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  1. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    It appears that “Awakening” is in the context of the original post a reference to optional perspectives - (individuated singularized resistance to be more exact in this case) A process to be initiated and evolved. A definition adopted by many but not a reference to the Awakening spoken of by the great spiritual teachers and sages. It is more a reference to what is described as “Yoga” in the West vs Traditional Yoga from India. Perspective calisthenics are fun and useful - as a bird moves from one limb to another. And transcendence within perspective is just this - and it is capable of tremendous flexibility or rigidizing upon one’s severity in judgements. The nature of Awakening is the falling away of perspective and position - however - those words might imply some bleached dough with no yeast - it is quite the opposite. It is certainly true that Awakening is not some final end point to transformation.
  2. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    We are more driven by trance than ever before - But we are actually less in allegiance to it than ever before. We are addicted to our mind loops and the radio stations of our minds - but we are far less in allegiance to - a King - and Employer - a Career - a Tribe - a Religion than ever before. Obviously there are exceptions everywhere but for vast populations across the globe your allegiance to someone or some group is not as necessary for survival as it used to be only a century ago and the further back one goes in history the need for alliance increases exponentially. We are in general far more peaceful and far more able to change if we wish to change. (obviously there are exceptions all over the place). We are also both far more isolatable and far more accessible than ever before - we can hide from exposure and "live" in the "radio" stations in our mind free of contrary input - BUT - we can also access the world and have interchange with practically anyone everywhere. Science and Spiritual Practice are increasingly finding common ground. The Harsh "Reality" of "Awakening" is a great deal less harsh than the Reality of relative consciousness identified and in full willfulness, competition, righteousness and blind certainty. The very harsh reality in the relative of fear of a thousand futures and reluctance based on the fog of the past and pain and nails buried in our hands and feet and the spikes in our hearts - RELEASED a thousand fold upon Awakening. The "Harsh Reality of Awakening" is only truly harsh if arrogance has taken hold and one is looking down from an assumed high ground. It is true that what was once one's place in the noise of things is no longer the trancer that it once was.
  3. Post Awakening Qi Gong has been an excellent non-doing doing-in of "remnants". Patience and Grace as well. It is extraordinary to find the ball and chain of willfulness nearly gone - in the vast peace and patience - riding out what appears and happens and attending to facing subtle and not so subtle constrictions and well worn paths is beautiful and IN Grace - but it is also a constant fresh abidance very much embodied in changes taking place. You don't need to look in the mirror - you see and feel it in everything - a chaos that is OK - It would be interesting if you could elaborate more on: "activated karma"
  4. Even if ones Awakening is like Krakatoa and it seems nothing is left - there are remains. The "work" - the "practice" is entirely different - but a great deal is still in the works. The subtle bodies require effort - even in no-effort. Faint remains - are often not so faint. Measuring ones head cannot be a discarded habit. Thankfully - hopefully - patience and grace and prior practice endure and carry through. It is said it takes 10 years before one should teach - this seems good guidance - and it is not a long time - particularly in no time/no space.
  5. In the case of grace - turning in the "right" direction may be willfulness - in the metaphor it can be many things but it appears the main appeal is to an openness to grace - and an openness to grace is an openness to abandoning willfulness and the identified self - dropping the white knuckles and giving the tiller way to the winds and the currents and the flow. It takes tremendous effort to relax the grasp - to abandon habituations - to not feed the flames - to Be in silence without filler and fight and the trance that greys the awareness. This is no rebuke - this is simply subtle stuff - lots of way to see "raising a sail" - lots of ways to drop ones sails in the rigidity of beliefs or in the abuse of the gross physical body - the sails may be ones eyelids - opening them where they were closed.
  6. It is interesting to look at the concept of "raising ones sail" One might be a doing - another may simply be unfurling openness - in a sense getting out of the way. One may have a raised sail and is fighting upwind - simply giving "3 sheets to the wind" may be a non-effort raising of the sail - going with the wind.
  7. Farewell

    There are no membership dues so if you happen to wander back you won’t have to re-apply. - and you certainly would be welcomed back😎🙏 (it is a pleasure knowing you)
  8. They could be framed as 3 layers - The more general level includes quite a variety of states in which stillness might be the most pervading aspect - bliss - gratitude - devotion to name a few. It is necessary to explain Stillness - it has nothing to do with a dead space or a vacuum. It is not not-being. It is simply non-inertia: grasping is ceased and the currents of position and willfulness has fallen away - subsided. It is far more vital and alive both in the lack of fear and restriction and forcible throttling. The assumptions about Bliss and Devotion and Gratitude would be to much for just this thread but they are of a different nature than otherwise when Awake and in this reference. As a further indication - being IN Grace - in its embrace Being aware as “it” is touching every aspect of “your life” - often a floating very grounded embodiment of light and lightness - often accompanied by constant sycronicity and high intuition and mundane intuition and clarity as well as oneness. In another state or layer the Stillness is pervading and the primary aspect is Pure Presence. Mind has subsided. One can be enmeshed in the Light - thick in the light - utter grounding and embodiment - may be accompanied by vast energy - unimaginable energy far beyond even the most massive kundalini awakenings. No thought - Presence - breath of all and everything - glinting beautiful shimmering sounds. In another state - non-object Awareness. The deep mantra of the logos - the gong of all and everything. Supreme clarity - utter silence in a pervading immensity. No time - No space - All Creativity In no inertia.
  9. What blows your mind?

