nazi Germany tactics - have found real root again - they have become the Way forward in the Republican Party. Repeat lies and with enough repetitions they become real (and simple people become the machines for our greatest tragedies). On a clear day - it is easy to see smoke rising - and it is not opinion to say that the smoke is rising. One does not need to be mad in order to state the perils of a fire spreading to a town just downwind of the fire that is spreading. When trying to summarize in words a fire of hate and lies - it may appear that the person summarizing is lost in the fire - but I assure you I am as cool as a cucumber - and I stand firmly against the machine of "exclusiveness and agenda at all costs" and the nazi machine of the Republican Party.
  9. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I was just about to ask her if she really thought they were the same - the above is perfect!
  10. No more right-wing bullshit.

    The “right” : The Christians Who Blamed Hurricane Katrina on Sinners Are Very ... 1. Aug 29, 2017 - When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, there was no shortage of pastors who said it was just God’s wrath for the city’s sexual permissiveness. ... No Christian with a sizable following is blaming Texas for being too godless, too accepting of abortion, too tolerant of homosexuality ... Gay people to blame for Hurricane Harvey, say evangelical Christian ... › News › World › Americas 1. Sep 6, 2017 - A number of Christian leaders have blamed LGBT people for causing Hurricane Harvey. Despite overwhelming evidence that supports climate change as a factor in the devastating storm and subsequent flooding, a handful of evangelical leaders have ludicrously suggested the LGBT ... 6 most absurd things the Christian right has blamed on gays | 1. Apr 11, 2014 - 6 most absurd things the Christian right has blamed on gays .... entered a classic in the genre when he blamed Hurricane Katrina's destruction ... --- On a lighter note: The Actor playing Jesus and the director were both hit by lightning during the shooting of Mel Gibson’s movie – The Passion of Christ Not a word about God’s wrath or the odds of it happening – and it happened twice to the director during the shoot – just exactly what do you think the odds are of that happening?? God only knows... Someone asked in apparent seriousness "How on earth is so much anti-trump rhetoric acceptable?" and they put it is all caps so I think they were actually serious. Just in case you have not been near any media or listening devices for the past 50 years - or only local media and you live in a jungle - Trump said his followers would still be behind him even if he killed somebody in cold blood in the streets in the daylight - and they agreed. Trump is a proud pussy grabbing pathological liar who demeans women, our country, our democracy and its foundations - a proud con-man, cheat and buddy of murderers and bullies abroad. He walks on the face of our strongest allies and shits on the best of humanity. We have been so entirely easy on him it is ridiculous. And you do not have to be positioned in hate or malice or some lack of love to see it and understand it - he is dis-ease - a very sick human - a certifiable mentally ill person - leading a flock of nuts and a mob of fools. He is Everything in the making of a Hitler and the blind fools that Made Germany Great Again (NOT).
  11. It has also been said to be compassionate to kill a terrorist rather than allow the terrorist - murderer - rampager to kill and murder and create hate and madness. It is compassionate in several senses - if the killer of the terrorist is not mad or in hate but simple aware of the graveness of the situation and the easily seen consequences of such a life of the terrorist continued. It is possible to point out a great force of madness and not become identified with the pointing to the madness - one can see smoke in a clear sky and point it out - and note that a great fire may be in the making - it does not mean the one pointing it out is mad at the smoke or against the smoke - but it does not mean one can or should do nothing - particularly if a whole town is immediately downwind of it. Many a great and peaceful happy sage has no problem identification with "death" as relates to crazy people and murderers if the situation is grave and warrants it - yet killing a mosquito or ant may be of considerable concern. It is entirely possible to undress any false front and call it for what it is in clear language that does not couch the facts - and at the same time be entirely at rest inside.
  12. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Dawei: If we were all sages, it would likely be a very boring site Dawei: I view it as simply the ten thousand arise in sundry ways. As an aside, there have been 2-3 energetic shifts in the world in the last several years. So I see there are some forces at work that many might not consider or feel. Dawei: I've said before, I think he represents a reset on some level. I generally agree with what your suggesting. Trump is not a reset - he is a replay - he is the epitome of replay - he is the face of ruin and deception - of the worst of Religion over and over again. The "Republican Party" of today in the USA is the face of complete decay and indecency. It is prostrating with your ass to the world and shamelessly wagging it in the face of all that has come before. No - this is not some cleansing in a good sense - this is exercising depravity and teaching our children it is OK to grab pussy and laugh at killing and revel in a false Gods will - it is Idol worship - Devil Worship - it truly is the embracing of Sodom And Gomorrah and a repeat adnuseam. And everyone sitting with their hands under their legs looking at this as some sort of inevitable happening that is "good for us" is woefully detached from the inner teachings of this sites name sake. A mentally ill person is at the helm of the worlds largest arsenal of Nuclear Weapons - we are allowing this to continue - it has not "just happened". Its not a lollipop convention - and many previously sane people are standing ever stronger behind ever increasing mental illnesses that our "commander in chief" has in the multiples without doubt or bias - he is certifiable.
  13. No more right-wing bullshit.

