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  1. Questions about Xing (心性) and Ming (命)

    Yes, but I said clearly celibacy of the mind and body (which is called brahmacharya), and just doing meditation regardless reduces jing leakage as shen holds jing. Thus celibacy of the mind and body should be enough to retain enough jing.
  2. Questions about Xing (心性) and Ming (命)

    @exorcist_1699 why wouldn’t just celibacy of the mind and body be enough jing? Buddha said that being celibate in mind and body was enough.
  3. (Or leave the top of the head and arrive at the bottom of the body,if that is what’s really happening). Thanks I’ve heard many things, from it takes 24 hours to go through the body (from the chinese 24 hour meridian clock), to just a single breath required to send the qi from the bottom of the torus to the top, or the top to bottom.
  4. Apparently the yang channels are supposed to flow down the body at the back of the body, and yin channels are supposed to flow upwards at the front of the body. So why does the ren channel (sea of yin channels) run down the front of the body, and the du channel (sea of yang channels) run up the back of the body?
  5. Five-element theory and Lao & Chuang

    When metal overcomes/destroys wood, what element is the result?
  6. And this quick fire breathing is what causes the alchemical agent to arrive in the original cavity of the spirit (niwan palace), correct?thanks
  7. @voidisyinyang is this light you describe the light mentioned in taoist yoga which arises from the mysterious gate when the alchemical agent arrives in the original cavity of the spirit (niwan palace)? Or is the light of the opened third eye a different light? Thanks
  8. I’ve seen both said a few times. If Jing-Qi is Qi that has joined up with Jing, then why has it done so, and how does this come about? I’m assuming it arises when Jing (from the kidneys) descends into the qihai in the lower dantian, but I’m unsure what causes Jing to descend from the kidneys to the Qihai. Maybe it doesn’t and i’m just incorrect. Does Jing-Qi have different properties to normal Jing? Thanks for any help provided.
  9. Questions about Xing (心性) and Ming (命)

    But Buddhists do not cultivate Ming, as Buddha never spoke about it in the Suttas. So are you saying that the Buddhist results of refining Xing (jhanas and nibbana) is false?
  10. Not to my knowledge. I do wonder why would one call a clear light, ‘light’?
  11. One last thing, is this clear light experienced from cultivating Xing or Ming? I’m assuming Xing, because it sounds like a nimitta (or it could be an obhasa), but i’m not sure.
  12. See what though? Do you know what this mysterious illumination looks like? Thank you!
  13. Questions about Xing (心性) and Ming (命)

    But you said that one must cultivate Ming first, then Xing. Does it not matter? I’m confused. Also, the Buddha doesn’t seem to mention anything about cultivating Ming in the Buddhist Suttas.
  14. If anyone can answer, does the action of ‘turning the light around’ result in actually seeing a change in the vision, like it is described above? Thank you