    It is also politically correct and in many long standing ways to assume Emotion as unstable, questionable and fickle. And it has been held over women like a club and determined the masculinity of men. God is never referred to as High Emotional Essence - humanity always refrains to Intelligence. Love is used - but not in any reference to emotion but more of endearing commitment and compassion and patience - (Emotion in the highest sense of those words). Unattached - Un-aimed - Spontaneous for an Eternity. Limitless Goodwill - Grace
  10. What blows your mind?

    We talk about Creative Intelligence and Intelligent Design But we cannot come to approach Emotive Design Or the idea that Emotion in its highest levels my be far beyond Mind or at least any resemblance to such a claustrophobic word. In the rush to clarity and a rebuke to the female it has been cut out of our nature to allow the incredible heights of Compassion and ever enduring Patience and Love to be wed within the pervading essence of Divine Awareness AS Emotion. Yet - In Abiding Awareness - Non-Object Awareness - No Self - and Awareness near to this and on High Intellect and Mind are not words that surface - they have no fingers in this. But Emotion Ungrasped Awareness - Pure Golden Light seems so clear and without reason - Unborn - Innocent and All Encompassing.
  11. Making videos

    It is a good gesture to name it and add links but it could get flagged. Companies have bots that search for their music - some are pretty tight and some do nothing. In general if they are looking and find something your site or viewability goes down and you get flagged until it is fixed. If it’s a relative unknown then a link and naming may be fine and they may be happy you are getting them out there. Generally they don’t call you up and personally get pissed or shake your hand - you get flagged and shut down or you don’t.
  12. It takes about a year or two to get all the new diet works into place. I also live in the SF Bay Area in California so everything is a step away for this and that helps. Still - it simply takes awhile to become at ease with finding everything “without trying”. There are tons of interesting proteins out there. The strict no meat no oil diet was much tougher but everything very soon tastes better, smells better and looks better - it has some amazing effects on one very soon and oily things pretty soon really feel gross and tongue coating. (can’t eat most bead - they are made with oil)
  13. Making videos

    Unless you are working with a publisher and they take over the reins it will take a few things to get it up and running but once done it will be a piece of cake. EJunkie currently upgrades your beginning account to 9.95 a month with 200 Gb of storage and no fees - unlimited products. When someone clicks through you pay only the transaction fees that Paypal or others charge. If you’re something sold through Amazon then the fees are much higher there But obviously the audience is big. THe customers through EJunkie automatically get sent a thank you follow up and you are notified as well. You can send dvds to amazon and they will ship them and do everything if you qualify but the price / cost ratio is pretty tough in low cost items - they charge quite a bit. I have several products I manufacture stored and shipped by amazon - love it - but not cheap. They handle everything - and money is automatically dumped every 7 days unless I do it manually. Costs are upwards of 45% on cheap items and even more but much better on more expensive items. This download thing is way easier than you think - just don’t forget to use copywrite free music and pictures - it will get red flagged in a second if thats not right. If it does not work out the overall costs are not high. What cost money are good wireless invisible head mics and other vid production. Im doing all of that myself and it is slow - I’m not wealthy.
  14. Making videos

    I’m trying E-Junkie (inexpensive and I’m new at this as well - so far its good) Keep us updated on your progress with Amazon. If I go in that direction anytime soon I’ll let you know what I come up with. The format issues are unclear to me at this point. But there are some excellent converters out there.
  15. Making videos
  16. Rites of some sort help to slow down and make real in the gross physical our wanted - intended - exercise of connection to the subtle energies and more hidden fine high levels of being. Rites also signify an awareness that the two are not exclusive - that Light is All and Everything - including dirt and incense and sweat - it’s in a sense being in non-denial of one’s humanity. Like saying a prayer of thanks for one’s food prior to eating. The consideration that the higher is providing the lower - and additionally that there is no higher or lower - neither is more real than the other - but an affirmation that just because it is not “in your face” does not mean it does not exist. It is an affirmation that some “otherness” that is not apart from us is clearly and unmistakably the essence of the Light - and we are speaking to it and in it as it.
  17. Making videos