    The so called "Radical Left" of today is basically the Republican of yesterday - my last post was no rant - it was a retort of a ridiculous quote based in sleep. A sleep that allows for the breeding of total insanity. Most of the Left is tepid and much of the reason for Trump getting any votes was because of the conservative nature of Hilary and the contempt for the status quo that she came to represent to many on the fence. Bernie Sanders could have easily won - but Hilary was placed into the lead by the Democratic convention and much of the momentum to Trump was not just Russian interference and propagation - it was a real desire for change. Most of those on the fence are beginning to see how far to the opposite Trump has been and how much he partakes in the deliveries of the Ralf Reeds of the world - who deliver the hell realms for God.
  14. No more right-wing bullshit.

    This is frozen in the rhythmic drone of cyclical imagery and the sleep of "its only one opinion vs another". What is occurring today in the "United" States of America is pre-war Hitler Germany. One side is eating, sleeping and shitting propaganda. It is happening in their churches - in their schools - in their military - it is unequivocally based on fear and lies and conscious propaganda and endless promotion of incendiary untrue teaching made of complete fantasy and fabrication in the name of God and country. These are exactly the type of people in Germany after the war who wondered "how did we get behind this madness?" Though not all of the German people were aghast at what had occurred - many were utterly consumed with their superior mindedness - many were consumed with cleaning the world - many enjoyed their consort with complete abandon of reality and complete submission to pack animal lynching. The "Republican Party" is not a party - it is agenda - ruthless complete agenda - murderous agenda - squash and kill agenda - completely rewrite history to an agenda based fantasy for God. It has become completely Godless in a spray of infectious viruses and the propagation of all things for an end at all costs - including all things they heretofore held dear and sacred. The Radical Left is generally among the great fantasies propagated by the Hitlerian spew - everything is taken to a straw man argument level - nothing is approached from sanity - everything supports the Lynching mentality - no normal look at what is being said is allowed - that would be contrary to a good old fashion lynching - kill, lie, smear and hang the bastard - if he gets hanged its because it was Gods will - lynching him/her/they becomes a trophy for "All is Right and Good" - it makes church an even sounder place for judgement, righteousness and isolation. No - you don't feed a Hitler - you cut out his tongue - you remove him from all resource. We know what a Hitler is - we need to call it out in what is clearly its forms - unmistakable - without reason - mob insanity far beyond the normal insanity. And they are indeed armed to the hilt and tiring of not pulling the triggers - anxious for an apocalypse. This has become a group of fuck buddies - they are the sodom and Gomorrah they fear - they swim in lies and preach hate and exclusiveness and are a hell realm. They love a bloodbath - they always have.
  15. Mass shootings

    The GOPAC tapes: These were talking point tapes distributed most prominently by Newt Gingrich - it was really the beginning of the nazi propaganda type speaking of the Republican Party here in the USA. It was in large part due to these that the constant repetition of false and misleading news became the norm. It was not much longer that Fox News and its similar format became popular and all sorts of guys like Rush Limbaugh became hits. Rage was taught and spread based primarily upon constant repetition of an agenda based on an agenda and not on facts. This all began in earnest as Ronald Reagan ushered in the Christian Fundamentalists as a ploy to gain voters when at the time the Republican Party had pretty much completely lost the Black vote and was looking to pick up another group - they decided on the Inquisition types and got more than they bargained for. The Republican Party now placates to the Christian Whacko's here at every turn. And as always - they are violent and as godless as ever - nothing is beneath them and everything is disposable including their ethics, teachings, humanity and the United States Constitution. They want war - they want the Apocalypse - they want their teaching in our schools and they want a theocracy. They are looking for a cleansing - and they are armed to the absolute hilt. And they pack the gun clubs to the rafters - Prepers fill the Red States and the Rural areas in particular - paranoia is actively taught and action is actively propogated - action for God. Preachers talk action against the Devil and Evil on a very very regular basis - Evil and the Devil being Democrats, Atheists, LGBT, Muslims, Muslims, Muslims, Jews and all unsupportive media - and all other belief/faith systems.
  16. Mass shootings

