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  1. Please post on this topic again if you find something interesting regarding filling the upper or lower dantian, because I’m not really sure of the process either. Hopefully someone else can share some advice too.
  2. I thought you first had to fix your Spirit in your niwan (upper dantian) before your lower dantian can be filled. Have you done that first? Maybe i’m wrong though. Maybe you should try to fix the Spirit (the Shen?) in the upper dantian first, and this will help your dreams, because I think you shouldn’t be having vivid dreams while you practice.
  3. @Nungali didn’t the indo-europeans come from western Kazakhstan in 2000BC (the Andronovo culture, not the Bactria–Margiana Archaeological Complex culture. These two cultures were found to have been two different cultures of different origins)? From there, they introduced the chariot to China, India and other civilisations within the next 500 years. So surely the western Kazakhstan area is the origin of that civilisation? If the Rigveda was composed in 1500BC in northern India, and the Indo-europeans originated from the Western Kazakhstan steppe in 2000BC, then why doesn’t the Rigveda and Zoroastrianism mention this area?
  4. That research is based upon a single stimulation of a large group of nerves which is directed to many different areas of the lower body. This does not occur naturally in humans. Sympathetic response (which activates the adrenal gland) inhibits sexual activity.
  5. Can we keep the discussion scientific please, rather than using spiritual, buddhist or similar language? Thanks.
  6. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    How did chinese people traditionally cook their food in a wok without oil? I don’t think they used ghee. Personally I feel fine when I eat grains and gluten, so I don’t know if I’m allergic. I don’t know what the best option is (no starches, or no carbs, or no gluten, or no grains). Thank you for your help
  7. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    @Taomeow Do you recommend eating rice, maize, rye, oats, or potato? What about herbs like basil or coriander? What about flavourful things, like onion, chilli and garlic? What about olive oil, or sesame oil when cooking chinese food? What about honey? That comes from an animal. Sorry for all the questions. Thank you
  8. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    If your new vegan diet has improved your health, then that’s great. Yes, eating wild rice is enjoyable, more so than regular rice.
  9. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    But what would be the point? Was the creation of a wheat-based diet just a way to increase population, or did someone likely know the side-effects of eating wheat? And wheat just seemed to be cultivated in west asia. What about rice, maize, rye, oats, and so on? Also I don’t know how true it is, but some say that the average human brain decreased in size 30,000 years ago. That’s tens of thousands of years before agriculture.
  10. Is the creation of semen a leaking of the Qihai (the sea of Qi) because I thought it was the leaking of the kidney yin qi?
  11. If the vagus nerve activation causes sex desire, then how come meditation reduces sex desire? You said the vagus nerve stimulates sex desire, but you also said that a signal from the brain travels down the spine to stimulate the production of prostate fluid, so which is it? thanks
  12. I’d prefer the discussion just focused on the scientific understanding of the central nervous system, rather than some unreliable spiritual ideas which would just complicate things.
  13. I’m trying to understand what desire is, and how it arises. From what I understand (which isn’t much at all. I don’t know anything about psychology), this is at least part of the process: The sense organs receive a stimulus. The stimulus travels to the brain via the nerves. The nerves somehow transmit the stimulus to a particular group of neurones. (How does the stimulus, as it enters the spinal cord, know which neurones to excite?). The neurones affected somehow store the memory of that nervous impulse within them. (How do the neurones store the memory of the stimulus?). If the stimulus is intense enough, there is a release of dopamine from the neurones into that part of the brain. When something absorbs the dopamine, pleasure is felt. (How does dopamine make someone feel pleasure?). The brain quickly gets accustomed to the increased levels of dopamine. The neurones quickly slow and stop their excretion of dopamine, as they become depolarised. The reduction of dopamine being excreted results in a relative deficiency of dopamine levels (until the brain gets used to the new levels of dopamine). The relative deficiency in dopamine causes tension in the brain. I got up to here, and now I think i’m just guessing.
  14. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    Taomeow wrote previously that the fruit we know today is not natural. The fruits of ancient times would have been bitter or not very sweet, with a very small amount of juice, and not so much sugar in general, the fruit nowadays contains so much sugar that it can cause problems. oh, I was misquoting her. My mistake. This is what she said:
  15. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    Daoists are very much in favour of eating meat. Chinese culture and chinese medicine sees plenty of benefit of eating meat, and only due to famines did Chinese people stop eating meat temporarily. I originally wondered about the uric acid problem. I knew that blood is kept at a constant pH, but the thought of all these new acids circulating around the body may cause some problems. But Taomeow said not to worry about it, and since I don’t have any real evidence more than a concern, I will agree with her. I agree with her because on the subject of food, she knows what she is talking about (in my opinion).