    Yes - a watermark is a constant and it can also be done as nearly transparent so that it can be across the entire bottom third of a video if desired. Sometimes if you put it into a corner area small enough people will edit it out and republish. But - this is not really an enormous problem - most watermarks will easily do the trick and yes you can do it in iMovie. Regarding the wealthy having DVD’s Actually the most up to date tech people my have dropped DVD’s and DVD players entirely. (I had to go out and buy an external DVD player) Not one young new student wants a DVD - but every one of them wants either a downloadable video or a thumb drive. You can certainly ship Amazon your CD’s and many people may purchase them but you might be surprised - your interested parties demographics may not be older lower tech people. All of the older students in my classes have expensive phones and downloading is how they work - they want the vids on their phones and don’t really do the - put the disc in your computer and then plug in your phone and sit there while it transfers thing - I know I don’t - and have not for many years now. I remember once creating an app for iPhones-only and a friend thought I was nuts because so many more people owned other platforms - then I mentioned that 90% of my demographics were iphone users. Not trying to beat a dead horse here but go the extra 3 feet and figure out how to offer downloading 😎 Once you get it figured out it will be all done by finger touch or voice command and no shipping and product that is tangible. Also - and this is a huge plus - you can edit all content offered at any time! Hard shipped copies do not offer that option. Also - scratched copies, copies with screwed up labels, returns - these are all negated to extinction with downloadables. I’m about to turn on my primary computer after putting down this iphone - it’s an Apple Air - they don’t have DVD players. Our household does not have a desktop - though I do have several large design screens I can plug into as well as drawing tablet accessories. My son’s PS4 has a DVD player - forgot about that - 😎 Anyway - just some thoughts! Added: A whole bunch of students want vids for vacations and when they are traveling. Few take CD’s or Cassette’s or 8 tracks but they do some times take: 128Gb iphone storage device. My phone has 128 Gb storage as well - enough for about 45 hi def movies.
  18. Making videos

    I have not read many threads here so this may have been covered but: DVD’s are essentially dead - many don’t have DVD players - if it’s a hard copy it’s on a flash / thumb drive. Everything is download and I assume this has been covered. It is very easy to watermark a video and get it flagged if someone has put it online without your permission. monetizing is easy and storage is easy. Vimeo and Dropbox come to mind. Putting up and taking down is super simple.
  19. Religion is something one sets aside as practice overtakes it. But the archetypes and Being-ness one recognized requires no religion but may look like it in devotion to purity in any array of colors it shows itself in. At such a point any Saint or Sage or High Symbol of Being-ness or “God” brings one’s bow to form. It is a time whereby no measure of self sense can compare to the most high immeasurable - a bow to this is both facing the unbearable and an approach to the glorious. On does not need belief or to even know of the symbol/person/saint/sage/god/‘s teaching or mythology. It’s like kissing the ground
  20. Who are your favorite Comedians of all times?

    My mother was first proposed to by Buster Keaton - I like his stuff We have a cargo case given to my mother by his mother. I used to play poker with Steve Martin prior to his fame - I’ve enjoyed his writing and when he first hit the scene he put all of us on the floor. Jonathan Winters was the best improv multiple personality master. No body prior to Prior quite like Prior. Jim Gaffigan is fun for the whole family and he comes with his own whispering critic Chappelle is deep Groucho was no bodies fool - in credible - like Buster Keaton he was his own man
  21. Dark Night of the Soul

    Dark Night of the Soul An agonizing and liberating experience when one has come to the absolute limit of wilfulness with regard to a situation or situations. When no part of the tools one has used in the past is applicable. It is where the bag of tricks are at a dead end and one is confronted with non-doing. One is presented with a debasing of all positions, past views and exercised contrivances. A feeling of *nowhere to go* at a depth that depletes all grasping to mere folly but without complete release from the trappings of axiety about ones perceived predicament - though even the perception of that predicament is in question. A poisition from which one does not seek help from others for answers - where *answers* are not sought. A state where from one comes to put one foot in front of another and one walks in grace with wilfulness suspended - one step at a time in the present as a child.
  22. Another book supportive of the China Study and backed up as well be decades of study is the work of Dr. Esselstyn I was was able to reverse arterial sclerosis with this and chelation therapy and then several years later my Master from Shaolin Temple recommended the exact same solution - no meat / no oil
  23. Actually I missed your original content but probably came across it in the air 😎 I will check out the critique - what most miss is the “threshold” level. Meaning that dairy and meat are fine up to a threshold level. The threshold level is far below typical USA diets and many elsewhere. But unless you already have problems showing up - a bit of meat and dairy is fine. And if you are prone to cancer or arterial sclerosis then the threshold should be considerably lower.
  24. The China Study is an exceedingly interesting book on these subjects.
  25. Interestingly milk products do not have the same effects - though cheese and cancer appear to have a correlation above certain thresholds just as red meat and arterial sclerosis.