    It is no wonder we have an opioid epidemic - how else do you put up with a country like this?
  17. Mass shootings

    On a further note for those of you in other countries - we here in the USA don't allow pictures of our dead soldiers coffins during "war" or oil wars or what ever. We don't allow for graphic pictures of our soldiers on the field - we have made war very clean and even purchased a great deal of fire power from independent soldiering groups during those wars. We even lowered the IQ standards to below what a bus driver is required to have in order to have more and easier recruits for those "wars". In other words - we spend more on war than all other countries pretty much combined and see nothing and know nothing - but we do have the very best most violent games - some of which were created with the support and funding of the US military to help them recruit during the oil wars - as John McCain and Alan Greenspan called them.
  18. Mass shootings

    In the USA in the 1990's the vast majority of sniper type killings and pre-meditated killing took place by the religious right. Killing at abortion clinics and the like - they turned the corner and decided quite clearly that this was a life saving activity and not "Killing" in the normal sense. It was the resurgence of Killing for God. (Trump is in this sense someone who could be considered distasteful but he is "killing for God" everything the "liberal zombies" have taken away (according to them and the Ralf Reed's that deliver their vote). Timothy McVeigh and his two co-conspirators fanned some open flames and also had a bible in the mix: The pro-gun stuff really started taking off after the Waco disaster. The Apocalypse stuff started going crazy near the "end of the world" in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 and the latest for certain date 2012. Look up "Prepers" - This was when TONS of American's started to stockpile guns and ammo and this is when tons of Americans started to think in terms of collateral damage and "the evil ones" on the wrong side of god - on the wrong side of America - On the wrong side of everything that did not have a flag on it. Then with the unsung gun seizures during the Katrina disaster under Republican President Bush Jr. - (guns were taken by local, state and Federal Troops from law abiding citizens) the pro-gun people began in earnest opening up gun carry laws like crazy during the Obama years. We now have looser gun laws that at any time in our "united" history. The religious right now does not mind killing in the name of the lord, considers carrying guns a part of the near future apocalypse and as insulation from the "LGBT" zombie masses. They clearly would support Trump if he killed somebody in cold blood during the day and under the cover of everything they are constantly working to undermine anything that is free from their religiosity - including our textbooks and how science is taught (against). Killing, lying, cheating - grabbing pussy - God works in strange ways - sometimes shitting on everything Jesus is purported to have taught is apparently just what the preacher asked for. Many christian preachers in the USA openly speak of Democrats as the devils work or as pure evil - this is relatively common.
  19. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Social and political issues can be discussed and it does not have to be entirely difficult - but we can look at male/female discussions here and see that they usually end up with several members being barred or banned in short order. I think that was solved by positioning them somewhat - not sure but they no longer seem to be a glaring problem. In any case - Social and political issues could be started with an implied requirement - to be open, to offer solutions, to utilize reasonably researched and relatively unbiased agencies of research and reporting - and a general intention of not constantly bullying everyone and tweeting snide remarks. If one were actually in front of a great spiritual teacher one would typically give thought to a question or observation before bringing it before he or she. Definitely one would not walk down the aisle stepping on everyone and then yelling the question or observation with a requirement that the teacher and all those present must submit NOW - IMMEDIATELY - to one's rant or question or observation. And it is certainly not permitted to run down the aisle and take a shit and leave - and even think of ever being allowed back let alone given a key to the teachers house. It is entirely possible to speak on social topics - schools, prisons, taxes, war, the death penalty, pollution - in a sane way. And it is possible to not allow pirates and thugs and righteous closed minded bigots from tearing up the carpet and polluting the air. And in barring these hell realm elements one does not need to feel they are being antiseptic or enfeebled in doing so - shit smells and it is easy to put in its place.
  20. No more right-wing bullshit.

    In general the Taoist / Buddhist / ism spiritual discussions here are above average - all things considered: For the most part - and I think this will improve to a very great extent going forward - we have a mishmash of people interested in inner growth and exploration - from all walks of life and from all over the planet. We are not from a single teaching and not being espoused to by any particular teacher or type of teaching - it should be messy and it is - and in this messy inclusiveness a great deal has come forth and continues to do so. Most people are entirely asleep - some are in considerable flux - some have a clue or two and some are really set in practice and clawing along or with some a wind in their sails - it is always all over the board. New teachers, old teachers - good teachers and not so good - they all have a seat here - some have beginners mind and some believe they Know something.
  21. Green Tea and Caffeine

