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Found 2 results

  1. What are your thoughts on the peak / bottom of the economics we are facing in the coming weeks and months and possibly years from the corona virus pandemic? USA I have observed a very wide spectrum of opinions regarding this - in my life of 65 years I have never seen the segment of those believing things that are the stuff of mental wards to any noticeable degree until the past few years. I even found out a workman I know actually and truly is a flat earther and believes the entire corona virus thing is a hoax by the Democrats. The fundamentalists have always been fundamentally whacked - but that has been a given and only since the world was ending starting in the years 100, 1000, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2012 and now simply any day, have we seen a real upturn in their whereabouts. But it is no longer just that group, it includes Catholic priests teaching that Democrats are the devil as well (certainly not a surprise - the pope back in hitlers time was friendly to him so nothing is off the table for them - and another inquisition might be just what they need to recover from all the child molestation and murder in their past and current image. But - with that said it is surprising the number of people that seep into a conversation or blurt into one with stupefying idiocy - it is amazing how prevalent it has been here in this blog sphere. So - I am genuinely interested in hearing your take on what’s up and where you think it will bottom out / peak and why. Will it be worse than the Reagan Crash of 1987 ? Worse than the Bush Jr. crash of 2008 ? Will you jump on a packed plane in a couple of months? Sit in a stadium with 80,000 fans? Go to a packed dance hall and busy bar? Those in the most populous and prosperous cities tend to think on either side of the issues, some thinking it will blow over soon and others certain it will be very possibly worse than the Bush jr crash of 2008. Those in the most populous poor cities are pretty much certain they are fucked and in many cases have the adjunct beliefs that this is the apocalypse they have been praying for. Most, but not all, of the rural areas are mesmerized by Fox, flat earthers, prepper’s and as always drugs and alcohol - and right wing corporate interests. The poorer midsection is shutting down factories and laying off huge numbers. The affluent are enjoying the holiday as it is to many and expect their portfolio to blossom again soon enough - though some are concerned that their tenants are not paying and are not sure when their government bailout will arrive - but they are certain it will - when have they ever been forgotten? Meanwhile Biden continues to be wallpaper - I hope he takes on a progressive female VP - something that will get us off our pillows. Trump continues to inspire many of us to carry airbags for the constant vomit we feel coming up when his mask appears - for others he is unlike anything their faith would ever dream of but they are utterly lost in his cocoon of babble. Unlike 2008 - most other countries in the world are in bad shape and will not swoop in to buy up some things and keep us going - they will not be buying up our yachts and going on real estate hunting trips. Many big companies are grinding to a halt world wide not simply nation wide. And the US has not paid a nickel down on its wars and spending - we are already at zero percent - what do the feds have left by comparison? Huge numbers of workers have left or are leaving the big cities and prosperous states - where rents and real estate will plummet - they are going back to huddle with families in areas where houses rent for $600 a month rather than studios for 4500 a month. Students all over the place picked up and left their rooms and apts and went home or hiking and to the beach - those places are empty for April, May and June at least. Interest rates were 4.75 three weeks ago, 3.75 two weeks ago and 2.75 this week - this is NOT NORMAL. The more affluent Maga hat areas seem to be in denial and home prices are staying solid for now and the inventory has not spiked up through the roof at all - while in the more affluent mostly non-Maga hat densely populated areas home sales are flattening or plummeting and inventories are increasing. ( most of the Maga hat areas are not particularly affluent and in general here in the USA almost all of the poorest areas are red areas often full of Maga hats - do you think this will change?). Your thoughts?
  2. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    Greetings bums, This topic is intended as a platform for providing alternative outlooks on the current pandemic wrecking havoc in various ways - but first and foremost in people's minds. Comprehensible as their concern for their well-being may be, little is it understood that the very focus on apocalyptic scenarios - powerfully reinforced by the messages governments and media are constantly giving out - can only contribute to their eventual manifestation. It goes without saying that lots of people's hopes rest once again on conventional medicine coming up with a vaccine and/or cure for covid-19, when as a matter of fact methods that could treat it effectively have been known for a long time, but are woefully neglected by mainstream physicians and the general public. We may well go into those methods in due course, but let's start this discussion by reviewing the words of Dr. Edward Bach concerning the nature of infectious diseases. Known today mostly as the founder of a widely popular method of treatment using flower remedies, it should be noted that Dr. Bach started his career as a successful bacteriologist and vaccinologist and was gradually lead to a metaphysical understanding of illness and health. Due to his background, we can assume that the man was talking from personal experience and observation when he wrote: From: Edward Bach: Heal Thyself, ch. 7 I feel these words remain just as true today as when they were written down back in 1936...