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  1. I’m trying to understand what desire is, and how it arises. From what I understand (which isn’t much at all. I don’t know anything about psychology), this is at least part of the process: The sense organs receive a stimulus. The stimulus travels to the brain via the nerves. The nerves somehow transmit the stimulus to a particular group of neurones. (How does the stimulus, as it enters the spinal cord, know which neurones to excite?). The neurones affected somehow store the memory of that nervous impulse within them. (How do the neurones store the memory of the stimulus?). If the stimulus is intense enough, there is a release of dopamine from the neurones into that part of the brain. When something absorbs the dopamine, pleasure is felt. (How does dopamine make someone feel pleasure?). The brain quickly gets accustomed to the increased levels of dopamine. The neurones quickly slow and stop their excretion of dopamine, as they become depolarised. The reduction of dopamine being excreted results in a relative deficiency of dopamine levels (until the brain gets used to the new levels of dopamine). The relative deficiency in dopamine causes tension in the brain. I got up to here, and now I think i’m just guessing.
  2. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    Taomeow wrote previously that the fruit we know today is not natural. The fruits of ancient times would have been bitter or not very sweet, with a very small amount of juice, and not so much sugar in general, the fruit nowadays contains so much sugar that it can cause problems. oh, I was misquoting her. My mistake. This is what she said:
  3. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    Daoists are very much in favour of eating meat. Chinese culture and chinese medicine sees plenty of benefit of eating meat, and only due to famines did Chinese people stop eating meat temporarily. I originally wondered about the uric acid problem. I knew that blood is kept at a constant pH, but the thought of all these new acids circulating around the body may cause some problems. But Taomeow said not to worry about it, and since I don’t have any real evidence more than a concern, I will agree with her. I agree with her because on the subject of food, she knows what she is talking about (in my opinion).
  4. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    Aren’t you concerned of parasites? Lemon juice doesn’t get everything. I think all places have their advantages and disadvantages. European food is good quality, but everything apart from the basics are so expensive, especially red meat. One last concern on my mind is that it’s often said that when the body gets too acidic, the body gets sick easily. Well, doesn’t eating meat make the body more acidic, and eating vegetables make the body more alkaline?
  5. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    I don’t live in North America. I just visit my local butcher or local grocery shop for food. Where I am, tinned tuna, kefir, free-range chicken and organic eggs are very reasonably priced, and cheese is very cheap, good quality and delicious (I live in Europe), with lots of protein and fat content. Also plain, unsweetened yogurt is cheap too. But chicken hasn’t got enough fat. On the website you linked, many people said that cheese is not a good idea, but I think in north America the cheese most people buy is that strange orange cheese which has a bad reputation. So I don’t know if they are complaining about that particular cheese and think all cheese is like that. I could eat fish, but the fish from the oceans has a lot of bad stuff in it, and farmed fish is expensive. And eating fish can get really boring. It’s the most bland and tasteless type of meat in my opinion (i’m sure others will disagree, but I just don’t like eating fish). It only tastes delicious when it’s like sushi, but I don’t intend to eat raw fish at all.
  6. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    Thanks, that is very interesting! Would it be ok to mainly eat cheese, yogurt and eggs? I’m too poor to buy red meat every day. I agree with your approach too. Eating some plants should be ok, like kimchi or chocolate.
  7. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    @Taomeow Are you saying you just eat meat and dairy, with no vegetables or carbohydrates? I’m not judging, just that seems to be what you’re saying? If humans were supposed to eat just meat, wouldn’t man just have sharp, pointy teeth? Also a lot of carnivores don’t chew their food, but humans do chew their food. Carnivore’s saliva is acidic but human’s saliva is alkali. The physiology of humans doesn’t seem to align with being a carnivore.
  8. @Gerard you said that ‘internal work’ will fix kidney yin deficiency (and I suppose therefore also the spleen), so does that mean all I need to do is: 1. Meditate a lot more, 2. Eat a diet mainly consisting of baked and steamed vegetables and fish, and not after 3pm. And this will cause my yin deficiency to disappear?
  9. @Aetherous Last time I replied to you it was the daytime. During the night in the last two days, I have noticed the soles of my feet being much hotter than the rest of the body and my legs (they are really hot). But in the daytime, they are just warm, hence my last reply. It is about 9 degrees celcius outside and I often can’t sleep because I feel so warm. I also get a lot of nosebleeds. It is always coming from the same nostril. I have seen multiple qualified chinese medicine professionals and they have all said I have a yin deficiency and I’m experiencing ‘false fire’, which apparently means my yin levels are low. I also have to say that this only happens when I’m practicing celibacy. When I’m not practicing celibacy, I don’t have these symptoms so much. Another problem is that the chinese medicine professionals always say the same thing, that this can be treated by taking chinese medicine, but it takes a very long time. They don’t really talk about what diet or lifestyle changes I can make, even when I ask. But to take chinese medicine over a long period of time is very expensive.
  10. They’re warm, but not as warm as my legs or other parts of the body. @Fa Xin I do prefer soups and foods with a lot of moisture. I really don’t like baked things, with the moisture all removed. But this is normal for me because I think I’ve always been Yin deficient.
  11. I’m suffering from Yin deficiency so much that I have false fire symptoms almost every night, and my mouth is always dry every night, yet I always get recommended food which take away moisture! My body needs dampness, not to remove dampness from it!
  12. @Gerard You always recommend no ‘damp forming’ foods! But not everyone is the same. As I said before, my constitution is dry, so I need moisture. Aren’t leafy green vegetables mainly yang? Can I instead cook leafy green vegetables in a stir fry, instead of steaming them? Isn’t chicken a yang meat? thank you
  13. Thank you. I think I added too much vinegar, and it had such a bad taste, like liquid vomit. In fact that is the perfect way of describing its taste.
  14. I made the bone broth exactly how it was suggested in this thread, and it had an awful taste
  15. @Aetherous I plan to stop eating at 3pm because I want to meditate. I heard meditation is good for augmenting Yin. I just had a check up again recently, and apparently I had a spleen deficiency, linked to bad digestion.