    I am not highly versed in the effects of caffeine on health - but with that said: Let's assume that you are asking about both caffeine regarding its health affects and as regards your practice in the internal arts. Green Tea and Coffee come in many different forms - they have highs that are unique. I have a friend that introduced me to many expensive different coffee's - some costing $60 a pound. Prior to that I had no idea there was a market of high priced coffee's and unique and subtle high's and cognitive effects - it always had seemed somewhat coarse and harsh by comparison to Tea - particularly green tea and herbal tea. The high priced coffee's were sold with a fairly in-depth explanation of what the high would be like - they spoke more in terms of wine than coffee. Later I went from herbal tea's to green tea and was amazed to find many of the noticeable high's were very similar to those of the very high priced coffee's - often a subtle clarity with no noticeable buzz or rise in impulse - a clean subtle clarity - and easy (for me at least) to sleep on. At this particular point in time - neither coffee or tea have particularly noticeable effects on me - but in practice it should be taken into account. How we approach our bodies - live within them - or horse whip them and subjugate them is a real and subtle habituation that often is simply handed down to us and we assume the posture upon which so much becomes troublesome or relatively easy. Practice is becoming friends with your body - it is not treating it as other - it is Being with Yourself In a vehicle of light. For so many - coffee and tea are somewhat either a strong slap in the face or a mild one - but none the less - we use them as a whip to get us going. Sometimes without a thought 3 shots of espresso and we are off and running - running off in futures and pasts and quite beyond ourselves and the ability to be in the moment. On another level - both coffee and tea (green and herbal) can offer us a variety of wonderful essence which is both enjoyable, medicinal and may be or not be stimulants. Caffeine used as a whip tends toward not being good for all aspects of living - and like whips they can be addictive and overbearing and promote subjugation and overriding of one's Self on many subtle levels. I certainly used caffeine in this way many a time. Caffeine per se is not in general any health risk - and in many ways on many levels subtle and not so subtle stimulants can be fine - you really need to just monitor the effects and be real in your monitoring. And also - as with everything in your diet - your awareness and the dwelling of it within the bodies changes. Habituations that do not change regardless of the changes taking place in your bodies are what are most harmful - sometimes we can easily deal with things and at other times we need to avoid them all together. It is a matter of listening to Yourself and not subjugation to your habituations.
  22. No more right-wing bullshit.

    You might consider some B vitamin and a coffee enema - seriously - you wrote this here - now?
  23. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Part of what I hope is changing here is an openness to see the self-jailing that we have begun in the USA - the myopic view - the self aggrandizing view - the corporatizing view - and the false christianizing agendas. It is complete ignorance and or simple stupidity to coddle the current President and the politics of thuggery. It is completely understandable here to look at and discuss such things as the separation of church and state - without - letting the fundamentalist "thinking" robots into the equation unless it is Very measured and only tolerated as the stepchild of intelligent "thought" that it is so clearly and obviously lacking in any measurable quantity. It is completely understandable that this site begin to examine a measured and clear bias to real heart and soul searching for answers to war and climate change and the continued bankruptcy of our current child/leader/thief/pathological liars. Should this site be less open to the stupidity that it has been tolerating for a considerable time - good god yes! Does that in any way imply that open discussion should not take place - no - but open intelligent discussion - and what is intelligent and completely absurd is becoming more and more clear everyday! It is becoming clearer with every passing day that turning this country into one that is bankrupt from oil wars and the drainage of corporate privilege and the misdirection of godless religious zealots (who support a president that could indeed kill a person in the light of day and which they would still support) that it is not remotely implausible to relegate the mentally impaired with a throttle on their voices here and a redirection if necessary. We should be a world coming together - yet we still foster a world of war and hate and extremism and position that has nothing to do with putting one foot forward as a humanity. Religious division should come to an end and it should be legislated against - not be revitalized as is the current mania in our politics. The bullet pushers should not be our check on safe streets. Education should not come at the expense of endenturement. At the current rate of hyper income disparity 3/4 of the USA will have dirt roads within a few decades. We have low unemployment yet need to lower the interest rate? Could it be because of all the new lower paying jobs and higher paid CEO's and an unstable idiot in the White House? These should be discussed to some extent here but we see disgusting complete bullshit about Trump from people that have not taken even the slightest walk into turning on a light inside their heads. Yes - this should be a place where the hordes are not welcome to come and shit on the carpet and vomit on the faces of those that have come to inquire and seek.
  24. Truth in advertising

    We should also look into the ending of Non-Profit status for any religious organization - and at least for now the revocation of non-profit status for existing but seriously offending members enjoying non-profit status but in serious and repetitive violation of the agreements they made in order to enjoy such status. It is a joke at this point among many of our most perverted consistent violators.